Reflections on the words Indeed My Lord is with me, he will guide me

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Level 111 Hello I'm Bill alameen salatu salam ala rasulillah while he or sotheby as you may said Mr. Li como por la hear about a kettle, my brothers and sisters in Islam in a few hours our short begins just a few hours, the day of ashuelot begins and the word ashuelot it comes from the word ashadha Lima, Lima, Houma, la said ashada it comes from the word are shallow, which means 1010. In other words, ashwath is the 10th day of Mahatma but it also has another beautiful meaning. for him. Omar said that ash wa also comes from the word Allah, Masha, Allah Shall we well actually is a practice that the Arabs used to do with their camels. So the idea was that they would starve the camels for

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10 for 10 for nine days, they would deprive them of the Waterworld for nine days and on the 10th day they would release their camels. And you can just imagine now a very thirsty camel on the 10th day is released. And finally it gets to drink water and it's satisfied and it drinks its water and now finally it has hydrated once again. Why sure is the same idea as you like the idea is you have been held back for the entire year. And now finally, finally 100 let the bottle cap of Allah subhanho wa Taala come the mercy of alarm Zoysia and comes about the lesser part of who died as a gift giving of a large division. My brothers and sisters in Islam OSHA is the dean which allows so he gave and he

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gave so much to so many people and read them out loud they record in the books of the sea of things that Allah Allah perhaps they're authentic, they're not authentic, but we'll mention them because they are found there in the in the books of the Cyril. Allah mention, perhaps it could be that ashuelot was the de in which Allah subhanho wa Taala except the Toba of Adam Allah he set up and ash was the dean which allows socially accepted the Toba of the brothers of use of Allah He said that, you know the brothers, the brothers of use of that plant and politic kill their brother and they hurt their father so much it is said and reported that a lot except the death over on the day of

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Irish law. And on the day of actual law is the day in which a lot of social except that the number of home you know sorry, you select the people of Eunice

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Donna home in our hand when the punishment was coming to communists to the people of Uranus, and then because of their sincere belief and email in the last version, and Allah had accepted that over a lost part of our data moved away are there boo subhanho wa Taala. He moved away his punishment and he saved them. It was narrated that was on the day of Arusha on the 10th day of Mahabharata. And this is the blessed day the day it is filled of victories it is filled with blessings Allahu Akbar, it is also reported and this is authentic and the greatest thing that happened on the day of Ashura was the day in which Allah subhanho wa Taala saved Moosa and Benny Islam he was having his setup and

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betting sort of eat from fear out and from the army and the enemy of with fit out. So this is the day in which a lot of social save masala has set up. And tomorrow Tomorrow

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is a day of uncertainty reviving and re renewing your certainty in Allah subhanho wa Taala because this is the thing that shined on the day of Ashura, the main thing that shined on the day of Arusha was musalla he said I'm certainty and Allah subhanahu wa diamond, incredible words, he was absolutely certain in the promise of Allah azza wa jal that Allah subhanho wa Taala recorded his words in the air, and there is no plan for you and I to read and reflect over even until this day, the famous words of Musashi set up on that day on a color in America or B, C, or D. These are the days that you want to live with tomorrow. These are the this is the short phrase that you want to

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live with tomorrow can let in Mario be Saturday and that he said these people, you know, because there was there was chaos among many Islam, he they had ran away from Egypt, they finally left their shackles and they left the prison and they're running, they're running and they got to the Red Sea. They at the sea now and most other you setup is with them and fit around, and his army are right behind. So they're coming they're approaching the almost knee

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anymore, Sally said I'm embedding a slide that you saw in see if you're out of whack about the image the site the appearance of flowers frown and his army was incredible. 2 million it is recorded and reported that he had 2 million of his soldiers well equipped and ready to go into battle. Meanwhile, the nice about it. They have the old they have the weak, they have the poor, they have the children with them, and they can barely walk anymore. What are they going to face they're facing that out. So at that moment, panic begins to happen. And chaos begins to happen among bunnies slowly and they begin to speak words of negative

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tivity they say to each other in the animal raccoon in the animal code in their mother, they lost all hope they lost all hope in a lot of soil, they began to see to each other around. fifth round is going to take us we're going to go back to slavery, he might kill us, he might Allahu Allah, what's going to happen? We are finished. This is what they're speaking to each other a lot. But just like people today, when times become really tough, and there's a crisis that goes on around the world, people begin to speak negativity to each other, they begin to lose hope and a lot of soldiers they forget a lot altogether. And they just begin to discuss what their current situation and current

