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been Eileen. Long Sunday we'll set it in Melbourne, Canada, you know, Monday night early, he also have you here generating

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the content I got to he was maybe maybe chuckle for a moment, I got this comment a number of times in my life. Someone came up to me and said, electrical flow today, you seem to do better when you're tired.

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So I asked him, Why is it because you're slow, we can understand what we're seeing.

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Yeah, so I don't know, maybe I should just stay.

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Hungry, Alexa. So

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today is the sewer that we'll be talking about.

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And I don't I don't like being redundant. But really, the purpose of this sort of summaries is that I want to help those who are hearing it and later on when it's recorded.

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To understand how the Quran is organized, and the plan is very well organized, it has a flow to it. And if you understand the flow, and you figure out like how those sewers connect and what they're talking about, they become much more meaningful I find and actually, you'll enjoy them more when when that is the case because I tried to kind of always remind people of how it all kind of fits together. And just as the finally plus to

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finally, summarize everything meaning the gist Subotica was a cluster before and it's a title it was talks about Dotto and it really does in extreme detail. A lot of angles are covered, just the AMA just talks about is summarizes everything, every aspect, every concept, every value in the deen is being talked about in just a minute beautiful way. And that's why I think it's so meaningful for you know, our youth to memorize it and then to inshallah also understand what he's talking about. And hopefully these summaries will offer any parents and anchor to later on explain the sutra to their children when they when they memorize it, and it just is divided into four groups. And the first

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group is three, the first three and about one Nazjatar talks about the three pillars of accepting faith or being religious. I mean, what do you need in order for you to have a religion, you need a number of things, there are certain things have to be explained to you in order for you to actually accept a religion and be a part of the faith. And the first one is you need to know who is the one who's making the law, and what exactly there's the one that make making that making the law of wants, which is Allah subhanaw taala just tell us, it's basically the news, it tells us a story, the narratives of the university, the existence of ourselves and everything around us in the eyes, in

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the words really in the words of Allah subhanaw taala and itself. And in the in the beautiful ending of this sort of amnesia, definitely there will be him and those who have the will will find their way back to to their Lord is the

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is basically what brought the whole sewer together. So it gives us the second pillar of what we need in order for us to have a faith. And the second pillar is what are the tools that you're going to use? How are you going to achieve what he's asking for us to find out?

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If you understand now his narrative that there's going to be that there was creation, there's your little piano, there are two ways to understand the result. Mr. Murthy will help

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you understand all of that you understand that job is to find your way back to him. Well, then how do you do it? Right. That's the next question. I understand you're doing mission that you have your own you have a narrative and a story that you're telling us and you have something that you're asking of us. What is it that I need to how do I do it?

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And this is the beauty of shooting, how you do it.

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And what will stop you from doing it is the same thing as the source.

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And I'll leave you to think about it as I explained maybe the first few verses. So the beginning of the surah when when Nazjatar when she's watching what's behind it says AHA verses 30 or 47 Feluda Umrah umbra,

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these wordings were very unique. The Arabs has not heard this before Well, mostly la geographer will adhere to Baba ha was suave, fatty Safa with very edgy. All of these verses sutras that started in that in this way, they hadn't heard this before in that way, meaning someone was taking an oath by by by a number of things in this linguistic form. So for them, it was very it was a very meaningful it was very it was a it was an ear catcher you heard it and what is what is when Nazjatar you know, as Yogyakarta is something that is struggling and is almost drowning

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is something that's been a drought, there are maybe 16 different interpretations for these five verses. So if you've read something and you're like, This is not exactly what I read, no worries at all. There's many different interpretations. They're all correct. I'm going to give you I'm not gonna go through all of them. Obviously, it's only half an hour. But I'm going to try and explain to you what I think is the is the most appropriate way to understand it that actually fits the flow of what the suit was explaining to us. When we did this

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yada yada and everything he makes, takes an oath by some final data has something to do with the theme of the Surah 100%. He never takes an oath just for the, for the for the sake of doing well, by the ones that are struggling now as the anti that are being pulled out, and they're, they're almost drowning, so they're barely keeping keeping their heads above water, when mash is largely a nation, and those that have a lot of energy and move swiftly was behind the separate hand those that are swinging ahead, let's call it Sambucol. And there's so much more upfront more than everyone else. They're racing and their way up front.

