Surah Summaries – Al-Mutaffifin (83) & Al-Inshiqaq (84)

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The importance of choices in shaping one's life is discussed, including the negative consequences of double standards and mistakes that affect people. The historical context of Islam is also discussed, including the historical context of the title Islam and the consequences of actions taken by Allah Subhanaw taala. The importance of finding one's own happiness and rewarding life is emphasized, along with the need for a clear mindset and avoiding negative consequences. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning and making choices based on one's values and history, rather than just on what they want to achieve.

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Nila Italia today we'll continue

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with the sort of summaries of just Amma which is where we are the final use of the Quran, the final cluster of Surah is

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the blessing that Allah subhanaw taala summarizes basically all of the main values and concepts of the Quran within divided into four groups. The first group we talked about already,

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the pillars of religion are the pillars of accepting a religion or taking or embarking on a religion. Those of us who have never as the Ibis gave us what Allah subhanaw taala requires of us the tools that we will need this with Nazjatar under the Code of Conduct, and then the second group of sutras from a degree and until it BlueJ. And I'm talking about choices. Talk about the importance of choices. And it goes through the this concept by looking at it from a number of different angles. And yesterday, we talked about the first two Surahs within this group with the clear and olympiapark tech we states that our choices are sacred or holy, they are given to us by Allah subhanaw taala

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himself, it's a it's a right that was granted to you by God that no one can take away, but him subhanaw taala. And he will at one point at one point, and certainly without talking about the fact

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that our choices have accountability, we're going to be held accountable at level two, because we want to be Dean, you don't want to be accountable, but but they are. So number 15 today, and I'll try and show to cover both talk about to a number of different aspects regarding choices. And then we'll have 15 talks about the fact that our choices, not only do they have consequences in dunya, and Ghana, but they're also fully recorded and documented. So it talks about the fact that the choices are actually documented properly and that there's going to be

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so you're accountable. So what does that mean? So understanding be accountable. So there's much earlier, but are there consequences? Yes, there are consequences both in this life and in the hereafter as well in explaining what those consequences look like and the fact that it's all documented, which is what's talking about 15 covers that certainly Chicag talks about something a little bit different we'll come to in a moment and I'll explain it. That's where the beginning of the solar is where you do little motor 15 Lavina eductor wala nursery Yes, tofu now what either curlew, whom was no whom use your own, Allah, your one ICA and whomever orthogonally, Amin aleni,

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your many of whom will nursery have been Ireland. So begins with this very heavy and

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significant introduction, and what often is someone who, when they're weighing something, or someone else in a transaction, they put less than they should put, and really what this what this term is talking about, it's talking about those who have double standards. Why because Alladhina eductor, Allah Nursia Stouffville if some if something's being waived for them, by others, your cell phone, they'll take their full in there, right, they'll take them as exactly what they what they're owed. But when they, when they're weighing it for someone else, they'll get a bit less, which is double standard. And this is, you know, the analogy can be can be drawn for, for everything. It's not just

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in in transactions, but it's very clear and obvious and transactions, but really any formal double standard where you're okay, doing something, you give yourself an exception, where you just give yourself the exception people can't do this, but when it comes to you, alright, I know what I'm doing. I'm you know, I have experience or I have a specific situation, I have a special circumstance or something, some way to figure it out to give yourself some rationalization why it's okay for me to do this when everyone else can do it. And we do. And this is this is a very widespread problem like not just amongst Muslims amongst people all over the globe, where we don't like following laws,

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so we will find ways to get ourselves out of it, but everyone else should follow this law. Everyone should be doing this. But you know, when it comes to me, then I'm gonna do a little bit differently because you know, whatever, and then you rationalize it somehow. And where you live them apostrophes with the surah begins with this type of behavior, this this type of mistake, this this type of choice of a double standard and life is completely unacceptable. And I have been

