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The importance of salt and timing in the Quran is discussed, as well as the use of " comfort" in Arabic to create strong relationships with God. The history of Islam is emphasized, including the importance of taking a stand and being clear about one's expectations. Consent to appear as an ambassador for Islam is emphasized, and the need for transparency and avoiding judge behavior based on ideology is emphasized. The importance of defendability and staying presentable is emphasized, as well as the use of "three" to make up for the lack of understanding of the rules.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al Hamdulillah help Billa Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina. Habib Muhammad Ali, he was sabe Marinova. And today inshallah we'll talk about salt and with this

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I don't like repeating myself every time but I do enjoy at least making sure that every surah is clear in terms of where it exists in the Quran every Surah has two dimensions. They exist sequentially in the Quran from the beginning to the end it has a sequence exists amongst other suitors that it fits with, and it serves a purpose being around. And it also the second dimension is the chronological

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timing for me when it was revealed revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in those two dimensions actually are important if you attempt to contemplate or reflect upon any tour in the Quran to know them because if you don't, then you're basically, you know, shooting in the dark because you don't know exactly what was happening when these tools were revealed to them and dusted as a part of the 29 years of the Kuranda is a cluster of zeros almond milk to Elmo salad, and it talks about data. And first four of turas talks about what the four necessities are for someone who's gonna perform Dawa the knowledge, the ethics and the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala

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and the behaviors and that was an umbilical column will happen margin to Earth No, I gave an example of how you can perform that will perfectly with every aspect and required and still people don't respond. And that's just a part of what this what this is going to look like. We can't force people to do to make choices and it's not always going to be successful. And pseudogene was example of when Dawa was extremely successful even though the person maybe wasn't even aware that he was doing some advice to them. And it's more dealt with behavior. And we were given a few pointers in terms of what we have to be aware of when we were formed our at the end of surgeon and the surgeon was me

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yesterday and with this there. Again, the name the names of the students are very revealing to what the target is. Magnetism Mulvihill insight is what is the piece of clothing that touches that touches the skin. So it's very close. And the third is what you wear on top outside that people see. And that's exactly what they talk about. It was me talks about the things that you need that you and I need in order for us to be good Muslims or to be able to carry the Dawa the relationship with Allah Subhan and that that's what he talks about camelina Quran and decurrent, our coolant bottle, and this week, I talked about all these aspects of, of your relationship with God that is there for

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you is to serve you. You're doing it, but it's really there to actually strengthen you and and offer that relationship with Allah under the depth that it requires in order for you to continue on this journey throughout your life. And certainly with Dusty talks about how you're going to carry yourself, what mentalities Are you going to have? And how are you going to present yourself to the society as you perform data. And that's what this one actually talks about. And it's also one of the really, really early suit as these two were revealed. Their number either 342341 of them, will just tell me one of the earliest stories that were revealed to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And

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it begins, yeah, you hit him with this theory. And then we have a number of commands we'll talk about in a second, fatten them, or a burqa for Kabira. With the back Africa here, we're RWJF you're well known and sexier. Well, you're a big FSBO you have seven commands, all in all in a row from him subpoena which is similar, actually, to the number of commands that existed into it, the museum and if you recall from yesterday, and these commands, there's something in common between them resemble Ellenwood gesture. So yeah, you Hello Muslim mero. Calm and yeah, you helmet theory calm, both of them start with the same thing on now, you can explain it by just getting up. But that's an

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extremely literal translation of the word. And it doesn't really actually even fit with the surah is teaching meaning is the problem is not to say that I'm not allowed to give dower sitting down, because you have to be standing up at all times, or is it okay for him to do or what is will mean, if it's not going to be the literal understanding or the literal translation of just beings being up here, bub, standing upwards the whole time, then, it's a figurative meaning that's much more meaningful, which is to take a stand.

