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The importance of learning to memorize the Bible in order to understand Islam is discussed in a series of segments covering the history and importance of Islam in bringing people to Christ. The importance of showing the face of Islam to people is emphasized, and the need for fear to avoid confusion and misunderstandings with Islam is emphasized. The return of Islam to the United States is discussed, with a brief advertisement for a book and a discussion of the upcoming return of the soul. The importance of praying for the upcoming return of the soul and fear to avoid confusion and misunderstandings is emphasized, and the need for fear to avoid confusion and fear of failure is emphasized. The importance of R reminded of the "rocky man" in modern medicine is emphasized, and the need for fear to avoid confusion and misunderstandings with Islam is emphasized. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book called NACCHO Minal.

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aren't coming

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to Manhattan we're learning clearly some killer here during the Vietnam War Hammer didn't want either early or

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early computers, brothers and sisters.

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Today inshallah we'll be going through what they call a thematic deceit, thematic facies is a little bit different to your your regular tafsir. In that we don't go through the technical meanings of the words and expressions rather what we do, we try to take the overall theme of the surah so we're going to be doing

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so I'll be able to 75th Chapter Two Quran surah has a number of unique features. The first unique feature is that its subject matter is just one. byline is the only subject matter that this is what it is about, is what was what came about.

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In the name itself is very clear. But what is unique is that that theme runs through the middle, that beginning the middle up to the very end, assuming Allah said that look at this to rob, it begins with Allah making mention of bringing the dead back to life. Love OpenSim Obioma LTM is when our bodies we brought back to life

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ends alone he said earlier recorded

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is not therefore capable of watching your motor to bring back

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the dead corpses back to life again, from the very beginning to

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another unique feature about the surah is the imagery. Allah subhanaw taala lends a certain details that creates an image in our mind. One image is about the setting of your cochlea, what people will look like on that day, what they will experience in their hearts. And also you will be saved the

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last moments of his life,

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at 11 o'clock,

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beautiful imagery about a scene of a man on his deathbed. And around him eyes, friends and family. Allah tells us what he will be feeling at that time, what will be said by those people around the lemon rock. So there's beautiful imagery that captivates the mind when you read the song. Another distinctive feature about this order is the style and its rhythm. Of course the movie young men of the polar opposite will be enough seen one sample in Atlanta Jamar Allama, do you see the style of it is a very beautiful style even that is, you know, grabs the person's attention, it grabs the person's attention and keeps them wanting to listen and to follow just that rhythm. So therefore,

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the surah Subhan. Allah is very powerful. Yeah. And the spirit behind the surah is that it seeks to remove any doubt in the mind of the listener, that Allah is not capable of bringing back the dead to life. As you know, that during the life of the prophet Salam in Makkah, in particular, the master record was there, and they disbelieved him, but they disbelieve in him in general, and in particular, some of the beliefs that he came with. Okay, one of the main things that they disbelieved was what was the main thing that they said this thing that you're talking about? It's crazy. It cannot be this thing we don't believe it could possibly even happen. What was one of those

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That was one of them, yes, that there could be such thing as only one deity worthy worship, but the other one which is relevant to us is a pm is it really the case you say either by Lana fill out sort of such that when we are decomposed dead bodies inside of the earth or soil in melanoma very soon that we will then be resurrected again. Even Tamia, Rahim Allah life explained they are if you like, they are misconception and they doubt what was it based on? He said that the living and the dead are different very different to particular ways as for the living creatures, then they have a warmth about them and they have if you like the moistness, the things that are living generally creatures,

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they are warm and they have this you know water or moistness to their to their being as for the dead, a corpse it is cold and decomposed it becomes dry. So they said because of this, they said that once you become decomposed, dry, cold, lifeless, therefore it is impossible that

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Resurrection could possibly be true. Yeah. And on that basis, they should say to the person that this is a joke. This is, this is RG this is something very strange, this is something that we will be brought back to life. So this surah needs to be understood in light of that misunderstanding shortcoming and doubt and SubhanAllah. My brothers and sisters, to be honest, we all have a share of that doubt. Can any one of us really claim that they believe that they will be resurrected with 100% conviction? That they know for sure, definitely, I'll be resurrected. I don't doubt it even if the whole world said it's not going to happen, by the way.