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doing that people were doing they don't think they're going to be resurrected, and that Allah is going to hold them accountable and ask them about this about this double standard that they I used. There's a lot of examples I even I'm not even sure I should I should give them but a good example I can give you a simple one I knew within within when it comes to chastity or comes into relationships. I know you're someone who's not okay with with the with cert with other people doing certain things towards his family members. And you're not okay with with men behaving in a certain way around your fellow Why do you but just okay for you to do it. You can stare but others can't or

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you can look at something but no, no, no one can do it. It's okay for me to act in a certain way but my sister, why is it that

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You know it's okay for you and not okay for other people who made this law. Why is it that you suddenly are accepted exempted from Allah that Allah subhanaw taala made General General for everyone where you do little motor 15 This is not safe. This is when it comes to your rights, you're taking it fully and it was others you're making sure that you're not 90 or you're not giving people what they what they're owed. And then the sauna begins talking about the recording this part came in Nikita bell for Jerry Levy said gene fama. I don't like him as a gene Kitab him or poem, Wynonna in the Linux Debian. Indeed the book of the origin of the wicked are those who wants the opposite

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direction of what Allah subhanaw taala explained or disobeyed. There are books that have recordings what they did is in St. Jean a place that is called St. Jean and it's taken from the route of surgeon surgeon which is basically Yanni a jail cell and then the Quran has no Medaka messaging. Do you know what St. Jean is whatever the Quran asks in the form of a past tense question on that, like then you don't know and the Quran is going to explain

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and then in the opposite it's it's the opposite of isn't that a lot better than you do? And that's how the Quran kind of works. So Madoka message Jean kita boom are home a book that is documented as written? There are there is numerated and motorhome herbal Kathiawar Rukmini that appear that people have because they wrote down all of their concepts and it was all it was all documented. So if you tap on Marco that is what St Jean is it's a documented book that has has numbers and is written down in detail exactly what that person did while you're doing your money the little Mackenzie Dean Ellery you know you can do whenever you omit Dean, well now you can they will be here in Columbia

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acted in a team either to clay tuna. Paul as Willie tell, Allah Allah who will be him Can we see Boone? He's a supine Subhana wa Tada talking a little bit about consequences. The consequences of actions and consequences are all throughout the Quran and Sunnah. 15 it takes a little bit of a twist. Why no yo, maybe the little mocha Debian you've heard before we talked about and sort of in more Cenac and we talked about again yesterday in the day before as well. You understand what because Debian means someone who sees the truth and refuses it. And Allah subhana warns them or punishment, Latina because they want to maintain the ones who refuse to believe in the day of

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judgment that they have accountability. Well, now you can they will be he will co LaMotta in a team and those who refuse this day or is either someone who is both sinful and transgressor marked it in a theme bring together both forms of mistakes. These are mistakes that only affect you isn't a theme. There are mistakes that affect others martyred in, just like in Islam, good deeds, there are good deeds that affect you only like Salah and Dicker Quran. And then there are good deeds that affect others like mineral Valley, Dana silver, Iman Zika. So there's two types of deeds always. And here Allah says, Those who refuse countability or don't want to be held accountable, or don't want

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to believe in accountability, don't believe in it, because because they're both a sinful a sinner and a transgressor and in on both fronts, this person is going to be held accountability piece isn't going to look nice, it's not good, either too early, to now call ourselves a woody and every time is reminded of the word of Allah subhanaw taala. This is made up by previous nations. It's just it's hearsay can that can lead us not to build actual problems of on Hulu be him Can we exceed one, the importance of understanding that the consequences of your actions don't all happen yomo piano? Not all of them. There are a lot of consequences of actions that occur here in dunya. And this is why

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it's important to understand why Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to do certain things, when he tells us to do things. When we do them, the consequences of a job reward happen you'll milk Yama, 100% but there's also consequences of life that occur here in dunya, you're going to you're going to cash in on your good choices also in this life as well because he didn't command you subhanaw taala to do anything that was harmful for you. And vice versa. When he says not to do something when you don't do it, you're going to benefit from it in this dunya that's why he says Bell Ron and the reason that people ended up not believing in judgment is because of the following is not because