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But yeah, it's either to stand up or you kind of move the wordings around a little bit and figuratively becomes to take a stand in Arabic, to call the remote defense, as they say, and PM, that's what it means. So when he says Home, ALLAH SubhanA, saying, either way, whether you're going to be supporting yourself with your relationship with God, or you're going to be carrying yourself to this society, you're going to need to take a stand, a part of this is going to be going to be for you

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to take a stand and prepare yourself for a movement forward that has a certain degree of

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effort that's going to be put forward. And that's what pm means. That's why when Allah Subhan Allah talks about salah doesn't say suddenly he says Joaquim was salah, same same root of this word, establishing it not just praying it meaning this is a part this is something you're gonna you're establishing your standard and your direction and who you are. There's there's more. This is more than just a mechanical movement sequence. This is you actually explaining not only to yourself, but to the world who you are and what you represent. And that's what they mean. So that's why for exists

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Apples will curve when you read the story of Robert Appleby him in camo. And again, did the people have the kind of does that mean that they were standing up, they mean, if they didn't speak to the king sitting down, it was a problem if they sat down, or is it far more means that they took a stand, they took a stand and spoke out against what was wrong at the time. And that's what the, the usage of this word is in the Quran is very important, it's very meaningful, and it has a layer, a depth, and a dynamic that is worthy of reflection. So um, that's the first one, meaning you need to take a stand. The first one is plumbing later, so it was attached to something in terms of prayer,

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but here is just, it's just, um, you need to take a stand, being a Muslim means that you will be to a certain degree, a little bit different than others around you within your vicinity. It's just, it's just a part of being a Muslim. Whether whether you're surrounded by non Muslims, or whether you're surrounded by other Muslims, being a Muslim, and actually holding on to the way of Allah subhanaw taala, and dedicating yourself to what he taught subhanaw taala. And walking down that path means you're always going to be a little bit different, you're always gonna be making some decisions, doing certain things that you're gonna stand out a bit, even if you don't want to, even

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though you've deep inside, you just want to be like everyone else, you just want to walk the Yeah, and you want to kind of blend in and integrate, and that's fine. But a part of that is going to be you taking a stand, because your value system may be different than the value system of people around you. And it's expected of you as a Muslim, that you you adhere to that value system when when when it's being challenged. And when people are trying to push you away from it, or is being taken away from you. That's the number one that's the first command come for enter there.

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Our job is to is to take warnings to others. The Quran is in no way, in no way a catalogue, to tell us where people are going, you'll know piano, that's not what the Quran is there to serve. We cannot say with any degree of certainty on any level where people individuals or groups are going to mill piano. That's not what the Quran is here for the Quran is for us to take the laws that Allah Subhanallah put in it, and then use it to tell people look, this is what he's saying, by the way, beware, are you following? Are you following his commands? Are you adhering to his rulings? Beware, he said that if you don't, then this is what's going to come. You're going to be punishment, if you

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don't perform your Salah if you don't say La Ilaha illa Allah, but that does not give us the ability to look at someone who's not saying La ilaha illa Allah and tell him you're going to judge him that's not that's a different thing. These are two very separate, very separate things that are happening. They're very different to warn someone from the consequences of what of actions that they are doing, or actions that they are not doing is one thing, telling them where their final destination is, is a very different thing. You and I don't even know where we're going. I have no idea where I'm going to Milty and I pray that in sha Allah I go in the right direction, but I have

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no way to know. So for me to actually use the Quran to say but I know exactly where you're going is a huge problem. The Quran is not to be used for that for that purpose ever. And I cannot emphasize this point. Enough it's a book for invalid for us to take the warning. This is what he's saying some high notes out he's saying in Allah Allah Allah Pharaoh au Chaka de, you tell you take that to someone be beware, here's what he's saying. If you're performing ship, beware.

