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The speaker discusses the struggles of Islam during the early years of the Prophet Muhammad's death and how he used his social and financial status to influence others to speak up against him. They also discuss Omar Y's use of the Prophet Muhammad's narrative and the use of "monster" language to portray himself and make jokes. The importance of living examples of Islam to defend one's position is emphasized, along with the use of language in relation to personal situations and the importance of showing the same examples in a different way. The segment also touches on mistreatment by the Prophet Al and the use of "med strict" in relation to actions and words, as well as the concept of "ingeringer" in the Middle East. The segment ends with a mention of a film about "ingeringer" and a discussion of the importance of staying true to Islam.

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Lamine Allahumma, salli wa sallim wa barik ala B, you know, what have you been on Muhammad Ali he was asked me he said, You mean well bad.

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This week in the seal of the prophets of Allah, Allah, you earlier Samuel Selim,

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we start talking about what was going to happen or what happened in years, three, four and five, up to your aid, even

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this stretch of five years, are difficult years to talk about. Because the majority of events that occurred and took place within these years were events that were

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mostly persecution, or oppression of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or the Sahaba, or both, and people who are enduring a lot of difficulties. The difficulties range from psychological and mental to financial, to social to physical, complete character assassination, and destroy, destruction of reputation. And I'm going to start going through it like this. And we start by talking about what affected him, I didn't talk to us. And I'm specifically what he had to go through all your thoughts. And I'm personally what his family had to go through, and then what the Sahaba had to endure. And at the end, the whole point of telling these stories is really not to talk about brutality and make the

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CLO seem very bloody or gruesome or difficult. It's more to understand what it took in order for you and I to be born Muslim, to see their sacrifices, and then figure out where we, where we fit in this story. And what part of this what do we do? What's our part? What's our role to play, because obviously, a lot of the stories I'm going to tell you that he had to endure, it was on the Sahaba to injure, you and I don't have similar stories, they're not the same, we're not going to have to go through the same stuff. So I'll go through a couple of of incidents.

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During the early time of his after going public Alia, sought to Islam with Islam, he wouldn't be he would he would go and speak to people randomly. He would choose those who had some level of social status or financial status or, or political status as somebody does as as the books of CR we'll call them, those who have some influence, you would go and speak to them on your Southwestern arm for four hours, some time. And some and often, if I've had time, I just thought I would go and try to speak to people and will help me come behind him. And he would he would call out noon. Measure knowing that oh, you will come and say he didn't say no, listen to him. He didn't say and he's

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crazy. Don't Don't Don't talk to him. So Allah Hi, nice to have you send them. Now this happened multiple times. Now, those who observed these incidents, said the Prophet Allianz thought it was them never even looked his uncle in the eye.

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Not even once. Not once, during these incidents that the Prophet Alia Sato said I'm staring down his uncle, or even, he didn't say anything, you would come to the person to speak, to have come and say this image known. But you know, and so the man would say, I'm Robbie, he is his uncle, he knows him best if he thinks he's insane, that he must be insane. And they would refuse. Many of them would refuse to listen to him either.

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So they would leave him out as I was gonna go look for someone else.

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And he would go and continue to try and try and speak. And I would have would do this on a daily basis, if possible. If he couldn't do it himself, he would send someone else amongst the people he would send. Interestingly enough, I'll tell you, maybe four or five halacha from now in more detail is Omar.

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I thought that was his job. He would take it take place of coming standing behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and telling people don't speak to him. Of course, Omar Yanni is huge. So people would of course yes and walk away. And the prophet Ali associate with church or I'm gonna call it direct any Leyland owner Hara what you have nothing to do day or night. You have nothing to do, but just follow me around. So Allah, Allah, you

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know, the way he would deal with these type of problems is very impressive, and very interesting as well.

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He and you're going to see at some point, as I tell you these stories, you're gonna think he doesn't like confrontations. He's a non confrontational person. And then I'll tell you a story at the end that will completely disprove that. And you'll see that it's not about that he wasn't brave enough, courageous enough, strong enough to confront No, it was a it was a conscious choice he made every day out of his salatu salam not to cause problems, not to, not to burn down bridges between him and other people. Not to cause conflict, not to begin animosity between him and someone else. You're gonna hurt him, you're gonna persecute him, you're gonna press him on your southwest anime, he's

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going to brush it off he's gonna keep moving on. And he's not gonna do that himself because then I'll tell you this story of the Sahaba so I proved to you that was how I did the same need they were commanded to do the same because of the Quran says the Quran tells them to do the same so they did

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this was they were taught by Him either you saw to A salaam during these times the verses

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is that we all know very well in the Quran that talk about forgiveness will attest to it has to do with a savior right? This everyone knows this. Well I tester will have to do what I say. And the and the good response and the bad response are not the same indefatigability Here axon is Allah the vena Kobina? Who idoe got to know who really you will I mean, when you are confronted with evil pushback with something that is that is positive, something that was hiding it to the Quran is saying, These are the times that these verses were revealed. When someone confronts you with evil, with, with cruelty, with racism,

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with persecution, with oppression, with arrogance with a condescending tone, if I then push it back with what bility he was the best response you can you can you can think of the response that has the most higher end it's for either lady by an echo of a you know, who I know and then suddenly the person who wants between you and them Where's animosity? Can I know who really you would I mean, you become close friends. But do you have the strength to do that Elisa to Islam was will continuously be mistreated. And his uncle, and this is what strike three from whatever, strike three, we're gonna come to strikes, he stands up first in the house of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and tells tells