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Do we really feel like that? We don't do it. And that's why Subhan Allah sought out Yama is not just an illiberal a lesson for those that doubt and you know profess that doubt, but it is also a deep lesson for all of us to try and remove the doubt from our minds and establish a pure conviction that yes, we will be resurrected and everything that follows on from resurrection the accountability, Paradise hellfire, all of that then follow us to let us begin shall by reciting a portion of this magnificent soil

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heirloom we live in a shaped body Raji Bismillah Ma, he

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opens a movie a woman

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opens a movie in nursing

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serve on

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bernafon DD

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Musa we burn

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burn you read all in

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both sobre la San Fernando Carmel one Jumeirah Shem su one como

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uma healing hearing in my phone or

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being carried to Alma heavey Nealon was stomp on oh you're gonna

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be gone.

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Bernal you

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wanna see especially long all

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I want you to imagine that these moose record a mugger that they sitting together and they are talking about this man homicide settlement these things that he says that we will be after we tie resurrected bro before God and that life will come to us once again. Some of them said you know what this is just ridiculous other said no. In fact that is not true. And on the contrary, there is such thing known as reincarnation that our souls will be transferred into the body of another creature. This is mentioned somewhere else in the Quran as well. This was another one of the false beliefs in reincarnation. In fact, imagine people from our time sitting there as oh, these Muslims they believe

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that there is a life to come. How ridiculous is that? That's something of fairytale fantasy. That's not really true.

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That bickering arguing is taking place and this surah is then revealed in that context. Law. Allah began by saying law as if to say all of that, all of that is wrong. All of that is about and all of that is not true at all. On the contrary, all policy movie Omen pm Allah took an oath Pamela, Allah Jalla wa Allah the Lord and the master of everything that exists took an oath. Allah does not take does not need to take an oath by everything whatever Allah said, is true, yet he took an oath by what two oaths? Firstly, yomo piano, that without a shadow of a doubt, I take an oath to say it is a reality it is true Yokoyama will come to pass. And then Allah said again, why Allah and again know

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what you say is absolutely false.

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Oh Qasim, I cannot take another hose, this time by a nurse and lawanna The soul that is Lavoie lawanna is what they called Sierra and Mo Bala. The more intense word for LA in LA is a person who fills blame

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He feels lonely always blame so the person who feels blame he's known as the lime. Allah didn't say La him. The salt that is lime Allah said so that is

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La wa la wama is the more intense form of that. So you have a person who feels sold that feels blame. But the soul that continually feels a lot of blame that is low one, Allah has took a second out by the soul that experiences this intense form of blame. You know, when a person blames themselves for doing something wrong, that's classed as a particular emotion. What emotion

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you know, would you say this is when you experience blame? You blame yourself I shouldn't have done this. Why did I do this?

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guilt and regret, guilt and regret. These are the two emotions that Allah took an oath by.

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Now a question my brothers. When What do you think is the connection here? Allah first took an oath by a piano and then took a second oath by an emotion, a human universal emotion known as guilt, or regret. What do you think is the connection between these two Allah taking an oath by the first one? And then a second? What is the link with the second to do with the first? Who can give us an answer for this?

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For them?

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Yes, see?

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back to life.

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Okay, very good. The brother said that they doubted your mukaiyama. But when your piano comes to pass, and they are there, they will feel an immense amount of regret. That is true. That is one way that they will feel such guilt and regret that how they lived and the fact that they doubted Allah, His messenger and Yokoyama, then they will know and they will feel much forgetting fact, not just them, every one of us will feel regret, even Subhan Allah the prophets, have you not read the hadith of Shiva, where the people mankind will come to the prop the best of the best, alongside Islam, or the minister or even Islam? And they will ask them just intercede for us to start this whole thing?

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And what will they say? I cannot go to so and so why they will offer a reason about which they regret. They feel guilt Subhanallah the best of the best. What then about us, of course, we will regret that believers will regret that they should have done more than they should have worship Allah more, they should have read his book more, they should have prayed to him, or they should have called out the more they should have sacrificed more for him when they see the delights of paradise. And even though that is confirmed that you are going they will.