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But if they continue to perform *, I can't tell them. Okay, then you're going to join them? Whether you have the villa that's that's, that's completely out of the question. That actually is a degree of disrespect to Allah subhanaw taala that is that is scary. Because I have no right. And it's not my place to tell people where Allah subhanaw taala to put them to milk and that is completely his job. And that his his, that is his Barak. He'll that's his prerogative. And that's his decision. And he'll make that subhanaw taala. He did not ask me to be responsible for every human being and where they're going. I'm not a bookkeeper for him.

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My job is to take care of me. And then

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my job is to take a stand in front of them to bring in to bring the warning to those who are willing to listen to it and at least reminding of it number two, number three, what Rebecca Campbell and your Lord magnify or exalt

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as you

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as you go through your life as a Muslim, something that should be clear upon you and in the way that you live your life. Is that your view, your worldview, your ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is that of magnification.

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We don't see Allah subhanaw taala to be similar to any of his creations. We don't see Allah subhanaw taala to be flawed in any form or manner. We don't see Allah subhanaw taala to be performing actions that are questionable, or that can be seen as as human in nature. We don't see Allah subhanaw taala as to have a temper or to get upset or to be sad or to make mistakes. That's not how we see him gentle Sheila leucism Bow Taqaddas or a Becca can bear in as you go through life make make it very clear your opinion and your understanding of who Allah subhanho wa Taala is and that is literally and I cannot emphasize this is very important. One of the main differences between Muslims and

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followers of other faiths is our understanding

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of who Allah subhanaw taala is, we have a very clear definition, we have very clear descriptions, very clear names, we know exactly what Allah subhanaw taala is, other faiths have different understandings of that and that has to be clarified. We have to make sure that that's very clear in the way that we take it forward. What Becca, what the Becca and your clothing keep keep pure, an aspect of being a Muslim and taking Dawa to others and having it be apparent on you is also your appearance is your physical appearance, the way that you look how you dress, because a part of being an ambassador for Islam is also carrying those values that will be a part of your garments and what

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you look like. And it has to be a purity with the Abeka High School has to be clean, and it has to look and it has to be that can't be adjusted and it's it can't be a filth.

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And it's interesting that this command, I want you to think about these commands, as the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam heard them and will Sahaba I'm talking the fourth, fourth fifth day of Islam. Yanni Alia salatu salam, Sol Gibreel ran down the mountain

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to three days and then noon Willa column. And then yeah, even Muslim millenia even with death here. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is giving these commands very early in his prophecy. And as he's explaining this to Khadija are the Hola Hola, Anna Anna Lee. These earliest Sahaba these are very meaningful commands they were hearing they were very I mean, imagine you didn't have this whole for I wasn't 604 pages. You only had maybe one sort of Quran Bismillah but the first five verses that's it, you had maybe historical Fatiha may be the first pages within Muslim men maybe the first 16 verses or so to column and that's it. Very few verses you have to contemplate to learn from and then

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yeah, you want more depth here. And it's just one command after the other is just hanging up calm for anger, what up Becca Kabir with Yeah, Becca here, as a Muslim, you're hearing this I need to take a stand. I need my job is to actually perform this Dawa and to warn and to give people information. My job is to be an ambassador of God, meaning showing that my understanding of Allah subhanaw taala is that He is the Exalted, who will be your challenge Allah who is not flood as others will look at him. A part of that is with the book of Allah that I am commanded to dress well to go and present myself to be presentable when I speak to others. And then of course, all of this

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is repeated many many times in the Quran later. Yeah, many kudos Xena documented in the coolie Masjid. Make sure that you dress in the best of clothing when you go to miss me the same concepts are later on I need explained in other words, verses, but this was very meaningful to the Sahaba that is not about to be spiritually rich doesn't mean that you have to look you have to be wearing clothing that that that is dirty and ripped apart and no. being spiritually rich means that you're also going to be presentable physically, you're, you're dressed well. You're dressed in pure clothing that started with the back of a bucket were rouges, your, and all that which is impure, all