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them that you need to shut his mouth, son, Allahu Allahu Allah, you will tell them, he didn't respond. Then he gets on job with his stuff. And he speaks to Quraysh. And that stands again and he curses him out this time. The Prophet alayhi salam does not respond. Now he walks behind him telling people he's crazy. And the Prophet Allah has taught them what even while you stare him in the eye,

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you would think that I wouldn't have at some point would you know would build or generate some level of decency to to feel bad about how his behavior was going? But no, you'll continue for a started to struggle with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam superior narrative. At the end, his narrative it is taught to Islam was stronger than whatever they could. They could bring. He just had, he had a better way of going by things. So because he was so good ally Assad was talking about issues and debating, and I'm talking I'm going to talk about his debates at least this time around when I tell you ways of how he would he would discuss issues of faith and how the Quran would come and tell him

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what to say how to use them how to respond. What articles of debate he was going to use out of your thoughts was there is it very interesting, the Quran has a very interesting way of arguing of arguing religion or arguing points. So I just thought this one was much he's had a better narrative. It was much more powerful narrative. People were slowly gravitating towards this. And the use of the time they were interested in what he had to say. So police need to find some way to fix this. So they looked for a man who found a man by the name of a noble ignorant Harris. This is a guy who the season gentleman, this person had been around. He had been to Persia into Rome, and he had been in

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different countries ne ne ne had sat in the in the said in the settings of kings. He's been in their, in their castles. He's spoken to people of high intellect and of high power. So the stories he was someone who was unexperienced, so they asked him, they paid him and they told him can you see Please sit wherever he sits, wherever he goes out of your socks, I'm gonna sit and start to speak, sit beside him and start to speak, start to tell your stories. Tell the stories that you know, all the fables. Because he's been he's been to Rome and Persia, he's heard the, you know, the Greek mythologies, and he's heard all these stories. He had an interesting stories to tell. He could tell

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him about Hercules and Zeus and people will listen to it. It's fun. There's a guy with a lightning bolt of lightning hitting things if you want to listen to that. And he just talked to us that his story is a bit more practical. He's gonna tell the story of New Orleans to Florida and show even local Ibrahim, here's the story he's going to share all your thoughts on the museum is we're going to talk about so they needed something to stand to stand up against that. So nobody was there. And he would tell stories. And he would say in his in his mission is in this in this in the setting that he was in.

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In the gathering had it been BHA in Mohammed on higher on Monday, in what way is Mohammed better than me? Who are we sell to, you know, sell to you? He tells lies and fables and I tell lies and fables. In what in what way? Is he better than me? Why are you listening to him?

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I am telling you legends and giving you stories. I ain't doing the same for you listen to his story, listen to my stories

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that he has taught to us and this is what he had to go these are the I'm just giving you examples of what he had to go through all the time as he's trying to fulfill His mission and spread his message and teach people the police didn't sit around and watch the US every tool every resource that they had.

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When that didn't work, when when his words LASR to some still seem to Yanni to leave it in fact more than whatever number was seeing and his fables and his lies. When he looked for something different. So they started

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they came up they came up with a lie. There's an important line for me to share with you.

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Courage hated one of the one of the Allah subhanaw taala is names in the Quran.

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They hated it. It because this name on its own brought more people to Islam than probably anything else within the deen. We see LASR to Islam when he began to spread the message. And the first couple of words he says what said were Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, the word of Rahman became an issue because man is not a word that the Arabs used. It's a word you find in the you find it historically used by the kings of Habesha because we're it's a word that the that the Christians the Arab Christians would use because it's a biblical word. It's a word that goes back to the time of Ibraheem Alehissalaam the Arabs never used it. So when the Prime Minister Allah Allah He was like We

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sent him with us this Mala have Rockman and whenever you had the chance to change someone's name, if someone's name was Daniel saucer or herbs, if someone's name was war or Janya boulders, he would change it to Abdul Rahman something like that. And this name when it was explained, because our aim is clear, from a derivative from a linguistic perspective, you can derive from Rama from from mercy or compassion, Rahim the compassionate very simple Rama Rahim nothing there. You can you can do that to most words in Arabic language.

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If I yield is a very simple derivative that is used all the time.

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Karim Karim Karim lo Mala EME, if someone's generous is someone who was unkind it's very simple. But then the derivative of Falun of Rahman is very rare, not used very much. And the earth hadn't heard it before in that context to the Prophet, Allah Islam. He's using Raman. He didn't like the name. He didn't like it. And people were listening to the meaning of it though, the one who has mercy general emergency for all his creations, Rahim is the one who has mercy or compassion to those who love him back. The one who has mercy and compassion to all everyone whether they believe in him loved him or they don't Amer specific for those who love them back on it. subhanho wa taala. So this name had an

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They started to look into the name and see what's what origin it had. They found it was a biblical name. When they found it was name that came from the books before him, it is taught to us and they loved it, too. They immediately came up with the rumor, and they said there must be a man by the name of Brockman. He lives somewhere in the north. He's a foreign person, they shoved the word foreign in it. He must be foreign. He must not be an Arab. And he is the person who is teaching Mohammed all these things that he's saying. He's telling him to hold on.

