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The speaker discusses the credibility of Islam as a real or false statement, citing examples such as La Ilaha and La Taala. They also mention a woman named La Heidrick who claims to have adon't don't don't" attitude, calling for people to hold onto their positions until they receive proof of their credibility.

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Whether you accept God is real or not, I'm sorry he's still there. And the fun part about people who don't believe in Allah is they're not believing is my proof that there's a God.

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If you say there is no God, wait a minute, why are you bringing? What's this God thing? Oh, there is no Creator of the heavens and the earth. There is no Armando Rahim Allah Maluku, Santa mon moon Mohammed. Aziz al Jabbar Amata kabiru, hard appleberry muscle whip. I think you're right. Someone has to negate it. So it could be there. La Ilaha Illa la when an atheist asked me, what's the biggest proof there's a God. I just kind of stare at him for a little while. And then he smiles. What are you staring at? I said, You asked me What's the biggest proof that there's a God. You are the fact that you're talking to me and have a frontal lobe that's making higher decisions, bro,

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that's a proof of God. The fact that you are arrogant and have a dominance feeling.

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You're a proof of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you all you all are a proof of gender.