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The importance of anger in Islam is discussed, including past incidents of disputes and accusations of fraud. The speaker emphasizes the need for more research to determine the exact meaning of Prophet's words and actions, and the importance of not showing anger or covering up it. The speaker also touches on various instances of anger towards the Prophet Muhammad, including actions and behavior, and emphasizes the need for men to show their anger and not for themselves.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was the perfect human being, without any doubt. And part of being a human being is that you are pleased. But sometimes you are angered. So it is not true. That in order to be a perfect human being that you should not be angry. A person without anger

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can be a human being. He's a wimp.

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Someone attacks your wife, or your sister, and you don't become angry, is it? It's all fine. It's all fine. I'll be patient. No, you're not a real man.

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There are times that you must become angry. Yet we all know each part of Islam, that one must suppress his anger.

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The Prophet Salah Salem was approached once by a man and his companion, asked him, give me advice.

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The Prophet said that lesson do not become angry.

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The man said, Okay, give me more. The prophets said do not become angry. The man said Okay, give me more. The Prophet kept on repeating do not become angry, do not become angry, do not become angry. This shows you that anger is something that Islam orders you to suppress. However,

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anger can be suppressed, and you recommend it to suppress it.

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But in some cases, you have to show your anger, you have to express it.

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When is it preferred and when it is abhorred.

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It is abhorred when it's for worldly matters. Someone parks in front of your home

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and you become angry and furious. I know of this person

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who when someone parked in front of his house, he came with a baseball bat smashing all the windows of the car.

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The guy just parked there for 10 minutes to pray in the masjid and come back.

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Not violating your rights. And this is not your right this is not your God given right. This is not your parking. This is a public area, it's the road. But some people are mentally

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So such rage, whether it's for your own safety or for your own self, someone insulted you, someone said criticize you and you become angry and you make an issue out of it. This is a board in Islam.

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But when this anger is

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in the sake or in the sight of Allah azza wa jal for the sake of Allah.

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When you see sins being committed,

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when you see

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things that go against Allah's commands, and the Prophet, sunnah Allah is awesome, and you become angry because of that. This is something that is recommended and you're rewarded for it. Now,

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our role model alayhi salatu salam was the perfect human being.

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What were the incidents that were reported to us that he was angry? Because there are so many incidents,

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one of us would have exploded in rage. Yet the Prophet SAW Salem kept his calm and cool.

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And he did not react negatively. And this is what is meant by do not become angry. Meaning do not do things that you would regret. Due to your anger.

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These things are impulsive. You just divorce your wife why? While Russia was angry, she said you're not a man. So I'm not alone. You're divorced. And then five seconds later what I've done, and it keeps on knocking on scholars doors, share the divorce take place or not. Can you find this a loophole here or there?

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And this is what the prophet prohibited Alessa slump, the consequences of such anger.

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Not that you do not become angry because you're a human being you have to.

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So what are the incidents, that the Prophet became angry in Allah His salatu salam, there are a number of

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which we must study, to learn and acquire knowledge and

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And whenever we are placed in the same situation, we can analyze, should we become angry like the Prophet was? Or should we look the other side and pretend that we did not see anything?

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So we will mention some and not all because we don't have enough time.

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For example, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam got angry when his companions disputed and argued over things that are beyond

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dispute an argument such as,

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such as the Quran.

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Now we know that the Quran was revealed

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in seventh Harrumph,

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whether you, you translate it as dialects as styles as whatever, these are the seven of that everybody agrees upon. And the authentic hadith in the Sohae confirm it.

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So, we embrace that the Quran was revealed in seventh a half.

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And we embrace the fact that there are 10,

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recitations para art,

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which are well known to the scholars. Now, to go into the details, we don't need this. We're believers. We believe that we are created from clay from mud, from Earth from soil,

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to go into details and start to analyze and to go back to the labs. And this is not necessary or not needed.

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Because we believe

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so the Prophet Salah Salem once heard the voices of two men disputing over one idea.

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The companion said, that the Prophet came out of his house, with anger, visible on his face. And he said to them, in a scolding fashion, those before you were destroyed, because they differed in their scriptures

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reported by a Muslim in the Sahara. So we as Muslims believe that the Quran confirms itself. And if there is something that we cannot understand, we attribute this to our own understanding, and that we don't have the ability to understand it. And we go back to the scholars, and we say that Allah and the Prophet as I said, know,

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best not that we start to doubt

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the Quran or the horror of or the preservation of the hero. And if you look nowadays, and contemporary times, especially on social media, you find what is called in the Hadith, or rollway Biller,

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the silly man, someone without any importance in Islam,

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you will find giants who are made to look like midgets and midgets who were inflated to look like giants and they speak left, right and center about Islam, halal haram, and about

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things that are pillars of Islam, like the Quran, and they cast doubts in people's minds, not because they're hypocrites, inshallah they're not. But because they want to flex their muscles. I know you don't know, I have high degrees, I am an Academic I am this I am that. And they start spreading doubts among the people about the layman.

