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Mr Heyman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in WA early Asahi, LG Marienbad, it definitely felt weird this morning and right now doing this halacha this way, because for the last two years, these Halaqaat specifically I did staring at a camera and there was literally no one in the room and whoever was in the room was not listening to me at all, because we were busy doing other things at the time. So I got used to giving these these specific rules kind of to nobody and so weird that you can actually get used to that and then find it difficult to go back to actually teaching it with an audience. So So Hello, we are the slaves of our of our habits

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at the end. So what sort of summaries is about and I'll give a little bit of an introduction, just hopefully to be able to cover this full surah is that I started in 2019 at the mark Westmont center and we I began doing it before Asia where I just I just took the surah sorry for the Bacara and just summarized what he's talking about. So if you're reading it, you have an idea you have a compass, you have some clue of what the Sunnah is trying to teach so that you're not completely lost in the fabric of all the verses and the different

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topics is this sort of talks because even if a sorta has a lot of topics, it still has one theme, it's still trying to teach one idea isn't it's not, it's not that difficult to figure out the thread that connects all of these, all of these in all the verses in the sutra. So I started with that I went through three years of this and we stopped at sort of know last year, and I kind of broke down on the different clusters of the suitors of the Quran, which I'm not going to do today because it will take fully I do have a lesson maybe I'll do it towards the end of the month. But what we started started, sort of no end today was going to be soon with Elgin insha Allah. And so just as a

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quick reminder exists within the they're not the last cluster which is just an assignment which is a 30 is there but the one before it is tomorrow is a cluster of suitors that all serve a similar purpose from 2000. Until soon that anymore, set out and they have it all have a similar idea. And they talked about the Dalai Lama, he talks about the concept of spreading the message of the deen and going to others with with the knowledge of the Quran and the deen and brought and bringing them closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. And the first four students in the juicer molecule, Kalam will have call Matic talk about the necessities, the four, the four pillars that you need, if you're

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going to be able to do this properly. Again, four things you need to have knowledge to communicate, you need to have ethics column, you need to have a relationship with Allah Subhanallah doesn't have to happen. You have to have proper behavior. So to marriage, each one talks about something very different this with no. And so those are two examples. And it was unfortunate that last year I stopped at New and because new engine are very similar in terms of what they're talking about. But I guess there's no harm, no harm in that. So no Hanjin are two examples of data. One where Java worked, and one where the hour didn't, the one where it didn't, was No. What's the one that we did

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last year? No holiday Salam minimalizing that was the father of the second father of humanity. One of the most revered prophets of Allah subhanaw taala is someone that we love dearly, who did the job perfectly, but it didn't work out meaning he didn't get a lot of followers he does come yarmulke Manu Helene salaam, with the largest poem, even though he spent, you know, almost a millennium talking to people. And this is something important that we have to remind ourselves of that new highs and did it all did it perfectly, but still didn't work out, you know, the highest number that we have is 70 in terms of how many people follow him on Instagram, which is for the amount of time

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he spent, you know, not the best number to come with. But you know, this sort of explains why and explains where it doesn't matter. As long as you offer the correct narrative and you do the right if you do it correctly, it doesn't really matter. You're not accountable for the fact that people don't listen to you if you do it right until certain agendas, the opposite, in the sense that story. Telogen is an example of when Dawa worked, even though the person who was performing Dawa didn't even know he was

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even though the one who was performing data at the time didn't know he was performing data to begin with. So the agenda was, again was revealed to the Prophet Adil salatu salam just after his journey back from afar if and the 10th year of his prophecies Allah Azza Lim, he comes back from UCLA if he's brokenhearted Allah yesterday to some completely abused, mistreated salatu salam, and in the midst of all of that agony that he's going through. His wife just passed away. His uncle just passed away or he is trying to assassinate him. He goes to a path asking for help. They completely mistreat him. He's coming on his way back. He can't enter Metka they won't let him in anymore. I'd have to

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surrender the bland that he was born on. Where his ancestors were born in literally his grandfather built the city and he's being allowed in and that night with Zetas and how do you know the law? I know he's worried about his aid because he's a young you know, he's a minor and he can't he doesn't have food for him. He doesn't he can't go back home. horrible moment in his life. I do so that was it. And he stood up that night. When it was time to go to sleep. He waited for it to fall asleep and then he got up and he stood in prayer for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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When we think about it, I find it hard to