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Maybe this is another way of wording, which is that you know this emotion of guilt. Even telling me a rational law said that some claim that it's possible for a human being to destroy his emotion of guilt, meaning he's so evil and corrupt that eventually one day comes and he doesn't feel guilty anymore. He said this is not true. In fact, a lot took an oath by cute and that means that every one thing wrong, that's your own conscious telling you that you'll be in trouble for that one day.

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If it is not now, no one saw you there will come a time. And that bad feeling that you know regret. That is a lot placing something inside of us to tell us that look, there is some accountability to come your way. So they mentioned that this is the second link between the two. I asked I will insert or learn Nojima Obama This is the doubt that they had. Does man think a little nudge Mr. Obama that we will not be able to construct back together they evolved they bones? Is this what you really don't? This is what they claimed? In their words, there was doubt that it is not possible for this to have this wire mesh we've been talking about from Allah said about their doubt.

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Or is it something else? Is it something not to do with an ideology or this

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reasoning? God can't do this because this thing is impossible. Or is it to do with Shaohua desire based desire loving other things or, you know, wanting to do other things that desire that when is the real reason why you say I don't believe in your real piano? We're going to find out we're going to find out after Allah thing said that do they really assume that we will not be able to bring back the bonds together better Bella means on the contrary

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On the country, Allah said PA, the Rena Allah and Musa we are banana. You see, they doubted that Allah couldn't bring back the bones together and you would expect the next verse to be, we can bring back the bones together. While I didn't say that Allah said he is capable Allah and Musa we are banana to piece back, not just the bones, but the whole body right down to Banana, banana can refer to two things. Number one, the fingers, he can piece us back down to these fingers. And in that Subhanallah is an amazing sign because these fingers the bone structure is so intricate, you know that if you were to break your finger, you they can't put up a cost around it because it would stop

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them fusing together in the way they're supposed to. So they don't have to leave it bandaged up there so interpret. The second is that banana refers to the tips of the fingers, the finger tips and even that is even more amazing. Because on the tips of our fingers we have what they called friction ridges. friction ridges are this print and this Prince of panela is unique for every single one of us. Allah said You think I don't have the ability to bring it back to life. Bring your whole body back as it once was right down to the fingertips of Hola Hola. Hola. You know destroyed the doubt that people can with in such an emphatic, amazing way. This fingertip is so unique that it has been

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used since I think the early 20th century in crimes investigation is supposed to be one of the main pieces of evidence still up until today that has brought about more convictions and the other piece of piece of evidence in fact that they say that this imprint of ours is so unique. If you were to leave one and then momentarily take your finger off and then leave and number one there will be even differences between the two. And he the amazing detail through which Allah subhanaw taala created us and He said I'll bring you back down to that very fine point Bell you're either in Sonali F drama see Allah saying but it is not really that you intellectually doubt resurrection this applies to

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them and anyone after them that people they don't really intellectually doubt that this is an impossibility resurrection rather you Riedel in some man once li F Jura bomb he wants to leave your leave your comes from the root of federal federal means to explode here like the federal time is when the sun if you like the light explodes, the darkness vanishes here, feathered here refers to the impulsive nature of man. He wants to do a man or whatever is before him. He just wants to do it wherever he feels like doing at that moment. That is what he wants to be. That is how he wants to do that is the type of lifestyle he desires. Allah is saying you don't doubt my podra rather you love

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to live by your impulses. That is why you deny a piano because if a person really believes is a hereafter, he means as he believes is an accountability it is an accountability one has to live by a certain code a code of conduct some guidelines, so they can therefore live according to impulse. So this is the real underlying reason shower, it is just a person's whim that is leading them on to negate the concept of resurrection.

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Yes, Allah Jana europium, if you were to ask one of Ayyan is is history his? It is a mockery type of questioning. Really, they would ask yourself, go on. Tell us when is your monthly AMA? Allah subhanaw taala? He didn't answer that question. Rather Allah took our attention of that person asked him that in some in asking or making that insult against porcelain, and said Now look at him when you're welcome is about to unfold for either medical personnel. His eyes will be buried, but it comes to the root of bulk bulk refers to the Thunderbolt. Allah saying his eyes will be dazzled. On that days if you seeing a thunderbolt before his eyes he will be in a state of terror, shock.