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Well, ocarina Alamo and Nahum Jaco loon

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in NEMA you Alaimo who Bashara we know that they're saying that some person is teaching him Lisa an old lady you will he do not lie here Jimmy wha that he served on our OB your mobian They're saying that a foreign person first in his teaching him the Quran? Well, if you're saying it's a foreign person, then why is his Arabic so perfect? Why is the Quran superior to your Arabic then if he's a foreign person not and doesn't speak the language, the reason they sent foreign is because that's another game that politics in politics. All you have to do is make the person look like he's a traitor. Look, make the person look like they're not a Patriots. You don't belong to the the culture

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that they're a part of that they're a part of.

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We'll call you a sadly you don't oh, well, Lena

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metabo for here to La he book wrote on what I've seen, and they say these are the fables of the of early mythologies. He wrote it down, someone else was telling him and teaching this in the morning in the evenings, what they would say about him is he wanted to make it seem as if he is coming to the Arabs with some foreign way of thought. And Arabs didn't like that. They still don't like that.

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But in general, any population doesn't like that. They don't want someone trying to enforce a foreign culture upon them, they don't like it. So they use that against him at least. So it was ends up being believed. These are the tactics that they're trying, accusing him of some foreign source of Revelation.

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When that didn't work out, and his narrative was still too strong. The words he was using was just too powerful and, and his logic was superior. They whenever whenever you start to become bankrupt ideologically or intellectually, you move towards mockery, it's easier, it's easier, that's what bullies do. So the bully does, when you can't beat the person you know, with with logic, when you get there a different way you can make fun of them. And of course, if that doesn't work, then you become physical, which is exactly what this is. They will start with and I will go through the debates because the debates are interesting, and shall I won't give them all at once because then it

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becomes boring. And I'll show you examples of one of the narratives that they use it how we counted the money you saw to Islam.

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But they tried to didn't work out the logic rational didn't work out. So now they start to mock him said Allah is using them. So they would gather a couple of young people and those maybe who were a bit challenged mentally, you'd gather all the mecha give them some money and say right around rent whenever you see Mohammed, run around him and scream crazier

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Majnoon Oh, can I just say something so they would come up to him is all running all 515 20 guys running up towards him, and he was screaming his vision on Mojo and run around and dance around him around for like 15 Because we're paid to do it, and then leave him some allies. And this would happen day in and day out.

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When you when you think of what it means to be someone who, who's who's a respected in person in society, if you understand what that means, maybe some of my younger brothers and sisters still don't understand or grasp that well. But I want you to imagine your dad, then your dad, someone who spent all his life building his reputation. He's a hard worker, and he took care of his family. This is a person who respects himself doesn't harm other people have never been in a problem before someone who carries himself with a certain level of respect. Why? Because he respects other people. A person who cares about his reputation, their social status is the, you know, the way he treats

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others and how others are supposed to treat him. Ya know, they would rather die than something like that happen. It's not about money. It's not all about money in life. Being feeling respected in the place that you live is extremely important. I just thought to say I've never cared for money. We know that about him. He wasn't trying to put together a wealth. Where he cared for was with the status he had amongst people because he can he treated people well, he took care of them, he was always compassionate towards them. For him to be treated like this is his worst nightmare out of his thoughts to someone like him. So Allah Holly's like this, I want you to imagine what type of person

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he was. What is he done to deserve this? In his mind, I've never done anything to deserve people treating me like this. The send people around just scream as you do. And most known, they would go more than that. They would walk around saying to people who are coming to visit to Mecca, they will tell them that Oh, hula Quraysh

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be aware of the young boy of Quraysh. They will say the word Golem. Willem is a word either, you know it's disrespectful, of course, if you're using it for a man, right? If you're using it for a hula, and for someone who's actually 10 or 12 years old, it's fine, because that's a description of the age. But if you're using it for a full grown man, it's a derogative.

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phrase, you're using it with the intention of of humiliating and condescending and being rude, though hula Quraysh watch out for the boy of Quraysh, Latino Combee, Kalani, he may or may not play tricks on your mind with what he has to say.

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Again, I start to sound this is his, why would you say something? Like why would you do that? If you don't like what I'm saying, then come and tell me what the problem is with my narrative. But why are you? Why are you putting me down like this hurt him some of the Hadees I'm using them.

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On a personal level, on a spiritual level, a deep, deep level, this is what hurt. We know that that's what hurts. But what can you do on ESA, to say and this is this is the, this is the price that needs to be paid in order for this message to make it. If you're listening to these stories in your mind, you feel like I wish I was there to defend him. You know, I remember when I was a kid, and they listen to the story that we get really upset, sometimes so upset, I wouldn't listen to it anymore, I would get up and walk away because I get mostly upset that that they they did these things to him I listen to a sermon. And I would think in my mind sometimes where it's done and why

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it was I learned why weren't they there, you know, to stop this or to say something.

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But of course, you know, things were different back then. But if you feel that way and you feel like you would like to defend him at least

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well, then, you know, you still have the chance to do so snarling through violence or through a loud voice or yelling or putting other people down is through actually, you know, living his examples of Allah Allah Salam living as example. I don't want you to spread who we was to people anymore. That's what they used to say. Don't do that. Forget to forget about that. People aren't interested in hearing things anymore. No one wants to no one has knocked your door and to tell you about some idea that you were very happy that they knocked your door that day. And you want them to come in so they can tell you whatever it is that they want to tell you. No one's happy with that no one wants it.

