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salatu salam it was the ongoing

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lack of followship that he struggled with Ally histogram with with his people that qualifies as other that is actually seen as a form of other so Musashi said I'm gonna turn to his people and say Lima to zoom in any why is it that you harm me? Welcome to Allah Munna and in the Quran.

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And this is someone's keys ticket, whoever's pressing the there's a

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thing outside that be someone's pressing.

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I don't know which one it is. Yeah.

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Well, number one,

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when it comes before a verb, especially a past tense verb, it what it teaches or what it gives us. Its affirmation. So God, Jeff, someone has you're affirming that someone came by the Yeti. Oh god, yeah, gee, you're saying that they may come and they may not

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Right. But in the Quran many times we're dealing with a PA the pad is used before a present tense verb to actually affirm a meaning. And you find that a lot in the Quran it's all over. And it's a usage that Donald had. Now it's not the most common usage that exists today in the in the modern dialect of Arabic, but it was one of the known and well established usages of it in the time with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for sure. So we'll cut Allah Munna. This means he's affirming Subhan the Messiah was affirming to his people and you will for sure know and Nila SUTA Allah He like them you know that I am the messenger of Allah subhanaw taala to you. For them Marcel is a Ivana was Xia

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is when you is when you don't walk straight anymore and you start you start going to the right or going to the left, you start making mistakes, you start losing you start you start losing your focus, they weren't able to figure out this

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was pressing there's a button

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there's a button that makes no it makes like a doorbell

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don't know who's pressing it, but it's very

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sad when you just go into improper improper direction or you will lose your focus or lose your little handle macoco grant machi mumbo jumbo

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he likes to dance in front of me when I'm giving my goals or whatever reason

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I'm amazed when they lost their weight when they started to take shortcuts. Here's what it means. And this is important because this this piece here is it was quite relevant to us. But um, as well, when they started to take shortcuts, they stopped walking the straight path, they start to look for ways to cut corners and not necessarily do what they have to do as Allahu kulula Whom Allah Subhan to understand their hearts in a straight they start they want to stray with their behaviors or to make decisions where they start started to cut corners and take shortcuts and and not do as report and Allah subhanaw taala sent their hearts as straight as other localu Well, Allahu Allah, you had

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to call manifest pain and Allah does not guide the hearts of those who, who who go astray or deviate. The concept of fist and zeal is one in his nature and its origin. That's the different words but they have something in common. They talk about deviation. They talk about when you know what route you need to take but you don't take it you deviate for whatever for one reason or another. It could be a personal reason it could be it could be a communal reason could be anything may decide to go in different direction. Musa alayhis salam points out with quite a Musa he called me he called me number two in any way it is like your why is it that you're harming me? Are you

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hurting me? And I've always found that usage of avoiding really interesting in the Quran that Musa would say that. Why do you hurt me? Why do you hurt me by continuously

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cutting corners, taking shortcuts and deviating for what I from what I'm teaching, when I'm being very clear to you when you know for sure that what I'm telling you is what Allah subhanaw taala is taught Why don't you stick to this? Why do you continue to hurt me and Musa Sam because he has that feeling of ownership. And that's something that not only he felt but all the prophets before him and after him. And all those who actually adhere to Islam feel that ownership when when his followers don't follow the way he explains or don't have a stick arm they don't they don't walk this straight path. For him. It feels like he's being hurt just like you're hurting him personally, you're taking

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something away from him personally by doing this, even though obviously they're not. But that's but that's how he understood it on a historical set. Because he felt that ownership over the deal that this is something is our story. This is our fate is our nation. Why are you and another reason that he's using this word specifically in social stuff is because the social, I wanted to get that put that aside, because that's how they've seen it look at it. But to give you something a little bit more intuitive. The reason that he uses that word and is the only place where he uses this word it he said, I use a lot to say I'm talking about himself. mucem is because the social contract works

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that way. When I don't follow it, I hurt you. When I don't do my job, when I don't put in my hours, I don't make sure that I contribute and put in my part, I am hurting you. And when you don't do it, you're hurting me, meaning we hurt one another when we get when we fall short of performing the tasks that we are required to perform towards our communities, our societies, our nations and our countries, however you want to put it that's what the social contract is about. That's what sort of stuff talks about. We are responsible to perform certain things. We have to take care of our job we have to we have to offer our own what is it that our OMA is owed by us and when we don't we harm

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everyone in it. Everyone is hurt. And that piece I feel we don't we've lost the the we lost we lost that. The moral compass regarding that. But if you want to take a simple example, just take a sport if you've played a group sport in the past, and it's really simple. If within a group within a team sport, if you don't put in your PC or your part if you don't contribute to the team. Everyone on the team suffers because the team suffers. But you're basically

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You're hurting them? Because the team is just an abstract idea, right? What is the team? It's just a name with a flag. And maybe it's just a space. It's an abstract concept. It's not something, forgive me, it's not something real, it's not physical.

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Countries are the same. When you say Canada, Canada is an abstract idea. There's no, there's no physical entity, that's Canada and Canada can't, can't really use suffer as a thing is symbolic. I'm talking about the people who live in it, the Canadians are in it, they make without Canadians, there is no Canada, Canada is just a, it's just an abstract idea. So you're just saying I'm trying to say here. So when you when you don't do your part, you will harm the team. But because the team or the group is not something that is real, is an abstract idea, or a concept that was constructed by the group, what you're really hurting as everyone in the group, those are the ones who are suffering,

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the team lost, the team is

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who doesn't care, the team is not going to the team's not gonna knock on the door, but the players on the team are gonna go home upset, and they're going to suffer and their careers will suffer and their livelihood will suffer and their reputation will suffer the team, okay, it's not, it doesn't it's not a big doesn't care. It's not it's not a thing. It's not a thing. So he talked about the Nation of Islam, for example, the profit out of your ummah, it's an abstract idea. All it is, is the collective, some of all of the Muslims who live in it are a part of it.

