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li whistling Mubarak Allah maybe, you know, have you been a Muhammad Ali he was asked me a Jemaine obod. Today inshallah Allah, we will continue from where we left off a couple of weeks ago and the Tafseer of Surah thresher.

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The purpose of this holiday was you may take longer than I initially intended for it to take

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is to go through the Mufasa to go through the last basically the last purchase of the Quran from cough to a nurse, as I think or I believe. And this is not just based on a hunch, but based on the actual content that all of the major principles and values that the Quran talks about are summarized in these final four

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in different ways. And when I when I meet people who are hoping to memorize the Quran, and I assess maybe their ability to memorize because not everyone has the same ability to memorize written words and kind of regurgitate it or repeat it, I say, well, at least try to get the last forges that I got from path two. And it's a really good amount of Quran is like for Jesus was a nice amount. And it basically has all that you need to know when that was happening, I just if you understand it, then you have a good, a good portion. That's what I this is why I'm doing this Hello, because the goal is that if you slowly memorize these, every week, we do like half a page or a page or something, it's

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not a lot, then it's something that you can hopefully build upon over a year or two, you end up with a futures, it's better than not having them at the end. So you said that we're in and we went through the first cluster of students from path to a Hadid and talked about that, and to some degree of detail, I'm not gonna repeat any of that means go back to the episodes if you want to listen to it. The second cluster is from Modjadji law, or Muda, until sort of the Hadith, which is the 28th of the Quran. All of these tours are many, most of them are late, many, the majority of them were revealed towards the end of his life, it has sought to sit down. And they talk about aspects of

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organization they organize the relationships with for the Muslims, with between Muslims amongst themselves, which is what sort of the majority talked about, in terms of individuals,

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it so to hash, it talks about organizing the relationships with other groups, or the groups that are living with you, or Muslim or maybe those who aren't. And then as we go along, you'll see every sort of talks about different organizational aspects, there's just this whole gist of it just organizing life for Muslims in a really, really beautiful way, you'll appreciate what I'm saying, once we come towards the end of the desert, it'll become much more clear to you. But it's something which I that I talked about the relationship between individuals within the Muslim community and went over four or five different themes of how we're supposed to treat each other deal with each other as

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individuals, so to hash it looks at it from a group perspective. And the first group that sort of lateral talks about is how do you deal with those who are those who perform treason or betrayal, which is, in this example, or super harsh it was been in the lead, who tried to kill the Prophet alayhi salatu salam admitted to it refused to take it back or refused punishment or refused any form of,

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of justice regarding it, and thus they were any removed from the land that they lived in. And today, we'll go over you as we go through the verses, there'll be organization with two other groups that that will hopefully be able to to cover inshallah Tada. But we stopped at number four, at the end of the story. I told you the story in some detail over a couple of weeks, I don't like I do get often the feedback that I repeat myself quite a bit every halacha. So I'm trying to lessen the amount of times I do that or decrease the frequency of repeating everything I say. So it's not boring. But if you do want to know like more details of the story of exactly what happened when an illegal event

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and how the story was told and supernatural, you can go back to some of the episodes that were done in the last couple of weeks.

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But to summarize quickly, the surah talked about how Allah subhanho wa Taala had them leave and because they left there was no bloodshed without a Encarta Allahu alayhi wa Jalla that has never home for dunya. We don't feel Filati either boo. No, it's because he subhanaw taala decreed upon them that they would leave, that they will be excommunicated from the land will be that because of that they there was no budget, no one, no one was punished in this dunya if they continue to be or to live the way they they live, then they will have punishment in Africa, but not but at least in dunya, there was no bloodshed. And this is the an aspect of the organizational lesson that's that's

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happening here. That those who betrayed whenever there's a contract of citizenship, which is what social action looks at, like we're all when you're citizens in a country, how do you deal with the different groups because we're not all the same. It's not a no country has a homogeneous population, we're very different. What brings us together, what unites us is obviously that we're citizens of that country. But there's a lot of other aspects of our existence and our ideology and how we look at things that we are not similar upon. And that's what sorts of kind of looks at so the first thing within that framework is that if a group of citizens decide to betray or commit treason, then they

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need to be removed, then they then they they forfeit

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They're right of being citizens, which is what went on the legal did. They weren't Muslim they weren't believers to begin with. So that was we're not looking at faith here as a reason. It was more of the fact that there was an agreement here that we would not inflict harm upon each other and you would not try and assassinate the leader of the of the country when they did that.

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The punishment was excommunication.

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Which is what that the first four verses talked about. We're going to go on with verse number five today. I left it specifically I didn't talk about it last time because it has its own little caveat that I think is worthy of sharing with you and then we'll continue with Sharla as the sort of goes through the relationship we have with other groups within our community so we're starting at number five and Chautala bIllahi min a shape on your body

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Bismillah hir rahman al Rahim.

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My papa to me lien at in a hotel walk to

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so when we say Molina in the known for the word min is not pronounced at all like it doesn't exist at all you go from the meme to the lamb like if it wasn't written would make a difference in terms of the sounds is going to be made. Ma Pa two mill mill mill Lena and is called the RAM Carmel Pilla Wanda so you don't hear the known at all there's no remnants of the noon because the remnant of the noon that comes in

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awfully her

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30 Is Neela he will use Z L first CP in

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You know, so here's what happened. The Muslims, they hit a siege, around Bunnelby of the castles have been in the lead. The castles were were very had high walls, and they had a lot of provision on the inside. Enough provision to out the withstand the seat, no matter how long the seats that the Muslims were to perform. The people on the other side within the castle have been beaten the leader could have could have easily.