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they don't want to believe in accountability. It's because Allah Allah Allah KHUDOBIN Imran is basically something that's covering something else. Rana BlueBee means their hearts have been covered, have been skewered they can't see the heart can't see any of it now that time and episode right what I can tell you

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it's not your eyesight is not what's goes blind. It's hearts that go blind the hearts Can't they lose insights. Remember it's so true Kiama recently in San Juan FC basura he has insight that insight is something the consciousness does not the eyes not the eyesight. So Rana Allah connubia means their hearts are being covered smothered with their sin Makana, we are exceeding from all their sins, you keep on sinning and going the opposite direction disobeying Allah Subhanallah and every time as a Prophet alayhi salatu salam explained every time you do that, no creator and so that feel called like a little

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A little dark spot in the heart every time you make a sin, another one, another one until the heart is now covered and smothered. And it lacks the ability to see the light or to produce light or to reflect light, or to actually interact with light in any way or manner and it loses insight. And people stopped believing in Allah subhanaw taala that's what happens. It's really not the theology that causes people to lose their faith in Allah subhanho wa taala. It's not just it's not an issue of I don't, I can't I can't make sense of la ilaha illa Allah because it's very simple Leila in a very simple, very straightforward, but it's when the heart continues to be covered with sin, time

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and time again, distracted and skewered by all this. You don't see straight anymore. The human being stops being able to feel what is good to be good and what is bad to be bad. And the human being starts to feel things that are haram to halal and Halal haram and they, and then it starts to want more and more of the Haram unless unless the highlight and you wondering why is this happening was very simple. There are consequences to sin. There are consequences to the noob. They don't You don't just do them. And then there are no there are consequences, something sticks, something stays, you can probably clean it out. But there always be some stain that's left of it. It's like the heart is

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being stained by these sins to the point where the heart cannot allow the light in anymore and can't reflect it anymore and the heart suffers. And then people end up because the wound of the dean is an example as to what's going with both the V and how it's not just the fact that you're going to find consequences Jamelia, you're also going to find consequences here in dunya. And sometimes the consequences of dunya will lead to worsening of the consequences yo Liliana

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gala in Nahum, our Robbie him Yo Ma Ed lemma Adobo. Now the consequence of Abdullah he gave you gave us an example of what the consequence in dunya was going to look like where the heart is covered and stained and smother they cannot see the light it cannot make sense of what is right anymore it does not respond to the righteousness the same way it seems to want to go astray and follow that which is which is impure and and rotten because the heart just can't see the difference anymore. While your milk gamma is also a consequence in the home Allah will be him your job on indeed on that day they will be deprived from the ability to see their Lord they will be deprived access to Allah subhanaw

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taala they will be deprived from the moment of connecting with God we will as meaningful as that will be your multi mo so my new home the soil will Jahannam and then there'll be taken to Johanna Maria Davila so my call and then they're told at that moment had a lady going Don't be here because the moon here take a look this is what you disbelieved in all these years

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so that's the first example the second one right after it color in Nikita well I've already left the login when the lock Anna Ely you Nikita Marco me a shadow will macabre bowl. On the other side indeed the documentation the books the slates of the of the pure of the righteous Abrar Luffy lien and the highest and the highest places the Ramada and I wanna go like an alien. Do you know what Allah Yoon is?

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Kitab on Baku Yasha double macabre and also the same word in both both verses when describing St. Jean the book that keeps the record the record of those who disobeyed Allah is called Kitab Omar whom it's a documented numerated book. And when he talked about the the record that is going to keep all the deeds abroad and a lien is also Kitab Omar Coombs enumerated book, everything is going to be kept.

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Kept record of everything. It's not that difficult. Really, if you think about it, sometimes are enough sinners to make it thing is impossible. How is he going to keep a record of everything that we did? It's not that hard. How much do you live? How long do you think you live?

