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Allah Appreciates You Trying

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So in any case, I'm going to pick up from where I left off. We're at the last I have sort of acid Illa, Latina Amman where I'm either slightly hurt whatever, so we'll help with wasabi sub, with the exception of those who believed and did good deeds. I'm oversimplifying translation right now, with the exception of those who believed and did good deeds, counseled one another to the truth and counseled one another to perseverance or to patients. In that we talked the last time about faith, those who believed and those who did good deeds, we kind of elaborated those two things together just a little bit. Now I want to take just a concluding comment on those two things and then move

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on. Dr. unilamellar. Saleh will Emanuel Quran Kareem nacwa Hamza Hamsun was a very Nomura malware ad. Well, Bushra

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the Quran actually mentions faith and good deeds together about 75 times. So the connection between faith and doing good is actually a very strong one across the entire Quran. And we're as it's mentioned, what comes with it is allowed meaning Allah has promised people like that success will Bushra he mentioned is good news for them be a nominee I'm Allah Saleh and Wahoo I mean, follow your heart for them and Waldman. Voila, Heldman that you know, someone who can do good deeds while holding on to their faith, that kind of a person is never going to be afraid of being wronged, nor are they ever going to be, you know, all their deeds are going to be absorbed. La COFRA Annalisa you

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hear Quran will tell us that there is no there the efforts that they made will never be denied them that even if you didn't achieve results, the fact that you made efforts is actually something Allah will acknowledge in and of itself. I like to remind especially students that are studying Islam or Arabic or, you know, Quran or things like that, it may be that, you know, you don't know how to pronounce Quran properly, and you're trying to learn how to do that. And everybody else in class got way ahead of you and you're way behind, you can get that 18 out of your system. You're still saying, Ooh, bIllahi min, Ash shaytani R rajim. And you can say, arugula, Humana shaytani, R rajim. And it's

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gone six months, and you're still like our zoo, and your teacher, your chef is plucking his hair out going on Google. And you're saying oh zu, it's just not working for you, but you're trying and nobody else sees results except Allah because to Allah that effort is the result. And so those efforts, even if nobody else saw results for them, are in fact rewarded with Allah. Allah Quran Allah sorry, well, ah, who has an Al Hassan by the way, on that note, I also wanted to mention people, even Muslims can be very cruel. So they may not acknowledge things that you do, like people being appreciated is really, really hard. And for some reason, for Muslims, it's really hard to

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appreciate others very easy to criticize, though, are really hard to appreciate. It's kind of a thing we have. Right? That's the only thing we have H ma on I think in the summer right now.

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A hard for us to appreciate very easy for us to criticize, right, so to find fault in another, etc. But just because you do efforts, like you know, you volunteered at a masjid or something or helped out somewhere and nobody thanked you, nobody acknowledged your efforts. Nobody came up and you know, kind of appreciated you and you feel like well, my I'm not wanted here, I'm never I'm never going to do this again. Well, that's just the thing. Maybe Allah surrounded you with unappreciative people, to make sure that you are clear to yourself, you never do this so that you're acknowledged by people, even though it feels good. And even though that's not a bad thing, the Prophet SAW Shalom

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would acknowledge people all the time. It's a son of the Prophet. So I want to acknowledge people, the efforts they make that doesn't mess up their intentions. Like you know, some of us have the super we're more religious than Islam itself. So we have this thing you shouldn't appreciate someone or praise somebody because it'll go through their head and their intentions are gonna get messed up or they're getting it you know, and somebody says, mashallah Good job to you. And you're like, a staffer? I only do this for Allah don't no, no, no, no, like, chill out to the prophets. I seldom would praise, for example, the Zoho. I was, I was like, if it appraises he praises spirituality.

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Like all the things that you if you have any super spiritual, then you should be really uncomfortable that you're praising his spirituality, like, No, I'm not a spiritual person. I'm a nobody. And he said, if anybody wants to see the spiritual spirituality of Jesus, they should look at him. That's what he said. So I said, I'm about him. Right. So that's, that's a remarkable thing to say. But the idea is acknowledging others is actually a sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem. But on the other hand, if you're under not so receiving end of it, you're doing stuff and it just never gets acknowledged. You do things for your family doesn't get acknowledged. You do things for your in

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laws, it doesn't get acknowledged. You do things for friends, and it doesn't get acknowledged. You did things for them all these years and none of it got acknowledged as though you've done nothing for them. If that happens to you, doesn't matter. Whatever you did, Allah will never let any of that go to waste will aquifer anelli me sorry. Well, I will just post now Ohio Tonto EBA. And he's going to such a person is going to have the most beautiful compensation that they can't even imagine it's the superlative use the most beautiful and is going to be given a good life. May Allah grant us all

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Good Life. And of course, with vintage shots, I'm taking this straight out of vintage shutters work, who's a genius when it comes to the study of the Quran and what she does, what I really appreciate about her work, is that when she'll take a phrase in a surah of the Quran, she'll survey the entire Quran and see how does Allah use this phrase everywhere? And summarize it and say, well, here's how Allah talks about this. And she did that with Alladhina amanu I'm sorry, hard, like faith and good deeds. And she says, Well, overall, here's how God talks about Allah talks about people who have faith and try to do good things. Here's what it is in one short paragraph. Well, Latina, you know

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Nabila, who I'm another solid hard worker, Lilliam Aluma home. So she's gonna combine all of Allah's different commentaries from different places in one phrase, so I'll translate that for you. Those who believe in Allah and do good good things. Do the few good things asked of them, and how few they are the hopefully Allah him whether homea soon, they're not going to have fear hovering over them, nor are they going to be the ones riddled with grief. Lahoma dolla, Dolla dolla, they're going to have the highest of ranks well Lahoma, Jehovah and dollar be him and they're going to have compensation that's their own, waiting for them with their master Wella homage don't carry one or

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the one can be your own hero mob noon. And they're going to have noble compensation mean there'll be dignified as they're being given given compensation, they're going to have a grand compensation, a massive compensation, when that will never be discontinued. A reward and an acknowledgement that will never go away. Well, I'll houmas What McFadden what is couldn't get him and they're going to have forgiveness. They're going to have dignified provision, meaning their housing, their clothing, their food, all of it is going to be like an award ceremony for them. What is going Kadeem? Well, I especially find a home filled are the and Allah will actually give them he will, he will establish

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them in the land and he will leave them behind to take care of the earth. You know, Allah describes in some places that at the end of it all, it's only that God to her about the assault on the earth shall be inherited by my righteous slaves. So Allah will promise them eventual, you know, victory in the land was either human friendly here and Allah will enhance them even from his own favor. Once I do Lahoma Ramana without one of my favorite benefits of being from this group of people, Allah will put a rock man meaning the most loving, caring one will place for them, implying place for them in the hearts of others. intense love.

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Like Allah will make others love you. And that they won't even know where that love came from. It's not from them, Allah put that in their hearts, they will make dua for you, they will feel a softness towards you. And Allah sometimes does that even in the hearts of enemies of Allah.

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Allah put a love of Musa in the heart of Iran.

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You know?

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So this this will lead to alayka habita mini I cast on to you a special love that comes from me, meaning anybody who saw you just fell in love with you. Allah here says I know Lahoma Rama Nova Welcome Hi roll buddy and these are the best of all creatures was Hubble Jana Otto Bala Houma has Noma, OB. And these are these are the best of all creatures. These are the people of heaven. me congratulations to them to by law home and the best to them are hosts. Number one, what a what an amazing place to go back to. It's also interesting that in the Quran, you find the opposite of faith is two things the opposite of EMA and is under shake.