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issue he is local. So among all this Musa alayhis salam rises, to say a few words of positivity of certainty in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is the importance of a dour in times of chaos in times of calamity. musala he set up he looks at his people are the sisters in color. Not at all. Don't give us this nonsense. We don't want to hear this color. Stop your negativity can stop speaking negative words in Mario labissiere de thoroughly indeed certainly no doubt about it, or be my money Lord is with me and He will definitely guide us out of here. At the end of the day, whoo. Sally, Sara is a believer. He believes in a loss promise not some things you believe in a loss

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close. Some days you do not the most time in which you need to believe and be certain of a loss promise is in times of difficulty is in times of calamity and hardship, of always believing in a lot of promise. Believing a lot is with you seeing La la la la seeing in America or be seen Oh la Humana, Allah, he's with us. Allah loves us that's easy to sing this in times of ease. But the real challenge is to see these words in times of difficulty, just like in this scene we have in front of us, which is Musa alayhis salaam, reassuring his people, you know, reassuring these people spreading positivity among his people that are now all crippled with chaos, and all paralyzed. They're all

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full of fear and anxiety, what's going to happen to them. And these words echo among buddies law it in Mario de la salle de, that my Lord is with me and he'll guide us out of this. This is a believer in times of calamity, this is a believer in times of calamity. So this is what he said. And he comes down his entire people have been sworn in they come down. But you know, if you assess the situation,

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really supervillain look at the case of musala he said that he sent these people along, my Lord is with me, and He will guide us out of this. So really now logically, and literally on the ground, what is your Lord going to do? And who can see even Moosa himself doesn't know what's going to happen. Even musala you Salaam himself, doesn't know what the last plan is. Yet, it's not like musalla You said I knew before this, that a lot eventually will tell him grab your stuff and strike it on the sea and the sea will open. He doesn't know this. musalla doesn't know this. This command hasn't come yet. But he is he saw that a lot is with him. And his sword and allows victory is going

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to come. Just hold on to your firm belief. And your Emad, even if it was in the most testing of times, can you think of something more testing than what it was going through? They've been kicked out of their home lab, they have no food left with them, no drink with them. They've walked miles into the desert until they've reached where they are the sea in front of them with the crushing waves that are always behind them? What hook do they have? So imagine, imagine Mussolini's setup, had had a million pounds of gold with him? What would that have benefited him? Would he have said, I have a million bars of gold with me and they will guide me? What would I have done for him? If his

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entire body is slow? He were well equipped, what would you have said he would have looked at fit out and said, I am well equipped and I have atomic bombs and nuclear bombs. And I have this and that. What would that have helped him musalla He said, I realized that no matter what you have from this world, the life and no matter what you're missing, if a law soldier is not with you, you are missing everything in life. So this is why he realized that the most valuable thing the person has in his life is his relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the most valuable thing you have in especially in contesting times and times of calamity. So he said in your PC ID My Lord is with me

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and He will guide us out of this. So then then after certainty after positivity, after your heart has filled with the certain words that a lot of socialists with you This is when relief finally came Allah subhanho wa Taala then revealed to musala you set up for hyena Illa Musa, a new blood bouncer can

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Bow then alarm associate revealed to Sally is set up to strike the sea with his staff. He had a long stick of stuff they call it in traditional times of staff. And he allows origin commanded him to strike the sea with that. Now what's that going to do? What is it going to do? Really? What is it if you took a stick now, and when in struck the sea with it? What would it do nothing other than a few splashes of water go to the left and to the right, nothing else will happen. But when a heart is filled with certainty of Allah subhanho wa Taala miracles start to happen. Miracles start to happen gifts of a law of social mercy blessing from Allah azza wa jal, things will abnormally work in ways

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that it will work in ways they never work before la lucha Allah coalition in Kadena So musala has set up with no hesitation and no questioning of the last command, he walks to that seat, and he strikes the sea with his staff. And this is now from then on, it's all miracles as to what happens allows origin paths the sea for him, and they all cross the sea and they receive from their own and from the army of Pharaoh and Allahu Akbar, but you understand something, in times of calamity. One of the main things you need to learn to do is to adhere to the commandment of Allah assertion. Musa alayhis salam did not turn around and say up, what is a stick? being struck on the water? What is

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that going to do? I don't understand the logic behind this. You're not explain this to me. He did not say that. So what we're learning is when Alonzo church gives us a command, and he took hold on to it, do what a lot socially tells you, you will see your relief in that you will see eventually a law surgeon will relieve you out of your situation. He'll bring so much comfort and mercy upon upon the servants that adhere to allow soldiers command don't question even if the if the commandment of Allah doesn't make sense to you blame yourself, blame your intellect, maybe you're not understanding. But definitely in alarm, socials command is always a solution. So loose, Allah is set

