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The speakers discuss the motto of everyone being unable to drink and the importance of the Bible and Christian leaders in shaping behavior. They also touch on the use of "ar lie" in the Bible and its use to indicate a belief that Jesus was drunk. The discussion also touches on false accusations made against Jesus by various people, including Muslims, Christian leaders, and even the media. The language used in various exam papers is also discussed, including the use of "ar lie" in religion and the potential for harm.

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This is Mises on mind. And miza believes in this and he's talking to most Muslims, they say almost a motto, all Muslims, why do you drink when you're not being able to drink? Europeans drink because they profit is our true God.

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And talking to Muslims, it is so explicit, very targeted to Muslims. This cannot be in Zambia. Elia always has contradictions in his column. So if Rosie is insisting, even though I have presented categorical evidence that he did believe in this, and he said something else in other places as well, if that's the case that Mirza was a liar according to his own style, because liars have contradictions in their color. I dare you to say it's a lie that these are the words of miza ideas you I challenge you if these are the words of Mr. Spock, playing games and calling me a liar, because I'm not lying. I'm calling from your books.

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hamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I am claiming today that Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani accused isa let salaam of being a drunk heart okay, this is the first point I want to raise and see how Raji specifically response to this. So we will discuss the first thing we will discuss is his drunkenness. And Rosie will come back and say no, this was Zomba accusative answer to Christians, but Mirza is talking to Muslims when he's saying Jesus was a drunkard Why is he telling the Muslims that for example, okay, we have this quote Okay, from

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what's the reference reference for this history new Cristiano okay

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yeah, the top of the page okay. The reference is Mirza says Europe K logo gorgeous Kedah. Shara been an example pornchai is cost about two yet okay. Isa Ali salaam Shara pa contented

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shayad Kcb Marie de vida se yeah Purani added KYC mugger Amazon mono.

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So what was I saying? The Europeans are drunkards because Jesus used to drink

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and this was perhaps this cannot be a zombie job because he's saying perhaps this is perhaps as well cannot be perhaps you quote and you said this is where it is. Okay. Perhaps this was due to an old illness or an old habit. All Muslims mother emissary mono, Tamara Nabil la Salam had Ignasi Parker Masoom your prophet was pure of any intoxication. Okay.

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And he was innocent. Give all Phil Haqiqa masoumeh Soto Mussulman que la cara kiski para V Corteo. Quran Injil guitarra Shut up CO Allah al Anita petang kiss the service we shall call out hirato. So almost as Why do you believe that time? Wine is halal? While Quran forbidden is not like the NGO, okay, for he's talking to the Muslims, telling them that ESA Islam was drunkard and perhaps it wouldn't be too many.

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Perhaps it was due to a habit or an illness, which the Bible doesn't say that this cannot be examined. Your Bible says that Jesus was drinking because of an illness or an old habit There you go response to two minutes 45 minutes okay. So the first thing is he quoted Christina out of context he asked remember has it damaged the lesson is showing the Muslims that look how great Nabi SallAllahu lism is and their audience of Christian who were also Christian and he hid this from the viewers you know, as it dealt with the lesson wherever he shows that Nabi system against E sub the Bible he showed the Muslims look how great your prophet is because some muscles are saying you select some

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also drink as a dama. The lesson refuted them that look even if he said lessons drank, perhaps because of an old habit or illness, you will not be selling long Listen, never drink this will shrink the greatness of Rasulullah sallallahu lism not to own give has attacked me the lesson empathic Christians of that time will give excuses because the Bible says he was a drunkard so he would give excuses that look No, our God perhaps he was ill or yada habit is zombie Jobab includes deduction and this is what he hid. And in his turn I will make him read a poem of ethnic Korean black millennia acid tell me if Christians actually see that stuff. It's in the Gospels and look

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he's laughing stopped at the time continue your your my side you won't see any

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laughing because he knows his time you guys can keep laughing but it is clear to you now it's too soon of Sinhala amritsari that the Mufasa time again yes.