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What is he looking at? Allah said was awful comma, his eyes will be looking at the moon as if eclipses herself can either mean the eclipsing of the moon which means that the light of that full moon all of a sudden is ripped away. It is if you like torn away, or the second medium has of is that something caves in something caves in so he sees any witnesses the moon that he had seen all his life shining bright, either lose all of its color all of a sudden

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and all that it begins to cave in and imagine the scene of that day, cost of federal power, what Jumia actions will cover and then he sees that the Shams

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is brought together to the series in the first is that Allah subhanho wa Taala will fold up the sun and the moon and

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seeing that great big ball of fire all of a sudden being folded up, and the moon being folded up. And these are tremendous scenes. The second view is that Allah, Allah, Allah will smash together the sun and the moon, like any what the people will be seeing what they what we will be seeing on that day, that the sun and the moon be smashed together like this. He asked out of mockery, but look at him now. Tara and the crypt is hard to look at what he is witnessing now.

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And then Allah tells us after sending us what he sees, now what look at what he says, Your call in San yo magazine, a muffled he says another question now, what is the question? A natural Mufasa Mufasa comes on route for our for our means to run. It doesn't just mean to run. In fact, it means to flee. The Fog of War is the fugitive. You know the fugitive when he runs, he doesn't look back. He's running out of terror. And he doesn't even look back to see who's coming back. He just keeps on running. My father is a mechanic is the place of fleeing to meaning is the escape route. This man in a panic he says evil Mufasa where is the place I can go to get out of this problem. Now he realizes

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now certain things are about to come his way. And he's looking, he's looking for muffle the way out. Kerala was and then either Allah, Allah Allah says this person, there is no weather today was a refers to a shelter. The Arabs have referred to the cave as a wizard, or the fortress as it was that because if you're out there living like a nomad, and there's a thunderstorm, there is no way I can go now to get out of this ILA or became amazing must occur because the only place is going to go the most

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could even contain some falsehood, okay?

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To help, as Allah says in surah Zahn that the earth will be too heavy to Baraha the earth will talk about what about what happened but the Earth only knows what happened. On its surface. It doesn't know the realities of things that y is

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about. So what Allah knows it is in meeting Allah will take us to one side and question us about every single thing that we did. Every place he went to every act we did, even the thoughts that crossed our very mind Subhan Allah, though Allah will pardon much of that. Allah has the knowledge to take us to account for every single thing we said, and even the force that passed our minds, you will not the only Santa yo may then be ma da, Allah will ask us about two things.

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Two interpretations. The first of Abdullah is what we did during our life, the deeds, good deeds, evil is everything Allah will ask us about that. 100 refers to the legacy, the legacy that we left behind, after you die, the way our lives impacted on others after we died, lives, we know the effect of our actions on the lives of other people and imagine a beautiful scenario, that a man of worship of Allah he got married, he raised up a righteous family, he taught his kids how to worship Allah subhanho wa taala. Little did he know after he died, that those children grew up to be worshipers of Allah. They went on to get married themselves and have their own children. And subhanAllah those

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children also grew up in the worship of Allah and began to arise on Yom Okayama, a hub, that legacy of all those worshipers that is going to put on your scale. And

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all of that is going to be put on your scale as well as Pamela, the opposite scenario. Imagine a man he's a businessman, he's doing haram business. He's a mortgage broker. He's helping other people who will love his businesses, small business, he earned some money. He lived his life in hidden little did he know that that business became a huge empire, like a powerhouse of helping so many people do haram in whatever that is your legacy, your evil legacy, that is how you impacted the lives of others, all of that whatever happened as a consequence of what you started, Allah will bring all of that you know, but we will ask you about all of that. Subhan Allah how you

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Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us about his all encompassing nature nothing is left. Nothing is left Yokoyama is a reality and these are some of the details of that reality. You're number one in Sanrio made him be my brother my belly inside wahala enough See he Basia believe in sun

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in fact, in sun Allah Neff ce o 's own self is Basia, meaning he is a witness against his own self, you know, Allah saying here is saying that is it really necessary for you to die and be resurrected? And be be brought before me? In order for you to know your sins, shortcomings and deficiencies? Is it really necessary? It is not? For you have it within your own self? To know what is your own shortcomings? What are your own bad habits? What are your own misdeeds and SubhanAllah? That is so true. No one knows about our history better than our own selves asked Allah. Is that true or not? Who is going to come to us and tell us a look, you know, last year you did that thing? And you

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regretted it? Don't you think you should make Toba for that?