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up when he was told by Allah, when he was commanded by a lot to do something. And that is to strike the staff at the sea. He was commanded. He was quick to implement a last command. He didn't look around, but he said you're Obama. It's not the time now. And you know, I can't concentrate now. And everyone around me is in panic mode and we just need to survive. No matter what your situation in life is. No matter what situation your life that you're in right now. No matter what economical situation you're in, what health situation you're in, what security situation you're in. Doesn't matter doesn't matter. At the end of the day. The biggest thing that worries and matters in your

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life for you to fulfill

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is Allah surgeons commandments. After this you will see a lot of relief. My brothers and sisters in Islam believe believe in this. These are spiritual matters that an Islam came to implement and put within us to instill within us and Hadith the IDP authentic hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, every area in the Quran, its purpose was to solidify a man in our hearts. Not that when calamity strikes. We become confused and people have negativity and don't know what to do. That's not the ID my brothers and sisters in Islam. That's why the first quality recorded for the believers in the first or in the second School of the polarity saltimbocca as well. And levena you know, and I

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believe that's the first quality of the believers those who believe in the unseen believe in the unseen believe in a lost command, establish a lost coverage in your life. Keep away from what a lot of surgeon made, how long if you fall into something how long rushed adobo in Allah subhanho wa Taala rushed towards forgiveness and his mercy begging Subhana Medina, Allah azza wa jal loves his servants, and more over especially he loves those who repent. Now he loves those who repent, Allahu Akbar, and he's pleased with them. So this is exactly what musala has said. And then he implemented a loss command in times of hardship and difficulty. And that's it, sit back, relax, and you see how

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Allah azza wa jal helped him opened up the sea. All of Benny is what he received all of them, even the slowest person from among them, and the oldest men and woman that were that were walking snail pace across the seat, last soldier and save them all. All of them he saved. This is from the blessings of Allah. So again, this is a lot of mercy upon those who fulfill these commands. This is the biggest lesson we want to learn tomorrow. My brothers and sisters in Islam, when I should walk begins, remember this area and reflect over this area and understand that this is an incident that happened on this very day can lead to

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Now your B C or D this is what we want. This is what we live for. We live for a loss or Jen, we live to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. Otherwise, we really don't have anything to live for. This is why, you know when they mentioned that a lot of Xhosa created us we say that and we say it's a blessing that a what created us. Really what is the blessing behind Allah, creativeness? What is the blessing behind our existence on earth? Have you questioned yourself this? What is what is the blessing of existing on earth? In reality? The answer is that if you live a life of obedience to Allah, if you became a true slave and a servant of Allah, that's when life is a blessing. This is

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when interesting is a blessing. So existing in life, being honored, having the title of a sleeve of Allah, this is much better and more valuable than not existing all altogether. This is the blessing of existence. The only thing that makes a person worth living for is pleasing his makeup pleasing his creator Allah subhanho wa Taala which no doubt, definitely one day you will meet one day you will stand before his hands and then you will you will, you will see 100 he left for the good that he did and you will regret every second every second every moment that you wasted in your life. My brothers and sisters in Islam, the greatest thing to do tomorrow is to fast have that intention

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prepared now. If the lady died as soon as the day begins, start fasting that they encourage your children your family to fast and then reflect over these meanings reflect over the words color in Nevada or B C or D and and not to forget not to forget before I finalize and finish this video. Yes After the lifetime of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 60s on in the 61st he have an Asian a very tragic event happened. A huge calamity in the Marvel Sol de la Sol La Vallejo seldom happened and that is the death or the martyrdom we can say of an insane banally Obi Wan Kenobi a loved one. And I've got a video on this on YouTube. Watch it. It's titled quick summary from the art from the

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death of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam until the martyrdom of saying Eben Allah Yahweh Allah one huge calamity that struck him before this as a believer that we respond by seeing in early lair here in La Jolla Giroux and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that he unite the believers and unite us upon goodness. And we asked him some more data that he forgives our sins forgive our shortcomings. And we asked him to how to have more data that he allow us and he admitted us into His mercy into the paradise in Nevada Valley called called the rally my brothers and sisters in Islam, may Allah azzawajal give you the energy and the ability to fast tomorrow. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept

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from you. You're fasting, you're you're solid and every good that you do have words and of actions in the Hollywood Valley godfather alley, where some of the love was in the Marbella Garden of Eden, Mohammed Wilder Lee Ozaki as Marian which is como la jolla, la