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It's on. Again cutting

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down the under 18 his book Turkey Islam he said more first, silky Bharti booty some Jaga the statements of a Mufasa explain best by himself in Hazzard dama the lesson books have tons of references he says ESA lesson never went against the Torah

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He was a form of the Torah and one of the hadith of Musa lesson and immediate credit the Torah for big NGO in 13th. March was that is a PGL has a dam lesson course the book of Daniel and he says, Daniel never drink alcohol and he said the goals of Paradise is shut upon those who drink. Then he gives the example of Isa lesson that he was a former of the Torah and he never went against the Torah. In fact, he took his disciples to follow the Torah. So he did not believe SLS and Jake the reason he gave the SI in muscle manda is Amitabha because the Muslims were influenced by the Christians who used to say, you know, your book says this about the solar system is a lesson

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according to the Bible he drink Why can't you people drink? Why did Nabis isn't permitted to dumb he said, Look, Muslims come to the Sula that's the Messiah of the Bible. His writings a credit ESA lesson, never ever drink. Now he mentioned the Europe thing that is Amitabha here I have is Allah to hum of Rahmatullah Crombie in Adnan sin, he should read this, it says husband, Isa lessem. And Adnan Rashid said that you cannot, in his army job give something that is not in their books. He said this in his own in his own words, look, we have time brother computers.

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Let's continue.

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Zombie job has deduction as well. So in that Nanda sheets, 10 years to read these havalim that I brought, and he asked it told me is this exam a job? And if so, why does he have deduction? I have a poem of Ribnica yam and I have a fatwa of one of his Mujaddid Dean, where he gives exam each verb so you have to read the cell in your turn or give you extra time. read both of this. Okay, I'm not reading anything for you. You're gonna have to read everything for yourself as you evidence your time. That's not my responsibility. So once I can, yeah, so So Okay.

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This will be my time starts now. You can start now.

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He can say what he wants, as long as he sticks to the topic. He was he was on topic and he responded.

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Okay, so whose timing how many, we get to get about seven times. So not seven times. We need to time it for 14 minutes, the whole thing. So we need to remember the numbers. Each one each one what each we've done one each. So he asked to go on for seven times. Okay, seven each one one. Okay. Start my time now. This was for him. So if you read this page, because do you know page 71 Rowhani cosine volume 19. Okay, page 70. PAGE 71 Rowhani because I in volume 19. PAGE 71. The page is talking to Muslims, Muslims talking to Muslims. And what does he say? Okay, or Agra Casa Bulaga. For example, from the third line on top, but his God and son Monjo Tamara yo Marisa autumn Kadaster Baraka power,

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he's talking to Muslims. He's talking to Muslims. And then he goes on to say that shy kissy remark he will just say, this is not in the Bible.

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Ya Rania that key when I say or due to a bad old habit. So Jesus used to drink, perhaps due to an old habit, or due to an illness shared means perhaps Perhaps means it's not in the Bible. So this is my last stating is on belief. This is not examined. You have two questions and then he goes Maga and muscle mono, Tamara Nabil esalaam to masoumeh What Masha Nika ticket so he's saying to the Muslims that Jesus used to bring the Europeans are drunk cards because Jesus used to drink and your Prophet never drank so you should not drink so He's insulting Sri salaam which is cover uncover. This is one of the reasons we believe masala cardio and he was a disbeliever because of denying the Quran Quran

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is talking about Jesus as a rightist prophet of Allah. So all these things you read are irrelevant. Quran we and

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scholars, okay, they are irrelevant to the point I'm making a very specific point Mirza is talking to Muslims. And when you're talking to Muslims, this is not an accusative answer to Christians. This is talking to whistles when he's talking to Muslims. Imagine if I stood on the member on Juma and said guys, Jesus used to drink but you shouldn't drink because Muhammad says I've never drank they will at least I'll get some beats I'll get some beatings Okay. Before I come down November Okay, so my point is up.