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The Serbia party sabotage fell Buddha Bharati Amaran, the ones that actually make an impact. They put matters into perspective, and they're able to achieve something. So what is he talking about here supine, you'll find that the scars will have a numerous different opinions whether it's magnetic or its wind, or even Ibis has a beautiful insight on this. And it's the one that I think is the correct one. He's talking about subhanaw, Taala and NuForce. He's talking about souls, as people, which is, which is the theme of the surah. How are you going to achieve what Allah subhanaw taala asked, what is going to hold you back and cause you not to be able to achieve what he asked

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and so to answer the number is the same thing. Hello, will Masekela che Anwar had the solution. And the problem is the exact same thing is the knifes the next will be your solution. And it will be your problem. And it's really simplifies things a lot. Because instead of looking for, okay, how are we going to do this your job, and you start looking outwards to figure out what it is that you need to conquer or whatever is what it is that you need to obtain. And what it is that you need to control mininno To do what he talked about and sort of the never, you have to actually not look outwards, but look inwards, and the solution to your problem. And the problem of your solution is

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something that exists within you and isn't enough. And this is what sort of talks about in every single step uncertain as he talks about that and I'll show you in a moment. And the first of it is the oath he taking oath some anodyne I swear by the neffs that is barely making it that is struggling, just barely not

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drowning. When does the idea of Aragon because there's three different types of people, right? There's three unforced three types of souls in this world, those that are drowning Nazjatar and then those who are doing acceptably well when now she thought the initial they have a little bit of energy and they're making some progress. And then you have with Behati Sabha Serbia, cardi Saba cobble muda Bella de umbra, then you have those who are who are swimming ahead. It's like if you're walking, they're swimming. If you're young, it's much quicker for sabich it and they're they're racing their way up front. Everyone's behind them. familia, BRT, Amrhein. They're making a

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difference, and they're leaving an impact and they're actually performing they're bringing something forward. Isn't those those three same groups that sort of? Well, yeah, talks about what's going to serve your home, as I believe I mean, srbc man, there's three groups Yamo PM, and the odds are pretty good. By the way, you'll know pa three groups. They're the groups that are established the manual er, the biller, those who are doing the route with Nazjatar, the ones who are doing very well. And then there's the group that did moderately well as heavily I mean, and then there's the group that did exceptionally well they're making so out of three if you're in one of those two

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groups, if you're in them, you're good. It's the only one group that's not going to be doing very well. Very well. Human piano. So the odds are in your favor, really. So he's making he's taking an oath Subhana wa Tada, but all of these unforced by these by these souls, the different types of souls that exist in the world, the ones that are struggling, the ones that are doing moderately well, and the ones who are doing exceptionally well the way I had.

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Whenever Whenever there is an oath, you have to look for the answer of the oath in Arabic, there's a custom and job custom. So if I come to you and I take an oath and I say, oh, Cymbala Hill, Ali Wallah Hillel Lim, and then I walk away. You stand there, you know, baffled for a moment. What is it that you wanted? You're waiting for something I have to tell you what it is that I'm taking the oath for. So Allah subhanho wa Taala certain as yet, same thing is taking oaths when as your auntie, when National Party was the party for Serbia, car development, embryology, what is the answer? It's not yo mythology for rajiva. That's not how it oath is answered. He is setting up subhanaw taala.

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A snapshot.

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All of all of the Quran is filled with the moments of your milk, the Yam is scattered all throughout the Quran. Not when sunnah tells you the whole story, not even this one is called piano we talked about a few days ago doesn't tell you the story. Just give you snapshots here. Here's just, here's, here's a moment. Here's it. Here's a moment taken from that big day for us to think about. And here's setting it up for us, you know, Mattel or juphal Raji, when that first shake first quake hits the earth, and violence violently moves it to mythology for Rajiv and the day when that happens. That's about hurrah diva followed by the subsequent shake

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then the answer of the person after making one nausea it I swear to you by nausea at the end National Party, polo going yo even dzifa Herbal saw Rohan Shah. So liquid is is pointing out to a subpoena which I'm not pointing out for us anything that's going to be physically impacting us. He's talking about the cycle.