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Um, if you think about it, how many how much do you live? You live 1000 months? Isn't that what the? Isn't that what the historical 1000 months? 80 something years? 1000 months? How many days in a month? 30 30,000 days? What's 30,000 days? What's 3000 pages? If you've studied medicine, you've done way more than that. There are more so there's way more than that in just in studying one encyclopedia or one when larger 30,000 was 3000 Everyday a page or good half a page that's happening? It's not that hard for Allah Subhana Allah to keep track of this is not that difficult. You don't live that long. I know it feels like we don't it's actually very short. And it might tell

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you 30,000 days, you're like, Well, that's it.

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I was hoping for more.

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If you take out all the time, and if you do the math and you cut in times 30,000 by 24, you'll end up with a number a number of you know a couple of 100,000 hours and then you say well I'm sleeping, maybe 250,000 of these hours and maybe 35,000 hours in the bathroom, maybe 50,000 hours eating maybe four hours, maybe more like 100,000 hours of eating but something like that you ended up with maybe 250,000 hours. That's it, you're alive, functioning, doing something for 250 Something like that. 700,000 is the highest number you'll come up with. It's not that long. We're not here for that long keeping track of it is not that difficult. Allah subhanaw taala is empty.

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It wisdom but it's all document it's all written down. It's all numerated kita boom, boom. Your shadow will macabre boon, the closest angels to Allah subhanaw taala witness these books the books of the people in Elohim the books of those who are righteous and then subhanaw taala talks about the consequences Jamelia in Aurora Latina aim in Allah Allah EQ young Verona daddy foofy would you hear him now burrata name your scone and your rock tomb theta moving misc with either Alec affiliate and facility Muthana if you soon when Musa jewel whom in the Sneem I in a year Schwab will be held in macabre bone.

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These are beautiful verses this sort of thing, just just just beautiful verses talking about about nine yo multicam indeed all of the righteous will be in pleasure human piano, on their, on their beds on their on their sofas, reclining looking at the beauty of what's in front of them. When you look at their faces daddy foofy will join him you see the beauty and the relaxation of someone who is being pleasured someone who was in leisure someone who was enjoying their time. So Allah subhanaw taala here instead of looking at what's that what they're looking at, he's asking us to look at their faces, you look at the face of the person agenda and you can see they're there they're at

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ease, you can immediately look at their faces. And by the way, this is something that we know as human beings if you know the person well enough they walk into the house you know immediately if they're happy or upset, it was a good day a bad day just by the way that their faces look because we were very expressive in our in the way that we look. But you only look in Jannah Allah Allah saying look at their faces, their faces are at ease. You can see the pleasure and the leisure in their faces when you look at them.

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They are given to drink from a healing Mattoon from a nectar that is nectar that is sealed, sealed by musk and with and towards that towards the status of complete happiness and complete pleasure we should all be trying to work towards we should all be competing to achieve that. This is what we should be competing towards competing to that moment. Make sure that you get there first. Make sure you get dibs on that. Make sure you're gonna end up yeah, you have a spot waiting for you there because Indonesia How long is it going to last? I gave me about 30,000 I already did you're gonna get oh wait, isn't it what this is something will go on forever. You have a spot that is in your

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name for infinite amount of time. If we can even wrap our heads around the concept of infinity to begin with, or immortality that for that matter.

