Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #29

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The Han Republic's history and importance of learning to say not knowing is discussed, along with caution in speech and the use of "by the way" to describe actions. The speakers emphasize the need for travelers to find permanent spiritual mentor and finding one who is an average person. They also discuss the importance of respectful language in addressing people with respectful names and avoiding negative language in public settings. The speakers stress the need for travelers to find a culture with respectful language and be aware of one's actions.
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Tina on Jamba

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Juice Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim ye dynamos la vida hula Bara had Abba Nova jamaa el bajo Rohini Oh, Leah hope all that sort of the love will love him. The verse I just recited before you is verse number 60. And that now introduces a new narrative in this chapter 18 surah Toluca, and this is the famous incident regarding the journey and the travel of Musa alayhis salaam to Javier. So let's first get the backdrop of this idea and then put context to it and then progress through from verse 60 to verse 82, pretty much focuses on this new discussion or different discussion within this chapter. And that is the mysteries between say dinar Musa alayhis, Salam and Hadith Allah is Salatu

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was Salam. So the Hadith appears in Buhari in kw, that musala his salatu salam was delivering a sermon Parma Moosa, hottie Banfi Bunny is Surah Al mousseline Salaam stood up delivering a sermon to his people for so ala. He was asked the question man, Allah Manas or Moosa, who is the most learned so Musa alayhis salaam replied No I am the most learned and according to another narration in Buhari on the strength of obey Ubuntu camera the Allahu anhu the words of the narration go as follows that Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam was asked Alta Alamo, I had an alum I mean, God, almost I do you know of anyone more learned more knowledgeable, more erudite than you and he said no, for I tabula who

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Allah Moosa Allah subhanho wa Taala, then reproach to Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam is the lumea route deloraine la he simply because he did not direct knowledge to the Almighty.

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The prophets, of course, go through a very stringent process of terror via their nurturing is on a very, very high level. Earlier in this chapter, we spoke about the fact when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, lapsed in the utterance of insha Allah, which resulted in Revelation being paused for 15 days to impress upon the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam, the importance the merit and this significance of the utterance of insha Allah, for Allah Allah Moosa Islamia, Rue de Lima, la the hadith of Bokhari, Allah than reproached and chastised and admonished Musa alayhis salam for not directing knowledge to the Almighty. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala told musala his

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Salatu was salam, that there is a servant of mines and the Dominica dinar, a servant of mines, who is more learner than you are alemu minga he is more learner than you. And he is at the confluence of the two seas at the junction of the two oceans. Now, of course, the junction of the two oceans occur in many parts of the world, geographically which one is referenced here. Again, the same principle behind MoMA or Bahama Allah, Allah did not provide that detail, so there's no need for us to probe it. However, in general, as the Han democracy writes that according to his research, it is the junction of the two oceans which occurred in that time between forest and rune, which today would be

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of course, Iran, and its neighboring country, the junction of the two oceans there this is the one reference according to one opinion.

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masala is Salatu was Salam got ready to embark on this journey? k for b e k for me, oh my lord, how can I access him? How can I meet with him? Allah subhanho wa Taala then told Musa alayhis salam Whoa, whoa Dunphy make Tallinn take a fish and place it in a basket. And the place where the fish hops out, of course, it will be miraculous because Allah will give it live and it will hop out. That would be the precise location where the servant of minds will be residing, and that is where you can meet him. So musala his salatu salam takes the fish places it in the basket and embarks on this journey. In bayana Quran it is written that and as we move on, there are many lessons for us to take

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here. Number one, the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala impressed upon Musa alayhis salam

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to embark on this journey. Lita, I Lee mill in the art field kalaam to impress upon him the importance of exercise in caution in speech. So of course Musa alayhis salam was the most learned and he was a Navy of Allah. And he was from amongst them oh no lies, who ranked more senior and superior to the other prophets. And Allah subhanaw taala has spoken about these five prophets in different verses of the Quran. sha Allah kamina Dyneema was sabi he knew her one lady Oh hyena, a leg warmer was slain Abby Ibrahim Ibrahima musawah Teresa and ultimo Dean.