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So the first thing is he doesn't understand the contents of Christie knew that the people being addressed were Muslims also influenced by Christians and the Christians would say that look our books allow us to drink Why did your prophets ism forbid alcohol you guys should also drink visit them lesson brought them back then look Rasulullah sallallahu listen is our master we have to follow him. Even if the biblical Jesus drank out of his habit or illness. We need to follow the Sunnah system who is Massoud? This is the key point he uses the word Masoom but in has adapted the lessons books he he says the Massumi do not drink in his own bookstore focus in many of the books he says

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ESA lesson was muscle he followed the Torah and in March was that he says prophets did not allow alcohol and he gives the example of Daniel lesson so his example is clear that he he's

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Bringing the Muslims battery sooner because they were influenced by Christian you have to put yourself in that zemana As for saying that use the word shine. So that's his belief here we have that McCullough Konami said he says that is Seabees yada Hutton knock or be here. Then he says, roll Curriki Isa lessem job Keshab know she may have data as the data is coded organically then he says he forgot the example of Tao the lesson Suliman lesson he says you people focus this was the example of he said lesson that he forgot the examples of his predecessors Dodon Suleimani drank so much that people used to see the drunk and then he would take his fee and you know must get the massage and

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prostitutes here I have is honored to have you just heard what as attendance and said in case you know, he says Marga has it Missy capelli mosey say kiss BARKOT say Joe cheese but he is marketable. Jude my que vous Shara Beshara Eek, then he says our do Europe Kahala he basically says just won't get judges. He says

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sada Europe Shiraki Simone de Mira can Megan

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is McCoy O'Brien ah is bilkul cabotage him like UK will kick who Dhaka Pella amortization after roaches okay QA Okay, aka Nikki boo Kuna curry. He says the exact same thing word for word so it is a zombie job. Okay, hi I'm saying it's not a zombie job because in another place, Mirza stated categorically Marin as Deke

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isa mercy shrops A per has Carnevale in Tahiti. Marian has the job ke Salah salaam mercy Shut up to La salami doesn't say ls la mercy Marin is Deke mercy Sheriff CEPR has come a while in the heat it okay. Again, he's talking to Muslims. He's saying that's the reference, you know, the reference.

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I'm gonna I'm claiming as I wrote this, and if I'm wrong, I'll pay Rosita $1,000 $1,000

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weakness or what Marian has the job que merci Shara sheriff's zipper, Hayes Karneval in the heater. This is what Mirza wrote. And he's talking to again, Muslims. So Mirza actually expressed his belief that Jesus was a drunkard. Okay, we're not just making this up. This is not examI job. Why would you be saying,

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talking to Muslims, that Europeans are drunkards because Jesus used to drink, perhaps due to an old habit and an illness. Where is that in the Bible? If it says Amit, you offshored to me, and show me it in the Bible. If it's not in the Bible, then it's not as unusual because exactly justifying why he's saying that. Why it was the thing is, he's justifying it apart from the Bible, because if it was his army job to Christians, he would have said Bible Melaka Bible Melaka but he's saying perhaps due to an old habit, and orange illness. If this is a zombie job, why do you think perhaps, wising shied I think maybe, perhaps, okay, this is not a zombie job. My time is up. So I want the reference

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first. Okay, there.

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And when you find that then, should I start my timer? You can start your time now.

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If I did.

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Let me see. Okay. This is what I needed from the book. I don't know. No, no, this is not the one I need the book you need to present that. I think someone's trying to come meet

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me you want him? You continue on. I'll give you the reference. And you said one second.

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Okay. So the first thing is he quoted the words Made in his Dicky den and to the point of Iran we said what he says, who can hear all creaky Yahoo Aikido? Merci ha whoo hoo it nasura Me Hudson Berger. He drank so much that he forgot though the lessons for him and he forgot that he would sit with women prostitutes, he says would correct okay, so it's the same languages exam about this? No, no. I have a reference here ethnically and he said we sell our salon. How strange is it? How strange our job house changes the gravy was in and strangers the womb of Medea Melissa now the biller means like this is his exam. He says imagine how strange is this to distribute his argument that you

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cannot do this when addressing exam Ichabod then this is Emma does 100 bravely speaking to Muslims giving a zombie job of non committal given zombie job as to word for word be in their book? This is what ama does a con his Mujaddid says he says where to sit Jamaica Nevada Jesse hubbies Bay High commerce Tiki Moana hot turkey Mohandas Katana hood Mfold burner. We have acid Cuevas he has Whiskey, whiskey philosophy. This is about the God of Wahhabis bahagi you can you take this exam each Bob he has to show me which of his books mentioned it clearly he has an understanding

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dama de Haan Brady I also get what you want me to repeat.