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Let me tell you when it's mixed from a mentor Sneem What is this theme? It's the spring the only those who are righteous only those who are close to Allah subhanaw taala allowed access to he's describing for you that look, there are things in Jannah you don't even know about you don't even know what this name is. You've never heard of this. It's it's a spring that you don't even know you've never tasted it. This is just a spring to mix with the drink you're going to drink what exactly it is no one knows what he's trying to say. So I know Tyler was in Jannah is beyond your ability to even imagine that there's things that you don't you're going to be introduced to a full

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range of pleasure and name and gender that you have no way no way to actually understand. Just hear this and think about it and that is what you should be competing for. This is what these are the consequences you should be trying to achieve

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deficiency disorder by saying in Alladhina Adamu can Amina Levine Hakuna our either not Ruby him yet ah Mazoon our either on kala boo

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boo for Keihin with our own Kalu in yellow ball Luna Rama or cure him have you been fairly OMA Lavina monomial gulfarium Hakuna icky, young guru healthy we welcome Mark and we are following it gives us a little bit of a picture as those who disbelieved and disobeyed mark the believers, they laugh at them, and they judge them and then they go home and they have another laugh with their parents or their family or their group or, and they knock the believers and mark what they do. And say what Yaniv held back people who have no idea, no understanding of anything unintelligent, uneducated, they use words like that. And the believers, of course, aren't going to retaliate in the

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same manner. So they just take it and they go on. And Allah subhanaw taala says, Don't worry, the day will come where things will be the opposite, where you'll be in a position where you're in pleasure, and they're not. And you'll be asked on that day hotel, we will prefer America and we are following you think that the reward the recompense for both the believers and their perseverance, and the disbelievers and their mockery was fair, and the answer will be none. Yes, you're a bit was

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reminding us to get at the again at the end of the sutra, that there are consequences even for something as simple as I need two people just for a moment, meeting one mocking of the other and then walking away. And it'll be completely forgotten within a couple of years, no one remembered, but even something like that you'll will Kiama there'll be consequences for both the person who persevered on the one side and the person who who made light, someone else's choices, someone else's life.

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And everyone will find it to be a fairy competence. That's sort of the theme. It talks about choices, but it talks about two aspects of it. The fact that they're recorded

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I see Jane and Eileen keytab Omar Hoon for both. And the fact that there are consequences not only in Aurora, but also in dunya. The consequences of what you do, you will find your milky Emma. But you will also find in dunya, I cannot emphasize that point, the more more Surah Dylan Shekhar talks about choices, but a little bit different. Today, Chicago has a very special suit and puts a twist on it, it reminds us that the margin of choice that we have isn't as large as we think it is, meaning you don't have an infinite number of choices, a lot of what you do in life you're doing because you're gonna have to do it don't even get to choose it. So since the margin of choice isn't

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that wide, is that we don't have so an infinite number of options to choose from, choose wisely. Choose Well make sure that you're making choices that are educated that you're you're actually spending enough time before you make that choice, because you don't have a lot of them, you're the only cream again. So that will explain your freedom of choice is sacred, it's wholly is granted to you by God, no one can take it away. Anyone who does is a tyrant, and your will here will answer to Allah subhanaw taala himself, because that's your rights that he gave you. All your choices are going to be accountable for them. They're all recorded, there are consequences because what we've

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explained explained to us so far, now just a reminder, that really you don't choose from an infinite ocean of options. The actual margin isn't that wide. Not that many choices to make them. So make them well. He says either summer shortcuts and he flips things in Chicago, it is somehow in shock. But what are the nuts behind? But what is the argument that what ultimately what, what, what are the units of behavioral health, but he says, the day that the sky is torn, he just talked about that a moment ago. But here he adds, what are the net villalbilla and the sky is hearing the commander of its Lord, and it's following the command of his Lord and has every right to even though the sky we

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know doesn't have choice. But in this surah is given as if it does as if it's listening and is coming and as following. He's turning the tables a bit for us to ponder what dinosaurs did in Chicago, they say yes, the things that you think don't choose also here commands and also follow commands, they just don't, they just don't have that. And then for us to kind understand in terms of your margin of choice, it's not as as white boy than normal data on the earth on your milk gamma will be also destroyed, it's no longer a globe data is going to be flattened wildcards, Mafia with 100 and everything inside of it will be produced on the surface. So it'll it'll throw everything on

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the surface, wherever the net VLBI will occur. And also the earth is hearing the commandments lords and it's following it to the word and it has every right to do so will help us