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that that is seen as a low part of life, all behaviors, gossip, and backstabbing and, and betrayal, roaches, everything that human beings see as morally impure. So if you have a cup of hot hair, you're taking away the physically impure you're, you're dressed in something that is tolerated physically. But what Roger is basically what is morally impure. And we all know that just by the simple competence of being a human being, you don't really need a dean to tell you that being honest is the right thing. And lying is definitely something that is impure, morally, or spiritually. Well, Rosa has urine everything that is morally compromising everything that is morally impure for her to

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do you leave it and do not be a part of it. As a Muslim was carrying the deen, you can't, you can't. You can't sit and speak about Allah subhanaw taala and call people to the dean. And then in your day daily

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behaviors in your daily interactions. We were lying or we were taking something that's haram we're not we're not honest, or we're not clear or not trustworthy, or we will try and hustle people, it's not going to work. This actually goes against everything that Islam is built upon. And one of the number one repellents of his of Islam to people is that they run into somebody who's always in the first line. This is something I've heard so many times in life, it's a stereotype that I'm tired of, of listening to it. I don't even

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like admitting that it's a part of the problem that I'll run into someone who was the first line Phil John, my first line long. And then when I actually had to deal with them, you had a shop where I had to, you know, he was was performing some type of service. This person died. I couldn't, it didn't go well. Nothing worked. You ripped me off. He mistreated me. So number one, repel it people don't people stopped coming to massage and because of it, is that correct? Should they do that? Of course not. That's wrong. You never judge this lamp based on the behavior of a Muslim obviously. But that's not the reality isn't that's not the reality. The reality is people judge a way of thought

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based on those who claim to follow it.

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People will judge an ideology based on the people who claim to follow it or run into you and you you claim to be Muslim. They're gonna judge Islam through you

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100% Just not even it's not even something that's the only debatable that's what's going to happen. They're going to judge just like because we do the same thing by the way.

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We do the same thing. How many? Here a lot of people come to you look this home, they you know, they worship, you know cows and this phone version. But what do you actually know about their Deen? Did you ever study it? Did you ever actually take a book and study the deen in detail to understand what the theology is based on? No, you just took a behavior and then you generalized it, which we all do that. So if we're doing that, maybe we should be okay with others doing that. And if they're going to do that, then maybe we should make sure that we're doing this right. Maybe with the Avoca. Hippo has to be of importance, maybe what would you say, has to be extremely important as well. Imagine

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the prophit salatu salam, all it took was one mistake. All he had to do was make one mistake. And that would be a would have been the end of this whole story. This whole place wouldn't have to be here. I wouldn't have to be sitting here it would be it would it would end immediately. But he didn't Dalia salatu. Salam, he carried himself that he held himself to a certain standard all his life Alia salatu. Salam he had to he couldn't afford to make a mistake, people were waiting for it. Or they were waiting for it what you need to do Latina Cafaro, the useless Ohnaka the other Saudi him landmass and your vehicle, they would stare at him in such envy and

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in such hatred, hoping he would just slip up once. They're trying to force it with their envious eyesight like there. There's the figure of speech and the ISO two column, they're staring at him trying to get him to make a mistake. Because they can't, they can't find any other way, he will not make a mistake, so they couldn't find it. Where coluna in the whole lemma Junoon because that's not really a fly's it it's not an ethical problem to be to be to have an issue of sanity. So that's the best they could do. But the reason that he did this earlier today, because of the clarity of these verses at the beginning of this there was the Arabic alphabet here, what would you say your Well, I

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tell you, the stick theory. And when you give you don't give expecting for anyone to give you something back.