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If it's a time, it was a time waiting more than they're gonna win, because they had more food on the inside. And the Muslims hadn't Medina on the outside by far. And that's what was recorded in the first part of the surah. Where Allah subhanaw taala says, I tell him Allah home and heighth with me, I will follow him or rob. And what really caused the diminish of of these castles was the fear that entered the heart so that when an elite just got scared, why exactly it's a war because Allah subhanaw taala is the tool. That's how we, that's it's a servant. People just got scared, they panicked, they panicked, and they commanded, they basically put so much pressure on their leaders

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that we need to surrender. And the leaders we're telling them that we don't need to surrender, we're fine. They have no chance of getting through these walls, we have way more food here than they do have out there. Like they'll they'll starve before we do. So there's no reason for us to end the siege, but they panicked. And because they panicked it ended. But for the time where the Muslims were outside of these castles, as I'm pointing out there, they didn't have a lot of provision. So they were hungry. And they were cold. They were the time that the siege happened was during the winter months. And granted that the winter in Saudi Arabia and Arabia is not only a winter here in

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North America, but still the Knights are freezing like the Knights are really cool, you can die easily if you're out in the desert at night, you will die not you have a higher chance of dying from from from low temperatures at night than you do from the high temperature from the sun during the day. And this is a known this is a known fact if you live if you live in the desert, the desert is actually more the Frostbite that you get at night is much more harmful than than whatever the sun does do during the day. So they get very, very cold. So at one point, the end they debated whether they should cut down a couple of trees to use for wood for fire.

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But the teaching that the Muslims had is that you don't cut a green tree. So the Prophet Allah usados and I'm talking he would this is what he told every city every group, every group of combat that was sent to do a thing that Dr. Murthy ran that Dr. Liu will lead and lead up to the behemoth and don't don't slaughter animals uselessly. Don't cut trees don't burn land, don't murder children or women don't harm people who are inside the places of worship worshiping. These are the commands that he gave every time to heal Sato sometimes the same

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Come as a worker of the law and who gave an hour, this became the legacy of how Muslims our Muslim armies functioned.

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So they weren't sure what to do. He ended up choosing to chop down a few trees to use for to make some fires so that they wouldn't freeze to death. And they regretted it immediately afterwards and they went to the profile of your site to us and saying you're sort of low you mean we've sent like we this is what we did we cut off cut down a few trees. So the Quran would come and respond to that. And what happened with it was a marketer to Molina didn't then regardless of what, Lina I named my daughter after this, this, this word, that's how it's written. It's like this word here. The word Lena means a small yet fruitful palm tree. That's what it means is small. It's not it's not where

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50 meter ones is a smaller one, but it's a fruitful palm trees. In the words of the Quran. malerkotla To Malena tin and the type of tomato that is taken from it is called the lagoon. It's a type of the type of dates that you get from from Alina. So they cut down a few leaners a few smaller palm trees. So the client here has had multiple vitamin D units that you regardless of how many of these leaners that you cut down or out or up to Mohawk or imagine Allah Ophelia or you chose not to do so and let them gone. A man standing meaning you talk to me how you left it can't imagine standing either or solely upon their roots. Meaning if the regardless of whether you chose to do

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whether you cut one of the cathartic Mankato the ones that you cut, or the ones that you decided to leave standing for me, isn't it, it's all within the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala while you're busy are fascinating. And for the for the for the deviants are the ones who went straight to be to be humiliated by Allah subhanaw taala. The verse is pointing out a couple of interesting things. Number one, that there had to be permission to cut down a green tree, that there had to be permission. He said for the evening, the meaning is something that Allah subhanaw taala permitted you to do without permission, you're not allowed to cut down Green Cheese. This is the teachings

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that we have within our deen. This is what the Sahaba understood. That's number one. Number two is actually the story behind why this verse was revealed because the Prophet it is taught to them could have just told them that yeah, you're fine, you're good move on. But what happened was that when they cut down a few trees to build a fire, so they wouldn't freeze to death and have to end they were able to cook the people. But in the lead on the other side, they saw them cutting down a few trees. Altogether, the generation that exaggerates the number of trees, it said that there were five of them. So it wasn't like they deforested an area, it was just a couple of trees. So when they saw

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that happening, they would send the profit out of your saw to send a message. And there was a man named Mohammed. But is this the whole one? A lot of

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you say that you don't cause corruption on earth. For Dr. OSHA, you're, you're you're you're cutting trees, now. You're acting like you, you came to the world acting like you're some environmentalists that cares about life on Earth, and your your people are chopping down trees. So they used it against him, or his thought,

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sort of looks like he's me. And I think that's why this I made it made it or this, this incident made its way to the mainstream, like it's a Quranic verse that we have to recite and talk about. Because it's not just about doing what's permissible, it's also knowing to do watching out that what you do represents the deen one way or the other.

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It's not just about doing what's permissible, versus what's not permissible. Also, remembering that what you do represents the dean, even though you may not intend for it to do so. Even though you may feel that's not fair. And even though I may agree with you and say, yeah, it's totally unfair. But what is right and fair, and what is real are two different things and will always, always will be the only time that this will, they'll become the same as that if you as a Muslim decide to live that way, meaning if you make what is right to your reality, and then the They basically come together, otherwise, the world doesn't function that way. It is not correct, to judge a group of people, or to

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judge a fee, or an ideology, or a way of thought, based on the behavior of a few are based on an action that happened within context, it's not fair to also tell a story with no context to it, and allow people to make their own assumptions to what actually happened or to demonize individuals based on actions without actually pointing out maybe why those actions occurred. Everybody does this. Unfortunately, it's not something that non Muslims do to Muslims only. So we can't just sit here and complain.