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there he says Subhana wa Tada. Yeah, you have in certain Oh human being in different, you know, or beaker, Callaghan formula. Indeed, you're going to spend all of your life laboring, working, struggling, it doesn't matter why you're struggling, it doesn't matter why you're laboring, you're gonna do it anyways. You don't really choose that part. You think you do, but you don't. You are working towards something in your life. You are programmed that way. We think that, oh, I choose what I do. Yeah, sure you choose what you're going to work towards. But you're going to work towards something, even the person who stays at home all day playing video games, they're working towards

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something, it's just a useless thing that they're working towards. But if something, there's still a goal in their mind, they're still trying to get somewhere, every human being is just, it's just how we are created. Nikita, we just there's always something we're trying to get, it's always something we're worrying about, there's always something we're anxious about, it's always something that we're trying to achieve and trying to reach out for.

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All of these different paths of people doing, and every form of every walk of life from every direction, all of them lead to the exact same spots, all lead, you know, bigger formula to

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walk in any direction you want, work and struggle and labor towards whatever you want.

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Go in the farthest direction, from Allah that you can, that direction, that path will bring you nevertheless, right in front of God, no matter what you do, if someone asked me and you will meet him, the person who's walking towards Allah subhanaw taala, the person who's walking in the opposite direction of Allah subhanaw taala, all of them will find themselves standing right in front of Elijah, Elijah lujo Matsuyama

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meeting him and talking so. So really, you're not really choosing that part. That part is already been chosen for you, you're going to, you're going to put your time you're going to have a job, you're gonna work hard, you're gonna you're gonna spend your life doing something. The question is, within that, are you making the choice of doing the right things? Are you making the right decisions in terms of why you're doing them? And what value system you're applying to what you're doing and what ethics you carry as you do it and what goals you have for doing it. That's really the only question and that's that that's pretty much it.

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So it's not an if we're not putting this dunya here, choose from an infinite ocean of options. No

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Now there are a couple of things that you're just going to do this you're programmed to do them this is how you're rigged as a human being. That's how you go. This make sure that within the margin of choice is kind of smaller. You only have a couple of do them well just make them really, really well good choices because and then it gives us an example but amendment OTFT turba, who will be a meanie he has over your head several, he's been in your CLR we don't call it Buddha early Hema thrower, and OTFT turbo humara. Our hurry for Sofia do thorough while Slessor era in the hookah and Holly Hema thrower in one lane Yahoo. As for the person who believe on the Day of Judgment, there's a phobia in

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the right hand. And it'll be an easy judgement, you know, go back to his family happy eyes for the person who was given his book or the person who's taking their slate behind their back. Now, why behind their back, this is the importance this is the interesting part of socialistic clock, it's telling us make sure that you make very good choices and make sure that you have educated choices. And it points out to us those who don't, who know things but don't make the right choice. But they have the knowledge that there's there's no they do have some education, but they're just not making the right choice. You're milking the person who live like that comes and everything seems real. At

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that moment, it seemed oh my gosh, this is it turned out to be real. I lived my life as if that wasn't going to be the case, I was told La Ilaha illa Allah there is a sub there was a direction like, I'm not too sure didn't invest really didn't do enough research and and think about it didn't make a decision, always had an idea. And then you will have your up, like oh my god, this is this is real, and everything I was doing. And then you remember things, you remember that, if you didn't do well, in dunya, you're gonna get your your slates and your book and your record and your left hand. So when you see the records flying, you know, it's not coming in, you're right, you get really

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scared, so you're not sure what to do, but there are no pockets, and there's no way for you to hide your hand. So the all that comes to the person mind is that they did put their hand behind their back and this leak comes right behind their back into their left hand. But that's why it's behind their back. Because they knew they knew