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Okay, so it stopped the time I'm going to repeat them because I just don't you asked me to repeat my first COVID ethnic as a black camera. He said how strange Is it the greed that enclosed on a god and even stranger is the womb that enclosed him. Then I said that material Quran he says worker a worker ag Salah some Kahala same terminology, then the last step in CRP as per his Mujaddid ama de Haan Braley says Berhanu Kakuda acid that he was homosexual. This is what he says in fatawa via Gen 15 pipe proceeds This is a zombie job to Wahhabis now he has to tell me which book this mentioned now finish my turn as it damaged the lesson The reason he's speaking to Christians is Christians were

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influencing Muslims and look our Bible says in his own books immediately the Bible is changed as it is a lesson never drank. He was a follower of Musa lesson and the Torah forbids alcohol when you have more come IR in the Quran you cannot twist other things in the same way his mahkum statement show ESA lesson never drink he spoke to the Muslims in this way to give them credit. Why are you running to the Christian the confusing people look at the Sunnah his own books make it clear ESA lesson is mass so mineral Hatha purified one of the greatest messages never drink alcohol followed the Torah was a servant of Musa lesson so you have clear cut references going against his

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The reference you are asking for.

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So the reason why Rosie is

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the reason why Rosie is posting or or stating all these absurd things from literature that we don't own is because he has no defense from his. He has lost for any defensive he has nothing for Meza I raised the point that Why did Mr. CEPR Hayes gar sorry not for his god shayad J Purani othered yeah Casey be Mari give it as a TA when Mirza said Perhaps this was due to his justifying it Mirza is justifying it. Perhaps this was due to an old habit or an illness this is not the Bible. This is not the Bible. So this is mesures own mind and Mirza believes in this and he's talking to most Muslims he's saying almost a mono all Muslims. Why do you drink when you're not in a wish to drink Europeans

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drink because they profit is I was a drunkard and talking to Muslims. It is so explicit very targeted to Muslims. This cannot be examinable now you asked for the reference here is the reference Okay? Review of religion March 19 or two volume one page 116 Mirza writes men who work at the ACA I contemplated deeply or Jonatha Ficker calm this group soldier and I contemplate it very very deeply. Marianas Deke jumpking Merci Shan opposite Perez Karneval Anahita according to me, while Messiah Jesus was not someone who abstained from wine, or CO is given at any or no wife to go, my man tongue that I believe, I believe get codon is Kobe bourree como se Bucha that God even though he had these

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problems, saved him from bad deeds. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. This is so clear. This is he's talking to Muslims and he's expressing his belief. I now ask Rosie and answer my question without playing games. Do you declare anyone to be a Kaffir? Who believes that Jesus used to drink What's your fatwa on that? What's your book on a person who says Jesus had drinks okay I'm not respond to my questions or the way you play games. Yeah, okay. It's more my quote Adnan repeated the same thing again, he said is Zanmi Jobab has to be in the books I gave him atma did the cons reference and ethnically we threw under the bus as well where he says how strange was the moon Womb of Hazzard

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made my lesson where ESA lesson was in blood for nine months show me this from the Bible the Christian do not speak of their God in this way. Then he mentioned has it damaged the lesson said illness or sickness I already explained to the AMA Ramadan the Quran be such as war curry, focus on this How could ESA lesson disobey though the lesson learned my lesson and go against all of the teachings of his predecessors, then he says something dangerous and this non this ends are not the *hole criteria. He says shied low he says look as I think he said lesson Javante is very simple word people Santi this is where they have much an economic substance so in Sami Japan, you speak

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like this as well. It's clear from these exams, which is why is a free tweeted like I said, he says war creaky Celestron job Keshab Moshe dulci is coded organically, then he says or to keep PowToon TT then he says they might be because he was young and beautiful. He gives a reason that material cannot be said this is all exam each ABAB works. You give reasons from their own books that they used as excuses. For example, in the turnovers a time lesson when the Christians were again they should they would say he was sick yellow