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Because we do this do we do it to each other, and we do this to others as well. And this is something that this I think is teaching it's an actual physical organization honestly, as well, that we have to be careful with the two is a two tier to issue number one, you have to be very careful when it comes to doing things that will end up one way or the other representing your deep mean when you do something and you know that the public eye is on you in some form or manner, knowing that that's going to reflect on

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Islam itself, you have to be careful, you have to be smart, meaning you have to make decisions. conscious of that fact. And that reality that you're that you're sitting in front of. And that's from filthy luaka and filtered down. And this is something that the scholars have talked about for a very long time, that when you are in a position where you are abusing the dean, then you are no longer held to the same standard that someone who isn't held is held to, you're held to a higher standard. And that's just the reality of of life. And that goes for everybody. If you if you're a physician, you know that if you're, if you're a judge, you know that if you get on the member, you

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know that like this is the moment you do these things, you're held to a different standard, you make a mistake, you're done. You're done the mistake that you made. Everyone makes all the time. Like it's no big deal. Okay? It's not really not even a mistake. Yeah, I know. But you're not held to that standard, you're held to a different one. So if you're not willing to do that, then you can't be in that position. So for the Muslims here, they're told, Look, you're representing Islam, you stand on the front, front liner within the Army of the Prophet, it is thought to us tonight, it used to be back in the day when at least when we were functioning, if you were in the army, for the

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Muslims, you were

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someone who were presented Islam, you weren't someone who couldn't find a job had problem with substance abuse had a really bad childhood. So we get you into the army so you can go you know, take out take all that all those bombs out on other people know if you're in his army out of your studies, because you had earned to be there. He didn't let everybody join on to his slaughter was set up. This is this is important. Like he was very picky with who was going to be with him and go with him, because it was based on was based on marriage was based on ethics are based on on understanding the deen. That's why if you made a mistake on one of these saliva, or cassava, if you

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went and you made a mistake, you were not allowed to go again, you were held back your punishment was that you weren't allowed to go again, this is really interesting, because it's an aspect of so the Muslims who cut these these trees, they felt guilty. So the Quran is not you had the permission. But there is there to point out by the way, it did make its way back. And it did become an issue where the prophet of Islam was being told that you cut down trees. So let me think about that in the future, that this is an actual an actual problem, that when you do things you do represent the Dean when you do them. And that can ricochet negatively upon you and upon your team in general, when you

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don't take care of that you're not attentive of that of that concept. And it shows the the value that Islam carries and the Quran carries with, towards the environment. It's just a treat it almost to me, it's not even the story. Like I don't even feel that this story, or I'm speaking here as the

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just to entertain the thought tianni. Okay, when you think about it, I like Well, why is the story being told? Why don't you what does it obviously if they're freezing? They're going to chop a tree? Not really No, not unless Allah subhanaw taala permits them to understand the idea because you're like, Well, I'm starving, and I'm freezing. So I should be able to chop a tree down and no one should hold me accountable. And the client says, No, well, we permitted you to do it. So if you're okay, but no, you still need permission. You can't just chalk you can't do stuff like that. You can't harm you can't go around harming the earth and cutting down green trees because it suits your

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because it works for you. And I always thought that this is just very meaningful in that sense that the permit for the isn't the law, there has to be permission. You're granted it so you're fine. What do you do first and emulate those who deviated from the way of Allah subhanaw taala. Meaning their their comments that they made to the profile that you saw to me nothing, they don't don't matter. But

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the incident made its way into the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. It's important to know these things, by the way, because there's not every incident in his life. It is so twisted. I became a Quranic verse, right? Everything, a lot of things didn't make it to the Quran, I'll tell you the stories obviously will point them out. And they're interesting. And they're beneficial for sure. But not everything was of the degree of significance and importance that it made its way to the Quranic verse for it to be something that we would continue to recite to the Day of Judgment, that is something that has full degree of authenticity. So you can't come at some point and say, Well, maybe

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didn't really happen that way. Maybe there's pieces of context here that are missing, maybe the prophet Isaiah meant this, it open for interpretation, when it makes it to the Quran to this degree of importance, then it becomes something that is almost it becomes a principle because of Islamic value, which is what this organization piece is not just here not just with you the people but also with the earth and with what the Earth produces. So we continue in sha Allah the verse after it because now we move on to another it's all within the same story but if we move on to a different aspect of organization what

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law who was truly he mean home

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from old Jeff Dawn alley him in Wheeling wild Erica

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while I clean up law how you sell liberal ruler who many

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Well long cliche in your body

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man for

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more was Hooli he mean a little oro?

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Valley he was really well Ed poor well yet

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well yeah well Misaki Neva Bernie Surbhi

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kala Yagoona do Latin banal Ellone aiming calm

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so watch this dude at times not dilaton Okay this is like a common mistake do like Tim banal only one

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who was fair who

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is why mana. Kuhn and who fun who

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what dapple law her in law hash Eddie

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so two verses in a row and they start similarly with a small difference without the well at the beginning of the first one, and there's no one with the second one. And this happens in the Quran and a couple of places where you have a, well, we're at the beginning of the verse and then the verse after is similar beginning without that, like for him no matter where you are in the manosphere. So there's a lot of examples like that. Whenever that's the case, the majority of times almost all the times I can't think of an example that's not correct here not true is the first one is commentary on a specific incident and the second one is a general rule. So for Indian mitosis,

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for example, that's for the profile you saw this specific problem and in their mind, as usual is the law is the rule. This is like this is the this is this is how it's going to be for everybody. And very similarly when I felt Allahu Allah SUDI is specifically regarding the incident of being the leader, and the second one is the general rule for faith. So let's point out what faith means to begin with. So Wilma, Allah ufer is to offer what about Allah whom you know what Allah subhanaw taala offered, what he offered as fate. The word fate is the bounty or the loot that an army gets without bloodshed without actual combat. Right, that's what fate is, of aneema is what an army gets

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in terms of balance your loot through combat, and and file is both Okay, and that's the majority of scholars. That's how they understand these these terms are the word unfurl, which is the name of the soleus Luna Canyon and Valley put it in federal law, he will also refer to cola so that's everything that the the bounty comes from more or if an army goes on a conquest, whatever comes back, as unfed is going to be divided the way Allah sponsor wants it to be to be divided if there's a name if there was combat while mo NML volume to maintain for Anila Homosassa home when there was Saudi Arabia Cordoba Laietana, when my second one in my psyche will be studied in Clinton, I meant to belie while

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Yeoman after, then there's a fifth, a fifth of what has made.