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we all do. At the end, we all know, deep down inside, we all know, we all know why we don't do what we do. We know why we do what we do. And we can fool ourselves for as long as we want about reasons and motives and yeah, and your problems and excuses and all that. But your Malkia it'll be so real. It will be so so real. And all you'll have is just a look back and wonder why didn't I I only have so many choices to make. Why did they make them? Well, it's not like I made just just a couple of decisions that I've made. Really, they're not that many of them. And if you think about how many decisions you make a day, you're living 3000 days, how many decisions you're making 30,000 That's if

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you have to, you have to shave off on your good 5000 easily I needed because so 25,000 days, and you might make a few decisions a day, three decisions a day. So 100,000 decisions in a lifetime. That's not a lot. It's really not that much. Not that many, a lot of things have been predestined, pre prepared, where you come from what you look like your family background, your opportunities in life, all this is kind of being just given to you. The fact that you're going to always be working towards something that you're motivated to try and to help yourself and to survive. So you're just making a couple of these decisions, you'll just make them well because your mill pa when you're gonna, you're

00:28:15--> 00:28:30

gonna stand there and regret what you didn't make. And this this image of this person who puts their hand behind their back, they're just doing it because they know, they know. They know that it's coming in the left because they heard this before because someone said that to them, but he didn't want to listen at the time. And now they're faced with this reality.

00:28:31--> 00:29:06

So if I go to the war and they'll start making dua against themselves for destruction I don't want to live take my life y'all. I don't want to I don't want to I don't let's act like I never live like I never existed. Whilst last year Robert that won't happen there'll be punished in now who can leave us alone I used to be happy within his family. Just like the movement normal fam after he gets gets it in the right will go happily back to his to their families. This person will be remember how they were happy back in the day with their family in one layer, hoorah. But you see, he was in doubt and he thought he will never come back. He thought this person thought they'll never make their way back

00:29:06--> 00:29:08

to God. And they did. And they did.

00:29:10--> 00:29:22

And they did but they didn't believe it enough in dunya to actually live by it. It didn't believe it or not, but didn't have enough assumption in it to actually follow the commands so you're milking ama they didn't live by and dunya Yamato Yama, they

00:29:23--> 00:29:45

have no options in no one La Bella. Indeed they will come back in naraba who can I be here? Well, Sierra and their Lord saw everything but obviously will be shut up they will leave you MLSsoccer will marry either Tessa kala Tanaka, Boone Baba Kang Baba, is where it makes it Oh subhanho wa Taala by the Shafique. The colors are the horizon. And

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

before the sun comes up, and the night as smothers and covers everything in the morning when it's full, all these beautiful scenery, that our cabin in Napa can probably see this movement of the early morning and then the

00:30:00--> 00:30:32

And then the night and one one after the other and time moving forward, you are going to follow you're going to walk down a down a path that was passed down to your Baba, Baba. This has nothing to do with going to the moon. What this has to do with is the fact that as human beings, our choices affects the next generation and the next generation choices will affect the generation after them and let our cabal Nakaba conjunctiva Antioch is one generation and one gene and one group after the other affecting each other with our choices, every choice that you make not only affecting yourself, you're affecting those to come later. We just don't realize that sometimes sometimes we just don't

00:30:32--> 00:31:07

live long enough to see how our decisions today are affecting people will come and live many many years after us I got a couple no pop up and on top of family law formula, you know, so why don't they believe why is it when the crime is decided upon them? They don't prostrate Allahu Allah, Allah will be now your own and Allah knows what you're hiding inside. But the shooter who can be either been earning remind them of a painful punishment to come Ill Madina Munawwara middle slowly heard you know your own volume of noon except those who believed and did the right, perform the right deeds, they will find a nun everlasting non stopping reward Jamelia and that's also what Mr. Cole

00:31:07--> 00:31:27

tells us. You have a small margin of choices make them well make sure that these few choices that you have that you make these choices in an educated manner and that you take any care of these decisions and I'll end with that will continue to show tomorrow so Pamela we have diction hola hola hola. And to stop we're going to break or some Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad early he also here's my user from Lafayette America.