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Or it's Cofer. Right? The opposite of demand is either you know, people who believe and people who do shake, or people who believe versus people who disbelieve. So it's either the movement known on the opposite end is either illusory coal or oil, caffeine, those are the two groups. But what's really remarkable about these deeds, is that in a couple of places in the Quran, the opposite of shirk is actually people who do good deeds. Instead of being people who believe it's people who do good deeds, which is Allah's way of saying that believing and doing good things are interchangeable and one to one side of the wall, two sides of the same coin. So Allah says, for example, failure at

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Milan, Milan saleha while you should it be a bother to be here hada you should do good deeds, you should act righteously and not do shirk.

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Where we were expecting Allah to say he should believe in Allah and not do shake. He says you should act righteously. And not you should act as if the opposite of shake is what?

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Allah Milla Salah because Allah Salah is actually directly. It's literally the other side of the same coin of faith itself to Allah. Good deeds are not some separate entity. They're actually a manifestation of faith itself. An interesting other place about this the connection between faith and deeds. Allah says Allah sadaqa will also Allah. He didn't accept the truth. He didn't confirm the truth, nor did he pray.

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Meaning to Allah the proof that he didn't accept the truth, meaning he didn't believe is that he didn't pray. Well, I can kuzava Whatever law In fact, he called it a lie and turned his back meaning turned his back from the prayer. Similarly Allah will say the call the prayer, you know, the Muslims used to pray towards Jews.

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Salam. And then Allah changed the direction towards the Makkah. And when he changed the direction towards Mecca, the Jewish community in Medina started making fun of some of the Muslims and said, oh, so all the other prayers you were praying in the wrong towards the wrong address, or the wrong GPS directions. Your app was, you know, just malfunctioning. I'm really skeptical about those apps by the way, I was at the Haram and I pulled out my fibula app and it was pointing in the other direction.

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But anyway, they made follow them you're praying towards you know, all those prayers. You were praying in the wrong direction. They didn't count. And Allah azza wa jal says, you know, about himself, lineal, Imana, Quran, Allah will not let your faith go to waste. The conversation wasn't about the face going to waste. The conversation was about prayers, the deeds going to waste but Allah called it your faith going to waste. So to Allah, our deeds are actually the manifestation of our faith itself. They're not two separate things. By the way, that connection between those two is for Allah not for people.

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I remind you, when I when we talk about things from the Quran, we're talking about how Allah digests things, not how you and I judge others. If anything, this formula that I'm sharing with you are there for you to judge who

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yourself nobody else somebody else doesn't pray You don't sell. Well. Quran says faith in action you Kaffir No, you don't you know, that's not what Allah gave us license to do. That is not what Allah gave us license to do this you know, there's the legal side of it, and there's the spiritual side of it and the spiritual side is only for our own selves. Similarly, Allah says woman calf mancha Farah for either equal through whoever were to disbelieve, then the liability of disbelief is only going to hurt them. Well, Miami does Holohan fairly unfussy him and whoever does good things than it's for their own benefit. Wait, what's being contrasted disbelief with good deeds as opposed to disbelief

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versus belief? Like coil hachimura become financial of a human woman SHA file you look for likely it's usually belief, disbelief, shake or belief. But here you have if you want to disbelieve, then that's going to hurt you and nobody else. And if you want to do good deeds, it's only going to benefit you for Miami la sala thankfully, unfussy me I'm doing they're only extending a good broad for themselves. So that's one one of the other things I wanted to highlight to you before we start today with what I also will have and what I've also discovered, is as if Allah when he says Alladhina amanu I'm so sorry, that he's actually describing the inner and the outer of the same

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You know, this, this, you know, how they say, you know, this fruit is from that tree. They're byproduct, it's a byproduct, necessarily a byproduct, and that's what this is by the end of the surah. Inshallah, I'll share the logical connection between the not just the textual line, like this is how Allah describes the textual relationship between these things, but even it's common sense and we'll see that at the end, inshallah.