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logical soul based impact that you're going to feel that day. The whole suit is gonna be talking about the neffs. So from an ethics perspective on that day pollution the heart's at that day on that day, I didn't wear jewelry shaking, or in in a moment in a state of extreme fear of Asad Ohashi, I eye sight will be humbled on that day. Now, can you literally humble an eyesight or the buzzer doesn't literally have a meaning. It's a figurative meaning is it's the feeling of the person who's standing that day, the fear and the heart and the humbleness that is apparent on their eyes, they're looking down, they don't dare look up, they're not looking forward. They don't have that you that

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strengthen that confidence that they once had in their stride and in the way that they carried themselves on that day. Not that's not the case. On that day. The case is global in your words, you've Hoshyar The hearts are shivering in fear.

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You can feel your pulse going really quickly. Why? Well there's a lot of reasons there's a lot of reasons and bizarro Akasha

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maybe it's because you know what's coming next. Maybe because at that moment, we start remembering all of the shortcomings all the times we didn't do what we were supposed to all the sins we never repented from before he passed away. So we start so we start thinking about that and we get very nervous, extremely nervous and extremely jittery and extremely humbled and humiliated for the fact that things are where they are. Jaco Luna in LA metal do do not feel have this sort of goes back to the days of what they used to say back back in the past they used to say what we're going to be resurrected after we're put in the grave. I either couldn't ivam and after our bones decay you think

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we're going to come out again? Oh, hello DeLuca Eden Kalwa tune hacia like that ever happens it will be a loss. It will be it no if that happens let it let it be a loss for all of us if that ever happens if we're actually going to be resurrected and brought back to life again after we die. Let it be that

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Callooh tilaka Eden Cobra to the horse

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so he says to pioneer what Darla for in nama he is dead euro to ADA for either whom is exclusively is going to be one shout one year one call and everyone will be on the on the land that does not know sleep cellulose the land that no one sleeps the land of no sleep you know you don't sleep there or how tired you are you can't sleep your milky I'm it's just

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if you've been anxious before you know what I'm talking about. If you went through any form of anxiety, you know it's impossible to sleep on your anxious Imagine your milk Liam it's called a circular, the one that will keep you up you can you can sleep.

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All of these things that he's putting up supine on what's out are actually psychological changes, right? The heart shaking the humiliation of the eyes, the fact that you can sleep, all of this all of this are things that people thought and felt. He moves on as a pilot without into the story in the Surah. Now this story has been told in the Quran many, many times. So Musa has been told so many times that it's almost hard to keep track of the number of times 72 places in the Quran. Mossad Eastern Time is talked about, there's no one who comes remotely close to him, at least in terms of the number of times that he has talked about in the Quran. And yet again as soon as you add but here

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the way he's talked about here, it's not talked about anywhere else in the Quran. It's only the wording that you're going to hear in sort of Nessie. It only exists in Stuart in the Nazjatar because it's very much specific to the theme of the surah which is talking about our solution and our problem. Hello Chaka Hadith Musa is another hurrah boo Bilwa De Luca desio ova is hebben Isla, if you're the owner in Hoopa, did you hear about the story of Musa when his Lord called him in that sacred valley of tour? And he told him go to your own indeed, he has transgressed and he is filled with arrogance. And he has oppressed people and mistreated them go to Iran. So he goes to Iran, and

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what is he commanded to say? Now depending on what sewer you're reading, you'll find different versions of what he was told to say. He was told to say all of them, but the version that certain does he is choosing, meaning what certain as the artists showing what aspect of what Allah subhanaw taala commanded, moves at a satyr around is very much attached to the source theme. So what was he told here? The whole halacha ILA, and then how about you purify?

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How about you? How about you purify yourself about you take a look at your heart, you have your own and you you fix all that's inside? That's not going well, you know, you're around that you're not a god. You know that what you've been doing has been wrong. You know that you've been guided by your arrogance and vanity all these years halacha It's an invitation, send extremely kind and tender invitation. halacha Illa and how about you purify your heart?