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So Mozartian stood up, he's questioning his people. He's saying Nima, who in any using that term,

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why do you continue to hurt me, what he's trying to explain to them is that you have an obligation, you have to see it through, you have to hold yourself accountable for the you're part of the of this equation, you're part of the story. You carry a certain amount of responsibility, carry it, when you don't, you hurt me, and you hurt everyone else with me, you weren't everyone, we all do. When we fall short of our of our obligations, we harm everyone around us. And that's just how life is. But sometimes, because your contribution is small, the harm that occurs to everyone is diluted to small, small, because I'm one in a couple of 1000 Millions.

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If I don't do anything, don't do my part. It's almost untraceable. It's almost it's not untraceable. It's it's almost untraceable. Almost Allah some I will trace it for sure. I can't trace it. One at a 2 billion Hi, I can't figure that out. It's very hard. How do I figure out what your country is, if you don't do anything, I'm going to I'm going to your contribution was it was small to begin with, then I'm gonna diluted amongst 2 billion people who's going to feel it?

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Sure, but that's how this story works. You're accountable for it, you're accountable for it. But then the person beside me also doesn't do their job. And yes, it was a small amount is diluted amongst 2 billion so does not felt but then the third person does doesn't either, and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth and the seventh and eighth, then after a while the numbers start to build up. And actually there's some contribution actually becomes quite sizable, and when you diluted I'm gonna get to billion actually still has meaning that there's actual harm occurring. And that harm starts to add up and add up and add up and then we are where we are today, then we are where we are

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today, where Muslims all across the globe, for the last 3040 years lose their lives. meaninglessly in justly by forces that span from, from foreign to internal to, it's all over the map. And Muslims, regardless of their color and their race are continuously being treated in an inhumane manner. And the reason that that happens is because it's just your small contribution that you thought was not important. You didn't do it. Anyway, hakuna matata follow in Allah, your Hibbeler Dean, soften Can you didn't didn't matter to you? You didn't do it? Like what what is I'm one person who cares, what quite possibly what difference can I possibly make I understand this is what a social contract is.

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The social contract is there to say, you know, no, you do matter, you do matter. You may be small, but it matters, it adds up. It adds up as a sum, it adds up for sure or, or, or decreases, or to pieces down on the numbers, it will be felt eventually will be felt. You have to just you have to understand this contract is there for a reason. You have to understand what you what it is that you offer and you're contributing contributed. Even if it's small, even if it's if it's just you're sitting, sitting in a masjid and teaching a few kids to read the Quran, or just driving if you're elderly people to the masjid two to three times a week. We're just taking care of your family and

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your children or just you know, putting a little bit of money every month based on your ability, whatever it is, whatever your contribution is, I don't know. That sort of stuff gives you a few ideas. So the stuff does talks about you need to you need to see it through your commitment you gave you gave a verbal Yani promise you see it through with your

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Your actions will continue to strengthen the unity and the equality within your community. And it keeps it keeps on going. But at the end the details of your commitment, your details of your contribution to the togetherness, the unity and the equality of your ummah, the strength of your home is going to be something that ultimately you have to figure out. Like you have to kind of figure out what exactly is it that I have that I can offer? I can't do that for you. And no one should be doing that for you. It's something that you shouldn't be doing for yourself, because no one really knows what it is that you've got. But you what exactly do you have to offer? Everyone's

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different? Everyone else has got to deal with different hands so you have something different to offer. Not everyone has wealth. Not everyone has knowledge. Not everyone has time. Everyone has expertise. Everyone has something that they can put forward. But when you don't leave any Why are you hurting me? You are you're hurting everyone around you. When I do the same when I don't see my obligation through I hurt you. We hurt one another when we decide not to see our part of the deal through and we're not going to actually commit ourselves. It may be small, maybe small and diluted, but it's there. It's there. It is for sure. There it's just maybe not visible to the naked eye.

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Sometimes it will be for sure. Like sometimes you'll be in a position where you have enough influence and enough impact. Where are you when you when you fall short. People feel it, and people see it and it becomes visible and tangible. But for the most of us, the most part majority of people it's not it's not seen, and that's why most artists did on this sort of stuff. We'll use that term.

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Lima to Guney Why do you hurt me? I always find it a beautiful term and he never uses it anywhere else. himself. There's other places Contadina though Musa but what who loved them? They were Allah subhanaw taala uses it but most it isn't and there's no one time where he uses it. He said he says that to them. You hurt me by the way, most of us that was quite strong. He was a strong man physically strong man, socially the strong the strong willed person. No one would dream to hurt Musa.

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You think of Musa think of Amara, these are people they got by what he meant by that he was trying to remind them of what they had. What Darla Munna and you know, Sula, Hagen, you know that I am the messenger of Allah to you, you know that I'm teaching you and I'm telling you the truth, you know that I'm telling you what you need to do. Why do you continue to do this for them as well, but they continue to deviate. They continue to look for shortcuts and cut corners and they didn't want to commit.