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The bounty that comes from combat is going to be in the hands of the leader. So it's for Allah, when he says when he Allahu Allah Rasool Well, Allah Subhan, Allah doesn't need money. The Prophet alayhi salam took no money anyways, it was just wherever they went to it will be spent on either the the poor, the needy, the relatives of the Prophet Allah was on family and other groups were Mr. Kean, telling about the orphans will be studied as the is talked about the fate, which is what you're going to make without combat, which is what happened in the story of budding W. There was no combat in this story. They set up a siege, and they gave up and they left and there was no combat, no one

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fought there's no bloodshed whatsoever. Now, what is the norm, the norm in Arabia is that the warriors get everything, regardless of whether it's aneema, whether it's fate, vn furl go to the people who were in combat period. And that's how Arabia functioned forever. And that was the agreement that was the custom there was no, this rule was not even a rule that needed to be written anywhere. And that was just the you know, the full understanding of it.

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No one liked these rules that the Prophet Allah uses and brought forward at all. They were not well rules that were like that's why if you study the beginning of Switzerland first there's a story behind it because he didn't like it.

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

And then if you study the animal animals on him there's also a story behind it didn't like it. And then this idea here the author didn't like it because now the guy in this doesn't mean that the soldier is not paid. They're paid for what they pay for their time. But the balancing the loot was considered as only for those who actually participated in the in whatever happened, whether it was a siege or, or a war, or whether it was a standoff or whatever it was, that the people who were participated are the ones who are going to get it. And this I can said, well, that Allahu Allah Allah Suleyman home, and whatever Allah Subhanallah granted you guys as fate from them from burning,

00:25:36--> 00:25:45

they'll leave the people who just left for now Oh, Jeff O'Malley here, Min Haney what Arica you did not use? Oh, Justin, the EGF is

00:25:46--> 00:26:25

a command that is given to a horse to run at a certain speed. Usually that speed is involved in combat. And if you're like, wow, that's specific. Yep. It is. Very, very good at specifying everything to do with horses and camels, it is I don't say it's ridiculous because that may come off as disrespectful because it's not my goal here. But it is very, was very difficult for me when I was growing up, we got to study we have to study these terms. And if you there's a book called physical local authority that you can combine it's not that expensive actually. And is one of those books where he where there's where half of the book is just chapters on the different terms that will be

00:26:25--> 00:27:09

used to describe aspects of horses or camels or ways they walked or ways they sprinted, or ways they drank or ways they ate. Honestly, there's different depending on exactly what the what the horse looked like or what the camera looked like what they did. So if I'm not Oh Jeff Dolman II Jeff, then you never gave a command to a horse during this battle to discharge at the speed of combat. So you didn't really do anything this is saying from Oklahoma, you did not command a horse Minh hyaline which is horses. What Attica recap is used to describe camels. So there is thing all that was granted to you by Allah in terms of fate from biting the deer. Well, you did not command your horses

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to charge into combat nor your camels to get it out or just a mighty human how you didn't wear that he could Does that make sense? When I came in Allah, you sell your two rose hula hula, Manisha, however Allah subhanaw taala will send his servants or his messengers upon whoever he wants, and here he's referring to a ROB which we talked about a moment ago. How this whole siege ended is Wakanda ficolo Be him or rob you could he be winnable you don't add him will add meaning they ruin their own homes, their own hands because they got the panic and got scared. They didn't You didn't have to fight. You didn't have to pull your sword out of its socket and you didn't have to command

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your horse to charge in combat. But Allah subhanaw taala ended it that way. When I can Allah who will tell you to do so sudo Allah mugisha Well Allahu Allah Cooley che in Kaduna, Allah spawn is capable of all which is obviously the theme within the Quran that a lot of the words ended that way that's how has that ended. The Battle of the Trench did not there was very little fighting, aside from maybe saving it up Lebanon would have been way down the trench and then maybe a few of the Muslims who caught a

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random arrow and in a place and died really there was no combat they didn't fight Allah subhanaw taala sent the the wind one night after 21 nights of siege and the the wind was so strong that it was literally ripping these tents and I say a tent it's not like a camping tent where it's just no no I'm talking about when you talk about Arabian tents these are you dig a couple of meters into the ground to put in the these are like houses and the wind was strong enough that it ripped it from the ground and people couldn't they couldn't they couldn't see they couldn't breathe they couldn't dare to leave. So they left so this happened in the in the life of the prophet it assaults on numerous

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times. Historically that happened a lot as well. If you if you're someone who's interested in the history of war is not that I think you should be but if you are, then you'll find out that not all wars ended in combat a lot of wars did not make it that far. So when that's the case and one group when one army wins, then whatever bounty is left is going to be called faith and Islam has a specific ruling for it whereas the ruling for it to Allah Subhan Allah said regarding but in the leader

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you didn't do much so it's not going to be yours right? And then I after that's the rule what's the rule man Allahu Allah Suleyman Al Quran whatever Allah subhanaw taala offers his prophet in terms of fate from any of the surrounding towns cities or villages like if this happens again then the siege is is set or there is a war and it ends with no bloodshed and there's still bounty to be found, which is fate.

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Where does it go to follow Allah he will presumably, what is the report about well your term will Mr. Keeney minister be then all that feat will go to Allah subhanaw taala as profit to be distributed for a little look for meaning the poor relatives of the Prophet Ali's awesome family reason being that that's specifically talked about here that the prophet Isaiah salt was to them.