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or tablet as a template some destroys them that all Muslims come to the Sula, do Messiah. The Bible did this and that and he gives the reasons he presented Rahmatullah Kenobi sets his shine because he was young and beautiful. He loved women. He asked to put the fatwa on that metallic and he said, and even the Kenyan pressing the room of my lesson was strange because this is not in the Bible. So you lied against ethnic claim as well as for the review of religions of Allah. This is another lie that Psalm 9002 It was published in Al hakam. It's called Unilever's treaty and has a demo lesson in the whole thing is addressing the Christians and this is our exam Ichiba Bucha you destroy them it's

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give them reasons as well so they feel a little you know, discomfort in their heart that what are we believing in? This is clear from that metallic grandson's books using the same terminology you want to check out John Zack. I drink my water broke and protected. It's fine. It's okay because he doesn't want Okay, wait, just you see why I was doing that exercise in the beginning. setting rules because I knew Rosie has no defense from the midsize finished Mirza is gone but dead spiritually and physically finished. You know why? Because I presented categorical evidence that Mirza believed himself that Jesus was a drunkard. He is throwing things at me having considered having conceded

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that these people did not believe that Jesus was not drunk or ravintola kerana we did not believe Jesus was a drunk cop. Okay, all the other people ignore him and all the other people he's throwing at me did not believe Jesus was a drunkard because he considered to it. While I am claiming that this was mythos on belief. And this was mythos own writing, when Messiah is saying, and I repeat again, that mammon, don't Mammon Tang, I believe, go mammon, Tom. Okay, having said that, Ken Marin is the Jumpcut massage Rob separase Karneval Anita, according to me, while Musk was the Messiah was not someone who abstained from wine and had no wife and I believe and I believe, get Madonna it's

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gonna be better karma scimitar that God saved him despite all those characters characteristics from evil deeds. Allahu Akbar. Can you believe it? Now Mirza is stating his own belief he has no defense didn't respond to my question. What is your fatwa on someone who believes that Jesus was a drunkard? I say he was a Kaffir whether it was my grandfather, my dad, my son, my uncle muchacha, my mama, my puppy, my tie my collar, anyone? Anyone? Okay. And all the Qadiani is understand those terms, because most of them are Punjabis. Right? What I said there. So anyone who says this that he said Islam was a drunkard is a caviar is a disbeliever. Okay. Rosie has already conceded our scholars

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don't believe that I am saying there's a date and I presented the evidence he's not defending him he's throwing up Luca yam and Khurana v and this and that and there's no mention of him.

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So he keeps saying I didn't mention has it damaged the lesson has it damaged the lesson throughout his writings has made it clear that ESA lesson was the greatest follower of Musa lessem Sharia he never disobeyed the Sharia Musa lism Torah forbids alcohol he Alesund said in one Peter month was up he mentioned the example of Daniel that he didn't drink right after that. He said an ESA lesson was a firm believer in the Torah and he made his disciples preach the Torah as also this is a lie of analogy that the Messiah lesson believed this lesson actually drink then he keeps saying why does it tell me that something made him as the guy giving the example of that Masonic Quran he said, same

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language is used. He says he had women prostitutes, he will drink alcohol. Then he says shy, low key because if he says I'd say Gorka, he went to extremes and alcohol. Then he says people will see that. Maybe it was because he's young and beautiful. Why is he giving you an excuse to the Christians in Islam? He says Jim Messiah is a lesson he had prostitutes. They would rub his feet pour oil on it and he would drink so much and the women would be always near him and people will wonder why are they always with him that material cannot be said says shy you know people see because he was young and beautiful. Why is he giving them two reasons you need to answer this in

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your chin. You threw ethnical him under the bus. You said in the exam you've got to coat the books you can do deduction as well. This is him saying the rule of Meridian money has has changed. Now the biller Do you believe this isn't in the Bible? No, it's not clear cut from exam Ichabod as well. He also avoided Amadei the hands but one the Wahhabi Houda This is also examines Robbie says it there God was homosexual. Really Is it in your books? Or do I see he was dishonest in a liar when it came to see that Mithila Konami sublight as a tennis and said, Marian is the colony good now Supachai? They have material Konami senses meatiness. D. It's probably because he Celestion was beautiful.