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Jonnie, we can barely do pm live. If everything is perfectly lined out for us, it has to be done. You have to have the day off. You have to have a good, everything has to be perfect in order for us to come and do an hour and you have to beg an hour and a half or two people I used to go out to restaurant that night, probably the worst night of this. What are the worst nights of his life? Actually, he said that leader he was asked to buy a shirt. What's the worst day of your life after he said, Well, I got into birthday of my life. Sorry, the worst day of my life was when I was coming back from a party but I was completely lost. I didn't know where to go. And that night, he gets up

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and he prays to the mycelium. It doesn't go unnoticed. Because the jinn actually hearing now the gym you're watching him on he slept with them, and they're in awe of his character. They are in there, there they are in awe of his character it is so how did he How is he doing it? How is it after everything that just happened to him? The moment he gets some a little bit of time just to rest. at his lowest moment when he is the most vulnerable. When he is the most upset and sad and it has nothing left there. No one's there to support him. He stands up all night and solace of Allah he's like them observing that when they saw that that happened to this man. They decided maybe to give

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them a chance to listen to him. So he stood next to them that night recited the Quran they heard it.

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And they accepted Islam based on that. And he didn't know about it until this surah that I'm talking about today with His revealed this sort of the example of of when DataWorks Nurhaliza rams Dawa that example, things didn't work out the way he was planning for it. His Salatu was Salam. And it will add some numbers. Now that this system is to listen is is it status, I hope that's clear to everyone. But it's but it's to learn the lesson. The agenda is the example of when Dawa works even though the Prophet alayhi salatu salam didn't even know he was doing and that's when Dalit works the most is when you do Dawa with your character. When you perform down with your behavior with who you

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are as a person, rather than what you have to say what I do right now is sitting here, it's not that effective. I know that it seems flashy, and it seems shiny, it seems but it's really not that important. It doesn't even serve in my opinion. 22% of what that will actually is 98% of Tao is actually what you do.

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In the future when you go to the university or you're working in your workplace, what you do there, how you carry yourself, how you treat others, what your what your values are, what your ethics are, that is what Dawa is and that is what's going to bring people to the sake of Allah to to the, to the way of Allah subhanaw taala and that's going to strengthen our ummah. Hear what he says Subhanallah which is full, oh here in a year, and now stemma and our Foreign Minister Ginny for Carlu in Sami and Quran and Agia de la who should

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be well a new Shrieker beer have been a Haida say that it was revealed to me this was the Bravo Nicholson was told to say that a group of jinn heard me read it didn't know what at the time I just thought it was to them. And they said when they heard the Quran we have heard in deed or on an algebra or something I jumped me amazing something out of this world something we've never heard before we have nothing to draw a parallel to there's no equivalent to what we just heard yesterday you know who should it is calling to the road of of integrity to the road that will bring you nothing but happiness and nothing but goodness in your life if you stick to it, when a nursery can

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be or have been 100 We will never associate with ALLAH anyone again, when he performed our properly when it actually works, when you're able to actually with your character and bring those who are wondering or, or somewhere in the gray area close to Allah subhanaw taala their ability to actually absorb what you're saying is times by 10 fold or more, if it's your character that's actually bringing them and then sort of Jen shows how when effective Dawa. The person who's performing Dawa actually prevents people who are learning from them, presents them with solutions to their problems, offers them food for thought and allows them to actually change the way they see things you will

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find that throughout the surah. And he says the ALLAH SubhanA system, the surah using the wording of Belgian I mean that he's saying what the jinn are saying the jinn would say in the Quran when no one knows you open the story of I know Tara legend Robin, who can Appaloosa Fiona, when the homies and then we learn this, that's what means what I know. And then we learned that or then we heard that and then we were this was added to us that that's what when the who kind of serves as in the Surah. And here Here are some of the things that were corrected for them. I wonder who can they afford? Who says he Hoonah Allah Allah He shut up.

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And then we found out that our leader, the one who has been telling us to do this, and that gender leader it to a degree or the other is at least the one that's what they said they use words to V Hoonah. Now, I mean, the one that we disrespect at this point, but that's the person that they were listening to. He's been saying Allah He shut up. He's been saying things about God that were untrue. So the first thing he corrected is salatu salam in this Dawa was who was God. And that's always a number of things. One thing that needs to be corrected. The first thing that you need to know is who's God? Why are you here? Why are you even standing in prayer? What's the point of Do you

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understand who it is that you're speaking to understand why it's important that you actually take upon yourself the rulings that he teaches upon the

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A toddler. That's the first thing that's the first thing that they learned.