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Because even if your honor the example the ultimate example of enough that when that one over that literally ruled, I saw the person who who had it is still worthy of this invitation of change, even if around could have changed. Even if around with everything that he did all the oppression all the enslavement that he that he practiced, all of that could have changed. It wasn't going to change through policy in Parliament, it was going to wasn't going to change through through armies and war, it was going to change it for our own, was able to identify that the problem that he had was on the inside, that he had some complexes that he had not dealt with, that allowed him to see others in a

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light that he shouldn't be seeing others he saw a full race of people to be inferior. Now it's a problem of the knifes color what you want, you can be systematic racism and laws that are corrupt and fine. It's it's a problem that exists on the inside. That's all it is when you when you think that you're better than other people, whether it's an individual or a race of people that have a specific culture, religion, color, whatever it is, it's a problem that originated somewhere on the inside, we're looking, we're looking the wrong direction. We're looking for solutions where they don't exist, that solutions exist right inside, it's been under our nose this whole time. That's the

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sort of thing, the way to achieve what sort of never explained never explained to mention that you don't behave,

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the way to achieve it. And what's going to hold you back from achieving it is the same thing. hamdulillah it's all in one place. You don't have to go shopping multiple places to figure out how to fix this. It's all in one area. It's all done. It will take you to where you want to go and it will hold you back and there'll be nothing else that will do it. But that the hola hola hola. And as a de Isla or bkF adduction will guide you to your Lord, and you will have reverence. And you will build reverence for Allah and your heart and it'll be meaningful for you. And you'll find that beauty of having that inside of you that Allah will tell Cobra and he showed him the great sign

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because what I saw from the bar is for Hush, our

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buddy, buddy, because again, this is the third time in three days because it was obvious to him what was right but he said no. Wow. So and then he disobeyed.

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And then he turned his back and watching the opposite direction of what he knew he should have been doing been doing for high and they gathered people. And what do you say * Allah, and our book, when will Allah

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Allah, imagine what it takes? Imagine the audacity it takes for someone to stand up in front of people and say I am your highest Lord, worthy of your worship and your submission. Imagine that. What did it start from? It started from something that went wrong inside. It was just a little bit of arrogance and vanity inside the neffs soul it was just a little bit just enough, just enough to grow and prosper with inside of him for years and years and years going unattended. He didn't take care of it didn't take notice of it didn't actually make a difference in one day. Take a good look at himself and say this is this is getting out of hand is not how you're supposed to no one should

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live like this. No one should think like this. No one should be like this, but but he didn't. And then he was given that final chance when most artists that came to him, he literally came to drown with it with a miracle that no one ever seen before and told him halacha Illa. And there's like a How about you purify? How about you take this last chance and you fix the disease that's on the inside? What do you think is going to hold us back? What do you think is really holding people back from being great Muslims and green being great people and achieving greatness in this world? When you look at the problems in the world today? What's really stopping us from fixing them? You know,

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when it's whether it's poverty, or it's lack of education, or it's depression or a systematic racism, or or it's pollution or environmental harm? What do you think is causing us not to do we all agree on these things? The funny thing is that we can all sit down in a room and say yeah, that's the problem. Oh, yeah. People don't have good education. Yep. They need clean water. Yeah, everyone should have enough to eat and drink. Yep. Greed is a big problem today. Yep. Yep. This and Yep. That the wider the changing. Like, it doesn't make any sense. Why can't we change something that we could all agree is extremely problematic. Yes. World Politics isn't doing well. Yes, we all agree. Why

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shouldn't we all agree on this stuff? And is there some group of people somewhere that completely disagree that are moving everything? You can believe that if you love conspiracies, and I know, I know my people love conspiracies, but that's not really the truth of the matter, is it? That's not the truth of the matter. The problem what holds what holds us back our egos, is just egos. That's what that's what's holding the back end. So that's what's holding the world back. You think it's more than that you think as much if not more than that. It's not people who are in office or just like you, maybe they're not different than you and I and they have personal problems, and they have

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Jani grudges and they have hatred, and they have love and they have needs and they have status and they have fears and they have ambitions, and they it all comes together in this big mess.