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Anyone giving them information anymore. There's too much of it. It's too easy. It's too accessible, what they want. They want examples. They want reality. You want something that's pragmatic. When I see some change in a group of people who want to defend him I saw twisted, I'm lived we need to live His example again. We need to revive the way of life that he came that the Quran dictated and he

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exemplified he personified Alejo.

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That's that's really all it is.

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Let me take it one step further. This is a very interesting story.

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After 10 bucks

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this verse of course, was revealed to me so semi taught the Sahaba there was a lesson I told you about the lesson last time we talked about the lesson. It's not too late to put down a Buddha go there's a lesson there. So he taught the Sahaba Sahaba learned but then as I told you, the people of Croatia always interested in the Quran they always wanted to hear it's not like gonna be you know, we don't care whatever he's saying no, the more they heard everything, everything that was revealed to him they found a way someone to tell them that they want to hear it. It was really interesting to them, and then tap but you know, having whatever was heard.

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Forget about the miraculous part that I would have could have become a Muslim and ended this whole story. Forget about that part is the fact that his wife her

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heard that she's somewhere in this Quran and that she is kindling to fire her husband.

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So she got really upset.

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She got very upset. So let me Jamil Her name is Omar Jamil. Every morning she would take a garbage out. Every morning she would take out a garbage and then she would go and dump it in the front lawn of the Prophet. So I said themselves. That's how she took her everyday She took out her garbage that way. And the prophet is also walking out the door. Very cool. Yeah. Jimmy. Jimmy IUGR in hada Oh, Jimmy, what type of neighborhood relationships is this? You don't like what I'm saying you don't accept that's fine. But why would you do this? This is neighborly. Why would you do this Aug. Why didn't you call me Jimmy. And she would walk away and he would pick it up himself out of your soul

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to us to them. And then finally she heard that he had said something. He is standing out against Allah to Islam in front of the Kaaba. This story has a few important messages within him. He is standing at the back of there speaking in front of the Kaaba and Omar Jamil comes running towards the Kaaba. She is carrying two large rocks in her hands to cool Mohammed.

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Mohammed is his is the word that describes poetry that is used to condescend or harm someone else. There's a lot of different arts in Arabic poetry. Medea is when you when you compliment someone, if you went to a king, you would say great things about the king they would give you money is called Medea. If you didn't like someone, as a poet, you would you would write a poem to say all the bad things about him that's called the Isha. He's had a horrible effect on people. Historically, there are tribes that left Arabia because of it. There are people went from, you know, kings to nothing to be destroyed, dethroned and the opposite, because of a poem that some guy said. It was art. It was

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the art of the time and it was very influential, just like artists today, nothing has changed in that regards at all.

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But only Mohammed, he's saying that about me. Wallahi Lastly, men know a Jehovah Daniel Hotjar. I'm gonna smash his face in with these two rocks as he comes running towards the Kaaba, no prophet, so I said, I'm standing there, and buckler standing right beside him. So she comes running up, of course, the idea, obviously is going to get a swing something gets the brother of ISIS, ISIS, I will never raised his hand. I need to a woman so he just stands there. He's, he's assuming that he's going to get hit. But Allah subhanaw taala. What you'll find throughout the Sierra is when it came to severe humiliation, he was preserved. Severe humiliation. I'll give you examples. When he's going to be

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severely humiliated. Allah subhanaw taala would preserve him. You would mistreated many times. We can't do something really severe. Something like this. She comes runs up to a Lakota Dakota who thought heybrook Uni Walla Hillel driven? Where is your friend? Where's the guy that universal law hibachi means? Where's your profit? I mean, I saw him uh, where is he telling me where he is? I'm going to smash his face in no bucket. Abdullah. He was standing there and the prophets I send him is literally standing right beside him. Like right here. There's no There's even like, they're literally almost touching on your shoulders. So he stands there. And he has no idea what to say back

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to you. He's not going to tell her well, he's ready right there. He's not gonna do that, you know, the Allahu Anhu. But he did understand what he didn't know that was happening. And he's screaming Where is he told me where he is. I'm going to do this. And you stand there with this with this

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expression on his face of not a face of having no one no idea what's going on? What do you what do you mean? Where? Where is he? You know him very well. She knew him very well. Sounds like she had never seen him before. And she needed someone to point him out. No, you'll find out in a few minutes. She knows him very well, very well.

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But for a moment, Allah subhanaw taala

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just a blind spot, somehow. She didn't see him. He didn't see.

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Very simple when you go through the 90 through a lot of the Quranic stories. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't change things with you know, huge interventions. Something simple.

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In the Surah Nisa, when it talks, and finally talks about your brother, when you have a little comb, fear or you name is Reka home Allah Hakeem and Anika kalila

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where you Rico come with you Rico media Titan fi, ionic calm kalila you kalila comfy Ionian. Oh, it was on the day Berger, is that when the Muslims looked at the people that Quraysh they seem to them.

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It's less than they were.

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And when the people of Christ looked at the Muslims on the day, but they also seemed less than they were.

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So Christ looked at a number of 314 they saw maybe 50 and 50. So they did no prep. There was no reason to sit all nights planning a strategy. Were 1000 They're 50 We just bulldoze them. It's very simple.