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What are phenomena narrabeen Amitabha huaming Go on. We know what a Bara Hema musawah Marine sabini Miriam. So the Ola has was a more prominent first build command sobre la has met me in a row soul, he was a prophet. He was the most learned amongst these people, but the wisdom of impressing upon him to meet with this individual. And again, we will expound on the knowledge that this individual possess was to remind the most alehissalaam about Dr. Phil column, exercising caution when speaking, let's just pause for a moment my brother and my sister, Musa alayhis salam was the most learned academically his answer was correct. And when he said I was I am the most learned. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala disliked it, though he was the most learned amongst these people. What about you and I who do not have knowledge and I definitely don't have knowledge and this is what I always say, in my 30 odd years of association with knowledge. The thing that I have learned the most is that I don't know in nominal l me a pool Allah three part of knowledge is to learn to say I don't know. And the truth is, I don't know. And the truth is we don't know. So Musa alayhis salam possess knowledge. And yet when he claimed it, Allah disliked it. You and I are devoid of knowledge. Can you imagine how disliked it would be in the eyes of Allah when we claim it?

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odd was a nation synonymous to strength, think of strength and odd would come to need to do them to your mind and think of art and strength will come to mind. They were so strong that even Allah said lamb your lover, Mr. Lu ha Phil Bellard. I never created people the likes of art. They were so huge in their physique, towering in their personality, a personality mighty in the appearance what either Boston, Boston Jabarin, they were strong, they were mighty, they were powerful. And what did they say man? I should domain now.

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Who is stronger than us? Again, the same point. They were strong. Allah said they were strong. Allah said I did not create anyone stronger than them amongst the nations. Yet when they claim the strength, Allah disliked it. And what did Allah say? Our lm euro and Allah Allah, Allah tabula rasa Domine Cova. Have they forgotten that Allah who created them is stronger than them?

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In Medallia Sally key

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on page 99 in the first volume, and I came across this in the footnotes of the theater, Othmani, in the 23rd jaws in chapter 38. In surah. Assad in the Harsha day, this is where I came across it. It is mentioned that when a servant makes a claim, and he says, you know, I've been giving charity for so many years, you know, I keep my Ramadan fast. And it is preceded by Siobhan fosse and followed by the six fats of Chevelle. And there isn't a year I miss out my articles, and I give my Zakat in advance i a person talks about what is achieved and is accomplished. Then Allah subhanaw taala says to that servant, but I gave you health, and I gave you wealth, and I gave you ability, and I gave

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you strength. And when a servant directs everything to Allah, and he says, Oh, my Lord, you made it possible for me to perform my tarawih prayer. You made it possible for me to observe my false, you made it possible for me to give charity, then Allah says yes, oh my servant, but it was your sincere intention as well. It was your passion as well. It was your Dharma as well. So when a servant directs it to Allah, then Allah acknowledges his intention, his endeavor, his motivation, and when a servant claims anything, then Allah says, but you cannot do anything without me, which is the absolute truth. So that's the first lesson for us as we move

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On discussing this journey in our own way you might not travel. We might not be traveling physically, but we are going to pick up many lessons on this journey in sha Allah of Musa and Javier. By the way,

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the more common on elsina to nurse on the tongues of people is either but the academically they say both are correct in pronounciation but hardly is the more correct pronounciation this debate whether he was a Navy or a Willie Allah if they laughing at well, both the opinions exist musala is Salatu was Salam was a person acquainted with the divine knowledge, the sacred knowledge a prophet the shereena right as we refer to as Sharia alayhis salaam Shari alayhis salam, while her there was a person endowed with the knowledge of the secrets of the cone, as Ron cone, the wisdom of the life, the death, the in, you know, the decline, the collapse, the rain, you know, they are these commands

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and these injunctions that are playing out in the world of in the wisdom of the Almighty, He will pass away he will be born, he will rise to the throne, he will fall from the throne, he will recover, he will be unwell, these are things that are happening by the will of the Almighty and Allah subhanho wa Taala had tasked him with certain things and acquainted him and familiarize them with some of these secrets in his creation.