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fixing parts of hatred and horrible stuff. And it turns into, it turns into decisions that harms other people. And that's all it is. You want to fix the world, you start with the inside. You need to move obviously on to what needs to be fixed on the outside. But don't Don't kid yourself. We can't kid ourselves. We really can't kid ourselves. So yeah, let's move on. Let's fix that. No, no, before you fix the world, let's get our inner household in order. Just your inner I'm not asking for you to fix your family. Even if you're married and you have kids, they probably no one probably listens to you. Anyways, forget about that. You can't even fix that. But can you at least fix what

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you will can fully control. No one has access to this inside no one who touches this who can come inside and interfere with it. You have to have meetings with with Boris telling you what the policies are until you get to nevsun what you're allowed to do and how sensitive you have to be towards your enough. No, this is completely under your control. There are no laws there are no rights. It's just you and what you want to do. As simple as that he was given the opportunity Halakha illa Anta dia que erotica Daksha think about it for now. And what do you think? What do you say? How about you turn this around for your own sake turn this around be better. You know, it's

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Allah you know that you've been walking behind blindly behind your desires and whims and ego for too long. You know it, he couldn't help but he couldn't do it. It was too proud for God bucola Allah for other Hula, hula aka Irati, while hula in Vida Licola irata Lima Yaksha was taken by Allah subhanaw taala with the extreme punishment of the Hereafter and the dunya. And indeed, there is something for us to learn from God, for those who have reverence of Allah will learn from this. But what can you and I learn from someone who's not only a dictator, but also claimed to be God? What do you and I have in common with this person? You may say nothing, I tell you everything, we have everything in

00:21:43--> 00:22:22

common with that person. All that's missing for us is opportunity. That's all that's missing. All that's missing all the difference between some regular person if it only was opportunity, it's the same knifes it's the same arrogance is the same vanity, it can be the same degree of racism and oppression, put it in a heart, give that hard opportunity and it'll destroy the world. It will enslave people and kill millions did not how many times has this happened historically, if you take out for own and then count how many times historically this has happened throughout the story of the human race, countless numbers of times. There's, there's everything in common between us. Because

00:22:22--> 00:22:33

it's all starts with the neffs and ends with it as well. You're just seeing the manifestation of the worst case scenario of NF that beat its own. So it beats it beat its spirit.

00:22:34--> 00:22:45

The worst case scenario around. But don't fool yourself where there's not that much of a difference. If egos are allowed to rule and run things and make decisions and affect how things are done.

00:22:47--> 00:22:57

Don't expect more any different outcomes as we move forward. It's when that what changes on the inside? He continues to pioneer what data and don't shed do

00:22:58--> 00:23:06

I miss summer or burn out offer some buzz? Well, well, surely, you know, Roger boo, ha ha. Well, by the

00:23:08--> 00:23:25

way, Mr. Raja will do better. He's asking a question. Who's stronger? Who's more? Who's bigger? Who's more capable? Who has more stamina? Is it you? Oh, human being a small, fragile, weak, scared human being? Or is it the cosmos above you?

00:23:27--> 00:24:06

The skies that have been that have been built with with so much material and power and, and vast volume and size is beyond our ability, we don't even understand what we've talked about when we say late years. That's not something I can comprehend. My brain doesn't have the ability to understand the time that it takes, or this for light to travel for a full year. But even I can't even I don't even know how much this space is. I can't even give you an estimate about the place I'm living in, in my home to understand volumes and distances that are beyond our ability to understand. He's saying, Are you stronger than that? Or the sky? As as Darkness is brought forward, and the light

00:24:06--> 00:24:38

bursts out? And the mountain is given the strength and all of the posture and waters brought forward? Are you stronger? Or is this or everything that was created around and he was stronger? If this these verses are there to humble us? Who's bigger? Who is more difficult? Who is more complicated? No, this era were simple. But the same paradox with this Keith and neffs exists here as well. Allah subhanaw taala is not in the business of making you feel bad about yourself and say you're small and you're gonna know he's saying who is smart, bigger, who's more powerful? Who's stronger? You say all of that. So be humble. Yeah. Okay. And then he tells you right at the end of

00:24:38--> 00:25:00

it Metalla I love him. But all of this that I just said is stronger than you more powerful than you. Bigger than you. It's made it was created as provision for you. It was created for you. You're the purpose we created it for you. So yes, you may be weaker and smaller than it but you are the goal of it. You are the most significant creature with

00:25:00--> 00:25:27

in it that's what he's saying. So I know that he's balancing it out for you. He's saying no you're very significant just be humble. Your significant metallicum was made for you and your lifestyle and everything that is that matters to you. Everything that serves you is made for them. So once you set your up do are we should we be humbled to be arrogant? Can you can you learn the can you understand the balance? If you understand that balance, you'll be fine but that's what the sort of teaching it ends for either at your metal Cobra when the

00:25:29--> 00:25:35

when the overwhelming calamity occurs, a bomb, the six hurricane that

00:25:36--> 00:25:47

was there to how to go home 100 on the mean, it takes a little bit of time to say the word. It's the overwhelming calamity when that comes, it will matter that God will insert and say

00:25:49--> 00:25:59

we're going to raise a tilde haimo Lima yet, but I'm Baba, well, how higher dunya for in the HEMA here.