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What did they say? Do you know this in

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your Latina How do you had any phone call? Kalama unmolded. Rahim Well, gewoon SME Hana.

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Wow, slinging westmar. Layer almost mine. What are you know? So they will say these four things to Musa Lisa. They will say send me I know, we heard what you have to tell us. That's what this verse is referring to. I'm telling you what this area here and soft is referring to in terms of the concepts of understand, because it's a part of the social contract. It's sent me I know, we heard we got it. Maybe we understand what you're saying? Well, I'll say no, we don't like it, then we're not going to do it is too hard. What's my but we have a lot that we want you to hear from us. What's my boy Ramos? mind me, you have to listen to us without us being willing to listen to you. We're smart,

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we're almost smarter. So that means I want you to listen to me. So they will tell them listen, we heard you wait doing it. Now you need to listen to us. Even though we don't we're making clear we don't really not gonna really hear you. What are you know, and you need to change, you will need to compromise some of this stuff, right? If you go to any, you know, if you're from the martial, specifically, and you walk into any of the markets, any of the markets, this is the word that is used, like it's like, it's like you're eating raw, you know, where are you standing and going with the word means the word means how much is this? Is 3000 lira. Right? I ain't I mean, bring it to you

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bring it down to 150 after after, like, literally two or three minutes, honestly. And the guy walks away with a profit for sure. Yeah. But it's the concept of bring it down, bring it down, just bring it down, compromise it. So but the way they treat Musa listen, I was like, Yeah, we heard what you have to say. Yeah, we get what you want. No. So now listen to us. Because we have a lot of complaints and we need you to bring this down a bit. I know you're all in you're you're you're following a lot command stuff and your commandments and all this and you're really Yeah, we know it's way too hard. You need to bring this down make make this less for us, which is why he moves

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out. ASAM Yanni held the Prophet Allah you saw this on the date of marriage, every time the Prophet alayhi salam wanted to go back with the number of prayers like no, no. I've tried people before. 50 No chance go back. Go back to God. The prophet Allah is awesome. Looks at mucem Go back to what do you mean? Go back, go back. Go back before they tell you what they told me. You don't they'll tell you what they told me. It's my head. I'm listening to what I know. You'll end up in the same position. Go back, tell him to break it down. He did that three times.

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And he wanted him to go back and force me when he heard five. He told him not to go back.

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Five, it's way too much. Maybe once a day, maybe once every couple of days. There's not going to pull the rug out. So this was a no, no no Allah subhana decree that they're going to be five worth 50

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subhanaw taala

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but this is what he for a Mazda who when they decided to make it clear that they were not going to follow the teachings properly or straightforwardly, they wanted to deviate Zagal as Allahu Luba, Allah subhanaw taala sent their hearts deviated matter.

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He says their hearts astray, you are safe in life for as long as your heart stays in the right place. For as long as you are able to see yourself for what you are, and you're able to hold yourself accountable, you're able to see righteousness from from falsehood. The moment you lose that ability, the moment you can't see yourself to be at fault. The moment you can't see yourself to be, you can't hold yourself accountable, you don't feel that you're wrong, you don't see the mistakes you're making as mistakes. That is when you lost. That's how marriages end basically. Right? That's how marriages end. Why do you think then, because both parties now don't have the ability to see

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themselves at fault anymore. They don't have it everyone, each each party feels that they are not at fault. The other person is 100% at fault, and obviously can't fix this anymore. Because they've lost insight. They've lost insight. When you lose insight. There's no way to fix it. Again, we can offer you you have to wait until insight comes back and may come back in May never come back. Some people never comes back. They continue to believe the lie that they made up. They believe the lie they tell themselves and then they live within they're fine with that. So as Allah Who Bluegum Allah Allah said in the Start stopped protecting their hearts from following a path of deviation and their

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hearts went in a deviated manner. And they thought we'll get home faster clean. That wasn't like there's no grant guidance to people who deviate and fess up and Fisk is when you go straight. And you know the path that he was trying to take a take a ride or take a left go in different direction for a while. That's Fisk. That's what all it means Islam really doesn't really mean anything else. And he decided that this is not the path that you want to follow.

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So the third piece of this story.

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The third piece of the story is accepting Islam for what it is not for what you want it to be. You accept the teachings, the way they are, not how you would like them to be. This is an extremely important concept that most audience that I'm explaining here in this this verse, you are not going to like every single command that Allah subhanaw taala puts in his book, you're not you are not accept that make peace with that. Now, you're not going to like them all. But it doesn't matter whether you like them or you don't. What matters is that you follow because you know they are the truth and they became from Allah subhanaw taala you're liking something or not liking something does

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not make a difference moves out. He said, I'm told them to stop heart, why are you harming me? You know that I'm the prophet for a messenger from Allah, I'm teaching the truth. But they continue to deviate, they continue to make this argument that No, you need to bring this down. So Allah Subhanallah sent their hearts in a different direction and they weren't able to continue.

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They weren't able to continue they that whole generation was phased out to be swept up. And the new generation had to be brought forward with their own profits in order for this to kind of work, but it wasn't going to work otherwise.

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So this piece here has to be clear for Muslims. You may know what is the right I didn't tell you what the right response was. So when they said,

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Sammy, I know slinging West malleolus Marina What are you know, when he said that to the Musa was wrong? They shouldn't have said that that's not the right approach. You don't come and say I heard what you have to say *. I don't like it. Now listen to me, I have a bunch of complaints that I need you to know. To come down and cut off your gun off your horse a little bit come down here little bit Stop. Stop making all these demands. Stop saying I'll let you in VLC at the motor home pod. Send me I know what Aparna was smart one Borna. Like on a higher level?