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This is the only such a

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such an important not just for you know for the concept of the for the theme of the sutra or the purpose of the sutra itself. But for everything in life, you just take it and just run with it for the rest of your existence. When you when you do something that is helpful for someone else, do not do it with the with the expectation that someone is going to do something for you in return 10 noon, the next day you do it, hoping that they give you back something, when you do something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. For someone else, do it and walk away, forget about it, try to forget about it, try to forget that you ever did it. Try whenever you run into that person, you don't remember

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that you did something good for them. Because that's how you ensure that Allah Subhan, Allah gives you the job, we do the opposite. Unfortunately, most human beings will never forget a good deed they did for someone else, but they'll forget millions of good deeds done towards them. And they'll forget the person that has fuddle upon them all their lives. And a Muslim does the opposite. The prophet Isaiah psychosom, was the was the manifestation of the opposite of that. Alia salatu salam, if he did something good for you, that was the end of it. You never brought it up again. He never talked about it, he would have just just walked away out of your salatu salam. And if you did

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something good for him every time he saw you who reminded you just like a look at the day that you gave me this the day that you stood by me in that way that day, he would speak about it and I remember if you ever did a good deed for him Alia salatu salam because you understood this verse early on early on what at 16 Do your good deed and then walk away? Just walk away? Why who did you do it for? Allah? subhanaw taala etc. You? Yes, he told me that what do you need? Why are you hanging around? What do you want? Do you want your word from Allah? subhanaw taala? Yes, I do that. Why are you standing waiting? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for a word of praise? Well,

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that's, that's, that's the reward as well. The moment you start taking rewards from others, Allah subhanaw taala is less interested in rewarding you, because he wants to see that you're doing as a city without them to succeed. And the final one will be Catholicism and show perseverance for the sake of Allah on this very difficult and bumpy road very difficult to take a stand and home and take this Dawa to those around you those who want to hear it and those who don't fit in there.

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And throughout this whole time to show us a very certain understanding of who God is exalted, subhanaw taala, it doesn't change what a backup backup bear with the back of the head and keep your clothing pure. Make yourself make sure that you're presentable. And stay away but don't use the furniture from all moral impurities. And make sure when attempting to stick to that whenever you do something you're not waiting for anything to return you do it for the sake of Allah and you'll walk away there's no story that one of the solid Hey would come and give someone else sadaqa for you will tell him good luck. Take it but it's not for you. It's for ALLAH. So he was the other person is also

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a salt lake and can hurt let me give it to me it's not also from us from Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's the level of understanding that maybe it's a little bit beyond and if you can do all these things with a big FLSMidth and make sure you can persevere on that road because this road is difficult. It's going to throw you hurdles and obstacles a lot so the perseverance part is going to be needed and if you notice from yesterday, twice and certainly resemble he said what's the big idea nya Kowloon and then a certain modalities that we are because Elsevier a saga is a is a is an integral part of being a Muslim actually the scholar states half of the deen you can only exist as a

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Muslim either way.

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could only exist in one or two states, either you're in a, you're in a state of things going well, so you're a shocker. Or you're in a state of things not going well. So you're a sobre. And there's no third state. So either this or is that that's why Allah subhanaw taala continued. First of all, you have to show perseverance. You have to it's going to be difficult walking, this path is going to be difficult Hold on, the story continues. And it gives us an example of a problem of a behavioral problem, that if we're going to take this data, we cannot have it tell the story of it well, even with the euro, when he was when he heard the Quran, and they came to him saying, What is this? How

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do we what do we say to people about the Quran knowing we tell them poetry, they say it's not 40 We tell them it's it's something of a Kahuna. They don't accept that as well. Wherever we're telling them, they're not accepting. What do we say to people? Yeah, well, it's very good figure this out for us. We don't know what to call the Quran and we're losing this battle. People are becoming more and more interested to hear what he's saying Adil salatu salam because of the beauty of what's being said the depth of it. So when he listened to it, and after he finished, he came back and he said, You know what, I'm gonna be doing

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a spell in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he, he started saying beautiful things about the Christ. It's amazing. It is fruitful on top, and it's deep on the bottom. And it's, it's above everything I've ever heard. Nothing's ever ever above it as far as I'm concerned. So they're listening to him. And like, what are you going to leave your dean but because of this, we told you to go tell us what to do how to how to poke a hole on it, not to tell us that it's amazing. We already know that. It's amazing. Tell us what to say. And then the Quran actually explains to us, this is extremely visual versus delone. Woman halacha to Wahida or ultra level mallam do the word