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The Muslim saw 1000 to be less, so they were less less anxiety and when they clashed that's it. This is what the Quran actually points out when you talk about them in a Can your mind the crisis that wasn't America? Well Magi the hula hula Bucha Allah con America which is good news. Twice in the Quran says that Monica just good news. Forget about them and I didn't know this is very simple. Who controls perception? Who controls the perception of your mind when

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See something? I don't even know how to how to explain that neurologically. I don't even know what I don't even know what how does that translate into cognition and consciousness? I don't know. Oh my god, I just didn't see him. How I don't know. Very simple. She just didn't notice them. They're Tolman stuff and then she ran ran away. Oh, welcome stood there. Couldn't believe what just happened. So she started to say poetry so Katya has Yoni wala Hilah had you wanna? He says poetry about me. I'll say poetry about him.

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Welcome mama. Now Selena. What do you know who galena Umbra who Urbina, you want to put them That means someone who is who is despised. Someone who is mistreated. Someone who's disgraced. His name is Mohammed. So she wants to play with the name. She wants to give them a different nickname. He didn't say Mohammed and also, you know, we have disobeyed his the order of Muhammad No, he changed his name. He just say move them within them. And I'll say, you know, we have disobeyed them. I'm gonna give him a name. That was the opposite of the meaning of his actual name Alia Salatu was Salam. What do you know who follow you now we refuse his religion. Well, I'm gonna who obeyed and

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the whole matter that he is talking about, we we don't accept that. Of course, it sounds better in Arabic, but that's what the forgery was like. And it was catchy. And it was simple. And everyone started to sing it.

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Every time you came by, they will say jam with him. within them comes home with them with them leaves, every time he came into a place to Allah hotties, like we said, and they will say this.

00:26:27--> 00:26:48

They will say Yeah, I'm with them. I'm with him. And he changed his name, that the name is extremely derogative and extremely disrespectful and disgracing. And they're saying it time and time again to well, so how about start to cry? Where are those who couldn't? Couldn't put up with it anymore? So it comes to the Prophet he says y'all still Allah? Your subordinate question, Monique? They're cursing you they're they're saying these horrible things about you?

00:26:49--> 00:26:53

But if of testimony you saw to them so he smiled for God.

00:26:54--> 00:27:02

Why am Tara Kay for Ebola whom Allah What are you talking about? Don't you see how Allah subhanaw taala has completely misled them from me.

00:27:03--> 00:27:09

For collocates Carla who Mr. Moon I'm with them and there are cursing some guy called modem one.

00:27:10--> 00:27:11

My name is Muhammad

00:27:12--> 00:27:13


00:27:14--> 00:27:19

you think he didn't know? You think he didn't understand what they were doing?

00:27:20--> 00:27:45

You think it didn't hurt him? Of course he did. But that's how he chose to see it. That's how he chose to see it earlier so he could have seen it. He knows he knows what they're doing. He understands what that is. He is not ignorant for that to the towards any of this it has led to a tsunami be very aware. But he just wanted to tell you what are we going to do? What do you want me to do? Hello Sir Look they're cursing some other guy some guy poor guy is Davis move them into cursing him out? My name is Mohan but it's not me.

00:27:46--> 00:28:21

It's one way to look at it I guess. But when you when you when you study his life Ali Asad was and you see this theme repeating itself. He just looked he looked for whatever was positive and he built on it. Maybe it was the concept of his name. His name is Muhammad. It comes from hummed. It comes from the ability to be grateful and to praise all the time to find something worth praising for all the time. You're always praising Allah always there is not one situation that you can ever exist in that Allah subhanaw taala is not worthy of praise within ever, no matter what's going on. He's always worthy of praise. Which means psychologically that there's always something good to build on

00:28:21--> 00:28:35

Oh, wait, no matter how horrible the situation may be. It's always something good to build on. You turn it to Allah subhanaw taala and move on. You're still moving them with a memento now Mohamed salah, Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he moved on to a salon.

00:28:36--> 00:28:47

All right, you may say he's a non confrontational, right. You mean you're thinking he's not confrontational person. All right. So one day, he goes in the morning federal time, he's making policy on the cob.

00:28:48--> 00:29:08

There's a couple of, of men, some of them the parliament, leaders of Mecca, and some other people around them. They're sitting just outside the parliament building that was right down in Nashua, which is right beside the Kaaba, very slick face close. So they're sitting outside, I don't know what they're doing. And he's making a laugh out of them. And they are and they're mocking him.

00:29:09--> 00:29:11

They're telling jokes and saying funny and they're laughing at him.

00:29:12--> 00:29:19

Every time he comes around, because you're making it a lot every time he's close to them, they raise their voices with mockery and rudeness and profanities.

00:29:21--> 00:29:55

It makes me laugh first time, second time, there are just a bunch of guys sitting there doing that. And then after the seventh, instead of continuing to laugh, he turns and you walk straight towards them. Now we don't know the story because one of the people sitting there later on became Muslim. And he tells us a story that when he walked towards that I saw two of them I couldn't feel my legs couldn't stand up anymore. There's something about the way he came towards the money so to speak. He felt scared. He felt scared. There was 15 of them. He was alone. So he comes in he starts to walk amongst them. They're sitting around and he starts to walk among walk walk amongst these people. He

00:29:55--> 00:29:58

said they say this is what the story tells us. But Yaga

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

said who by

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

In a ruse you can Lemo whom he comes in, he puts his head between two heads and he speaks to them and he walks around and he speaks to them. Yeah cool. Yeah, yeah mashallah Quraysh Yamaha Shara Prudential people of Quraysh let them tell you your own and head you're going to stop doing this

00:30:17--> 00:30:32

well let it to one after another and you will repent from doing this. Amal Allah He a lamp to follow and if you don't follow aka to combat that, and if you don't I have come to you with slaughter Hakuna phobia but who to whom their faces went pale.

