Inspirational History of Muslim Slaves in America – History Bites #09

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Salam aleikum, everyone Adnan Rashid here again, I have a very powerful book recommendation. I strongly recommend a book for anyone interested in the history of Islam in North America. And I'm talking about the history of Muslims in North America. It goes back all the way, the 16th century, okay. And many people don't know that many Muslim Africans were kidnapped from West Africa and they were taken across the Atlantic to put to work in

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what we call North America today. Okay, so, one book I strongly recommend is this book. It is titled, The servants of Allah, the servants of Allah. The author is Sylvia. And he they have and this book documents the history of Muslim slaves, or they became slaves after they were kidnapped. They were put into slavery by European merchants, slavers, slave traders, and then they were put to work in America. And they ran into hundreds of 1000s. Many of them are scholars, many of them are scholars of Islam. Okay, including the gentleman depicted on the cover of this book. His name was

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a yerba Diablo. Okay, Joe, Ben Solomon. His story is documented in this book, and many other fascinating stories. Like the story of

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Omar bin Saeed, for example, this individual, his actual picture is that he was alive until the 19th century. This is his original picture. He was also a slave picked up

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from West Africa, and taken across the Atlantic Ocean. And people like him, had, you know, struggled to keep up with Islam to keep the religion intact. They used to pray in secret sometimes, because they were brutalized by the Masters in many cases. Some of them even wrote manuscripts in their own hand, for example, something like this. Okay. This is the handwriting of if I'm not mistaken.

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On one side, this this man on one side, who was a slave taken to America from West Africa, he wrote this also a you Ben Solomon depicted on the cover. He also wrote a Quran in his own handwriting while he was a slave. History is absolutely mind blowing. So obviously I cannot go to details in this short video. I would strongly recommend this book for you guys servants of Allah by Sylvian ad off and get this addition or any addition after the 15th anniversary edition. And in addition after this, get it and read about the history of Muslims in North America, dating back to the 16th century onwards. And Allahu Akbar, you will be fascinated by some of the stories you read during how Muslims

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struggled to survive with their religion, the deen

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in these difficult circumstances, you know, these are stories of heroism. These are stories of courage, and you know, dedication, sincerity towards Allah subhanaw taala. And I only showed two examples on the book, but this book is full of examples, biographies of people who struggled to hold on to the theme. So read this book, don't miss this opportunity. Somebody comes to La