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Well, I can learn at home ALLAH because ALLAH kalila so what they should have said was sent me I know we heard while I know we accept, we accept what you're saying is the truth. And we accept it is correct. 100% we do not question any of it. We have heard it, we've accepted it. Wisma. But we have some we want you to listen to us. So twice, this comes up twice.

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Twice in the sutra in that area, it comes up westmar meaning the person who was listening who's the person who the follower will ask the leader or the teacher or the preacher or the Prophet, that I need you to listen to me. I have some questions. I have concerns. I have complaints. I have difficulties. I have struggles I have challenges. There's a lot of issues here. Let's SMA and you have the right to do that well environment and then give me time. Give me time to understand and comprehend.

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It's one thing for you to say. This is how Islam is these shields are talking about it or wrong. I know what Islam is. I'll make the version of it that works for me. You know, that's what I'll preach. That's one thing. Another thing is no this is what Islam is. I'm not following it. 100% I have my personal struggles. I manage I'm trying but I'm not getting there and I'm still far from where I need to be but I'm trying I'm trying my best this the best I have right now. I need some I need more time I need I need more help. I need support, and I need patience.

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So that's the these are two different approaches completely complete, the second one is fine. The first one is problematic. Because I don't like Islam, I don't change it. So it suits me, I change to suit it. And I may take a long time for you to change them to suit. And so that may take a long time, it may never fully happen, you may only be able to adhere to maybe 80% of Islam or 70% of stuff. But as long as you're at least clear that that 30% That you're not adhering to is Islam, and then it's on you that you did not adhere to it, you're safe. You're fine, even human Tiama you will be forgiven in sha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will forgive you. But if you come and say, no,

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no, it's done. What they're saying is wrong. That's not what Islam is, I know what Islam is, and you start making things up. You start deleting and removing and adjusting and changing. And that's a problem, especially when there's no knowledge involved. I mean, it's one thing if you are a scholar, if you have spent the last 2025 years of your life studying Islamic law,

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the Arabic language and Arabic poetry and you've went into every aspect of Islamic disciplines, from from Tafseer, to Hadith, to soil to reef to save, you understand all of this in detail. And you have a lineage of scholars who have been teaching over the last two, three decades of your life, then go ahead, and you can make claims and you can you can give fun when you can talk about things you can point out mistakes that were made, that's not a problem. But before that in the sight of that, then you should really be very careful. Because there are two approaches in the Quran that are pointed out, neither of them, neither of them are actually saying that the neither them show someone who was

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actually adhering 100%. Neither of them point out a person was following the law 100% doing No. It just shows two groups, one that understands that Islam needs that the law is the law, whether I like it or not, it is what it is. And I will try my best to adhere. And if I fail, I will admit that I'm not doing well, I'll ask for help. And I'll continue to try. Another one is saying this law has to change. It needs to be removed. These concepts have to be there, they're outdated, they have to go. And the people who talk about it have to go to because it doesn't suit me or the way I live in the way I think those are very different approaches. And Mussolini's from the approach he was dealing

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with, with his people was that they wanted him to change stuff. They were saying is too strict. It's too hard. We don't like it.

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Like what like the Sabbath didn't like that. They didn't think that was a reasonable thing.

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So they cast their nets on Friday, pick them up on Sunday.

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Because they didn't want to.

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Because Oh, they found a way around it. They found their way around. They told them no Saturday, Saturday, a full day we don't work and make money. No, sorry. You want to work? No, Allah, Allah said, told you Saturday's your take off, don't work Saturdays.

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So they said, No, you need to talk to him about it. See how to change it. If you don't, we don't want to do this.

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So they went to the cost of dinner, it would put it Friday night to pick up Sunday morning and act like they didn't do anything that was there that was there. We're on his own. As Avila bluebella spotted a center

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for my district history. You have to accept Islam as it is a part of the social contract as you accept the law as it is, you accept it.

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Why so you can continue so we can continue to preserve it, the law will get lost if it's not if we don't, if the Muslims don't preserve their Allah, you'll be very surprised if you were to pick up the Torah or the NGO, the ones that we have today, if you pick up the Bible, the King James Version, and read it, you will be going after your Christian friends asking them a lot of questions.

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But says it right here. Why are you doing this? It says and you'll after after asking them seven or eight times about very specific clear verses in their own Bible repeated like seven eight times in a row that they don't adhere to. You'll come to the conclusion of yeah, you if you don't accept the law that is giving to you as it is. It will get lost even though maybe the it'll be lost even though even though maybe the words are still there. But it won't be preserved anymore. Preserving Islam, it's on YouTube. It's on us to preserve this law that were given by Allah subhanaw taala these teachings How do you do that? You you do your part, and you accept it as it is even if you're not

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doing a great job at following. No one is by the way, just some people is obvious and some people it isn't. That's all. There's some people their sin is visible. And others like me, it's not as visible. May Allah spider figure all of us but there's no no one who's out who's doing it, you know? No, one's acing it. Just very few people are acing it. Those are Allah subhanho wa Taala that you you'll search for for you in your life and you if you find them you'll hold on to them to the best of your ability because they're gems, but the majority of us are trying our best and not doing too well. But as long as we continue to say we know what's right we know this is right we're not doing