00:30:33--> 00:30:59

Hello Mara Naka Illa Halima Ania about costume if only only known you to be very patient and persevere in terrible costume in the mall for a while costume feasible tasks and leave respected and dignified man out of NACA Illa Halima, we only know you to be about someone very 15 of them, putting his head amongst them, let them turn you around, you're gonna stop doing this and stop acting like this. But the day will come and this reality will change.

00:31:00--> 00:31:15

At the time, it was just us on a deed. Just the nobles of the land. He didn't speak to children speak to women didn't speak to the youth. He spoke to the leaders just the guys who there's like there's a common understanding what's going on. You'll change this he wasn't afraid to confront Alia. So

00:31:17--> 00:31:19

I recited to you a few students today or recited during the salah.

00:31:22--> 00:31:57

These sutras were revealed during this time ledger. And now these are the stories that were revealed. They're longer ones. It's hard for me to take that suit on and break down the I'll talk about at least one of them today. But at least the concepts that they were teaching well let's continue Alamo, Alamo and NACA lipo Sadhguru kabhi, Maya Kowloon and we know that you're finding that you're finding tightness in your chest from what they're saying. This is a figure of speech, I think it was called the Rockman you're finding it hard. It's filling you with sorrow and you can't express it. That's what elite means. mean you're filled with sorrow, you're, you're filled with with

00:31:57--> 00:32:11

sadness, but you can't express it. You can't say anything. So you just keep it inside because no one who are you going to tell this to you have to you have to be the example to everyone around you. While academia alum we know this with Allah subhanaw taala saying Indeed I know we know that your heart is filled with sorrow from what they're saying.

00:32:13--> 00:32:33

That's a big, big welcome minister. Dean, why Buddha, Rob back to 18. So make sure you hold on to this be, make sure you hold on to um, to praise make sure that you do a lot of sujood make sure that you continue on your way while Boudreaux Buchan had the idea Kelly again, until the day of certainty comes your way.

00:32:34--> 00:33:10

Which is when you die, certainty the only certain thing we have yet been the only certain thing we have is death. Just keep on doing that. You just keep on doing this. And you're like, Wait, did he SubhanAllah 100? No, no, no, the concepts were I'm trying to get you to see what I what I'm trying to get you understand is when ALLAH SubhanA says for some while he is talking about a concept that is that is very much different from what we have reduced it to. Yes, you do. Subhanallah and your fingers and it's a good thing. But when he is told for some bad he's being told to do something different. He is being told to not see flies from Allah subhanho wa Taala and focus on how we can

00:33:10--> 00:33:16

improve himself when he's told to do hunt he is told to focus on the on whatever he can build upon.

00:33:17--> 00:33:38

Look at the good there must be something good and right now you're still Allah in the midst of this darkness there must be something good will come minister as you did and make sure you use your prayer as fuel to allow you to continue your closeness to Allah allow you to continue your road and and your path. This is what he's being taught to Islam. It's not just a matter of the issue of praying and doing this but there's more to it than that.

00:33:40--> 00:33:42

Everyone here knows what's on top 15 Right.

00:33:44--> 00:33:44

Are you shooting

00:33:47--> 00:34:12

in the Lean agile Ramu can Oh, Mina Levine Manu Jung Hoon we're either a male Ruby him yet avant Mazoon why you don't call Abu Ali him in Malibu *y him indeed those those who behaved so Ajamu doesn't mean a criminal on the Quran. It just means those who behaved against the ethics and norms at the time.

00:34:13--> 00:34:37

gerima only became a legal word recently, initially in Istanbul wasn't a legal phrase. And only it was an ethical one. It meant those who ethically weren't. were behaving properly. In the Latina algebra mu can omit a Latina arm and we'll tackle they would laugh at the believers. Right I'm a real behemoth of Amazon when they walk by them they would 90 winked at each other.

00:34:39--> 00:34:41

tell a joke under their breath and laugh that's called gums.

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

Wait Don't call him uncle goofy. And after they hurt people like that they would go back to their home and they would laugh about it. They would tell the story and they would enjoy it. You know we mocked this person today we harmed that person today. Well either Oh whom call you in a lowball loon. And when they saw the believers they will say these people have

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

no guidance. They are completely lost. Look how they behaved. Look what they do. They pray and they believe, look at this, look at this craziness. Because it's insanity. People still do this today. But you still believe in that. You have a friend, you must have someone who's come to you like that. They figured out that you're Muslim that you did armor or you pray or you're fasting and you still believe in this stuff.

00:35:21--> 00:36:00

Swear we know where we are. We think that's where we've arrived historically, it's always been like that the Quran records this many, many years ago. Without oh my god who in the house alone, why am I also you know, I know you can have your lien. But Allah subhana says, but the problem is no one has asked you to be a guardian over these people their choices. Failure, OMA livina aminomethyl kufr your backbone, however on the Day of Judgment will be the opposite. Things will change. The believers will be laughing at what happened at young guru and they'll be sitting sitting on their recliners enjoying their time and still we will prefer America and we are following they'll be asked

00:36:00--> 00:36:24

on that day. Is it a just reward and just punishment? And the Muslims will the movement actually, the Sunnah doesn't have the answer. You have to answer when you read the students will say now I'm at the end of it. Yes, yes, it was just yawn. I'm happy with that. They are going to mock now they're going to harm now that's fine. And they're going to persecute now that's fine. That will just I'll just hope I just stand my ground and continue to do what I know is right. And your middle camera will be just it will be fair, it won't have any problems with that.