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When no one knew, come on and tell them a lay about Allahu Haida. And another mistake that was corrected that they thought that there was there would be no is it resurrection, that you would live and then you would die and go down into the earth and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he was reciting without them even knowing about it corrected that for them. So now they understood that they're going to be resurrected.

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Another thing that was corrected when necessary. This is this is a beautiful verse and I can't get enough of it. When leathery, a shell won't read that even Phil Irby, Allah dubby him Rob boom, Russia. And another thing we never knew this before we heard him so I sent him this is what they're saying. We didn't know what did the Lord of this universe want from all of this? What was he looking for? The One who created what was the goal? A shadow read was was it was it it? Was it? Was there some evil intention? That's why they were created, or did the Lord who create all this one that I said that wants them to live a life that had value to it a life that would end? Well, we would

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begin? Well, it would, it would survive well, and then it would end well, which is Russia, that mean for you to actually figure out figure out a way of life that serves you both in the short and the short term in the long term. So for them, it wasn't clear.

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For them the Djinn they didn't it wasn't clear, they knew that there was a God, but they associated others with them. They knew there was a God, but they didn't know there was a direction. So they learned that. And then this question that even exists today that the one who created what is the what is exactly the one who painted once? What does Allah want from all this? Is it? Is the outcome going to be hired? Is the outcome going to be shown? The creators that we're going to be punished are the creators to the he shows us empathy and love? What is it? You have the answer, but for them, they didn't. An effective Dawa answers questions, effective proper data answers questions for people

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it doesn't offer. It doesn't offer information that does not serve the person who is listening. And this is this is the real struggle. And this is the real challenge of performing properly, that we learned from him out of your salatu salam, to figure out what the need of the people in front of you are, what are the questions that they have? What are the struggles that they're going through? And do you have solutions to offer and you're able to actually do something, you continue in the sutra, and then towards the end of it?

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Allah subhanaw taala points out something extremely important. He tells the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in a sequence of verses full this oil, four things in a row, explaining the pillars of proper Dawa, to Dogen is example of Dawa, that worked

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there explaining how their questions were answered, even though he didn't know it is not doing is performing it. And by the way, within the sutra, there is some clarification about regarding some of the superstitious problems that we have still today in this ummah. They say this was the Jimson one lessness summer for what was your dinner her Molly tell us and Shadi don't wash hooba When Hakuna Kunta Nakuru do minha Adel is summer for me istemi Yoji della who she heard about rassada, they're saying we looked at the sky, we found suddenly the sky is no longer what it once was. We used to be able to hear, hear the data could talk about certain things, and then we would have a piece of

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information that we could later on use, but we can't do that anymore. If we dare go anywhere farther than the atmosphere of the Earth that we're living in, then we will immediately be taken away. So this whole concept please, Yanni, a lot of this

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overplaying over estimation of jinn and their effect and Sahara and shot and all this other stuff. This is superstitious, and I don't think and to me, it's actually it's not coincidence. It's actually very in keeping with what the Buddha's teaching the students telling you how effective double works, when the data was effective, what happens superstition is removed, when Dawa actually works when Islam is taught properly. When you actually know what you're doing and you're educating people like the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was able to educate the jinn then you start slowly ruining superstition superstition starts to go away.

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Please when you find someone struggling with a mental illness, don't take it to someone to need to do some form of exorcism right don't do it if you do it Don't tell me because I will I will let the police know on you don't do it. Because people in our society unfortunately, because we don't seem to understand what it is to have a mental illness and that it's a part of being alive just like your liver your liver can be ill and your heart can can be ill and your lungs can be ill your your psyche can be ill as well. So instead of looking to perform exorcisms at the Prophet I saw him never okayed never performed. The Quran is telling us we shouldn't be even even it's not even there. Maybe we

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should take them to professionals and make sure that we take care of them and then we look after these these individuals within our society i i beg you to take in to think about this and if you know someone around you, around you that is suffering and the family doesn't know what to do in the family isn't dealing with this properly, then please reach out to those who can who those who can actually offer something, some degree of help.