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Bernina sugu. The one I heard today who come here to Morocco, Morocco and Z Kala in a hookah and Tina I need the verses say Leave me alone, Allah Allah, so I'm just gonna leave me and the one who I created alone, the one who's refusing to listen to this, the one that I gave wealth, and I gave children to an A and gave them status, and they still want more. But unfortunately, I'm not gonna give them any more because they are showing

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their being I need, I need. What that means is that it's clear to you what is right. But because of some self interest, you're not going to do it. That's the problem with believing we're here. And that's the problem that this tool is telling us you have to be very aware of falling into that problem, which is where you see what is right. You acknowledge that this here is right. And what I'm doing is wrong. But because it's difficult to let go of your ego is difficult to actually admit that you made a mistake is difficult maybe to do something that someone else did it before you when you don't really like them that much. So for some self interest, reason, some egocentric reason you

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refuse it, you refuse it. And if you think about your life, you will find many, many times. Many mate this is we do this a lot. As human beings, we do this a lot. Hopefully we're not doing it in instances where it really matters where it's where it's connected to our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala himself, but we do it nonetheless. How many times have you defended your opinion knowing that you're wrong? How many times have you just know how to defend it better? You're just better with your words. You know how to do stuff like this. So you just defend it because you don't want to seem wrong because it's not that important to you don't want someone else to be better than

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And I believe that's what he did.

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So the hippo who will sorry? Oh, yeah, he'll be punished for this. In fact, Dr. Walker Dora, the CO Tila K, Nakata K factor, he thought, and he waved things out. And he contemplated and he reflected, may he be punished for how he did that. And then may he be punished again for what he did because he wasn't doing it with the right intention. He wasn't doing it looking for help. He was looking to try and find a way to twist things from my never, to my best our best. So he's looking and then you frown and then he scolded the students explaining to us his his not just his thought process, but even the facial expressions that are coming with it. The minibar to my bestseller bizarre to

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manageable and then he turned his back was stuck about and he filled his heart with vanity and arrogance *a in her say harrowing, thorough, he came up with the right d this we're gonna say, I'm gonna call it a certain type of Wizardry, or a certain type of Yanni of

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magic that he took from someone else not even original studying is something that he made up he just inherited this magic from someone else. And that's why these words seem to affect people because they are the they're basically there's magic within them. And that's and that's, that's what happened. And that because they couldn't find anything else to say about him. It is so hard to say they can't go after the actual moon. They can't go after the actual content of what he's saying. So they're gonna find some other ways to tarnish it by

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making it sound unoriginal, or giving it some mystic some mystic effect that some that we can understand. It's magic and that's what you need to do to protect yourself. That's where to fail him and I'm already entered mocha. He shoves cotton in his ears because he was told that Mohammed Yes, Harold he'll, he'll say these words and these words have an effect on you. It's magic and it'll ruin your life. So he shoved cotton in his ears. And then he got he's walking on the carpet. He's like, What am I doing? Cotton to my ears. He's talking to

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Alfredo you insane. What are you doing? Who told you this at the clinic? Well, why am I doing this to speak? Words that are magic speak and I'm willing to hear what you have to say. We listen to him. And he accepted some Allah but it wasn't magic and he knew it wasn't magic in her in the whole Bashara, just the wording of another human being so closely he Sakata he will find a place in Johannesburg called sub gutter.

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And then you find in the verse Not gonna fix it from the desk today. And then you find in the Surah and certainly that just talks about behavioral traits things that we have to do so how we're going to carry ourselves the commands we can't be likely to even look at we can't be people who refuse to have probably see it. We can't be can't twist facts just so that it serves our interests. We can't do that. And then he says Ali hurt Isata Asha.

