Do This as a Couple! Muslim Marriage Matters

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fulfilling the father's responsibility and balancing the father's role with the wife's. They emphasize the need to fulfill the father's duty and the importance of serving the wife's duties. The speaker also mentions the need to teach the next generation about the plan of Islam.
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The issue of your tongue make sure as a couple you only utter respectful words, both families you know, Mashallah Baraka I speak at on a lot of occasions of nikka. And I always say, our parents will guide us, they will advise us, that is not revelation from the sky, a lot of the times because of them wanting to see goodness for us, they say things at the end of the day, that decision will be between husband and wife, remembering that the husband is actually the leader of the home, we are Muslims, and we do believe that he is the mean of the whole, that meaning does not actually say that he becomes a tyrant and he starts you know, unleashing his unreasonable ability, but rather it is

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leadership in the home because he is responsible for the upkeep for the for the protection of the home, the security of the home, so many other duties that Allah has given him,

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looking after the home, whereas the wife is yes, the wife comes in a in a unique relationship where she definitely falls immediately under the husband in one way, but together in many, many ways in your duty unto Allah, you are absolutely equal, you have to fulfill your duty unto Allah together in considering one your Aminu, there is the other who is not the image. So you have to have one leader and the other is the deputy or the vice or the one who comes slightly, you know, after that, I mean, that does not drop your level in any way in the eyes of Allah. But someone somewhere somehow has to be, you know, the leader has Muslims and even those of other Semitic fates, they consider the

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husband, the leader of the home is the one who consumed who has a lot of responsibility, when we acknowledge that role and when the husbands fulfill that role. And when we acknowledge that he definitely is that I mean, that is when we will find a lot of goodness that will come in our direction and the directions of our children. Because that is how we will be able to improve and teach the next generation about the deen of Allah. And that is how together we will fulfill the plan of Allah.