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it but I know it's right. I know it's right. Then you're safe is the moment you decide to say no, no, this has to do we need to we need to listen to change this a little bit to Lima to Why are you hurting me? Khatallah near Rasulullah Hilic. I'm teaching you exactly what Allah said. You see, you cannot

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had an argument with me because I'm just a dude. I'm just some guy interpreting trying to interpret for you and it was written in the Quran, so you can easily just accuse me of not doing a good job at it. But they were speaking to musante Sinha, Kaleem Allah, the One who spoke to God. He spoke to Allah directly. There was no median, there's no middleman. He's a prophet of Allah, He he'd be split to see for them. Like if they needed I don't know what else the they saw at least 14 different physical miracles in their lives. You walk through the sea with them and showed them around drowning, and they're still questioning him, no less, not as much change. It's a problem. It's a

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human. It's a human problem is it These verses are not to bash money. These are for you and I, this is what we're doing to we do this as well. We all do. We look for you, we look for ways to de lessen the amount of work we have to do. But really, really what you're doing is you're you're betraying your social contract not contributing the way you should. And you're not preserving the law. You have to we have to all contribute to preserving what this is. and accepting it as it is. There's a nice saying by one of the imams in the States, I'm not sure what their name is name is, is come to Islam.

00:36:10--> 00:36:12

Come as you are to Islam as it is.

00:36:14--> 00:36:52

Come as you are to Islam as it is. Don't try to change what it is. But what it how it works. You may you may come, you may have all these problems. That's no problem. I said, I just had to just make sure you're here. Someone who drinks. Someone has a problem with alcohol. They have a problem with alcohol, they can't seem to stop as long as they understand and acknowledge that alcohol is haram to drink. They're alright. They're safe to a certain degree though they're safe. They're safe because they at least acknowledges how long the moment they walk in dementia. You know what? I need to be welcomed in the message with my beer. I have to be able to come here and drink safely and not be

00:36:52--> 00:37:22

discriminated against as I drink my beer that's a problem because now you're now what are you doing? What are you demanding? Islam does not Islam does not allow for that there's no way that in Islam there's not something that is that that exists. You can't just make up the law you can't just change what Islam is. If you are struggling with others fine you can struggle you can still be here you continue to struggle with have this struggle moving forward in your life, you can get some support, you may not you may stop you may not you may be able to perform full Toba, you may not you may bounce back and forth. It's all fine, you're human. Your story will be whatever your story is going

00:37:22--> 00:37:47

to be. But the law can't be touched. You can't come and try and change what Islam is and change the way it's going to function because you're having a problem with something and this is what moves out as I was pointing out into Lima to do in any Why are you harming or hurting me? By continuously trying to change what is and we can't preserve our life we at least don't acknowledge it to be what it is. And I think that's a really important piece that I want to share with you okay, let's recite it and number six

00:37:48--> 00:37:55

What if all of a sudden email Rihanna yeah Bernie is so ill

00:38:03--> 00:38:07

in me also law he Eli ecom

00:38:11--> 00:38:17

Mossad De Lima Boehner the Yamina the wall

00:38:22--> 00:38:27

when will she be also fully D

00:38:32--> 00:38:37

yet D mean by the smooth murder

00:38:42--> 00:38:48

so if you were to stop at bat ID if you stopped doing the Member ID and you wanted to continue How would you continue?

00:38:50--> 00:38:52

Or would you say I want to take a job

00:38:54--> 00:38:58

so if you stopped that bad he didn't go back he just continued from bad you What would you say how you start the word.

00:38:59--> 00:39:29

So as to be is smooth now smooth. All right. So whenever you have a Hamzat Wassell if you look at the Hamza has a little bit of like a fish hat or something on top of it. So I'm just Watson and it's a noun. You always start with the customer accepting a tariff, meaning the Elif lamb and aside from that, you always start with the customers you never go ooh smooth. You say is smooth alright that's all throughout the way there's a lot of different examples but I thought this was worth pointing out to you. For

00:39:31--> 00:39:34

whom home built by Gina at

00:39:39--> 00:39:40

all her

00:39:42--> 00:39:43


00:39:47--> 00:39:54

women of lamb oming, lampooning Manny, law and law he has Eber

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Well where are you there? Adel is

00:40:08--> 00:40:14

long hula de la OMA volleying.

00:40:19--> 00:40:47

So Hey Sally is from and when it is what you would call it he said with a million when he says Son of Mary said yeah but he is, or or children of Israel are sons and daughters of Israel either Valco by the use of Yahoo in need or suit Allah he leaked them indeed I am the messenger of Allah to you similar to what Musa just said a moment ago Katana Munna and Nia rasool Allah He, they come so there's two verses that are showing us the prophets confirming themselves to their followers as being messengers. And the reason that they're doing that

00:40:49--> 00:41:02

is because they're demanding something from them. They're demanding something so I am the messenger. I have I'm asking you of something, I'm asking you something, you have to listen to what it is I'm asking you to do, which is what the social contract means.