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He talks subhanaw taala, about a place in Jahannam called suffer oh my god, like I'm so glad to be with Ted who had to live Bashar, Allah, you had this idea I shall and then the Quran and then the sewer stopped coming. That's where it ended for a while. And the Prophet of Islam did not receive any revelation for a little bit. The last one was I looked at this as a pilot or 1919 and it's ended there. And the reason that's happened is that Allah subhanaw taala wanted to prove to the Muslims that the Jehovah Yahweh of thought is something that needs to be we need to get rid of. They spent the next month mocking that number.

00:26:18--> 00:26:50

joking about it. 19 What 19 donkeys? 19 What the devil is 19 What is your joking about it? Was it Metallica Okay 19 One of the one of the people of Korea said okay, I can take care of at least 10 If you guys can take care of nine we shouldn't be okay. And they would mock it and they would laugh about it. And they would actually oh why an 18 Why not? 20 is no more round number it makes more sense. And the property is thought to sound a little harsh, but didn't know because the Quran stopped there. They weren't going to speak out against something they didn't know they were waiting and it took a month until the next area which is almost a half a page on my journals have been no

00:26:50--> 00:27:27

it's a long one. But it comes in explains a flaw. A fundamental flaw in the Joe Hillier way of thought that as Muslims, we can't do anymore, and unfortunately, we still do it time. Does that done today? 16 Okay, good. How quickly trying to bring it forward? Well, manager I didn't know I was having nerdy lamella Iike one Jalna data home in fits Netta Lilla Dena Cafaro we only made that number Dermalogica. First of all, isn't to answer the question. And the number 19 was just there as a fitna just there to show you how people are going to respond to it, how they're going to leave the content, how they're not going to talk about come for dinner, what a backup I can bear with ya Becca

00:27:27--> 00:27:41

here, what would you say? You're well attended on all these beautiful commands of of high ethics and proper behavior and and, and presenting yourself in a way that is actually beautiful, regardless of whether you're religious or not. And they're gonna focus on the number is 19 Why is it 90? Could it be something else?

00:27:42--> 00:27:56

Yes, definitely, you know, O'Toole Peterborough as their delivery in my new email and while you're there, but let you know who to Kitab I will make me known but the believers will only strengthen their Iman. It doesn't matter because they know this is not the focus that they know that the Quran isn't.

00:27:57--> 00:28:30

The Quran is not here. So we can talk about the miracles of number 19 Are the marvelous is of number seven, or how number 314 is a big deal. Or number 70 If you follow it, you'll find it. That's not why this book is here. The fact that we're spending time actually talking about this and thinking about this is distracting us from what he actually taught us to do some China with China, and that way of thought, that superficial approach to the world and superficial approach to teachings and to the enter text is something that we can't afford to have anymore. And that's why that verse was it was it was a setup, or they had this idea I shall leave it let's see how they respond to it. The

00:28:30--> 00:29:03

movements only increase their Iman, the believers focused on the on the actual commands and the disbelievers played around with the fact that it's a number and why is the number like this? And could it be something else? The same thing? You probably know exactly what I'm going to tell you. So to get off he says the same thing. subhanaw taala that say a full lunar Salah to rob your uncle, boom, we're gonna come certain that this uncle boom, because you might be like, we're going to talk about dealing with me to home caliber home. What does it matter? If there's three or four or five or six? What does it matter? How does that make a difference to the story of America whether it's three

00:29:03--> 00:29:33

or four or five? What difference does it make tell me nothing, but it's easy to get distracted by these little details. It's easier when you want when you have an exam and you have to study it's easier to take care of your room first. Move all the coaches and make sure everything is put in order and vacuum of five or six times and and but you haven't examined three days you should be reading but no no. I'm going to continue to take and go buy a few Yanni pens and pencils and get everything ready because it's nicer to be distracted by the things that don't matter that actually deal with what's right in front of you. I'll end with that some high quality Hyundai Chateau La

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ilaha illa Anta Stubblefield go to break was on Allahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad