Tom Facchine – Reflections From Surah Muhammad- Faith Means Following

Tom Facchine
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If you pray, it's measured in MSG today, you would have heard Sheikh Achmed, recite Surah Mohamed, a parts of surah Muhammad.

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And one of the biggest blessings that you can have as a Muslim is to understand the words of your Lord, as Elijah,

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the words that he chose.

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Because when you're standing behind the Imam and prayer, you don't know what inspired him to recite the idea that he chose. Maybe Allah subhana wa Tada is talking to you, maybe he's sending you a message that you need to hear.

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And if we don't understand it,

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year after year, decade after decade, then the message is lost.

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Surah Mohammed the 47th chapter, the Quran has amazing, amazing lessons. And today, we're just gonna go over a few of them the main points, one of the main points of Surah Mohamed is that the believers and the deniers are not equal.

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Those who believe and those who reject Faith are not equal. They're not the same. Now, this might surprise some people, especially in North America, we're talking about inequality. And we don't mean something bad by it. Right? The political history of Canada and the United States is tied up with calls for equality. We talk about gender equality, we talk about racial equality, socio economic equality.

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And those were very important movements and continue to be important movements when it comes to righting the wrongs of the past.

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However, we have to make a distinction. We're talking about equality, between things that you can't choose, versus equality with things that you can choose. If you treat people equally, according to the choices, no matter the choices that they make, then this actually is unfair. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of Mohamed that to treat the believers and the deniers the same, would be profoundly unfair. And so we have three major ways or three important ways that those who believe they are not equal to those who reject first Allah subhanaw taala treats our deeds differently our actions, he says, Subhana Allah, the ANA Cafaro was the answer being Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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home, those who reject those who deny and turn away from Allah as path, Allah is going to waste their deeds. A bit later, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Adina Cafaro, the tasks and the home What about the murder home? Those who reject those who deny they will have misery and he will waste their deeds, meaning their deeds are going to be worth nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

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Why does Allah waste their deeds? He tells us, he says there Lika Vienna home Carrie Houma. Anzahl Allah for Papa mela Bla.

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That's because they didn't like what Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed. They had this taste for it, they have contempt for it. And so as a result, he took their deeds

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Allah says that their good deeds are worth nothing.

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This shouldn't come as a surprise to us in Islam. You know, we talk about Nia we talk about intention. And we all know the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in the metamodel beneath yet that every single deal will be judged and rewarded according to the intention that was behind it. Well, what about somebody who doesn't agree that they have to believe in the afterlife? What about somebody who rejects Allah subhanaw taala rejects his faith rejects revelation rejects accountability denies all these things with full knowledge.

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does that person have sincerity with the things that they do? Even if they help other people I want you now because this is an obvious scenario but every single person in the room right now ask yourself

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is this a quality that's reserved for non Muslims alone? Is this an attitude that is reserved for people who are non Muslims? Or can we fall into it as well? Is it possible for Muslims to turn other people away from Islam?

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You bet it is. Robin Allah Tada net fitness lol Latina kifaru

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Is it possible for Muslims to dislike what Allah azza wa jal sent down?

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Unfortunately, it is. We see it all the time.

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We have the stores, the corner stores, they selling drugs, they're selling alcohol is selling lottery tickets.

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Somebody will say but Allah said this, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that and sometimes you will act

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We hear people say I don't care.

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Sometimes you'll have a couple that is arguing or a marriage that's about to happen. And the marriage is against the rules of Islam, or something happening inside the relationship is law limits oppression. One of the sides wants to go to the Imam and bring the imam in and you will hear people say, I don't want to talk to the man. I don't care what he has to say.

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Is it possible for Muslims to dislike what Allah has revealed? You bet it is.

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And that brothers and sisters is a type of Kufa it's a type of denial. It's a type of rejection. And if that describes you, then you need to be very, very careful that your deeds are also not made worthless. So for those who deny their deeds are worthless and those who believe on the other hand, Allah says Allah, Mohammed Salah Hardy Well, I'm an OB Manos Zilla Allah Mohammed in what will happen mail Robbie him Cafaro and Hamza, you

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will also have

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those who believe and those who do righteous deeds and believe in what has been sent down to Mohammed. And it is the truth

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from their Lord, He will remove their misdeeds and amend their condition, Allah subhanaw taala imply something important here, he knows you're going to mess up. He knows you're going to make a mistake. He knows you're not perfect. He's already accounted for that he's already talking about the bad deeds, the sins of the mistakes that you haven't even done yet.

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But what does he say about it?

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He says, If you believe

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and you do good deeds, you try.

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And you believe in what was sent down, you don't dislike it in your heart, Allah subhanaw taala is going to treat you the opposite way he is going to take away those misdeeds. completely opposite treatment. Those who rejects it doesn't matter what they do. Worthless.

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And for those who accept those who humble themselves and submit even the bad things, Allah Subhana Allah will get rid of them and fix them for you.