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Okay, the second thing we learn from your and this is mentioned in biannual poron, as well as well. fee Lj doll belly fee algid doll belly, layer by layer, Bill Morrow said my lamea foot the men who have gone our job I mean, whoa, that Musa alayhis salam, no sooner was he informed about someone more learned than him. The display of humanity of Musa alayhis salam was remarkable. Oh my Allah, how can I access him? What is his pen location? Can I in today's time, can you send me the coordinates? Can you send me the Google Maps I need to go to this person. So what do we learn from the CFE algid don't believe we need to exert ourselves. We need to travel the length and breadth of

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continents and countries lead paler bill more shade to find a learned person to find a spiritual mentor. Of course, the qualifying statement would be my lamb me for two men who have gone Oh gentlemen who provided we do not fall short in our other duties and responsibilities. As a father and as a husband. I cannot shirk my duty or abandon my children and say, I'm traveling abroad in the quest of knowledge and tough luck. You need to live with whatever you need to do. No, no, you know, there is this beautiful explanation that when Satan Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam left his family and left his wife, and then he went in to the desert. And then his wife asked him or he left his family

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in the desert and he went and his wife asked him how Amara Kala will be harder. Has Allah instructed you to do this? And he nodded Yes. And then she said he then law year by year and then Allah will not forsake us. And under this ayah in bayana Quran in the 13 Jews Rob banner in a scan to mean literally at eBay, the ladies that are entering the beta gulmohar run that I've established my family in a place where there is no produce or plantation or vegetation etc. So under this, it is written that it would be incorrect for someone to take the liberty and say I can also leave my family and go in the quest of knowledge or in the quest of something noble, I am going to perform

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Roma, etc. And I'm leaving my family and attended. And he latches on to the narrative of mousse. The narrative of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And the answer given is no you simply cannot compare what say tonight, Ibrahim alayhis salam did to what you are doing. Why? Because Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam left his wife and children be what you mean by divine command from the Almighty and what you are doing is not by divine command. So if it's the command of the Almighty then of course that has been endorsed, approved and sanctioned by the Almighty. But the point we learn from your is that we need to travel for knowledge as well. People travel for leisure, people travel for business, people

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travel for cure. You know what there is a surgeon here there is a physician here they is

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As herbalist here there is a conventional doctor year. There is a physiotherapist you need to come to this country. Somebody is having back problems he travels far and wide to get some help some relief in this regard. What about traveling in the quest of knowledge v Lj doll bellies. And at least we can do this from time to time, like we take our family out on a weekend. Why not take them out to come and spend some time with learners and pious people? Okay, so let's now give a translation of the verse and move on as we explore these verses verse number 61. Is Talamo Sally fatawa. And remember the time when musala is Salatu was Salam said to the young stuff. So it refers

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to his heart him and his servant and helper which according to the authentic hadith was you shall have been known who subsequently becomes a newbie some argues he was an OB already. Others say no, he was not a newbie at that time, but he became a prophet later.

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The Quran makes reference to you shall be known, who was the servant of masala Salaam in this journey as Fatah. Fatah in Arabic means young person, in fact, in the home faith to the youth of the cave, we spoke about the plural of the word Fatah addresses two aspects number one, that a good helper will be one who is young, because he is active, he is an agile, he is versatile, he has strength, he has resilience, he has cloud, he has muscle, he can work in the higher Amani stack just to tell you, I mean, the daughter of schreib, when she was impressed by the skills of Musa alayhis salam, then she said the best employee you can employ, oh, my father is the one who is strong and

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trustworthy. And I find this individual to embody both these qualities. So Fatah, ideally a helper, a worker, a servant is one who's healthy and able, you don't want a servant who needs to be attended to himself. So he's coming to you know what i'm recording of the show, or I'm a helper and I'm going to serve the scholar, but he himself needs to be attended to, then that can be counter productive. The second thing we learned from you and as you mentioned in Maryville Quran, is that the Quran teaches us dignified terminology and respectful words when referencing a helper or a servant. Sometimes when it refers to a helper or a servant in certain cultures, then the words or the

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terminologies that are being used are not very respectful. It does. It's not in keeping with the preservation of the self esteem of that individual. You refer to him with choices of words, that demeaning to his personality, he might be desperate of the job, and you know, he just hangs on to the employment, but you don't use a respectful term. And hence, I often say sometimes we have helpers, domestic workers in our house, that are senior of age to our children, they could be the age of the parents of our children. And even beyond that age, our kids ought to address them with respectful titles uncle aren't respected and just not casually referred to them by their name. So