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And then this sort of gives us four pillars of Dawa. Listen to the four pillars that the Prophet audiences

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About two instruments told to tell us about so it's not only how he's doing it, but it's how he's telling us to do it after him number one will in number of be well, Shrek will be he had the number one pillar of Dawa is that you have to make sure that your beliefs that your belief process that your actual theology is sound that is based on Don't hate the importance of the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala if you don't understand yet, why it's so important to believe in La Ilaha illa Allah then you need to take a step back and figure that out or ask the right questions because literally there's no there's nothing in Islam that is more valuable or more important, or has more weight than

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she has if it okay, the thing Leila, Leila, well, why is it so important? How does that affect you? It does affect you. It affects you a lot and affects me a lot. And if that's unclear that it has to be clarified, it's not something mythical. Let you know, Hey, lemme does have a Baraka on you. But no, there's an actual practical effect that it has on you as a human being where the reference of your values is one, no one can move the line for you. Time is not going to move the lines in as haram it's always going to be haram doesn't matter what people are doing. That's the line it was put by one That one doesn't change. And your reference is that one. So that line for you will always be

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there, whether you're alive in 1820, whether you're alive in 1920, whether you're live in 2020, or maybe you're alive in 2100, it will make a difference because of hate because that line was drawn by God will in no matter what I'll be Well, sure, we'll be here to number two, but in Anita Emily Pula, calm Balram, whatever Rashida, the data, you're the one who's speaking on behalf of Allah subhanaw taala to make it very clear, that we have no abilities that are beyond anyone in the world, we have no data for you, we have no I don't have the ability to change you, I have no don't have the ability to control you. I don't own any form of bulk of harm or a benefit for you. And the moment we start

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seeing those who speak on their behalf on behalf of God, the moment we start seeing those who are speaking on behalf of Allah subhanaw taala, as more than human, as someone who has some mystic ability or has some strength that is beyond what it means to be a human being that is when we start going in the wrong direction. And as that happened, that has happened a lot. And it's not only the the mistake of the person who was speaking is the mistake of the person who was listening. But one of the second pillar of Dawa in the Sunnah, is you say very clearly that I'm L'Aquila Condor wrong, well Rasheeda. And just like you trying to figure it out, just like you trying my best, just like

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you making mistakes, just like you perform in telco whenever I can. And he's got no matter who it is, no matter how highly ranked the scholar is, no matter how white and long his beard is. It's exactly the same we're all going through it together. And no one no matter what, who they are, what they're telling what they're speaking what they're teaching you, you're just like you they don't claim to have anything else that they are claiming and you need to look for somebody else to teach you. Because no one should ever claim that they have any abilities that they don't number three fall in the lane you Giovanni mean Allah He had, what an edgy mean Dooney he will die the

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the admission, admitting

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or understanding of knowledge being that no one will protect us from Allah subhanaw taala meaning the person who was performing Dawa has to remind himself that you are doing this, you are doing this and Allah subhanaw taala is watching and you're gonna be held accountable by Allah personally meaning if you are not doing this properly, if the narrative that you're using is not proper, if it's not accurate, if somehow you're inserting into what you're saying and agenda, if you can come close to a particular frequency like I'm looking at you to make it easier for those who are coming in behind you. I said Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah here

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the importance of admitting or acknowledging that Allah subhanaw taala watches over everything that we say and that if we don't offer a narrative that is correct and proper, and that is

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rude, and does not have any form of self interest within it's and there's no agenda, there's no ego that was put inside of it that could change it or morph it into something different and that if we do that, if we do start to speak on behalf of God with some self interest or some agenda or some part of our ego pumping its poison into it with an edgy diamond Dooney he will die.

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No one will protect you from God and there's no refuge for me from him.

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And that's what he was told to realize. I live in many other verses, many other verses. So Allah Allah subhana wa Tada will tell the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam

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Yanni whatever taco further Elena babble about we need Minho, biryani from LA Papa and minimal routine and that he made up anything. So Allah Allah was like you so meet everybody I should interview some allah how you Salam hatchling Nabil? Yes. But this is these are the teachings of the Quran. Have you said anything that we did not specifically tell him to say?

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Very clearly then it would have been a punishment that I'm not even going to I'll leave the verses for you to recite upon yourself.