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Maybe this is why he was always with women and they would rub his feet. So the same type of language this is the language of his homage but if you don't understand because you haven't read the books of the Christians mocking

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So like day and night and that's unfortunate okay times clearly was He's not responding

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by the

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time because he wants to really really wants this to be over as soon as possible No, I love this keep going

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Okay, so as he's not responding to my questions, my direct straight points is when Mirza is saying Marianas dig job que merci shut off. separase Karneval Anahita. And he's already scored a point because I couldn't find the reference. I found the reference and then he's still saying it's a lie. I dare you to say it's a lie that these are the words of misery. I dare you. I challenge you if these are the words of misery, stop playing games and calling me a liar. Because I'm not lying. I'm quoting from your books, right? These are the words of misery. If these are the words of misery, you're finished, you're done. Okay? My fatwa on any person who says that Jesus was a drunkard out of

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a lot of mouths belies a Kaffir I don't care who it is. If Cyrano de and if

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the Hon Barelvi. If all of these people believe if all of these people believe that Jesus was a drunkard, then they are disbeliever. But they didn't believe that you already conceded. They don't believe that. So why do you keep quoting them? My claim is something different. I'm saying Mirza didn't believe in this. And what is your fatwa on a person? Now this is the point this is where this is where it will be over. I did him to give a fatwa that anyone who believes Jesus was a drunkard is a Calvin simple question. direct question. Watch him avoided. Watch him away. He will not give that fatwa because it'll be thrown out by his Jamaat. They know what's in the box. Watch him not responds

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to respond to this question. I dare him to respond to this. What is your fatwa on someone who says that Jesus was a drunkard I am saying such a person as a Kaffir because he goes, it goes against the Quran. Okay, so kerana we could not go here. None of them help you because they didn't believe in it. You already conceded. Okay, so I presented two references where he is talking to Muslims, almost hermano, all Muslims. You should not be drunkard because your prophet was not a drunkard. Europeans are drunk cards because they follow Jesus and Jesus this is talking too much and his calling is almost live this time up. Yeah. So right I answered earlier the words Made in SD card normal in exam

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is about rathna karandi Siboney destroys Christians he says people who read the allegation ESA lessons with the with being with the prostitutes, they will see that it's because shyed will know Javante Hoopes Surah t seem languages use years to put the front one them as well and see they actually believed it because the language is the same doing one reading he says who had said bulky Shira Mubarak a he has to put the same power to the dressing focus on this isa lesson and the way isa Alayhis Salam went to exceeded in limits so he asked to address this the same languages use a PC as a template Some believed in distance all of these people did but we make it clear yes, I didn't

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believe in it because we have clear cut walk and references we said ESA lesson was a firm believer in the Torah and he never disobeyed the terrain was a follower of Musa lism and he never drink here he's giving the Muslims readded because the Christians would mark Islam DNA the yearbook cause II Celeste and Kalamazoo but now be system isn't even caught her soon and as the terminus and destroys them there. Look, the Messiah of the Bible is a drunkard they give excuses that illness are all Tabby, he's giving that to them. Just take that metal again and he said gives them the excuses what that may be. It's because he's young and he loved he was young and you know, beautiful. So he loves

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being around women. This is how examI Java works. As per review of religions, we accept that but that entire article The first Condor of UK forgot his name. He commented on these articles instead it's the greatest defense there is some it's Unilever's theory as feminism is giving them the biblical Messiah, not his own do his own views in his books. He says he Celestion was a firm believer in the Torah. He never disability Adnan wants to do his own spice in there. That's his own choice but has it done lessons view is clear. As for the creme de facto anyone who believes he's a drunkard, I cannot give a fatwa on this the reason is because can you let me finish he caught me off

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stuff that time. I want 20 more seconds. The reason I will give a fatwa on this is because

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because if you remember 20 seconds yeah, give me another 20 seconds. Has it dealt with the lesson never believe this. But the reason I will put a fatwa on this is because in his own books, Edna Tamia when he mentioned that miracle of the table, until Elena made the terminus semi he says the turning of water into wine, so I don't know what his belief is. I can't give the photo if he didn't believe it. And none of your own Ahmadi the great scholars of the past or give the foot to as far as that mechanism. He never believed it. But I'm not here to call Edna T Miel. Coffee that's a nonce job. I can't do that. I can throw all the scores under