00:26:01--> 00:26:35

On that day, the human being will remember will recall all that he worked towards in his life. You'll remember very clearly everything that you work towards achieving with your life, whether it was good or bad. That's the day where you have time to reflect on what you did during your life. I advised myself first and you that you do it before that day. Before that day comes reflect on what you're doing with your life and where you're going with all of this and what was the point of your life and what you were trying to achieve with it what were the big objectives of your existence that was solid means so here's the big objectives of your life. What are you trying to do? What was the

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outcome What was the purpose what was the project at the end? What was it that's what you're remembering your milk? Yeah, because that's what you're interested in. What was it what was I doing all this for?

00:26:46--> 00:27:26

Well, we'll reach out to Joe Hey, Molly may yada and then Jahannam is bright for those to see it for a man on Baba eyes for those who did what surrounded who filled themselves with arrogance, vanity and oppression. Well, I thought I'll hire to duniya and chose dunya overall Kira. Just a choice. It's just a preference actually prefer dunya over the hereafter. I prefer to have a better life now then, then maybe wait until later. It's the same thing is with lithium a moment ago can lead to a boon to Agila he just says I'd rather everything that's immediate, immediate, immediate pleasure is just better than something that I have to wait for a long time. For in Naja Hema he'll Mattawa

00:27:26--> 00:27:58

indeed the whole fire is what is what is waiting. And then he says subhanho wa Taala Amma min ha ha ha I'm out of be one of the NAFSA and in Hawaii, kind of circling back to the same point again, eyes of those who feared the status of their Lord. When I had enough Sunil Hawa and looked at their knifes and said no, no more desires. No, no, we're not. We're not just doing what you feel like doing. We're not going to just do what you feel is the right thing to do or whatever you whatever whim you had at the moment. That's not how this is going to work.

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That's it for now. Jannetty El Moussa, whereas there's nothing else there's no other description of don't hate or email your salah or mosaica you just saying two things if you just if you just have enough fear fullness of the status of your Lord of the position of who Allah subhanaw taala is and just tell you enough, no more. No more Holly Neff. So a che upon Elsa hemo. in Houma, headlock and nos have a DE MI, the next will never tell you to do something good, because an EPS is only interested in whatever his self interest is. That's all it cares about, to serve itself to do something that will give it more wealth, more status, some degree of Highness over others and more

00:28:39--> 00:29:15

survival. Everything else is completely Meaningless, meaningless to it, but those who fear the maqam of their Lord, when I had enough Sunil who was someone who was willing to take a stand and stop the dictatorship of the snuffs, because that's what it is, it's not a conversation that is not interested in what you have to say or what you think or what you feel. He just wants what it wants, and either is going to find someone who's going to put it in his place, and then guide it and teach it and purify it and then escalate it to an elevated to a position where it's capable of achieving great things. It will pull it right down but those who do when enough sun in Hawaii for in nogen

00:29:15--> 00:29:53

that there is going to be gender where they find Yes, alumina and is it a year and amorosa they ask you about the normal pm or when is it going to be? See that question is a problem of Venus? When is it going to be? That's your question? That's not the question. That's not the question. Oh, that's enough question. That's the soul wanting to know how long they can spend their money doing whatever it wants, and then maybe just perform toe to toe a few minutes before FEMA isn't I mean, they eat out of becoming in Romania. What are they why are they asking about the timing? The timing is Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge. Your job is to tell people warn them warn those who revere it just one

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

can Gnomeo my own. Let me a little bit too in it yet an oboe. Ha the moment the moment they see

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

it, they will feel that their full lifespan all 60 7080 years was just maybe an afternoon and afternoon or a morning. They were around for just a couple of hours and that was all over and nothing else matters at that moment you're not able to actually recall anything else. So panic alone will become the Shinola. Learn to stop feel good.