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they would offer them

00:30:06--> 00:30:43

in terms of responsibility. Like the Prophet Allah says, I've never offered people outside of his family to do the difficult work. If you go through his life easily, you'll find that every time there was a Bible, the person he put up front and the person who passed away or died was from his family. On the day of Voyager, it was Ali and Hamza, and they've always been had all his cousins out here. So that was when he put someone to lead on the day of Moto. It was Zaid and Joshua first, Zaid, his adopted son and Jaffa his is cousin. So whenever he offered it, aside from it was always the family. And I saw some we don't take sadhaka. So he himself would not would they not take sadaqa

00:30:44--> 00:31:19

meaning there was no way for them to actually take any massacre at all. That's a ruling regarding him, at least Ottoman his family, to a part of the fate would be something that the Prophet alayhi salam is able to offer his family and compensation to the fact that he's not really doing anything for them outside of that, and the fact that they are carrying a responsibility that is heavier, and much more profound than the people around him, which is why that would even qualify as their and another meaning for what he did. CORBA is those who are the closest to you in terms of as a as a as a country, who are those who are closest to you that are in need, then you start with them. And that

00:31:19--> 00:31:51

of course, Accra, Ghana or Moldova is a Islamic law, meaning you always start with those who are related to your closest to you. It doesn't have to be blood relations. It could be anything, anything that whatever the quote, you start with the closest and then you move on you don't you don't aim for those who are farther away. You start with those who are closer to you. We have a quarterback. Well, yeah, Tom will Misaki New Albany study your time off the orphans with Mr. Kane, which are those who are needy or poor. Women who study those who are ethnicity to someone who was a refugee. Basically, in laymen terms, or in these terms, the terms of this time is a refugee, someone

00:31:51--> 00:32:18

who was cut was cut between between countries is even studied. He is on the Sabina is a road or a path minister, he is the son of the path. I mean, he doesn't have a place to live. Yeah, there's just nowhere to go, which is basically what the definition of a refugee is. So this is where the wealth is going to go. They didn't like that. They didn't the no one did. This was actually a really negative selling point. For Islam, like a lot of people who would

00:32:20--> 00:32:40

like McCarthyism is an easy sell. It's not difficult to convince someone of Nazism, it really isn't very simple. Makes sense. It's the best explanation that exists for the living the life that we that we lead in the world that we live in. The problem for the Autumn was more some of the rulings that the Prophet SAW was bringing forward. He was bringing these rulings and is breaking the norms and changing the custom and coming up with stuff that people didn't have before.

00:32:42--> 00:32:47

But you have to just stand in awe of the few words that come after this.

00:32:48--> 00:33:16

He says kala Hakuna? Do we return, banal Alvernia income. The reason is we sang saponify The reason that the fate is going to go to the poor and the needy, and the refugees and the orphans and those who have no way to make a living and not to the Warriors and soldiers who are in combat. It's so that wealth does not become circulatory amongst those of you who are wealthy. doula

00:33:17--> 00:33:57

is something that is circulated in small in a small group that's what doula is something that is like they used to use it as they are out of use this term mostly for glasses, and the glass would just go around the group and come back with stay within the group mean they would just drink this is their drink, no one's gonna drink. So Kayla Coulomb. Kala means in order for something not to be or the reason for it is the following. You don't have a lot of these phrases in the Quran. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala does not always offer reasonings for things. Not always. He offers benefits. He tells us what to do. And he tells us some of the benefits. But he doesn't always tell

00:33:57--> 00:34:03

us why. That's kind of sometimes left for us. And sometimes it's left because

00:34:05--> 00:34:39

if you're given a reason for something, then once the reason doesn't exist anymore, neither does the ruling. And sometimes these rulings are gonna stay. So Alaska has never explained to us why it is that we don't eat pork. He just said you're not eating pork. And if you don't read it, there's a reason then once you remove the reason, then you can go ahead and do the action. Can you give us a reason? So you can come up with everyone you can make things up if you like, why we shouldn't eat pork, do what you want, make write essays. Come up with write books. If you'd like make documentaries on it, it doesn't matter. He said not to eat it so we're not going to eat it. I don't

00:34:39--> 00:34:41

care. Like if a pig is born in

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

in a castle in Westminister and it only drinks milk and eats and he caviar all his life and his pampered and powdered and they tell it stories to go to bed and they wake it up with song and plays yoga every day. It's still haram to eat. It doesn't matter what

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Doesn't matter what because there's no reason he didn't tell us why. He just told us don't do it, we're done. It doesn't matter anymore to say that that actually applies for a lot of Islamic laws. As soon as Haram is haram, it will always be haram. There is no there's nothing you can tell me you can go ahead, go crazy, give me a scenario under the same scenario is still going to be a HUD on like a day, you can think of things that are like completely impossible to happen. And it'll still be held on because we weren't given a reasoning for it. Now, that doesn't mean there isn't a reasoning for it. No, it just means that there is no reason that can ever be removed that would

00:35:34--> 00:36:10

allow this to be okay. Meaning this is haram or halal for a number of reasons that in the wisdom of Allah, none of these reasons what these reason will never fully go away. That's why this will always be haram moving forward. And sometimes we'll find what these reasons are, we'll find out sometimes you don't. And as a Muslim, you have to be okay with them. Again, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala is the wisest of rulers, rule givers or rule makers. So when he gives a ruling, he's not doing it just because there's nothing else to do. He enjoys watching us getting suffer and not be able to enjoy something that has helped No, he's telling us not to do it because it's harmful. Now, whether

00:36:10--> 00:36:32

we can figure out how harmful it is, or why is up to us, we may do that. We may not do that. But I'm trying to explain to you from a legal perspective, it continues to be held on regardless. But when he gives a ruling that matters, because he's telling us when this ruling when this reason is when he gives us sorry, Your reason, forgive me, you give us the reason that matter is good. He's telling me that reason doesn't exist anymore, then you can go ahead and do this. It's not a problem. This is this is actually limited by the existence of the reason.

