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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Allah's statement in various narratives, including the history of a woman who was killed by a hippo and the removal of people from Jahanna. They also touch on the use of Allah's statement in various settings, including the message of praying with them and not intermingling with others. The message of not afraid of others is also discussed, with the speakers emphasizing the importance of understanding the message and not intermingling with others.
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Lamine Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Habib Vina Mohamed and voila, early he was so happy he urged me know that Yahweh in Imana annual Buhari you were Muslim cool. And so he

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and I beside him for the day, you know, the Allahu Anhu call.

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He's denying the collection of both Bukhari and Muslim as an authentic generation, obviously, and it's narrated to us by will say liquidly, there's a long Hadith, a very long one, I'm just taking a piece of it. The wording is from the collection on body the difference, it's almost the same wording with very, very slight and very simple, subtle differences that are worth going through, really. And it's again, this is one of the Hadith narrated under the chapter of iman in these books, even though maybe when you first listen to it, that's not what comes to mind.

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And I chose this hadith especially for tonight, just because I've been talking about email and in a certain way for the last couple of days, I don't want you to misunderstand what I'm saying. So here's something that inshallah can a little bit different, is what he says according to the use of Allah Hi CIBJO Salam in long hadith is this I'll just start from a spot where he was talking about a hut. Either huddle Salma Nona

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died a colossal colossal meaning what I mean a nerdy yo yo Malkia or we're living in fcbd He might mean coming or hiding. A shed I'm gonna share that and Lilla he visited soil healthy

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mineral shed that many in La La he yo Malkia Medina, Guarani himolla, Xena for now. So long census I'll explain what it means.

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The Prophet it is also it says and when the means the believer on that day or the day of judgment, they make it away from Jehovah and they crossed it off and they make it away from now if that didn't end up going there.

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Then I swear to you for Lillian fcbd Here is the one who has my life in his hands. He said no one

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is more of an advocate to work with Allah subhanho wa Taala for Huck or something that is right then then the status or than the position or then the circumstance of these people on the day of judgment as they ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to save their movement brothers from the Hellfire

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meaning is saying you will never see anybody he's never been someone was advocating for someone else in front of Allah subhanaw taala then these believers on that day, as they advocate for their Muslim brothers and woman brothers who have fallen into the hellfire, no one has even said at that moment is when they fight. If that, figuratively speaking, obviously, when they put all of their weight they do everything they can, pleading to Allah subhanaw taala for their brothers who have not made it because when people make it to the other side, they'll start looking around the horrific it's a very difficult the whole moment is very difficult. You make it across as a profile as awesome said

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another Hadith there are three moments where you don't know because I asked the Prophet of Allah on the day of judgment are we have the same are the same people said yesterday, were the same people except them three moments where no one knows no one. We don't you don't you're not aware of anybody aside from yourself. Amongst those three moments is when you're standing in front of us about when your friend will sit out you forget your spouse, your children, your parents, no one matters you just you just want to make it you just want to make it so if you make it after you make it after a few minutes just looking around who didn't make it and then you stand there and you start pleading

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with Allah subhanaw taala to take for the people who didn't make it. All of the believers down there.

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I mean, come in I hadn't we assured them when I said that in the life is quite healthy. You didn't want me and I Oh multi Amity lillahi quani Himalayan I have no way of coluna or bene can who you saw Luna Anna we are full moon I'm Anna we also do an AMA I know Oh our Lord they used to pray with us and they fasted with us and they performed Hajj with us by a poodle Boom Boom so their Lord speaks to them and says in Hebrew for every Jew men are off to Mina now go and take the people you are speaking out from from the Hellfire

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guna you're funny June I mean a nerdy hello can you cathedra so they go and they remove from not a lot of people. Why are you doing I fail Pune. Rabbanim but Krajina man I'm Altena

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we have done what you've told me remove the one that people that you've allowed us to remove

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fail cool code or boom. Allah Sparta speaks back to them and says it hobble but afraid you mankind LV Miss Powell DNR in higher though and remove from Jahannam those who have an amount of a DNR a coin of higher goodness in their hearts. And how guna you're funny dude, I mean a nerdy Hello Pancasila they are who do not fail coonara bene Krajina Northanger Abbey so they go on they do that they remove a lot of people who have one coin or one amount of one coin of height inside of them.

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And a lot of people are removed from Jahannam

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when in the hadith of Muslim he says Allah you saw to Sudan

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but to haram will swallow whom Allah Nury for minimum and Bella tea no tea

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iminium Mumbrella gotta narrow look back at their faces these people their faces aren't burnt on the day of judgment than the Hellfire it's only goes up to either their knees or their middle or their waist they're removed before they are completely taken by the fire.