00:41:03--> 00:41:43

Musa Lima Bay in a minute Dora, I bring to you what that means it is similar or it is a continuation, or it does not defy or contradict what came before exactly who came before me from the Torah, meaning it is not a synonym came and said I'm not bringing something new. I am I am continuing with the Torah taught before me which the Quran says the same thing. So they call him Albania, the human authority will ng me in the Quran continues the same legacy that the Torah and the NGO brought forward me the Quran did not come and break all the laws of the prophets before. And what that is referring to is the theology obviously, it's referring to the principles and the values

00:41:43--> 00:42:23

and the basic ethics and the belief system that Islam carries. Mu Sally's cinnamon was not given something that different than what a Saudi son was given not different than what mumbo jumbo and I'm humble as I was I was given or any other profit before them, for that matter, or any other profit that it has existed anywhere across the globe over the last 15 to 20,000 years has been the same message that's been given every time around law, in law, the concept of though hate the concept of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and the ethics and the values and the principles that come along with that, will they be well there will be differences when it comes to practices or for sure, for

00:42:23--> 00:43:00

sure every law has a little bit of a different things for and that's fine with the law that moves out a stem was given is different than a lot the ACSM was given different a lot that Muhammad some lessons for he was given, that's fine. That's not never been a problem. Because actually not as difficult or as strict of an issue as most people tend to believe it, there's a lot of room there because it's something that is deferred over over the centuries, but the theology has. So he says making a nice I was making a point here that I am indeed a messenger of Allah to you and I bring to you that which is does not contradict or change or deviate from the teachings of the Torah of Mossad

00:43:00--> 00:43:12

he said I'm When will my shell on Bureau soon and I'm bringing you the good tidings or the news of Ebola suit of a prophet or a messenger Yeah, demon bad you will come after me is smooth Iman and his name will be mo Salah highlight

00:43:14--> 00:43:19

his name and in the Injeel where it was Ahmed Ali Salatu was Salam. And obviously,

00:43:20--> 00:44:03

there's, I'm not going to go into the details of of the biblical findings of this, but you can look this up if you're more interested in it. And that's ongoing, living, long living legacy of these debates. And these explanations exist online for free. I don't think people even even realize how hard it was to come by stuff like this when I was younger, you want to learn something like this you have to get into a car like a public service thing. And they had to drive you for like an hour or so you have to go hunting and searching and looking for DVDs or CDs or, or books or something to read today. You just have to you know, with your left thumb as you lie on you lie on your bed to half

00:44:03--> 00:44:43

naked, just pressing just punch in his name. And then YouTube will magically literally show you everything this man has ever said all throughout his life for free with completely free of cost. But no, I think Mr. Big is more important. Right? I think I think certain I think there's Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast right? Amo reported that it may mean reporting human beings, what they're doing there, they know the stuff that they're doing there Yanni just outweighs anything else that you can learn. And it's very I think we're in a time and this is a rant. Yeah, it has nothing to do with this time in our lives where there's, there's so much abundance of knowledge is breathtaking. And it's so

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

available that we don't want to learn anymore. Like we're not actually taking time to learn I find this to be very, very concerning. Because I remember how hard it was to combine information. Like when I was younger, it was hard but I grew up not that old but this is quite new. Like what we're what you're seeing today is quite

00:45:00--> 00:45:33

quite new, a very new never existed, like you're looking at someone who's not that old, it's like this did not exist before, you could not come by information this easily. You want to learn something you had to go, you have to actually go seek people out and seek and find books. And they wouldn't always they weren't always printed correctly. And in fact, verification was hard. Now it's everything is there punching anything you want, anything, anything, the most ridiculous thing in the world punching and how to do it. And someone, some guy in a in a toupee will stand there and explain to you how to do it. And but no one wants to learn how to do stuff anymore. And people have lost

00:45:33--> 00:46:08

interest and knowledge, even though I think because it's so readily available. It's something that I have not figured out yet in life, I have not figured this piece out. I haven't figured out how to deal with the fact that people don't value something that is always available. Like how to deal with that piece. I don't know, I have not figured that out. We know that as human beings, like in relationships, you know that if you're always there for the person, after a while they take you for granted, they stop appreciating you and the abuse, your kindness and your service. And it's hard to accept that. And that's what causes a lot of relationships to end into and not to function. Well.

00:46:08--> 00:46:32

That's why parents get frustrated with their children and children are frustrated with each other and married spouses don't work with because there's a lack of appreciation of something that is readily available. It's always there. It's always there in the morning, it's there, and it's always there. You don't have to work for it. So you just start taking it for granted. So we don't appreciate things that are always there. So what do we do with the way for example, we teach Islam? How do we deal with that peace.

00:46:33--> 00:47:10

When you make Islamic law, Islamic theology readily available, it's available, it's free, just come in and sit and listen. And you find that people will go and prefer to pay $150 a month to listen to a person who has no idea what they're talking about. Like they have no clue what they don't know what they're talking about. They don't understand what it is that they're saying. But the prefer to pay that. That to me still, I'm still boggled by that I still don't fully understand I get the basic concept of something being scarce or exclusive or having to put money into it, that it makes it feel but but I don't understand when someone is, is well educated or knowledgeable or is old enough or

00:47:10--> 00:47:36

mature enough. And has the ability to to assess the value of what is being presented to them for free. I'm not talking about myself here. I'm actually talking about the knowledge that exists in the world today. That is there and it's free. You can you can access anything, what does it just want to know? What do you want to learn, you will find an abundance of channels and sources that will teach you these things. And it's not the art yet people don't want to learn it. Yet people prefer the shorts

00:47:38--> 00:48:17

with funny stuff, and maybe a little bit like something something's dead simple that has no content, No substance, no benefit whatsoever. We prefer that over maybe, because I know that there were lectures that that were given in historically, that I will I I did everything in my power to get my hands on when I was young, I could not get my hands on. I could not I tried everything I couldn't get mad and free and and 10 years went by and I tried it I never did. And one night a couple of nights ago, I was laying down like, Yeah, whatever happened to that, how that I thought Sudan gave and I could never find. So Allah He, I knew I if I could, if I could detect with my toes, I guess