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And then they apologize. Okay, keep a lid on it. You don't have to do this.

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You don't have to search in the books of history, historians and of the scholars to get something that people don't know of or have never heard of, and

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exaggerated and inflated and show it to the public as if you've found Antarctica

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or Atlantis or whatever was lost. I don't care. I think they know have it. This is a big problem. Just to show off and look at me. I know what others don't know. And you confuse them laymen and you confuse the Muslims and you

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casts doubt and you allow the disbelievers to speak ill about the Quran.

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Do you think if this happened at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he would be pleased with it, or he would be angered by it. Wallah, he would be angered by it.

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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used to sometimes make dua

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when angry, and this is very, very rare

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enough, I say that it's only three or four incidents in his whole lifetime. I wouldn't be exaggerating. But when you come to it as a

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individual incident, a separate incident, you may read it and say, subhanAllah how was it possible?

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For example, to men once came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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they said something to him, which made him angry mother, Aisha said, I did not hear it.

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And the Prophet was outraged by what they said. So he cursed them.

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And he said bad words to them, and they left.

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Mother Aisha came

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frightened and terrified or prophet of Allah. If there anyone who's a great loser, it's these two men. So the Prophet said, why is that?

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She said, You cursed them and said bad things to them? Definitely, they will be cursed by Allah azza wa jal.

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The Prophet smiled at him and said, Oh, Isha. Didn't you know what I made the condition? To my Lord? I said to Allah azza wa jal, Oh Allah, I am a human being.

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Meaning that I'm not perfect. So whomever among the Muslims, that I may curse, or say bad things to, oh Allah make my curse to be a form of purification, and a great reward to them. Which means that this curse is not a curse, actually, it's do

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have mercy and great reward for them.

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this is exactly what happened. Also, with

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almost relate

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the mother of Anna's you know, the servant of the Prophet Smls, his mother's name is ohm Salim, also lamb had a young orphan girl raised in her house. And this orphan once came to the Prophet Ali's Islam and the Prophet saw her. And he was

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amazed by how fast she grew.

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So he said to her, Oh, you,

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Oh, you, you have grown.

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May Allah stop you from growing?

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So the girl went, terrified to the Prophet SAW Selim crying, saying the Prophet made dua that I may not grow, I will not grow.

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The young girl was frightened and she had all the right to be frightened. So I'm salaam rushed to the prophet as salam and said to her,

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Oh prophet of Allah. You made dua against my orphan girl.

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And he said,

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what is that? Um Salam.

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Salam Salam said, she claims that you said that May you never grow up, and that you never you stay as you are. So the Prophet laughed at a swordsman and said, Oh, I'm so lame. Don't you know I had a condition with my Lord, that the I am a human being. I am happy and pleased, like anyone else is happy and pleased. And I also get angry like anyone else, get angry as a human being. So Oh Allah, whomever I make dua against from my OMA that he is not worthy of it. Oh Allah make it a purification and a cleansing and a good deed that he would get closer.

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buy it from you on the Day of Judgment.

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So this clearly indicates that the Prophet SAW Selim acknowledged his human nature, but due to that he was the Mercy sent to mankind. He asked Allah azza wa jal to

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add more

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To that mercy by even when he curses those who are not worthy of being cursed, or say bad things to them, that Allah switches it and flips it to be something positive for their sake and for their own goodness. And this is, as I said, only two or three or maybe four incidents that are known throughout all of his life that he had cursed, those who are not worthy of being cursed, of course, transforming it into mercy, and cleansing and purification does not fall

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for those who deserve it like those who deal in riba like those who fornication, like those who deal in bribery, and steal people's money know, when the perfect prophet has some criticism. They're cursed for what they had done.

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What other incidents a Prophet got angry? In Allahi salatu salam,

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Abu Mr. Odin Ansari, may Allah be pleased with him said a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and explained himself.

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He said, Oh prophet of Allah.

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When the fajr prayer is established, I tend to delay it. So the karma is called, I tend to come a little bit slow and waste some time, because the Imam prolongs the salah too much.

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Yanni, the guy is like praying for 25 minutes, half an hour, and that is a lot and we can't take this because it's too long. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as Abu Mossad may Allah be pleased with him says, I've never seen him angry. More than that incident. He was outraged. And he said all people among you, there are those who are specialized in making people repelled from Islam.

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There are those among you, when they speak, they make you hate Islam.

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this is a serious offense. Be careful. You and I could be one of those. When we give Dawa. Are we mindful of the impact of what we're saying? And do we?