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Why doesn't he treat them the same that it can be? AnnaLena cafardo tabber old Val AnnaLena ammonoid tablet will help me Robbie him good. Erica, the other day will Allah y'all rebula holiness and Salah home. That's because those who disbelieve, they follow their falsehoods, and those who believe they follow the truth from their Lord. In that way. Allah subhanaw taala gives people examples and comparisons. It was your choice. It's their choice, it's everybody's choice. And it would not be just to treat people the same.

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We have a lot of students and youth in the room today, I always give this example to drive this point home. Imagine you come into school, first day of class, September, your teacher tells you December 21, there's going to be a test your whole grade is determined on this test that you're going to take. prepare accordingly.

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You've got a couple of different types of students, right?

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A few students will start getting ready from that day. They're gonna say, Okay, I'm going to organize my time, I'm going to break it up, okay, this chapter this day and this chapter this day, and I'm going to keep it so that I'm ready December 22, or 21st. I'm ready.

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You've gotten the next type of student you know, they're gonna say, All right, okay, let me put it in my Google Calendar. Give it a few weeks, give it a month, okay. But then I'll get around to studying.

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Then you've got another type of student.

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They're gonna forget all about it. They're gonna walk in December 21. And say, what test

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now imagine this scenario, okay, December 22. Comes everybody's taking their test. You got different types of students. And the teacher says, okay, you know what, I'm feeling nice. Today, everybody's gonna get 100.

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You've got people who rejected the test, they denied the test is saying there's no tests are like forgot about it. Or what students always do, what do they say? Maybe if none of us study, then they won't give us a test.

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Wishful thinking?

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Are they going to be treated the same as the people who worked hard every single day this is oppression. This is oppression to the people who worked at oppression to the people who tried, we think about fairness and we feel sad for the people who get punished or the people who suffer a negative consequence. But we're not thinking about fairness to those who try fairness to those who put in the work. Allah subhanaw taala does not oppress anybody, and he will not treat those who believe equally to those who reject. That's the first difference between those who believe and those who deny the second difference. Allah says, Allah subhanaw taala is going to protect the believers

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and the deniers well

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They don't have any protection at all. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, yo hola Dena amla in terms of Allah Yong Soo come are you fair bit academical? All you who have believed if you support Allah subhanaw taala he's going to support you and plant firm your feet.

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And a few verses later, he says that it can be an Allaha Mola Alladhina amanu well Anil Katherina la Mola.

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That's because Allah azza wa jal is protector of the people who believe and the disbelievers the rejecters that deniers they don't have any protection whatsoever.

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Brothers and sisters, can we be cowards? When we know that Allah subhanaw taala is with us.

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If we know that we have a protector and that protector is perfect, and that protector is more powerful

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than anything in creation combined.

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The work comes cowardice from

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Are we afraid of other people who try to harm our brothers and sisters?

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Or cause problems or mock our deen? Are we so cowardly that we're just going to try to fit in an assimilate? Are we going to actually give Dawa and invite people to the truth?

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We have a protector and those who reject do not third and finally, difference between those who believe and those who deny the believer and the denier are not equal because they have different destinations. They have different destinies because of the choices that they made last month Allah says in Allah you're the hero let me know I'm no Solly hottie JetNet Jannetty integrity me and tactical and Hara Certainly Allah subhanaw taala will admit those who have believed and unrighteous chi deeds into gardens, beneath which rivers flow while at the no capital, yet amateur own way at Kelowna comm call

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one narrow Mithila home but those who disbelieve those who reject those who deny they'll enjoy themselves a little bit. In this life. They'll eat and graze like livestock. But at the end, the fire awaits them. So are they equal? Would it be fair to treat them as equals? No way Allah Spano Tata says of her men can either be in a team member of the commando unit Allahu alayhi wa Tada.

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So is the one who's on clear guidance from his Lord the same as the one for whom the evil of his own deeds has been made attractive and follows their own desires.

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There are certain times when treating people the same is unfair.

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There are certain times when PD treating people the same as unjust. This is one of them. No Allah Subhana Allah will reward the believers and punish the deniers they are not equal.

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The next main point is sort of Mohammed is that hypocrisy neufeldt and denial kufr they are moral failures, not intellectual failures, not cognitive failures. What's a cognitive failure? A cognitive failure means you didn't understand. It means you weren't smart enough to get it. If Allah subhanaw taala punished people for not getting it. Then every smart person would be in paradise. And every dumb person will be in hellfire. But that's not the way it works. Allah subhanaw taala says FLL yeah Tada balloon alpha n. And on Apple. Lubin F Babu. Ha. Then don't they reflect upon the Koran or are their locks upon their hearts?

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Allah spawn thought I said hearts he didn't say brains. He didn't say your mind. He didn't say your intellect your Octo. He didn't use that word. He talks about locks on your heart.