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Well, in NEERA ug Iranian Allah He had

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Don't want to protect me, this is a reminder of this sort of gin. And when I, when I explain it, it's a reminder for me before being a reminder for you, but it's a reminder for all of us as well. When you speak on behalf of God, in any form, when you are an ambassador of Allah subhanaw, that you're presenting the deen, you're trying to bring people close, remind yourself, that he is watching you, you are speaking on his behalf, you better say what he would want you to say supine to watch it because no one will protect you from them. If you start inserting something into this narrative that you're using, that is not from it, or that is not pure or that is not genuine or

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sincere to the for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And then the fourth pillar, well, integrity, these are four verses. Mr. John, if you go to the second page, you'll find them right there. Well, in theory Akari, boom, two, I do a major I love who rob B, say, I don't know what's coming in the future. I don't claim to know what's coming. I don't act like I have information that I don't, I don't know, if you're going to if your military arm is near, if your meltdown was far, I don't know, it's not knowledge that I have. The fourth pillar is we don't act like we know what we don't know. If you don't know something that you don't know, it's, it's fine. It's fine for us not to know

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something, just be very comfortable in life not knowing something, be very comfortable asking and learning about something that you didn't know about. Or if you have second hand information or third hand information, or you know, if Google is your educator on certain issue, maybe be okay, not knowing something and listening to those who maybe have even more expertise on it. And taking that information. There should be nothing wrong with it as someone who performs data that should be second nature. It shouldn't be second nature to be able to say that Edie Malik told us yesterday, that half of half of knowledge is just the ability to when you hear you hear something or someone

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asks a question, or someone brings something up that's unclear. They say I don't I don't know. I don't know I need to I need to revise this, these four pillars of Dawa if they are always observed, along with the theme of the surah itself, that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam performed Dawa based on behavior he didn't even know he wasn't he didn't even know the jinn were listening to him son ally Salah was based on his character. So if you performed Allah based on your character, like he did, Allahu salatu salam, and you observed these three, or these four pillars as you go through, you observe the fact that no hate is the most important thing. Holding on to to hate, there's nothing

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more important than being a more hidden being someone who says law, the law.

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The reason being, and I repeat this, because it's very important. I remember growing up and having remember, I remember people asking this question is why is it that this is the only thing Allah If Allah doesn't doesn't forgive? Should? Why only should? Why not murder, for example, it seems to be much, much more gruesome. Why should the reason is very simple. As a Muslim, you have an ethical reference, you have an ethical reference that you refer to in terms of what you're going to do, what you don't do, where your red lines in our light in life, in life, you have red lines, certain things that you don't do in certain things that you're okay with, who makes those lines, who draws them

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into this? Who puts them there? Who has the authority to do that? If you look at societies all over the world, and you compare the ethics of these societies 100 years ago to today from 1920 to 2020, and see the change that changes that have occurred, you wonder, why did they occur, they occurred because most societies don't adhere to these lines. Clearly, individuals do it much better than the society is doing. A Muslim has a very clear reference, Allah subhanaw taala said this is haram. Lying is haram. Stealing is haram, that Emma is haram, there will always be haram, nothing will change that there will be no circumstances under the sun that will make that line move. And that

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makes you constant as a Muslim, you continue to be very, you're stable, you can exist anywhere, and you will bring those lines with you and you will continue to exist calmly and peacefully and in a stable manner. Others have their lines moved here and there all the time. They're pushing them in every direction, but a Muslim doesn't. And die yet we just don't have that clarity. Someone's going to call people to the sake to the way of Allah. So without that clarity of where those lines are, without observing them very clearly throughout their lives. It's a problem. That's why it's the number one pillar, the second one. We do not claim to have the ability to do anything beyond what a

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human being is able to do. We have no ability to control, we cannot grant benefits, we cannot inflict harm on other people. There is no mystic aspect to a Muslim Daya. There's nothing there's nothing mystical about us or about anyone who's doing it. I know that sometimes you can be led otherwise, especially if the Imam is big enough. And the job buzz looks good enough. You think this is just we're just people. They're all just people. And they're all just as they're just struggling like you are. Maybe they have a bit more knowledge. Maybe they found that road a bit earlier than you maybe they're willing to help you a bit with it. But it's nothing more than that. Or else you do

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we do what what he says to do about them or buying a home or buy them in dunlea those who chose their took their scholars and took the people we're speaking to them as as semi Gods instead of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. It is upon the person who's performing dallah to remind people of this, that there's nothing there's nothing here. It's just it's just information. It's information and it's a hand that is extended and help you

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Isn't isn't a hand that's extended in brotherhood? Let's do it. Let's try and help each other. Let's do this together. Let's walk this road instead of each one alone, but walk it with one another, despite our differences, and despite the difficulties that we may encounter on our on our way, but that's what it means. The third one lay YuGiOh and even Allah He had the narrative has to be pure, the narrative has to be sincere because Allah subhanaw taala no one can protect you from him. You there is no refuge from Allah if you decide to say something that is not exactly what Allah subhanaw taala explained to you to see and told that you need told us to see the moment we insert that you