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that's the second message we pick up from this year is addressing people with respectful names, was it not Satan, Amara de Allah and who said, Fela Tony, you bet the NL would. fi sadri Salah Tony youth bit Nell would Duffy sadly I think three things will instill love in the heart of your brother. Number one, and Tabitha Hobi Salaam, when you see him, initiate the greeting, number two into a car to a car level field majilis in a gathering, make some space for him. You know what? move yourself adjust yourself. Create an opening for him welcome him, actually him in allow him to sit there don't give the notion Oh, there's no place sorry, you came too late. Of course, we're not

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telling you to tell somebody else to move and occupy that place. Now. That's not what we suggested. There's the whole academic explanation. By the way, I just have a flash now in the 28 Jews in Surah tomada de la where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was conducting a gathering. And then there was a harbor that was set in and then some participants and veterans and companions of birder came in but they arrived late, and there wasn't some place for them. So the messenger sallallahu Sallam told the Sahaba Can you just move a little Can you just be a bit spacious? Can you just create some movement and of course they obliged and complied and the scholars have written under this I

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That this authority that was given to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would apply to anyone who is raised to imagine is any person who is the head of the gathering. He can tell someone can you slightly move not not fellow congregants, they shouldn't tell people move from here and allow him to come. But the leader of the congregation, he can make those necessary adjustments and it is in the Quran. Yeah, Johan Latina Armando either de la la comme des fossa. Hopefully my jollies. Oh, you who believe either Tila when it is said to you. And in fact, the scholars deduce from the adoption and the expression of Tila. Allah didn't say that Carla Kumar. rasuluh when the Prophet tells you, but

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Allah said when it is told to you, which gives off a moon or moon means general broad base, Nikita, which then includes anyone who is the leader of the gathering and tells you you know what the first saalfeld Medallia's make some space FAFSA who then don't resist the injunction? Don't resist the request. Make some space and accommodate people? Yes sir. Hila hula gone by you making space for your brother in this world. Allah will make space for you in Jannah Allah Akbar, your Salah hola como, Allah will make space for you the scholars of fcsa it refers to Jana. What is that the Len Xu Zhu.

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And if by chance you are those stand up, can you just move because the head of the gathering wants to address you know what, just one segment of that congregation or he just needs some time and then he will resume with the discourse later. Then stand up way that the land shows Oh, fun shoe then stand up. Your father in law will Lavina Amen. Amen. Gum, Allah will elevate the believers from amongst you And grant them reward while levena Oh, my daughter jarred, while those who possess knowledge for them is great rank stations and nobility. And it's mentioned Why has Allah consciously separately independently reference the people of knowledge after the people of Eman because the

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people of knowledge with the deep knowledge will oblige to this injunction with deep wisdom when you got deep wisdom in it. Of course I need to stand up. There's nothing to resist. It's in the Quran. In fact, the Quran tells you when you go and knock on someone's door and he tells you go away, you should happily go away. This is good for you. Now if you don't know the verse of the Quran, you might just say, okay, the man doesn't want me I'll go, it's fine. What can I do? He hasn't welcomed me. But if you have knowledge and you understand, then you will know it's a verse of the Quran. Why a da de nada como Giroux and when you are told, go back for general then return who has God that is

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more pure for you.

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Don't take offense, don't feel insulted. It wasn't the right time. The man was having a private moment. He was relaxing. You knocked on his door you rang his Bell? You called on his phone. He said sorry, I'm not available to meet now. Don't take offense. In fact, the buyers it's mentioned in the books that many of them said I knock the doors of people with the hope that someone will turn me away so I can practice on this idea. But nobody ever turned me away. Allahu Akbar. So what's the message the message is when Medina da da da da. Those who have knowledge for them is greater rank because they will do it with greater wisdom and understanding. So that's the second thing say that.