00:36:35--> 00:36:45

So it gave us a reason here, why it is that fate is going to be established that way, so to speak, is funny because he didn't like it, when he made the way that he was going to be given. He actually gives the

00:36:47--> 00:36:55

the basis for the Islamic financial system and tailor your corner do let them banal Alvernia income so that wealth

00:36:56--> 00:37:30

is not going to continue to be circulatory between the wealthy that assets and miasms just stay between the wealthy, meaning the system cannot be rigged to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. That's what he's explaining subhanaw taala that the reason that this is why you're going to do it, yes, you went on combat, you were there, he wasn't used, he's going to get it because you didn't, that was going to happen. Well, why it doesn't, it's not fit. This is the reason, because you can't have a financial system setup, where it's rigged for the rich people to become richer, and the poor to become poor, which is what we're living in today. This system that we're living in, is

00:37:30--> 00:38:02

rigged. Let me let me just say it is rigged, there is not much you can do like you can try as you can, doesn't mean you can't leave the the socio economical bracket that you're in. But in order to leave it without breaking a lot of ethical rules is going to be very, very difficult. And without doing something a little bit dubious, suddenly, that's kind of where you have to ask the * you didn't ask the chef to on this one, because he didn't want to be here about it. And now you have the wealth, you'll ask him maybe how to make up for so it's not because the way the system is put together. It's rigged. It's rigged. So that doesn't work that way. And the way the Islamic financial

00:38:02--> 00:38:38

system is put together is there's no, we want, we don't want the rich to become poor. But the way is gonna be put together is that the the velocity at which the rich become richer, is going to be correlated with the velocity that the poor are going to be removed from their lower socioeconomic status is something that is middle class. And that is why the fate is going to go to the poor. Even though the warrior who's standing there who has been fighting for years here, he has a lot of wealth at home, it's not going to get any of it. And they feel it's not fair. But it doesn't matter what they feel. Because this is how the system is going to be put together. This is extremely important

00:38:38--> 00:39:16

within the deme. Variable. This is why it was haram. The reason it was Haram is because it's it's rigged. If I have all the money, and you have none of it, right. And you're going to take a loan from me so you can start a business, right. And I am not investing in it. I'm just giving you the money to be paid back to me with interest, I have all the money and carry none of the risk. You have no money and you carry all of the risk. It's rigged, of course nine times out of 10 you're going to fail you're gonna owe me more like probability wise, just if you're if you're someone who just understands basic math, if you carry all the risks, I have no money and I have all the money and

00:39:16--> 00:39:44

carry no risk. Probability wise 99% of the time is going to work in my favor, not in yours. It's not going to work in your favor. The number one reason for slavery back in Arabia before Islam was not war. It was usury. It was usury you owed so much money, you could never pay it back. It was just not enough to use impossible the amount of money that you owe, he'll net no matter how you can work 10 lifetimes you're going to make this money back to the best of the what we do.

00:39:45--> 00:40:00

You know the story, the pound of flesh, a pound of flesh doesn't work that I can do that in Arabia. So what do you do, then you're going to be owned now. You are owned now you're no longer you lose your freedom. And this is why this house is actually one of the reasons that whatever was removed. Now there's a probably

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

Again, there was haram regardless of there being a reason or not, nothing's gonna change it. That's why living in this in this society doesn't make it about halal. We don't claim riba to ever be halal. When we say that you can enter into a contract that has a little bit in it, we're not saying it's because we just declared a derivative, you know, there was always gonna be negative, but we are looking at issues of necessities and issues of

00:40:23--> 00:41:01

outcome that and reasoning that allows maybe for some flexibility for people to grow. But this wording and sort of harsher is just just majestic is very, very meaningful. Kayla, yeah, cool, we're gonna do that and bringing it up near me. Because the wealth, wealth is not designed to be circulatory amongst the wealthy only the system has to be has to be designed in a way where if you are rich, you don't lose your wealth, you don't become we're not designing it so that you become poor. You know, it's designed for those who don't have money to make it. Those who are in the lower socioeconomic status, he's in brackets to make it and move forward. And that's the relationship

00:41:01--> 00:41:40

that's the first this is organizational, this is like a very clearly, very powerful organizational verse and decline is organizing the relationship we have with those from our financial system, within our within our community, within the Muslim ummah, this is how your wealth is going to be organized, you're going to have it designed in a way where those who don't have wealth have the chance to make it, it's not going to be rigged against them, the odds cannot be fully against you see, that's why when it comes to, for example, if you remove usery, what you end up having as alternatives is either loans with no interest rates attached. And that's much more fair. Because as

00:41:40--> 00:42:14

someone who is loaning the money, I have the money, but I'm also losing something because at this moment, I don't have it anymore, you happen to have to wait for a while to get it back. So it's a bit, it's a bit more just unfair, or I invest in what you're doing, meaning you don't have the money, but you have the ability to work. So I invest in you investing in you means I carry a certain degree of the risk with you, I carry a degree of that risk. And as long as I carry a degree of that risk and become we're leveling the playground a little bit more, it was not the person who has nobody who's carrying all of the risk, the person who has the money, he's also carrying a certain

00:42:14--> 00:42:48

degree of that risk, which is why investment is investing in in work is actually what that's when we're all behind the ball button. And all that if you study the basics of physical, there's a lot of different systems that allow people to work together, especially if the if both if both parties aren't equal, one party is going to bring the muscle or the idea or the time and the other party is gonna put in the money. But how are we going to do that there are ways to do that. It is not the one. But it's not it's not it's not the one it's not fair. Now, granted, if you're just set with a you know, an economical mind of our time, they'll they'll argue with you a little bit on whether

00:42:48--> 00:43:28

what we actually do is is clearly or openly about in comparison to what these verses are talking about. And I would agree there are some some major and critical differences in the current economical system. When we talk about loans with interest rates, in comparison to what it was back at the time of the Prophet It is thought it was done. I am not a specialist in this in this field by any means. And I don't claim claim to be and I don't really like talking about this topic in too much detail. I don't fully feel I have a command of it. But there are enough differences between what usury was back at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and what loans are today to open

00:43:28--> 00:43:32

these arguments to at least allow for discussions because it's not exactly the same thing.