00:48:17--> 00:48:47

you could just press it with you just telling the YouTube I just put it put it in there. Like it's impossible to be there. It was everywhere. It was it was everywhere. It wasn't there. It was everywhere. It's broken down into folders for free. And I was like, but I forgotten that I look into that when I was younger. I listened to it again. And I thought it was it was a paella. It's all there. So a lot of knowledge exists in the world today. And when it comes to even knowledge and the cities that you live in, there's a lot available people don't care to learn. There's an issue there's a there's a problem here. I don't know exactly where it's coming from. I haven't I haven't

00:48:47--> 00:48:53

deciphered this code yet. I don't know is the answer that you make everything paid for. You make it all put your money.

00:48:55--> 00:49:29

You do that and people start calling associate Diani something else. You get called something different. And it looks it looks bad and it's not really service when you're asking for money. It's not it's not a service. This deen is built on service. We are servants I serve you. And you serve people around you and we serve one another. Everyone serves with the capacity that they have. Once you put money in it's not service anymore. It's a contract. It's a give and take type of thing. And now in this OMA service, but it's not working very well for whatever reason it's not it's not achieving its objective. It's not functioning properly. I don't know how to fix this, but it's

00:49:29--> 00:49:38

something that I've I've i For the longest time struggled with understanding. So he's telling them I he said I'm asin Mercia

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

he's telling them that I brought to you nothing that is different from what Musa he said I'm taught and after me will come at profit by the name of Ahmed. So Allah has abused me and He will bring something similar as well. So continue this legacy. Hey, Sally Instagrams message was at the legacy will continue. That was his message. Most that came before

00:50:00--> 00:50:29

me I am now after him someone's gonna come after and this story will continue this legacy will live on forever Murgia home will buy units and when he brought earlier somebody came to them will buy a unit with the clarifications with the clarities ba Lu heard from moving. They said this is this is obvious, magic or wizardry. There's obvious illusions it's not it's not it's not real. Oh man. I mean when if Dolla dolla hilted the bun who is more of an oppressor than someone who lies

00:50:30--> 00:50:51

about Allah if Allah and Allah Who makes up lies about Allah subhanaw taala well, who are you there is and Islam when they're being called to Islam call to submission or call to the correct way? Well, Allahu Allah ideal como volley mean Allah Subhan, Allah does not. This is the second the first one he does not guide those who deviate. The second one, he does not guide those who oppress those who are oppressors.

00:50:53--> 00:51:26

The message in the eastern Eastern, I'm writing these two verses differently than most Alex's messages you need to take accept the law as it is, adhere to it as it is and walk the straight path, don't deviate, don't play around, don't cut corners. And don't take shortcuts, just just accept it as it preserve it. And he's on Instagram is talking about the preservation of the legacy, the continuation of carrying the baton from one generation down to the other, walking down that path, not refusing things just because they're new to you, or just because they're different to you just because you it's not what you were used to are not a part of your culture, not a part of your

00:51:26--> 00:51:49

background, as as they did when the Prophet Allah your slaughter was said and even though they had knowledge of him coming, that at some point there will be someone after the Messiah at least and and that will speak. And he will bring the final message the message that does not require any, any abrogation unless he did not record that has his ability to grow and live on its own and and take its own form. As people move from one place to the other as time progresses moving forward.

00:51:50--> 00:52:09

They says everyone will be they made something up about it. They said no, it's an illusion, it's a lie. It's magic. It's something just so that they don't have to follow it. And then Allah some 100 points, and then who's who's more of an oppressor than someone who's being called to the righteous path, and they make up a lie just so they won't have to. Allah does not guide those who are oppressors.

00:52:11--> 00:52:12

fourth piece.

00:52:14--> 00:52:49

The fourth piece is that when you refuse to continue, the legacy is an act of oppression. When you refuse to continue to move the legacy forward, it's an act of oppression. If you think about it, it's actually the worst act of oppression that exists. The only hope for the next generation to have Islam is if the generation that is living right now ensures that they handed down appropriately, that's the only way, if you don't do that, then they won't receive it. Because they have no other way to actually access it has the example I gave you the knowledge all there, but no one's gonna read it and I was gonna listen to and I was gonna, I was gonna access it is there though, the only

00:52:49--> 00:53:28

way you're going to ensure that this legacy continues, is that if the generation that is alive today that is capable, will ensure that they pass it down to the one that's going to come next. And that's how Islam has been transferred for the last 1400 years. And for as long as this will survive, it will be transferred in the exact same way. It's a Senate. It's a chain of narration. It's a chain of of knowledge. It's a chain of enlightenment, it doesn't happen. These things don't occur on their own. You can't learn it's not from books on it on their own, you can't learn it's not from YouTube on its own. That's not what I'm actually asking you to do. Nor is that what I am suggesting that you

00:53:28--> 00:54:05

should be doing. You the only way that Islam lives on is is each generation makes sure the one after it is properly educated. And they were properly educated by the one before and they were properly educated before going back until the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And that's the majority of scholars within this world. That's how they got the vast majority of Allah. That's how they achieved the knowledge that they have. They learned from people who learn from people who learn from people, and it comes back to the sahaba. And back to the values what was the one that legacy has to continue. And he said I used to be and that's what he was trying to teach them. I continued, I'm

00:54:05--> 00:54:29

continuing methodically my begging them, they give me the Torah, I'm continuing the legacy of what the Torah was teaching. And I'm telling you from now that there will be a prophet after me his name is Ahmed and he will continue as well. He will continue this legacy moving forward, this legacy will continue to live this will not die off. But then when he came out of you saw through some of the clarifications they say several movie they said this is this is all it's all it's a lie. It's a magic. It's not a deal.