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Don't you think you shouldn't be asking Allah to forgive you for that? Who is going to come no one, but in Santa Ana enough CBus era we know our own selves Ashoka. And he said, Look, Allah say he gave us an apple, an apple, an intellect that helps us discern right from on top of that Allah gave us a fitrah something ingrained within us like a moral compass that teaches us that not these things are not really right. That thing that I did is not really right.

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basura in your own self, besides sending Muhammad Sallallahu eyeless. And besides giving us this Quran,

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you have it within your own selves to know, to a certain degree, by mind, grace, that certain things you shouldn't have been doing. You had it within yourself to take yourself to account.

00:27:02--> 00:27:11

Before you are here, and this must occur before me. You know that is telling us that we need to confess our sins to Allah.

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But that we need to admit before Allah the things that we have done wrong, because we know about them in a way that no one else does. And if we turn to Allah and ask Him to forgive us, without a shadow of a doubt, he would even erase that. So when we come to this place in our life,

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we will not even see it that Allah encouraging us to make Toba to him by calling out him by crying out him about all of the things that we have done in our past. Although I'll call Maria because on that day, people will be casting for excuses. My view from Missouri, the

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excuses. You know, in behavioral psychology, they have a term for making excuses. It's called rationalization. They call it rationalization because when a person does something that they know others will look at and say that's totally right. He tries to reason a way what he did, by offering an explanation, that is rationalization because the person feels that he does something wrong and he needs to cover it up. So they, they look at it as a defense mechanism. Allah is saying on that day, people will be offering the excuses why, what they did? Well, our car means that will not come to the aid at all. It will not help them whatsoever. I know exactly why you did. And what you did,

00:28:42--> 00:29:23

while I was ill farmer or the euro, And subhanAllah this is a lesson that we learned from our father or the minister or the minister. And he did something wrong. He slipped he made a mistake. I saw the Allah said that he did act of disobedience towards Allah. But look, the moment that he found out that he did something wrong. Did he make an excuse? Or not burn out? Columna and Prasanna immediately turned back to Allah. Oh, our Lord, alumna we have wronged ourselves. He didn't say I did this because shaytaan you know, it came to me I don't even know who Shavon is the first time I came to know him and you know he, to me that is

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you know what?

00:30:09--> 00:30:48

Hurry roaming and better Calacatta even nerdy will call up the home and clean defense mechanism. The reason I didn't do that, okay it's because I made a fire he's made of clay fires better than clay therefore I shouldn't be bowing down to him how he offered an excuse. Well No I'll call the era teaches us my brothers and sisters never make an excuse for yourself before Allah. Make excuses for your family for your friends for your relatives don't make excuses for yourself before Allah hold yourself to account before Allah holds you to account

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now something's really strange happens all of this about you're gonna pm all of this about the worst time for people and now a shift towards the best of all creation or having a set alarm or there's some others saying to him in order to help Rick be listen again he tapped agenda but don't move your tongue. Lita agenda be in order to hasten towards it. What does this mean? It McCarthy explained. He said, When do you realize Islam would come to the person and reveal to him the Quran, the processor would start to move his lips and his tongue to recite it in order out of eagerness to memorize it. He wants you to memorize it even before Jabril had left. So this is what the person used to do out

00:31:36--> 00:32:20

of eagerness. And in fact, out of haste to try and memorize Allah saying learn to hydrate. You don't need to do this. They can't even claim the first thing which is to have the scripture in tact, but to have the Scripture and the language and the meaning is something only unique for Islam is something only unique for so I'm looking at Allah subhanaw taala preserve this Deen in its entirety by keeping alive the text, even the language how many people learning Arabic Now, the same language that describes reviewed 14 135 years ago. And on top of that, if they ever were confused about what these words mean, they can find out what they mean by going to the bookstore to see all of these

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unbelievable the first full book of the seat ever written was by mom, a W rahamallah. And that was in the year what when was this first ever major book of the see written? Does anyone know?