00:36:26--> 00:36:27

Now you call LULAC

00:36:28--> 00:36:31

for the kill your Rosalie mill public

00:36:32--> 00:37:06

everything that's being said to you yeah, Muhammad now is exactly what's been said to all the prophets and messengers that ever lived before you, you are not being treated differently is not somehow that you amongst all the prophets got the worst deal where your people decided to behave like this? No, this is exactly what Prophets Minh said. They've told you they've told before. It's how they've been treated historically. Ali's thought to Samuel do you find in the Quran that time and time again, he's being asked to be perseverant to take it easy to be patient that this is not there's nothing special about what's going on, even though we know there is but that's how he was

00:37:06--> 00:37:08

told as luck was on by Allah.

00:37:10--> 00:37:45

So it wasn't enough that they went after him. They actually take a job at Khadija. The first one they take a job Khadija I think it hurt him the most. That's why the Quran recorded the call. I didn't record these actual I'm giving verses I'm telling you verses that expressed how he's supposed to behave in certain situations. But we don't have recordings of a lot of the stories I told you I mean, we take them from the CLI we taken from Hadith taken from the Quran, but then there's there was an offense that was recorded by the Quran and Sunnah that y'all know. Y'all know this one. You're wondering how did what is Khadija to do with this? So they started to say Laos of Anwar Al

00:37:45--> 00:37:49

came up with a way of kind of confronting the Prophet he was saying that Oh,

00:37:51--> 00:38:18

I will tell Lanakila either Mata Mata tomorrow holy Salah to leave him he has no no sons. Back in the day that's, you know, God, no sons, they couldn't carry the whatever, you know, the heritage or the legacy legacy that you had. That was the norm of the time. Yeah, no sons. Once he dies, his message will die with him to leave him. Let him say what he wants. The moment he dies it will be over so why are you guys wasting time with him?

00:38:19--> 00:38:21

This hurt him I slept with him but also Khadija.

00:38:22--> 00:38:26

Khadija, his wife. He was at an age at a time where she couldn't have more children.

00:38:28--> 00:38:32

She wasn't able to provide him with the sun. She always wanted to she had to and they lost both.

00:38:33--> 00:38:56

And it hurt Khadija, I think because it hurt Khadija this was was recorded in the Quran, it was actually recorded the way it was. You guys know that none of the other ones were none of the other mockeries or humiliations were word for word recorded in the Quran. The Quran tells the Prophet Alia photos and how to respond when he has mistreated but this way it was recorded. That's exactly what happened as a response to allow something like

00:38:57--> 00:39:33

this to let you all know what you're supposed to learn from this surah it's very simple. What do you do when you're marked? That's exactly what the surah teaches you did. What do you do when you're mistreating someone marching with exploitive? You? What do you do? So you just remind yourself also to remind yourself of the three things I'll tell you number one in Atlanta Kelco what is Coachella mean? COSTA derivative from the word cathedral orchestra, which is a lot colesville is the derivative that means not only the most but the best of the most mean when you take that derivative when you derive it, the concept of how while then it becomes not only the most of it, but not only

00:39:33--> 00:40:00

abundance, but also quality. So the word coastal yes, you're gonna say it's a river in general. And that is true. But let's say we just put that aside for a moment. Let's just take the word and what it means. We're going to give you the best the most and the best of everything. Yeah, Muhammad. Now I want you to think this soon and I want you apply it to yourself when you think when someone harms you in I'll tell you that guys go through indeed Allah subhanaw taala has given you as I promised you, the best and the most of everything is

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

not going to be engineer because the Donia is not the most or the best is it? Unfortunately, Dhoni falls short of both descriptions is neither the most nor the best is just the quickest, is just the nearest is just the now but it's neither more nor better.

00:40:16--> 00:40:39

However, everything that is the most in the best is going to be a little pyramid. That is by definition what Jana is that's by definition what it is. So number one, when you are mistreated you remember that Allah subhanaw taala has promised you the most in the best of everything. And that shouldn't be that should be comforting to you. That if they put you down well, he hasn't subhanaw taala he never puts you down he promised you the best and the most

00:40:41--> 00:41:14

if someone puts you down Well the question is are you actually where that person has put you? Or are you somewhere else? That's the question that's what the human being struggles with. Someone puts you down. So now you're in you're in. Now you're in panic. I even put down Am I there? I need to elevate myself because I'm not there. That person just put me down I need to prove that that's not where I am. So he says to you I'm going to prove in our plane I can coaster we've given you a coaster. He gave you the best and the most what you need to prove there's nothing for you to prove. I've already given it to you. It's already yours. Just Just wait. You just have to you have to run the clock.

00:41:14--> 00:41:50

That's all you have to do the job and his day and stick to this long enough and you're welcome. It's yours. It's yours for the taking. I've already promised you. I'll tell you that already gave it to you. So Allah azza wa jal, I want you to take this sutra and apply it to yourself. So he saying to subhanaw taala it's yours. You have nothing to prove your mock you disrespected you don't don't respond the way they don't don't do the same. He never did. See we have clear evidence. He never did. never responded to what they did to him in the same manner ever. It is thoughtless to them in now think inaccurate. Go to the servers, the first piece of information need to know number one,

00:41:50--> 00:41:53

what do I do for selenium of beaker one?