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Remember the Alanna said would give

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you know what love in the heart of your brother, when you meet him greet him number two, make space for him in a gathering. And number three, and Ted the ruler who be a heartbeat SMS he lay addressed him by a name that he loves. You know, he likes this name. That is his actual name. Or he prefers the nickname or he prefers a family name, or whatever name he loves. Call him by the name he loves. And don't persist on calling someone by a name they dislike. Some people just just you know what, agonize and irritate and offend and insult people stop calling me by that name. I don't like that name. You offended me. And people will insist what I tell me Sue and foster calm while Atlanta by

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Zoo bill calm while Atlanta by Zoo bill calm and do not give unpleasant titles.

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Okay, so that's just a quick reflection. We haven't even commence with diverse verse 68 by l'amour Sally for da vo and remember the time when Musa alayhis salam said to the youngster la abara hola as a barafu I will come

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The new walk in had belova major barrel baja rain until I arrived at the confluence of the two seas, the meeting of waters the junction of the two oceans, because this is the point that Allah had identified for Moosa to meet her there. Oh, I'm Leah focal bar, or I will continue walking for a long period. The ohana Nova. The linguists differ strongly in defining for Koba lab lobby, thi nafi ha, ba Ba, some say hakab refers to ATF, some say a century Some say beyond, there is difference of opinion. But the common thread the common thread between all the definitions is a long period. And hence many scholars have opted for that translation. He said to his servant, I'm going to travel to

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like come to the confluence of the two oceans, or I'm going to walk for a very long period. So that's the message my brother, we need to travel in the quest of knowledge.

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We go through so much for a holiday, you know, it's a holiday but you know, back in that travel, they hate the airport, the luggage, or waiting for your luggage settling into your hotel, my word that itself has its own challenges, but we endure because it's an out in it's an excitement. The holiday starts from the time you leave the journey. Everything is just exciting. It's part of the journey. It's part of the fun, that are loved by Neil our bond aefi Paula bill Ruda was feeling fulfilled as far as home sofa Ed, for rojo hamin what kohteessa bloomery shatin wildeman was off by to my Gd emem Schaeffler, he said that tr Radharani, our tiny fee, Pilar biloela, leave your house

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and travel in the search of knowledge was our affair fulfilled as far as the home sofa Ed, there are many benefits five of which in rates and enumerates number one deferral johanne mean just traveling relaxes change of environment, work, disable marysia. And often in travel, you make money. The verragio hamin work disable marysia wherein you learn knowledge What are dub you learn etiquette, you learn etiquette, I will not forget this etiquette. years ago, I had spent three rubber bands in California. And I was at times invited to the house of this particular brother, who was originally from Pakistan, but was now living in in Canada, in America in California for many years. And

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SubhanAllah. This was his etiquette that when an Imam or a new star or a chef arrives at his house, then he stands outside in anticipation to receive the gas. So that's just him and his nature. So I would like to assure him that I'm fine, your son is bringing me All is good, don't wait in advance, there's no need for it, etc. But now this is his advocate. And when it's time to leave, it's just his nature that he needs to walk you out, he needs to see you into the car and he needs to see you off. That's the etiquette and that really you know what, impressed upon me the richness of this particular practice. Those of us who have traveled to Malaysia and Indonesia, then you will observe

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a very, very rich culture when it comes to respect and and mannerism very, very. So if a youngster or a junior needs to exit from a gathering in which there's a senior then there is a hand gesture which would be played out, asking and seeking permission just as a mark of respect. So da da da, you will learn advocates was sought by to my GD and you will get the company have learned people and pious people. Okay, we'll conclude on that note, verse number 60. We've kind of commenced the journey. We've given you the backdrop of it. It's an amazing journey. It's Moosa and Javier. The journey hasn't formally started. But we've introduced the motivation of the journey. We've got some

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takeaway points from here, and that is that we need to become exercise caution in our speech, we need to travel far and wide in the quest of knowledge. We need to give people dignified titles. It's ideal to have a young person as a helper, etc, etc. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the Tofig to devote our time in the quest of knowledge in the quest of knowledge Guna halaman omo dalaman almost a me and oma hibben become a scholar Guna element or then become a student or then listen to them both, or than love them all. But do not despise knowledge. May Allah

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Want us to understanding? I mean, you're a blind I mean, or suddenly Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edgemead well hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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