00:43:33--> 00:43:37

When they gave out loans it was based on on Mel

00:43:39--> 00:44:15

was money wasn't currency. That's a that's a critical difference. See, money holds us holds his value with time. It was based on gold. Today, you take loans, you don't take it in terms of gold, you take in terms of a currency, a currency that is designed by not design currency that the moment it is printed on a piece of paper, it starts losing its value. Like that's how it's put together. It's not even, it's not even a claim I'm making. That's how it's actually done. It loses value with time. And it doesn't. It can't carry its value for forever. Money On the other hand does. So when we talk about Islam loans and usury, we're talking about money, we're talking about something that

00:44:15--> 00:44:53

carries its value like gold and silver, for example, currencies like the Canadian dollar American dollar, any dollar, it's just, they have like a fancy printer, and they just print out these sheets and they give it to you nothing's backing it up anymore. In 1971, they start backing up the dollar with gold, it was backed up with gold before that. And what I'm saying right now, if we were to, if I was if right now, if today was 1970, then what I'm saying Would it mean meant nothing because the currency is backed up by gold. But today it's not. It's just a promise. It's just a trust that the community has in this in this bill. If that trust ceases to exist, we'll eat each other. Basically,

00:44:53--> 00:45:00

that doesn't work anymore. So there are differences, key differences here between the two. And I'm just saying that so that if you're you know, this is something that bothers

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

As you look into it a little bit more, it's not as clear cut. It's not like you know, it's all there's there's a little bit of room because it's not exactly the same, the financials are different. But what I think is not different, and I think that the Quran is talking about is that the financial system that we're living in, regardless of the loans and the way that they're running, and all that is that is still rigged, is still rigged in a way where if you are in a certain socio socio economic sense that you're not, the probabilities of you leaving it is very, very low. The probability of you actually getting out of that socio economic status to a higher one is actually

00:45:31--> 00:46:05

not very high. It's very, very difficult. The system is rigged against you, the odds are not in your favor to get out. And what the eye is saying here is the opposite the reasoning he uses the word Kalia, Khun Kala, is, there's, it's the reasoning, he's telling you the why he's telling you the why he didn't have to suppose that you could have just easily gave us this verse. And we didn't have to even have this discussion. But he told us why and why is that it cannot be do that. And it can't be just circulatory amongst the people, wealthy, wealth has to leave that circle, it has to be pumped out to the general public, so they can use it. So they can build their own

00:46:07--> 00:46:32

companies or businesses or they can, or they can find ways to make a living for themselves and stay circulatory in a small group, then they'll get rich or to get poor, or we're back to slavery. Again, we're back to the if you go back in history, so if you don't learn from history, we just repeat it and right that's pretty much something we you've established here. And historically, is systems, economical systems that were rigged in a way where the rich got vision, the poor got poor, turned into either

00:46:34--> 00:47:16

societies that were that were filled with with different degrees of slavery, or societies that end up ended up having different degrees of citizenship, you had higher grade one, grade two, grade three, grade four grade five people were not treated or seen as equal. And I would argue pretty openly that we're we're not very far away from that we're, we're kind of living that right now. I think I think people in power just became much better at camouflaging it. I think we're just, we're just living in a time where they're much more they know how to make sure you for you not to notice. And for me not to really pay attention that wow, this is actually not this actually not really, this

00:47:16--> 00:47:17

isn't doesn't make a lot of sense.

00:47:18--> 00:47:30

And when you start thinking about certain numbers, you actually start coming to these conclusions that yeah, there's a lot of, and I'll give you an example. It's a silly example. So you may not, you don't have to memorize it, but I do want to share it with you. I

00:47:32--> 00:47:53

didn't get lucky today with my dad. And we were watching I love watching football. It's my, my, it's a pastime of my of my weekends. So I'm watching it. And I was just out of curiosity just looked up what or the player was really, really doing a bad job. And I just looked at why was this guy make. So I calculate it, he makes a week more than my dad and I make a year.

00:47:54--> 00:48:02

Right? He is 21 years old, he has no degrees. He just really is really good at kicking around ball.

00:48:04--> 00:48:07

Between me and my dad, there's like maybe 55 years of education.

00:48:08--> 00:48:50

Right? And maybe 60 years of experience, and work in the workplace, and a year we make less than he makes a week. Now, if that doesn't tell you that there's something wrong with the world. And I don't know what, again, if that person that 21 year old, was actually doing something being actually producing something of benefit, then yeah, maybe I would shut up. But it's a game. It's a game. I love the game, don't get me wrong, I love the game. I can't imagine if they canceled the Premier League, I would know what to do with myself. But the concept of the difference, these financial differences being there being open, you can just look this up stuff up and read it. And for that to

00:48:50--> 00:49:25

be the norm, I think, argues that we we're we're functioning in this world, economically, at least or financially, in a way that's very unhealthy. To say the least to say the least is very unhealthy. Because that's not that's not how the world should work. When you think about it, teachers and doctors and people who build these people should be make should not be worrying about things. These people should be making a good amount of money because because these are the people who are building the world that we live in, maybe entertain I don't know. It's always been like that, by the way. Engineers have always made a good good buck. But but the way the world is moving, is it moving in a

00:49:25--> 00:49:54

in a direction where this is being equalized a little bit? Is it being worked out like me are these are the numbers I'm talking about getting better? Insight, which I say they're not getting better if anything is getting worse. It's getting worse people are like I'm finding it more and more difficult to convince people to go and seek it in education for six or eight year education where they end up accumulating I don't know how many 10s of 1000s of dollars in debt to do what to start a job at 65,000 a year.

00:49:56--> 00:50:00

It's hard. The importance of knowledge is undisputable in Islam because

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

Something that I can't be very, very sad if we started like not valuing I value knowledge when only we should value knowledge for knowledge, not for the money. But it's also hard to explain to someone why they should walk down this path when this is what they're looking at, when the financial outcome of their life is going to look like that, and it comes from a system that is rigged. It's just not it's not set up. It's not designed in a way to be fair, or to help people. Kayla Yeah, hakuna do Latin thing in an arrhythmia. iminco. It's a beautiful I love this is what most people love the verse, the peace after it. It's probably usually more Now am I talking about also that you hear that

00:50:34--> 00:50:36

way more? We don't talk about them before.