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But that's his job not mine that fear alive worried that I might find the in his books with someone as she believes it then I will be a sinner on gamma. This is why you extra 30 seconds didn't help you. Okay start again. Get over this game over anyone's instead out there nice sincere Qadiani hamady around the world we are talking to you are lost brothers and sisters in humanity. Okay we have nothing but compassion and mercy for you that's why we're doing these discussions I even have mercy and compassion for the brothers who are sitting here with us from the amnesia map okay I have nothing but compassion and mercy for them. If you are sincere game over, Rosie cannot give a fatwa

00:30:40--> 00:31:27

on anyone who believes Jesus was a drunkard you know why? Because he knows what this fatwa will be used for. This fatwa will bury not only Mirza but also will bury Rosie as well with Mirza okay, because they know Ms. I believe this they know Ms. Believe this Mirza because they can't run away from those explicit quotes I just presented with Mirza is saying that Jesus was a drunkard and was he talking to Oh Mazel mano. The books he is quoting from his Allah is Allah Johan and his auto Huck and the writings of an aquarium. They are talking to Christians is how to rock was written for Christians directly talking to Christians we know that and Rosie in the very beginning conceded Yes,

00:31:27--> 00:32:06

the Muslim scholars did not believe that that's why it's so easy for me to give the fatwa because I know didn't believe that because this cover is against the Quran. The Quran tells us that isa Islam was one of the mightiest one of the most noble and one of the most pious prophets of Allah subhanaw taala the messenger of God Okay, and anyone who believes he was a drunkard is a Kaffir so gameover as far as I'm concerned there's no more discussion on this the debate is over. Okay, I've made my point very clear Mirza was very categorical in saying Marian as the according to me Jumpcut merci para shopsafe for as Carniola Anahita the Messiah was not abstaining from wine this is why I cannot

00:32:06--> 00:32:12

give it to her. Why would he give fatwa against someone like that? Because his prophet would be declared a Kaffir okay, my time

00:32:13--> 00:32:54

okay, one second. How much trends are we in six? So this was the sixth finish to the last term. Okay. I mean, I went first. So this is a second last Yeah, minus the last next one. Yeah, okay. Okay, so firstly, I swear by Allah the hazard dama the lesson did not believe ESA lesson was a drunkard The reason I didn't give the fatwa is Adnan has no issue going all the way Lemond with the bus I don't want to give this weapon then tomorrow I see that it's in his books. The scholars books that this didn't happen with ESA lesson because it was forbidden at that time has it damaged smz it's clear he said lesson was free of alcohol. He did not read the Torah forbidden he was a firm

00:32:54--> 00:33:30

follower of the Torah. Why is he addressing Muslims? Look at that zemana The Christians were coming to Muslims confusing them. The ESA lesson is greater than novices and they would quote the Quran silkies lesson is ruler Kalamata what is nabi SallAllahu Sallam called as a definiteness and refuted them Khichdi who is not only addressing Muslims here, there is some Muslims influenced by our voices and Mr. Mano you people are being influenced by the Christians you prop is Masoom in his own books he says ESA lesson is my assume as well. This shows it says amico because here you see the Messiah of the Bible is not Muslim, but its own books. Miki Credentialism, was Muslim, purified and free of

00:33:30--> 00:34:04

sin. I quoted that within the Quran he said how he speaks he says he said lesson exceeded the limits in drinking water curry then is Allah to Hamas is low get Rasputin is always with women. What's the reason he says he will sit there low get Roscoe never lucky that he was beautiful and young. This is why women were always around him and he was tempted by them. So this is the terminology is Amitabh is used this way he never addressed amazon.com But he said in his homage Bob has to be word for word in this in their books. Why did he see a god is homosexual? You need to answer that then I said Avionica him rap moolah.

00:34:06--> 00:34:35

You have to read this in your turn kidney pain he's interrupting the sacrifices ethnical him in his home he says how strange was the womb of Maria Malay has Salam is that in the Bible? No he says for nine months ESA lesson was in other darkness spread by blood. Would you say this about you selenium? It says Amitabha and it gives them these jobs. This is how you do it some job you have to give them reasons as well to make them feel some shame. This is the point of his homage Bob.