00:41:55--> 00:42:04

I remember once I explained this, a long time ago, a different studying different country. And there was literally someone who thought that the word was

00:42:06--> 00:42:44

meant to slaughter Yeah, neither the person who did it they actually that was the understanding. But fully Arabic mean pray to your Lord and then call us the only and this whoever who has done this if I want her. And they were dead serious about it. I thought it was a joke, just as you thought and I laughed and then he was offended because he wasn't joking. And like what do you mean, you think he was told? What are you talking about? 100 is regarding this is a symbolic action of giving, giving the poor, it's in the Quran. Whenever we're talking about meat or slaughtering livestock. The concept of the reason for it is that you give me to eat meat is the most expensive thing in Arabia

00:42:44--> 00:43:17

at the time. People were hungry, they didn't have much food. So meat was a delicacy. And it still isn't a lot of the countries in the Middle East it means meat is always the gift that you want to give someone to show that you appreciate them. So 100 means slaughter and give for suddenly, Rob, pick one Hermes, two things, in terms of your relationship with Me that continue to pray in terms of your relationship with others continue to give. They mocked you, yes. A lot of people when they're harmed, they lose faith in humanity. And they become mean, because they were harmed because they were harmed by society. And they become antisocial, antisocial, and they started to become hateful.

00:43:17--> 00:43:21

And they'll tell you I know what this one person wants harm me. I will never trust anyone again.

00:43:23--> 00:43:57

I will never trust anyone again. I've heard this so many times. That is not that is like the anti Islamic response to being harmed. That's completely against what the Sunnah is teaching. It's very simple sort of very early on very simple. They harmed you remember, we promised you the best and the most so don't feel bad. They can't put you down we've lived we've elevated you how can they put you down? How can I how can a creation put down with the Creator has elevated in status, it doesn't work forget about it. Number two continue for certainly Rob to continue to bring draw yourself closer to Allah subhanaw taala in terms of relationship, one has to continue to be kind. The Prophet Alia

00:43:57--> 00:44:29

cycles in the midst of all this was still with his money buying livestock, slaughtering and giving me to people who are in need. In the midst of all this, you forget that part. All right, even I forget when I'm telling you the stories of persecution. I forgot to tell you he was still doing that. He was still doing a lot of Tillman hoof. He was still helping someone who couldn't help themselves. He was he was still young, he will kill carrying someone who couldn't take care of himself. He was still doing all this. He never stopped acela to Islam. He didn't give it up became he became a prophet. The last point in Nisha Anika who will absorb what goes around comes around.

00:44:30--> 00:44:39

What goes around comes around. Very interesting part. Shania is the one who puts you down. Who will advocate he is the one who's going to have no one remember him?

00:44:41--> 00:44:50

I can bet you right now. $100. The 75% of the people in this room forgot the name of the guy who actually said that to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam when I said the name a few minutes ago.

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

See all the faces are like you know, I don't care. And the Quran never put his name there. If the Quran used his name, his name would have become

00:45:00--> 00:45:29

Have something until you're milking Am I correct his name would have memorized his name would have stuck there because it's in the Quran, enough food and who would have done but no Allah Subhan Can I saying you're the one who was going to be remembered forever and he's the one who was no one going to remember him and I'm not even going to dignify his name by putting it in the Quran. Shani is going to be what we call him the person who puts you down in the shiny aka who will after he's the one who could have no one remember him that's why we don't know him we know his son I'm gonna I'm gonna ask why because he sat at the feet of Muhammad Salah is and that's why we know him.

00:45:30--> 00:45:50

We know his son because he may because he served Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and Muhammad's name lived until yo milky I mean, everyone said comes here every night, every week, every week to listen to his stories and to love Him and to drive those closer to him. And no one cares no loss of Noah and and no one ever did. You know the funny part? And I'll just have 25 sons.

00:45:51--> 00:46:05

That's the other reason to be arrogant. Yeah. 25 sons, Muhammad at zero. Back in those days and how things were seen. There was no contest, no contest, no worries, let him preach His message you'll die with him

00:46:06--> 00:46:44

in the shiny alcohol after what goes around comes around anything, anything negative that you that we send that we put into the atmosphere they put into this world will theorists 16 come back right back atcha just a matter of time. And the longer it takes the worse it comes back. It builds momentum I swear. Well LAHIA builds momentum. You hurt someone in a way and you send it out there and doesn't come back to you. I swear to you it's building momentum isn't coming back really really hard. If you don't fix it quickly. If you don't think quickly go and change what you did. It's just how the world works. Forget about karma and no this is this is an Islamic there's a clear within the

00:46:44--> 00:47:23

dunya this is this is a natural law of the world is how the world works. You say you harm someone is going to come back at you. If it doesn't harm you will come in your children it will happen it'll happen later. Good and bad never die. Right and the laws of physics nothing ever actually goes away. If we have some way to I need to go far enough into space we could actually record all the things he said that he saw his voice waves are still floating somewhere nothing dies off you think you do something bad he harm someone doesn't come back it never dies off it will come back one day it's up to you in Nisha Anika who will avatar he'll the one will have nothing left. No one will call him

00:47:23--> 00:47:29

you'll have no legacy. He has no avatar means has no legacy nothing will you will continue his name will continue.

00:47:30--> 00:47:38

Says name never continued profit so I said his name until yo Malkia. So inshallah we'll we'll continue with that Allah subhanaw taala next week