Adnan Rajeh – Acceptance of the Decree of Allah #2

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acceptance in Islam and how it can be a fruitful fruit in life. They explain that Islam is a communication that is meant to be given to you on the Day of Judgment, and that acceptance is a means to achieve success and reward. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of acceptance in the context of life and working life.
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It will now be about healing and the theme of one of the general or main Islamic values, which is acceptance.

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Rila accepting what Allah subhanaw taala gives you in life and I'm going to attempt to explain it from the different angles that it can be explained from. So that's clear in sha Allah Tada because it's sometimes misused and many times when it's needed it's not it does not surface like when it's actually required we fail to bring it forward. So I'm gonna try and explain it and and Hadith tonight is very straightforward, meaning it's one that explains it really well better than I can ever do it and what he says that he has sought to sample

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your code Allah azza wa jal, so that is good. It is good to see me Allah, the Prophet Isaiah says, This is what Allah says. And it's not Quran so it's not something to recite in prayer, but rather a communication that the Prophet It is awesome is offering us from Allah Subhan Allah Allah Azza wa dama in Sebata wa the saboteur, endo Saudi Mathilde, ooh, la la la la la Katha Webb and doodle Jana said, Oh, son of Adam,

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if you persevere

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and you

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accept your reward for the Day of Judgment, judgment, meaning you're willing to have whatever is going to be given to you given to you on the Day of Judgment instead of Indonesia, you persevere at the time, and you accept that this is a test and that you'll be rewarded for it later. And the sudden mezzaluna when you are first facing the calamity, when you first hear of the bad news, when you first run into the difficulty when you're first shocked with the with the atrocity or the misfortune or the pain that that will stick with you probably for the rest of your life when you first come in contact with this, if you show perseverance, and you accept that your reward for this

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will be given to you on the Day of Judgment. Law Marbella, katha, Robin Donal Jana, I do not accept for a reward to be given to you on the Day of Judgment except Jana,

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I do not accept that anything will be given to you for the next six except Jenna. There's nothing, nothing less than that. If you're capable at the moment of difficulty and atrocity. And when you go through a misfortune or calamity and you're hit by it, and the first thing when you first hit by it, you turn to Allah subhanaw taala in perseverance, whistleblowing jimmied. And yet he saw and you say, Oh Allah accept, and I accept that my will get rewarded or be given something for it on the Day of Judgment, I know that my job was coming from you, meaning you turn to Allah subhanaw taala and complete acceptance, then he refuses for there to be any reward for you less than 10 On the day of

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judgment. And that's explained in a much better way than I could ever do. What I mean, what we actually mean by acceptance or law, this is what I'm trying to teach when it comes to the law. And this is the focus of it. This is where it should be practices, how it should be practiced, is when you are faced with something that you had no control over. You couldn't do anything about it. This is what this is what Allah subhanaw taala decreed for you. This is the hand you were dealt at the moment you didn't you tried your best is what you ended up with. You did what you could at the time, you made some mistakes, some shortcomings on your side, whatever. But there's the there's all you

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got and you were given something and maybe you didn't like it, maybe it hurt you maybe you're being deprived of something you've already you've always loved, you're losing something that you you really want. At that moment if you're able to perform somewhere and it serbin Turn to Allah subhanaw taala and acceptance then Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala himself will not accept anything for you, except Jen on the day of judgment as a reward and may that live with you and Charlaine with all of us yawning for the rest of our lives as we go through life in Sharla hope does benefit for you. You're really able to merge Fe Sunidhi he presented in hacer un in the uma tilba Healey you don't

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the Allahu Anhu called Barnaby you sal Allahu Allah you early he will sell them your whole Allah who is doing even Dharma in South Africa. Why the saboteur in the Saudi Mateen Ooh, la La, la la casa and una Jana so that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa just like we said, I'm struggling. I'm the Shinola in the understory with someone who was telling me about a kind of you know, Mohammed has always been talking about okay, we're gonna have two minutes and I will start my

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