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my hands be ruined and ruined is he is worth will not will not avail him or that which he gave

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to burn in a fire of Blazing flame and his wife as well the carrier of firewood around her neck is a rope of twisted fiber

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read the third eye into translation and third eye, he will

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manage his wealth will not avail him or that which he gained.

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that that translation is

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we'll talk about it now shall longtime

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After sorted to NASA, we have solid, a method which is a second sorta whereas NASA as we know is a Medina and Sora because it was the last sort of revealed in a crime, but unless it is a makansutra and the reason that it was revealed

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is that the province of Allied it was

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when he was commanded by Eliza gel endocrine

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Rabin, and call the close or warn your near of kin, nanny those who are close in relationship to you more than them.

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And so the promise of the lie was alum, went to Alberta, and met Mecca. And he climbed up on the mountain and in some narrations is the mountain of suffer. And the promise of the lie there was some say out of a hat. And he called out it was like a warning call. He wanted to gather everyone up, Danny at that particular place. And so when they gathered around the province of the law, it was

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said to them, if I informed you that there was a Calvary coming from the other side of this mountain

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Would you believe me? And they said

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no, we don't know you to be a lie. We don't know you have to we don't know you to have light in the first place. We don't know you to be a liar. And so the province of the lie that was censored for me Rasulullah mania De

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La La Nina de la la convenient

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that indeed I am a warner. I'm warning you about a severe punishment to come.

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When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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said this.

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And he was called Eveleigh before this sort of it wasn't called after this or he was called Abu lahab.

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Because of his complexion, he had a a reddish complexion which the Arabs tended to actually prefer. And so I will have was like a nice name. for him. It was his nickname. Okay, but it wasn't a derogatory term. He actually liked being called Abu lahab.

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So, Abu lahab said

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he had a jamatkhana did you gather up for this purpose to be like

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anime you perish? May you be ruined.

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So Allah azza wa jal revealed this sort of Tibet Yoda.

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What's the difference between the first tip but Yoda and the tip at the end

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is a

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maze, the hands of Kabbalah perish and be ruined and be destroyed. Not just his hands, guiding him as a whole. And then allies with Joe says what type Yani has already happened to do i is there and he is already ruined, he is destroyed.

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And had this man wanted to disprove the message of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he couldn't do whatever. And it would be no way for him to do it. All he had to do was accept this land, and then the whole crime would have been

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false fast.

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That's all he had to do. But Eliza gel knew that he would never accept this lamp. No matter what.

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Because this was a miracle.

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And he moved, he lived until the problem was in Medina and he had every opportunity to accept Islam and just disproved the whole beat. But he couldn't do it. Because this is the Dean of truth.

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So here, I lost her data says Tibet yada.

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view. So the first one part is blank. And the second part is that allies will tell informing us that he is in fact, destroyed and he is ruined.

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His wife will not avail him anything.

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And the reason why and Allah knows best that wealth is mentioned here is because usually it is one's wealth, who that causes him to transgress the bounce. Danny, most people miss a lot for what reason?

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either because they're working,

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or they're playing, entertaining themselves,

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one or the other.

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Not just that, but a person who transgressions against others in general. And who sees himself to be better than that a lot of times it is because I love the gym. I'm

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the one who has gathered up the money and he counts it when the Holy hell Bill hydrilla shady.

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His love for wealth is intense.

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Check out all of these sources that we just talked about in the last few days. We see that constant theme of how money and one's wealth, if they don't use it for what is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala they usually it takes them to an area of transgressing the balance mountain and romelu

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nor will his children be of any

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use to him Makassar be here, which was they translated as what he gains or what one acquires the scholars of Tafseer from amongst the celebrated said that this means his child, because a child the child is considered to be something that one has acquired. And to bring that point home. I want to mention to you, that is sorely misunderstood by many, so that we can understand this concept.

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The purpose of the law it was seldom said

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either met

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in capa

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when the son of Adam dies with any man dies, all of his deeds cease, except for three except for three, all of whose deeds all of the one who has died all of his deeds, C's except for three of his beats.

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Why is that important? Well, understanding the second

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everything was that sadaqa jariya

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Danny and ongoing charity so for example, he has participated in building a Masjid or he built a mansion himself and people still continue to pray there. So people still benefit from Bedminster that is an ongoing charity.

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Something that he did. And that is his deed that will continue for him after he has passed.

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And now is the other people benefit from Jani. He taught someone something he taught his childhood.

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And his child continues to make that dry after he dies. And then his child teaches his grandchildren. And they continue to make that decision as long as one is benefiting from that knowledge, or whatever knowledge. You call someone to Islam. They enter the deen of Islam. And then they call other people to Islam as well and you continue to reap that benefit the person who dies still gets that that is from his actions, from his deeds that continue after is that Oh, what are those sorry, honey, a doula who are a righteous Chow that makes dry for him because his child is from his actions.

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His shower resulted from something that he did that doesn't need detail.

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And usually the child is righteous, because it was

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a righteous cow. Usually the child is righteous

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because of the parents nurturing of that child to be righteous. So it is from the deeds of that individual

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that continue after his death. It does not mean that there is nothing else that can benefit the one who has died. So if we make dua for the author of the book that we're studying,

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Rahim Allah and we say about him Allah. We ask a lot of mercy on him. He benefits from that.

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He benefits from that, from us making profit, not his child before us. But when we make driveway embedded, that's our action that he benefits from.

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Likewise, you can make hedge on behalf of someone who has died. Is the hedge that you do their deeds? No, it's your deeds, but you have gifted it to them.

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When you make on behalf of someone who has died by each of the scholars, by consensus of the scholars, you can give sadaqa from your wealth on behalf of the day.

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Danny, there is your intention, you give out 100 hours to someone on behalf of a dead relative then they get the reward for that. But is that from their action? No, that's not from their deeds. So this is a matter of no Adam and

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the child of autumn dies on anybody dies, then his deeds are cut off except for three, it doesn't mean that he can't benefit from anything else. But the point here that we mentioned mentioning here

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is that

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his wealth will not benefit him anything nor were his children, his children or from his cast from what he has acquired.

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Now that point is clear and shallow.

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Joe goes on to say.

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So look at that, read the translation with that he's going to

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to burn in a fire of Blazing flame show flames.

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He is

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and he is going to be punished with lab.

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Danny in this life it was before the soda was revealed. It was a it was a source of pride for him to be called Abu lahab because of his complexion. But now you're going to go to the fire and be burned by those flames. And your wife

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is related today and your wife, the one who carried the hook. And he she was one it said in the books of Tafseer that she used to put down thorns and splinters on the path of the province of the light it was tell him when he was giving Dawa, just to annoy him and be harmful. So she also is going to carry that word and Fiji the hat

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which is her neck with the G with the abs. This is just a small linguistic point they use the G

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when a woman's neck is beautiful.

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She was also known as Jimmy and by the way, the mother of these titles that both her and her husband had indicated that they were very fair in terms of they looked they were good looking people

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but it didn't avail them anything. And she's going to wear that chain of fire around her Jeep. And in most of the time they use it when they're talking about the neck and it's because she's wearing a beautiful necklace for example. But no he or she is going to be wearing a ring of fire because she stayed on the religion of her husband