00:50:37--> 00:51:11

But to make what is the piece this piece that I'm emphasizing for you more valuable after it is where I lost a pound I said was this very famous area that is used almost on every member every single week around the world when it's used. And by the way, it's very it's used a lot is commonly used incorrectly, by the way. And so and it's used in ways that is not fair and not appropriate and it comes from sometimes people for some people sometimes sometimes it's used very ignorantly, unfortunately even though it's an extremely important part of our deen sometimes it's not used appropriately. Well Kuhmo rasuluh for hoodoo, and whatever it is that the Prophet gives you teaches

00:51:11--> 00:51:12


00:51:13--> 00:51:48

then you must take it no matter how cool man or whatever he forbids you from fentanyl then you must forbid yourself from what tequila and be mindful of Allah knows know that doing that is mindfulness of Allah and there's taqwa in Allah Asha de douleur. Common did Allah subhanaw taala has the most severe punishment. So you can see the intensity of the verse right after he says que les Hakuna due to them being held in a year in income, he tells you, yeah, you're gonna give him the money because you can't have the wealth circulating amongst the wealthy. It can't be rigged to make the poor, poor and the rich, richer. And by the way, whatever the prophet tells you, you must listen. If he tells

00:51:48--> 00:52:05

you if he commands you, you have to obey. And he forbids you. You have to forbid yourself, because they didn't want to do it. The reason this is there because they some of them were like, no, no, the bounty has always been for the warrior. What do you mean, I have to go give it no I don't. They started objecting. It wasn't one or two people, it actually became

00:52:07--> 00:52:24

a group in came a discussion amongst amongst the GEMA. The Quran never didn't point out who needed the Prophet Allah has a lot to say. And that's not the point, the Sahaba were human beings. And the point of this is not to to be the anybody or to use it as a way to diminish their value. Obviously, they'll Dillahunty remain there. They are the stars in our sky.

00:52:26--> 00:52:27

But many of them did not like this.

00:52:28--> 00:52:43

And they start talking about objecting. And the idea would come and say, well, Telkom will Rasulullah, who do whatever he gives you, whatever he teaches you, whatever he commands, you take it fully, whenever he forbids you from you forbid yourself from and be mindful of Allah. Indeed, Allah has the most

00:52:44--> 00:53:12

painful punishment at the end of the day is sort of, it's a threat, it is a threat, you will listen. And he will do exactly as you're told, exactly as you're told, and you'll be mindful of Allah and know that the punishment is severe. Why? Because you cannot mess with this. Because this is an issue of organizations is you have logistic and legality. You can't have a financial system that is rigged.

00:53:13--> 00:53:43

You can't do it. And if it is, it can't be Islamic. And as Muslims, you cannot accept that, which is the beauty and the strength of this idea is the beauty of this verse And the story. That yes, you're starting a country you're starting and only have a nation now you have a group of people they believe great, amazing, amazing, your financial system is going to be designed in a way where they are cool and do that and been at Alinea, the wealth will not be circulated amongst those who have it, there has to be ways to get it out to those who need it.

00:53:44--> 00:54:04

There has to be ways to get it out. And it has to end and the rich have to be okay with that. You have to be okay with that because they're doing well. And they're and the system is not designed for them not to do well for them to lose what they have. But they have to be okay with amounts of that not going not going into their pockets. And we don't live in a time where that's the case, anywhere.

00:54:06--> 00:54:12

I've lived in both parts of the world, it doesn't exist, it's not even, even close, not even close.

00:54:13--> 00:54:50

We are headed towards I believe that the words of the future will be will be based on that will based on so much of the wealth being concentrated in such feet and so few hands, as so many of the human race, fighting over such little resources, such few resources that that will just lead to chaos. You see, when Allah Subhana Allah tells us to do something. It's not just the issue of us obeying Allah's command. It's not just taking what the prophet Allah uses and gave us so Allah has always been like I just did that. It's also that if you don't do that, you do them yourself. And you cause Doom meaning you ruin something that is functional. You come to a point where there's no

00:54:50--> 00:55:00

return anymore. There's no way to fix what what has been done. And I don't think we're there yet. But if we don't start thinking about this topic for

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

This example,

00:55:01--> 00:55:20

in more intelligent terms, and looking at it programmatically in terms of how it can be practiced, then we are headed in that direction, we're headed to a point where, where there'll be peak numbers of people in the billions who make less than $1. an hour, for example, versus

00:55:22--> 00:55:56

those who are making is going to be so imbalanced, so imbalanced. That we're going to lead, we're walking into a into into chaos. And Allah subhana talks about juja modules, for example, we don't know exactly what it means, but we do know is that it's chaos. Like we don't, we can't for sure, comprehend exactly what he means when he talks about that subpoena. Without endocrine there's a lot of symbolism, obviously. And then there's lack of clarity. And the scholars will have different upon this for centuries, but we do know there's chaos, there's going to be a time of chaos, where people are just reading each other, where they're just running through towns and villages and cities and

00:55:56--> 00:56:15

just taking everything. And the only reason you can imagine that happening is that it just you come to a point where the poor have literally come to a point where they have nothing to lose, where they have nothing left to lose. When you have nothing a person has nothing left to lose very dangerous, very dangerous state to put someone in where they have that's it. There's nothing after that I've seen that.

00:56:16--> 00:56:47

I've seen people up not that they've lost everything's with nothing left to lose. It's very it's very concerning moment, very concerning situation to be in. And that's why I think it's beautiful to not just to appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala says and see within herself as he organizes for us our relationships with the groups around us whether it's with those who citizens who betrayed or whether it was with the earth around us or whether it's the financial system that's going to govern we're going to talk about the poor and Mormont the organizational peace with the poor is going to come in a second we're gonna read next week and show a high number eight and nine and 10 and he'll

00:56:47--> 00:57:05

he'll you'll detail for us to balance out a little bit more what that means. But this here giving us a clear basis for what our financial system would look like. Is for sure as Muslims worthy of our time to contemplate and think about and I'll end inshallah with fancy shots I'm sure we will continue with him later on. Next week Subhanallah how makes you

00:57:07--> 00:57:15

feel good to Greek also Allahu wa salam ala Nabi you know, what have you been on Muhammad in his main because I can love hearing barnacle if you liked