00:34:37--> 00:34:37


00:34:39--> 00:34:59

Yes. So now it is very clear. It is very clear that Mirza categorically stated, according to him, Jesus was a drunkard what's the problem? Look at your own papers. He was a drunkard Okay, Mirza said categorically. I was talking to Muslims. So this is me job argument doesn't work in this case. It has already fallen

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

The fact that Rosie is not giving the fatwa against those who believe that Jesus was a drunkard shows us categorically that Rosie knows missa believe this and he doesn't want to declare His Prophet a Kaffir this is all takia what's what he's doing is all a game right for him, okay? He's just making sure that people remain confused, but there is no confusion. It is now categorically clear that Rosie actually does believe Mirza believed that Jesus was a drunkard because talking to Muslims is AMI jawab is for the Christians when he's talking to Christian when he's saying almost all mono don't drink because you probably never drank Europeans drink because the Prophet was

00:35:32--> 00:36:20

drinking. This is so categorical. Now he's claiming in other places Jesus Mirza said that he was not drinking or he was an obedient follower of the Law of Moses. Now this is a clear contradiction. If we take Rosie to be if we take him seriously. Now if that's the case, if this contradiction were Mirza is saying he did drink, almost Amano don't drink because he drank and europeas a drunkard and in another place he said Marian as Nick according to me, Jesus will not someone who abstained from wine, but then he himself Mirza states in Rouhani design, volume 21 page 275 that do take a kilometre Narcos ruota a liar always has contradictions in his column. So if Rosie is insisting,

00:36:20--> 00:36:56

even though I have presented categorical evidence that he didn't believe in this, and he said something else in other places as well, if that's the case that Mirza was a liar according to his own standard, because liars have contradictions in their column. And if not, that's not the case, the script of anyone who believes that Jesus was wrong God is a character you have the time if you truly believe that he said something comes up. So once again, I reiterate and humbling that Nancy she accepted that there seems to be a contradiction by seeing this he accepted that the works of hazard damage the lesson make it clear in other cases there is a lesson DeAndre this is what I

00:36:56--> 00:37:30

wanted him to do. And this is the same case with Ramadan economics and the others when giving exam is about the use such harsh language, but their own view is not that you have the timeless answers, and you are used harsh language for each lesson. That's not the east of the Quran that see writing is clear that this was a zombie job to give the Muslims that were influenced by Christianity his own Ummah, Padre Medina Abdullah and these were Muslims who left Islam there his own Ahmad is a reason such answers were needed because they were saying look or Bible says he says and drink has it ever said What are you talking about? Now the system is mastering the greatest Nabhi he never drink in

00:37:30--> 00:38:05

his own books as we listen he's giving the delete that because he's my son he didn't drink in his books he says ESA lesson is Masoom he says he was purified but only for the Torah. So his word sacred this doesn't mean there's a contradiction this is your mistake we've seen contradiction in liars Kalam has it definitely never contradicted these are exam eg Bob You have to look them look at them with the lens of exam if you if I hit a dog with a shoe, you won't say go hit your daughter with the shoe as well. It doesn't work that way. You have to look at the context. Let me set up doing the key in his turn. And you should tell me what's his view about hazards Ebrahimi lesson line

00:38:05--> 00:38:18

three times it's his belief that narcissism saw a woman and fell in love he believes these things now me I don't believe in Turkey. I'm not sure our Messiah defended Islam, that the key is not allowed. So we don't believe in takia then he is saying that he says meatiness D

00:38:20--> 00:38:59

the cutting right. So then he says again that Marion is Deke I showed that Mithila Kieron we said that he uses such terminology in examine the fatwa I explained I'm not worried about orlimar or view I'm worried about them we'll just do that some of them believe it in sha Allah Maha Devi says but give me 10 extra seconds if you love any one of his book where he I have the book PDF I can say that we learn something or something like that or post the references in this video he speaks of all the ODN Luther lesson What's your point when someone who says that and what's your point someone who says useppa lesson with Julia took off his company What's your pet one? I have your books it's all

00:38:59--> 00:39:02

there. This is what you get. You cannot draw questions

00:39:04--> 00:39:17

now this topic is over we leave the leave the decision and the conclusion to the audience. If you're sincere where the line is messenger you know exactly what the hungry oh wait, he's laughing He was let people decide if I'm lying any, any

00:39:18--> 00:39:22

people let go let them go and check the references we presented. And that's it.