00:32:34--> 00:32:41

It was around he started right around 270. So just 270 years after the process Salam made his

00:32:42--> 00:32:55

that manuscript those manuscripts are still with us even to today. 14 135 years ago if you wanted to know what the early Muslims understood of the Quran, you can do that.

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front of you

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as opposed to that was further away.

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Hola sang the reality is that you just love dunya your love of dunya, which is Shaohua not an intellectual idea is what is preventing you and stopping you from accepting the message of this man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. And this is a lesson before everyone who does that. Sometimes we

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we, we perceive that people don't really want to accept Islam because they don't understand the message of Islam. Sometimes that is very true. However, there is another very substantial reason and that is even if you made clear the core concepts of Islam. The reason why they don't accept it, is because can Allah Beltre, shipborne and Isaac because of not an intellectual reason but because of a base desire, love of the dunya and this doesn't mean that I'm saying don't leave the house. Now. Bear this in mind. A person may not accept Islam not because you haven't done a good job in explaining what Islam is. But because you haven't done a good job. Now listen to this, in warning

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them of the consequences of

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what destroys the love of something is to receive a warning about the consequence of that love what it would lead them to hear

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What pain awaits those that disbelief? That is why Subhan Allah so much warning in the Quran, Allah knows that what will bring people to is not really intellectual proofs though they are needed and necessary it is. It is warning that is warning given with wisdom and in a beautiful way, what is our own Allah so they have cast behind themselves. Meaning this is the reason why you have disbelieved Yokoyama, then inshallah we will stop after explaining this apart. Allah gives us a tremendous image about the scene of Yama, Yama, if we were there, what would we see we will see all of mankind gathered before Allah subhanaw taala. And those people will you will be able to distinguish the good

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of them from the bad of them. One way that you will be able to distinguish that you know, those people are not different to those people over there is because would you be young maybe now that Allah said, faces, faces that he will be now there are now there are comes a root of number. Now that refers to gold and to purity. Allah said that they face will be now their meaning they will be glistening, shining, illuminating light, pure gold heart Allah, this is the way some face will be on that day. Why oh, why are the faces growing like this? Isla Rob Bihar now, because they are looking at the Lord Subhan Allah. Now that doesn't just mean to look, now there are means to stay, that they

00:36:47--> 00:37:35

will be in amazement and staring upon the face of Allah subhanaw taala and the the enjoyment and the pleasure Subhanallah will be so intense that it will manifest itself on their faces that they face it will begin to become now there are because of the now Veera to Allah subhanho wa taala. And, you know, the Companions, they read this. And they were delighted to find that this is really one of the rewards if they were true to Allah subhanaw taala yet, they wanted to know more. They wanted to just hear the porcelain confirm that to them. So in one narration Sahih Muslim and Bukhari they came to both of them and they said, you also Allah, will we see Allah in the hereafter? The process that I'm

00:37:35--> 00:38:18

given an amazing response? He didn't just say, yes, you will. Have you not read the surah piano? He said to them that do you have any difficulty in looking at the full moon on a cloudless night? They said no. He said, Do you have any difficulty and looking at the sun? on a cloudless day? They said no. He said in that way, will you see your Lord Subhanallah a beautiful way of explaining to them that not only will you see Allah, but you will see Allah without any difficulty whatsoever. Because the person may think all of the believers will be there on that day, and we will need to look at Allah maybe I'll have to move to a place to be able to see Allah properly. Maybe I'll have to fight

00:38:18--> 00:38:32

with another person wrote to get my space. No, the way you look at the moon, you don't have to struggle with anyone. You just look up and you see the moon. In the same way we see Allah with tremendous pleasure and with great ease. May Allah make us of those people.