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Look at how Allah subhanaw taala Destrier describes going astray it's not that they weren't smart enough. He says in Alladhina Tatsu Allah bury him in body matter by another homeowner Huda shade on also what other home was the home? Certainly those who reverted back to disbelief after they had been guided. After guidance had become clear to them.

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The devil enticed them and prolong the hope for them. That it can be unknown Palu Linda Dina Carrie who man as an Allah who said no to Eurocom female dilemma. Well, yeah, animal Estrada home. That's because they said to those who disliked what Allah sent down, we're going to obey you in Part of this matter. Yet Allah subhanaw taala knows what they conceal. It has to do with your heart.

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It has to do with being attached to the dunya What are you

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You attached to what are your what is your heart attached to if your heart is attached to the dunya, the shaytaan is going to find it very easy to entice you. He's going to find it very easy to tempt you, he's going to fill you up with false hopes and desires and keep you spinning.

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And then because you're so attached to these false hopes, when Allah subhanaw taala sends down revelation that goes against what you're attached to.

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You're not going to like it.

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You're going to want to resist, you're going to want to deny you're going to want to reinterpret it in some creative gymnastic way.

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You're going to dislike what Allah subhanaw taala sent.

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Or people of faith or we say from this attitude? Are you in me if your name is Mohammed or Achmed or Xena? Are you safe from this attitude?

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It doesn't matter what you call yourself. It doesn't matter what clothes you wear. Are you saved from this attitude? Of course not.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us that what is Islam? What is the essence of faith?

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It's obedience.

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Yeah, yo Khaled in Amarillo Eliyahu Allah wa LP o rasool Allah, wa ala total lack of all you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the messenger and don't invalidate your deeds, don't waste them. If you want to hold on to your deeds, if you want them to count for anything, you have to obey. You have to submit no matter what you call yourself, or how much you do if obedience and submission isn't the foundation of it all then it's all worthless Akuto holy ha That was stockfeed Hola Hola. Hola como certainly Muslim in Amman colada and buffer stock federal who in the whole of a photo Rahim.

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hamdulillah here Allah Cerny was shook a little while autofilter one Tina Annie was shot on the illallah wa goulash Are you gonna tell the manly chutney what a shadow and an Obeah and I was either number 100 And I'm Devorah Sudha who Derrida Dhwani. So Allahu alayhi. Wa early he was however he was when he was telling me to sleep and cathedra

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the next lesson from Surah Mohammed is that peace without justice is no peace at all.

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For that he know what today are we in a sudden me? What am I alone? Well Allahumma arkoma wali Tierra, calm, la calm, so don't be weak, do not weaken and call for peace while you are superior, and Allah is with you.

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And Allah will never deprive you of the reward of your deeds. You know, I saw something on social media the other week. It said that falsehood will call for tolerance until it has power and then we'll it will attack all the voices that oppose it. How true

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not all peace is actually peace. Every single Muslim grasps this intuitively, Palestine Philistine

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not all peace is actually peace. They've been calling it the peace process for decades.

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What peace

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anybody tries to do anything and

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you're you're breaking the peace process. You're setting back the peace process. You want to live you want to breathe, you're setting back the peace process.

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What peace is this?

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Allah subhanaw taala says there's no peace without justice.

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If you have the upper hand Allah tells the Muslims here in Surah Mohammed and Allah is with you that don't stop until justice is established.

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Pursue your goal until the end. And so Allah subhanaw taala goes to the last lesson I'm sort of Mohammed don't hold back give it all you've got her and somehow hola hola hola. To the owner Leetonia Kofi Serbian Allah He Furman co many other foul wa may ever have a nama Yabba Hallo infc Well, Lonnie, when someone forgot, what is the title well lo we're into Well, yesterday the Government of Iraq homezone Malaya Kunal emsella, calm here you are. Allah says Here you are.

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Those invited to spend in the Cause of Allah subhana data but some of you are greedy. Some of you are stingy some of you are holding back and whoever holds back

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back, you're only holding yourself back. And Allah subhanaw taala is free from need. He's elegant. I mean,

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he doesn't need your help.

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But you all are poor.

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You are the ones who are poor, you need to give the help for your own soul for your own salvation.

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Whether it's the masjid or your family or anything else who needs the help you do?

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We worry about saving Islam Allah will say this lamb. Allah doesn't need you. You need salvation. The Mercy doesn't need salvation. The corporates don't need salvation. The wolves don't need salvation, you need salvation.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us to not hold back. So give it everything you've got Life is short. We're here today gone tomorrow. Man is just a collection of seconds.

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We think that these things are going to take away from our wealth take away from our time. You're only going to see it after you die. Allah subhanaw taala tells us to give it all that we've got. There's a poet in English who says every man is guilty of the good he did not do.

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Every man is guilty of the good he did not do.

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And we might also add to that the good that he prevented. And we asked Allah Subhana Allah to guide us and our hearts and accept our deeds.

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