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They come back to the Lord so we've removed who you told us to remove. Welcome Rob Mohammed who are afraid you mean a nerdy mankind? Toby him is follow news feed dinner in here, go back and remove those who have half a coin of Hive inside of them. So they go do that. And they remove a lot of people say it's a continuation of the Hadith they come back and they say the same thing to their Lord we've removed the ones you've told us to wear Coolangatta boom, it Habu for US radio men home mankind V pal V Mizpah. Lucien watching men clear go remove those who have a limited amount of anatomy or a grain of sand of higher remove them from Jahannam so they failed her guna for your

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three Jonah Mina Nadia Hello Can Cassie are they gonna remove a lot of people from Jahannam we are putting on a banner that another fee mankind fee a year old another fee haha and another generation banner alumnado fee hahaha. There is no more say left in January. All those who had even the smallest amount of paid had been removed from Johanna

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Kula BUSA aid for LM to solve the Hooni we have the Hadith taco in tune in hola hola El Bulli movie spoiler genre in tech who has anything you want if what your team is doing who are Javon Alima was saying he was telling this Hollywood if you don't believe me, read if you want indeed Allah does not oppress even the amount of an atom and if it's a hustler, he will double it he will times many fold and he will give a lot of reward. Something as small as played by a poodle Rabu then Allah Subhana Allah says cefoxitin Mala Iike were shefa and maybe you're gonna watch out for me no winner, well me up or hamara he mean, America have interesting seated and the intercession of the NBA the prophets

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have occurred and the intercession of the meaning of the believers of those of Eman have done and all that is left is the Most Merciful of all those who are merciful. But you're gonna be able to rock the boat whenever you're going to do so behind on whether I mean a narrow kabbalah 10 But you're collegial mean a nerdy MLM. Yeah, I'm here on top. And then Allah subhana takes a fist of human beings out of Nod, who have never done a good deed in their lives. There's no hate in them whatsoever. He removes them from Jahannam subhanho wa taala.

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Raju now Hema they come out they're like burning coal. And you will pee him fina her in a Flower Hill Jannetty you some natural higher on the hurl higher and then they're thrown into a river and that enters that starts outside of Janet enters into Jan and the doors of Jenna. I am Bhutto and oviya Hello Joe where can I talk to you we'll head back to the honey oh man, Honey, listen, then they grow grow out of this of this

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river with life again the river of life and they grow together as human beings we live in

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this hadith is a very heavy one. And it tells us the last moments of basically the of your multi AMA.

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And the reason they have it under the banner of iman is because those who believe intercede Yeoman pa believers, those who have true image and how the ability are given the ability and the capacity given the privilege to intercede for others. And the importance of this hadith is what they say they say you are they used to pray with us. They used to fast with us. They used to perform Hajj with us. These are they're not interceding for people who didn't do anything at all. Let me just see for people who perform the rituals. Don't interceding for people who didn't ever came in. Right? No, they're actually interesting for people at the beginning who actually performed the rituals, telling

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you that well performing these rituals is not important course is very important, of course. But if there's something missing in it, if the man is not complete, then then on the day of judgment, there's there's a chance there's a chance that you don't make it to the other side of the slot. And you need someone to intercede on your behalf who maybe had something a little bit more profound inside of them. This hadith if you understand the dynamic of the story, the prophet Allah you saw this time he's telling us he's explaining to us how you have no way to understand Understand in any other way there's not you can understand any other way. Because people who pray and fast and perform

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Hajj they must have EMA, they must have it. They must have some degree of it. There must be there then why weren't they? Why are they why are they in the wrong place?

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Because there's something there's something missing. Because Eamon it has to be more. It has to be there has to be a driver, there has to be something so profound. And so and so deeply embedded in your character and who you are, that it protects you from falling into, into sin into mistakes that will lead you to a place on the days where you don't want to be and where else said if it doesn't do that, then you're you're we're all in danger. Allah subhanaw taala mercy I mean, this hadith is very it's very important that this body Muslim is not it

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doesn't lack authenticity, it just lacks our understanding and just lacks our understanding of it.

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Even has to be your belief in Allah subhanaw taala and who he is, has to go from a superficial part of,

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of your consciousness to something much more deep. When you say Allah subhana wa Tada is Elohim or is it a deer? Or is it more Haman jelajah dough Samad, when you

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add on these, when you call him by these names sometimes these names have to be to you more than just words to actually get your comprehension of God has to go a little bit deeper than just a number of words that you've memorized. just memorizing the picture with the names and knowing the verses, there has to be something a little bit more meaningful than that. You have to understand Allah subhanaw taala to be that and understanding Allah Subhan Allah be Aleem, and it'll Kadir will hold you back. It's impossible if you if you live if you if all of us properly comprehend ALLAH SubhanA his name as the Omniscient, the one who is who knows all at all times. If we understand

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that, then it's impossible for us to be to be falling in sin. It's very difficult. It happens very rarely, because there's the concept of Allah being and it was always there, it's always it's alive inside of us. But when it isn't, when it's just a concept that we memorize in a book, we were young in a school, where that's what the ship says. That's what we say. It doesn't translate into into a driver or a protector or a piece of behavior or behavior than there's something missing.

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I think that's the importance of kind of understanding the Hadith. I'm not going to read the whole narrate the whole Hadith but I'll narrate the last piece again. You will read the memo the Buhari you must please him and beside the liquidity of the Allahu Akbar and abuse of Allah Islam

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Muhammad Allah whom Jaffa ITIL mela ICA to whichever I'll never use whichever me know when our hammer raw Hey Nina for you have to be at Buena pagoda Tamina Nury for equilibrium in Mel um yeah, I'm here on

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Lulu is Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah and just overflow to Lagos sallahu wa salam O Allah like I said the Mohammed earlier sufficient Islamic law halen Baraka lofi from not only not legally but surely