00:38:34--> 00:38:48

And then is the other group the other side, the disbelievers. Allah said about them again their faces. If you look at their faces, you will be able to see a distinguishing mark, what is that mark? Would you only young made him bass,

00:38:49--> 00:39:12

bass, it all comes from Busuu Busuu refers to frowning when a person frowns. Bowser can also refer to darkness, a gloomy nature that Subhanallah their faces are going to be exactly the opposite. Their faces are going to be dark, gloomy, you're going to see sadness on their faces.

00:39:13--> 00:39:17

You know, people that are imprisoned and tortured.

00:39:19--> 00:39:59

When they go in, they look a particular way. When they come out. They look very different. They look very different. If you see some of the prisoners, when they went in when they come out. Gray hair. The skeleton like features because they're so skinny, they haven't been fed properly. bags under the eyes, face is totally pale. Because of what the pain that they endured was so intense, so hard on them, that it manifests itself on the appearance manifests itself in the outer appearance. Allah is saying about the faces would you wear your mighty Bursera telephone no a

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

you've either been told no can mean either somebody

00:40:05--> 00:40:54

doesn't know for sure this is going to happen. So one can mean conjecture, but one in another context can mean certainty. So, the opposite here is one of those words that can mean the opposite. It can be in conjunction can means certain here it means there will be certain tell though no a you follow that something is about to happen to them. What is about to happen to them for Clara Foucher. Okay comes the root of pucker factor means to be reduced down to something that's why the poor person is called the Philippines because he's been reduced down to a position where he has no money whatsoever. Falco, okay. also has another word, which is fear of failure filter refers to the

00:40:54--> 00:41:37

vertebrates in your back. Yeah, the vertebrates in your back. What is the tough see, the tough seed is that at that moment, they will be certain they will know for sure that a calamity is about to come down, that will be so hard on them, it will break the very backs Subhanallah any Allah telling us about the misery that those people will feel on that day, that man, I should have believed that messenger Salas ma should have accepted the message of this book. And that time will be too late. At that time, they will have they will know for sure the calamity is about to come their way that will be so difficult upon them, it will be as if it will break their very investment. Allah did not want

00:41:37--> 00:41:37

to save us from that.

00:41:39--> 00:41:47

They have five minutes left, either we can take questions. Or we can maybe go through a few more verses, it's up to you. I'm not

00:41:49--> 00:41:50

flexible for me.

00:41:51--> 00:41:52

What should you do?

00:41:55--> 00:41:59

Would you like to take questions? Or would you like to continue maybe take a few more i and

00:42:00--> 00:42:02

continue to keep let's continue.

00:42:03--> 00:42:53

After speaking about your mukaiyama and about this, this great scene that we will all see Allah then after going from this dunya into the Astra, Allah then goes back a little bit at the point of death, because death is actually the beginning of piano for that individual who died, the moment a person is buried, they say that that is when the km actually begins for that person. So Allah Now talks about the moment that LPL will start for every single one of us, but this is in the context of a disbeliever. Allah said colori, the bellava tetrarchy, that when that when the soul which is inclined here reaches karate therapy is gone. It is the this in between the collarbone right there

00:42:53--> 00:43:04

when it reaches there, meaning the pangs of death. This person is in the last moments of his life. He disbelieved in Allah and he rejected Muhammad said Allah Allah was

00:43:06--> 00:43:23

what 11 rock it will be sent. It will be said not call man rock. Somebody is saying, Who is saying this is that image, the image of that man on his deathbed, that wicked individual. Now

00:43:24--> 00:44:12

terror is coming to him and he's about to experience death. Now certain things are becoming obvious to him, and he doesn't want to go there. So he is panicking. When he is panicking, his friend and family that are sitting around him, they start to see him panicking. deal man rock, man rock means cold the rocky you know the rocky who comes when somebody is possessed by gin and he reads Quran and that person they call out for him. They don't call out for the doctor. They don't call out for the nurse or another close friend or maybe his children for a parting advice. No. They call out for rock the rock even Tamia Rahim Allah said, this is telling us that Rokia is in fact the greatest form of