00:54:31--> 00:55:00

And who's more of an oppressor than someone who's being given or disliked here, here it is continue. And they and they make up a lie so they don't have to actually take it. That's the worst is active oppression. Because once one generation refuses to take it, it's causes severed is severed. The next one has nothing there's a there's a there's a missing link now in the chain, the chain can't be connected anymore. You can pick up a book and read as much as you'd like. You ain't gonna go very far. You're not gonna learn much you need. You need the guidance of the people who came before you need that legacy to get

00:55:00--> 00:55:11

That's a part of the social contract, you're a part of this, you're a part you're a part of ensuring that Islam lives on through practicing yourself and make sure that you handed down as even though you don't refuse any part of it.

00:55:12--> 00:55:24

Imagine if we stopped measuring. So the way I'll give you the example I like is, for example, is the Quran. So you look at the Quran, the Quran you had at the beginning, just Mohammed Salah Allah Muhammad.

00:55:25--> 00:55:58

And then after, say, the Muhammad Ali, so then you had maybe 1000s of the Sahaba, who memorize the Quran. And then after that each one of them tied 100 or 200 people. So you had a couple of 1000 people after that, and that that'd be a generation. And then after this, the pyramid goes down this way. And then each generation now that there's what maybe 45 million Muslims who know the Quran by heart, you can even take all the Messiah has that ever been printed all across the globe and burn them all and destroy the internet and the Quran would not lose a letter, the Quran would not lose even at a scale nothing. The client would not be affected at all. The brain exists and lives in the

00:55:58--> 00:56:29

minds and the hearts of the many Muslims who memorized it with a chain of narration. When you change narration, it's actually really interesting. That's how it went. When you when someone narrates a hadith for you after Salah to Russia, the Hadith generating they're only telling you the Sahaba who said it, but if you really wanted to know, they could go, they could they could they could go through the chain. All right, I was taught this hadith by my teacher who was taught by a teacher who was taught by inaudible hottie who learned it from Chef Medina who took it from a go back, you can count the six or seven people bring them Bacardi back to the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam was all

00:56:29--> 00:57:02

handed down. It was all one person handing and teaching and educating the person that came later. That was Islam as an oral tradition. It's an oral tradition, everything in it has been taught to has been passed down. Yes. When you have the tools, when you have the knowledge or the academic tools to interpret things a little bit differently than they were interpreted before within the restrictions and the limitations and the guidelines that were given. And you're welcome to do that your support, you're actually obligated to do that. You can't just follow blindly if you have the tools to actually say something that may be more beneficial for people in a certain time in place. But it's

00:57:02--> 00:57:17

still a part of a tradition is still a part of a handing down. That's how it omec good survives. Hasani sometimes nest message was simple. I am a continuation on a slow he's messy. If the Mercy Alayhis Salam,

00:57:18--> 00:57:55

if Allah okay Lima to alcohol, ammonium is saying I am just link in a chain most that was before me that is coming after me. So Allah says my name is called Achmed. Because before he was Mohammed yet to be Ahmed, see Mohammed means the one that is praised. Ahmed means the one who praises the most so before he was going to be given his true name Muhammad you had to be Ahmed you have to be the one who praises the most in order for him to be praised later on to use Latos law to offer praise first, which is why these are his names when he was asked later on I used to love to call it unelma You and and how should one and ask people why not? I'm gonna do one and Muhammad Allah Allah, who are you?

00:57:55--> 00:58:29

So here's my name, but the concept in this sutra is that he had not he does not exist yet. So since he didn't exist yet, he had never praised yet. So he can't be called Mohammed yet he has to praise first so he'll be called Ahmed for now. And then he'll become Mohammed later once he's worthy of praise and he'll start to Islam which is why the name is what it is just as an FYI type of thing. But isn't it let's see how Eastern I'm feels that he's just a part of a chain. Musa before me, Ahmed after me continue this moving forward, then what do you think you and I are, we're just a piece of piece of this puzzle. That's the social contract or piece of this puzzle. You're part of this

00:58:29--> 00:59:05

collective work? Islam you you're an oppressor, if you refuse to ensure that Islam will be handed down appropriately to the next group of people coming? You have to learn it. So you can hand it down to what else do you what are you doing? Or how are you? How are you participating? Not everyone has to learn everything about it's gonna be it but you have to know something. You have to you have to contribute to the continuation of this legacy somehow, in some capacity based on whatever you can do. But you have to be a part of it because that's how this works. That's why women have Willam who is worse, who's more of an oppressor than someone who died in Islam called to Islam and they make up

00:59:05--> 00:59:33

a lie so they don't have to participate. hula hula hula combo volley mean, Allah indeed does not guide the oppressors. It doesn't guide that does not guide the ones who go deviate, deviate and when they go astray. It doesn't guide the ones who oppress deviation fists and would do things he's pointing out a subpoena with data as a part of the social contract. You have to avoid, avoid, you can't deviate and you can't do a press and if you do either of those things, then you're not doing your job. I'll end with that inshallah Tata will continue with the night out of the next week.