Fasting Outside of Ramadan

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Sit on what a cool way to live but a cat to welcome to episode number seven of preparing for Ramadan. Today we're going to be talking about voluntary fasts or fasting outside of the month of Ramadan. Now I have about eight to 10 different points here. So I'm gonna try and get through them as quickly as possible. Number one, we have the month of Shabbat, the month that we're currently in. Now, this month is special because we know that the prophets that I send them would fast, almost all of this month he would fast as much as possible. So we should be trying to fast as much as possible as well. And that is really a way in which we can prepare for the month of Ramadan. Number two, we

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have posts all about our animal been the six days of show. Well, we know that the President said that the person who fasts the month of Ramadan, then follows it up with six days. It is as if they fasted for a year meaning we get the reward of fasting for a whole year. So our intention should be that after the month of Ramadan is over, we followed up with six days from the month of chawan. Now other sadhana faster other good times a fast we know the month of one we know the president told us as mentioned, a Muslim that the best month to fast outside of the month of Ramadan is the month of Halloween, we also have the day but I should withdraw the person who told us that fasting on the day

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but I showed off expiate or removes the sins from the previous year along with ashuelot we have the day of odd off as well obviously for those people who are not making hedge the price that I'm told us that fasting the day of alpha removes the sins of the previous year and the following year as well two years of sins, okay. Other than those specific times we know that the sun and other precedent is too fast on Mondays and Thursdays I shot on the left that I had tells us that the profit subtle I send up would try his best to fast on Mondays and Thursdays we also have what is known as a Yemen build or the white days now this is the 13th 14th and 15th of every Islamic month

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they're called the white days because it is during that time of the month that the moon tends to be more full and obviously can see more whiteness of the moon. The other point that needs to be mentioned here is the fast of though the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said fast a day and leave a date and that is the fast of download and that is the best way of fasting one of the companions he said O Messenger of Allah I can fast more than that and I've said there is nothing better than not so there you go that covers most of the sooner or voluntary fast now two additional points I'll mention right at the end here number one it is permissible for a person to break their voluntary fast and that

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fast does not need to be made up this is unlike the fast of Ramadan last point I'll mention is the person has told us there two days in which we are forbidden to fast meaning it's not permissible to pass in those days or even fifth and even above and it was printable knows best. I'll see you in the next video inshallah Tada. Take care. We'll sit down with a co worker to law he will want to catch you