00:44:12--> 00:44:59

medicine. greatest form of remedy, because this moment of desperation even the calf knows that Rokia is really what he needs at this time. He'd been told me I said the Rokia is the greatest form of medicine because it operates on the very soul itself, never mind the body, it works on the soul itself. And therefore he said, it shows us how much this person fears death, that they are calling out for the Rokia because of the fear of what awaits them of death. And because of the dunya and because of the love of this board, not wanting to leave holding on to it, leave them in the rock, while one annoncer rock and again certain not to you will think

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

You will be certain that ferok is about to happen ferok means to separate. So what is being separated

00:45:08--> 00:45:55

the soul and the body, he knows that now the soul is about to come out and be separated from his body, or one the unknown for our one a different itself will be such an amazing expression. In ancient Arabic poetry is definitely circled the south referred to a camel, a camel, that its water source, you know, it has the hump, it has a lot of water reservoir. When it depletes, when it comes right down to the end, and it's walking, it begins to slow down in how it works, because it's dehydrated. It affect the sap of itself is the last moments of that dehydration as it kicks in its legs wrapped around itself like this, and it falls down to the side falls on its side because it's

00:45:55--> 00:46:38

dead. due to dehydration. It definitely sounds bizarre to Allah saying, if you were to see that person in the pangs of death, it is like this, how the person was scream, and even Subhanallah people that you know, experience a lot of pain towards the end of their life. You see them that they you know, they the bodies begin to wrap around, you know, their arms and even their legs, you see that the legs, you know begin to intertwine like this because of the sheer pain or what is happening to the mela Have mercy on us. Because it was the effort itself will be set up. Because young man even myself. Why? Because he knows that Messiah is about to happen to him. Messiah to me is that he

00:46:38--> 00:47:13

will be driven. He doesn't want to go Allah say you're going to come to me, and you're going to be driven to me the angels are going to drag your soul and then force you to come back to me. Because y'all made the mess up on that day you will be driven back to me fellow South Dakota la sala. Now Allah gives the reasons why so much pain, why so much terror? Why is he being tortured in this way? Allah said to things amazing, fell out. Because he never,

00:47:14--> 00:47:34

he never affirmed and believing the truth that Muhammad says came with. And then Allah said he never did one particular good deed. And imagine all of the different types of deeds that Allah loves all of those virtuous actions that Allah loves. Allah selected just one of them, and said, because he didn't do this one

00:47:35--> 00:47:49

that either bore testimony that he didn't believe in me, or that it was because of the crime of not doing this one deed that I am doing all of this chain is in the two interpretations. What is that what did

00:47:53--> 00:48:12

while sunder Allah saying he didn't believe in me, and the thing I hated the most the interviews to pray to Me. The status of prayers Hala the process some have said Allah and Allah the beta now beta masala feminine Tanaka Gaffer, he said in the authentic hadith today is a covenant we have a covenant Allah

00:48:13--> 00:48:29

that makes us different to them. What is that covenant of Salah, feminine Tanaka whoever leaves you are bound as other things. I don't need to pray to Allah. For Kapha he has indeed, disbelieved in Allah subhanaw taala this wow in between.

00:48:31--> 00:48:35

What else Allah they said this is out of Bian out of beyond means that

00:48:36--> 00:49:01

he never prayed and the fact that he never prayed actually points to the reason why he disbelieved or is the reason why he didn't believe any he fell into disbelief because he refused to pray and Subhanallah that is something mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, that the people of Ghana are asked what led you here? What is the reason that they gave who knows is

00:49:03--> 00:49:10

the Celica computer What led you into subtler meaning hellfire? What is the reason?

00:49:13--> 00:49:55

Follow know lamb NACCHO Minal masala and they never said we didn't pray. They said love Naka we will never even have those will suddenly those people that used to pray You know, those guys used to go to the mosque all the time. If they forget, they were not going to go why do we need to pray for was prayer got to do with us? I don't need to pray. They said they disbelievers recognize that the worst thing that they did after disbelieving was refused to pray that they never wanted to praise parliament. You need the the lofty nature of Salah in this religion can never be overestimated never be over estimated for that sort of our Salah Well, I can get them or whatever Allah. We finish. We

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

finish in Sharla because now it's time for them to panic, a lot of money

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Are you going under stuff we've got over maybe another time we'll get to complete this one on Sharla laughing