Quran is not a Book of SCIENCE but it is a Book of SIGNS

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So let us analyze today whether this glorious Koran is compatible or incompatible to modern science. Whether does it pass the test of today, the test of modern science.

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According to Albert Einstein,

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the famous physicist

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and the Nobel Prize winner, he said that science without religion is lame.

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And religion without science is blind.

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Let me repeat it, that Albert Einstein, the famous physicist and the Nobel Prize winner said that science without religion is lame. And religion without science is blind. Let me remind you that the Glorious Quran is not a book of science, Sc ENZ but it is a book of signs, F, i, g and s. It's a book of IRS. And there are more than 6000 iots 6000 signs in the Glorious Quran out of which more than 1000 speak about science.

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As far as my talk today is concerned, I will only be speaking about scientific facts which have been established. I will not be speaking about scientific theories and hypotheses, which all of us know very well, that many a time these theories and hypothesis data utahns