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want to corrupt something, bring egos into it. There's enough room in the masjid for bodies even even when it gets crammed. But there's not enough room in the world for all the egos there's just not enough room for for ego there's not enough but there's enough room inshallah for but we can cram ourselves into small spaces. But if the ego is too big, it doesn't. If you have agendas, and we have self interest in Dawa you corrupt it, you ruin it now has to be pure has to be sincere has to be for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then you walk away, you're not waiting for anything. There's nothing that is important to you, besides the fact that you were given the opportunity to do it.

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If I sit here, and within my mind or hearts, there's anything that I'm hoping for more than the fact that I was allowed to sit here, meaning if there's anything more than that, then I have corrupted myself, then I have already entered my own cycle of corruption. If I think that by doing this, something has to come from it, some form of reward, some form of recognition that immediately it's already corrupt. The die is all that the person who performing that will all that you really need is the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has chose you and gave you the opportunity to speak upon it on His behalf to people and if you're granted that by Allah, how did he just go ahead here speak then

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that is the biggest blessing and you all you do is you spend the rest of your life asking Allah subhanaw taala never to take that away. Because easily you could get rid of me and bring someone else probably be better. But then I'm the one who loses. I'm the one who loses because I lost my opportunity to do something of how you feel in Nilay ug Ronnie is what he's saying. So he's been told so Allah says to say this I want you to imagine that and then at the end of it will in Nilay you Giovanni mean Allah he had to say no one will protect me from Allah. Because that's how it is. Because that's how it's supposed to be understood. Well an edgy them in Dooney him will tell her

00:27:18--> 00:27:55

that I will not find a place to hide from him. Subhana wa Tada. If I don't do this perfectly if my character is not aligned with what I'm trying to teach. And then the fourth pillar will add up or even say, I don't know, I don't know if it's close. I don't know if it's far, I don't know when I don't know the future. Don't claim to know what you don't know. If everyone who spoke on behalf of Allah subhanaw taala, everyone who spoke about Islam, everyone who discussed or open starting an argument or a conversation about something within the Dean just admitted that they didn't know what they didn't know. Yeah, the noise in the world would just suddenly come down. They'd be much less

00:27:55--> 00:28:33

noise in the world if we just were able to admit not knowing what we don't know. The last verse in Surah Jin he says Subhanallah without any and this becomes clear now if you understood why these verses are there Leanna lemma for Allah subhanaw taala to know and of course he knows without any of this happening yeah lemma for the Abdullah who rissalah to have be him. What a hell kabhi malady him saw che in order for him to know Subhana wa Tada that if you follow these rulings and these teachings in these pillars, that you have actually conveyed the message of Allah subhanaw taala properly but unbelievable. Would you say that you're not being made sure that those messages arrived

00:28:33--> 00:29:03

at those who need to receive it and then arrived properly? What a helmet on the melody him and he's a pilot with data encompasses all of this. None of this is unknown to him. So I know what to do. None of this is going to be new to him. He you're not doing anything outside of the realm of his machine of his will. Subhana wa Tada. Well, I saw color shading and everything is what is being is being calculated. Every word of hell. You're saying every mistake, every person that benefits every moment that you spend, it's all being kept record for and you will Tiamat it'll all come back.

00:29:04--> 00:29:38

And that is sort of delusion. The sixth surah in the in the cluster from animal to animal Salat, that talks about Dawa it Allah subhanho wa Taala as an example of when that will worked. Even though the person who was performing Dawa didn't know he was doing it. And that's the best time that's the best form of Tao being performed when you're just doing it because that's who you are. Because you performed Allah because you're just living your life, the way you live your life. And because you're living your life based on a number of ethics and values like heated Alia salatu salam, you performed Allah without even knowing that you're necessarily performing Dawa. And that was that's why the

00:29:38--> 00:30:00

surah is there to show the Prophet alayhi salatu salam at his, his darkest moment, his darkest moment, that by the way, as you stood there and prayed that night, the jinn heard you and a full nation of creatures that you don't even understand till this day you don't understand accepted Islam because you did that. So maybe we just have to do that as well. So take a look behind the curtain Allah Allah He learns just don't feel good to break what Allah has said.

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Mobarak island a beginner Muhammad Ali he was big money