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I'm talking about the majority, not about a single, specific, ignorant imbecile, who knew even if you read an ayah of the Quran, he would be repelled by it. Now, this guy is trash. We don't care about him. I'm talking about the impact of your data of your actions of what you say, on the majority of the people. Are they benefiting? Go ahead, keep up, keep it up. Are they repelled? Because you're selecting things that people don't know and highlighting it? And they say, Islam can't be like this. I'm reserved. No, you cause this. So the Prophet was angry. And he said among you, there are those who make people repelled from Islam. When you lead, others, make it short and

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concise, because behind you, there might be praying the week, the elderly, those who have errands they want to go and fulfill.

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the Prophet SAW Selim whenever he was attacked, for his,

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his own self, it would probably forgive but when the attack was towards Sharia, towards religion, Quran or sunnah, this is not a time to be diplomatic and play it cool. No, you have to show your

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resentment to what is being said, as a form of defense of Islam. You This is not a place to be diplomatic. They are attacking Islam, insulting the Prophet ISIS, that I'm insulting the religion, anything. Yeah, it's an issue of dispute. I know where you're coming from. No, you don't. You have to show your anger if you're a true Muslim, and the head with everybody else who cares.

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So once the Prophet was distributing Alison the booties of war and giving to the Muslims, but he

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is the messenger of ALLAH. So he knows that some certain certain people, segments of people deserve more. Like for example, the dignitaries of Quraysh, who just accepted Islam. They were enemies of Islam, but because they were dignitaries of Quraysh the Prophet gave them 100 camels each

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so that they would love Islam and get stronger in Islam and those behind them with follow them

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While the unsolved the close beloved companions of Medina, the Prophet did not give them anything. So, some of the hypocrites

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thought that this was unfair, not knowing the wisdom behind it. So they wanted to question the prophet Isaiah said I'm one of them even went further by objecting and said, This is a division. Allah's face was not sought after.

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Now who are you accusing? The divider?

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Who's the divider? The Prophet of Allah? Are you saying that the prophets division

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is not fair, and he is not seeking Allah's face by it? This is blasphemous. So the Prophet I saw some got outrage when he was told of this statement. But then he calmed down. And he said, may Allah have mercy on my brother Musa, peace be upon him, he was abused, insulted, and harmed with things that were far greater than this, yet he was tolerant and patient. So it shows you that the anger of the Prophet is of service not for himself. Rather, it's for the religion.

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Also, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, once came to the masjid.

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And on the wall of the masjid, he saw a sputum.

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You know, when someone collects from his chest and from his throat and spits it out, it's visible and it's, yeah, no repulsive.

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So the Prophet saw this, and he was angry, and His face became red. And this was a sign of his anger. Whenever the Prophet got angry, his face would become red.

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And he would never avenge for his own self. Never. It would only be for the religion of Allah. And this is an insult to the religion of Allah. When you split it in the direction of the qibla, when you're praying in the wall of the masjid, the message is supposed to be purified and cleaned.

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So he was angered by that, by it. A woman from the unsought saw his anger, went straight to it, rubbed it out, scratched it out until it was removed from the wall, and then brought perfume and placed it on its spot. So now the wall has been perfumed of the masjid.

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And the Prophet said that they saw some how good this is. That's a very good thing she did. praising it, and showing the Muslims when to be angry, when the masjid is being made, filthy, dirty, disrespected. And when to be happy and pleased. When it's perfumed, it's cleaned, it's been taken care of

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a three quick incidents because our time is up and we don't want to hold the callers from their questions of the live and I'm from the US, came to the Prophet is assigned with two garments, died in saffron.

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And the prophet had prohibited the Muslims from wearing closed dyed in saffron, not yellow, yellow is a color but saffron is a herb and dyeing your clothes with it, which gives it a scent it gives it the color is imitating the disbelievers and idol worshippers. So the Prophet prohibited this. And beloved number came to the Prophet wedding it the Prophet was outraged, and you can see it in his face. And he said to him, did your mother order you do this?

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You're saying this to a grown up man.

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So he knew that the Prophet was scolding him. So he said, Oh prophet of Allah, should I wash them

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and remove the Zafran from them? The Prophet said no, burn them. And this is his punishment for defying the prophets, instructions or assaults.

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In another incident, the Prophet saw one of his companions wearing a golden ring. And everyone knows that it's prohibited for men to wear anything that has gold in it, whether it's a ring, cufflinks, a watch a pen, a chain holder or key holder.

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So the profit

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got angry and you can see it in his face, went straight to the man snatched the ring from his finger and tossed it away. And he said, why would anyone have you take a fire of stone and place it in his hand.

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And finally, the Prophet was outraged. When Bilal came to him once, and said, Oh prophet of Allah, I had a heated argument with a Buddha, fiery, one of the Great's companions, and the first to migrate.

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And in the heated argument, he was so angry, he said to me, You are a

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son of a black woman.

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So he is insulting him that his mother is black. This is racists, and Islam, we don't tolerate any such racism. So he went and complained to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the Prophet was angry, and he summoned a Buddha. And when a Buddha came, and he said to him, You are a man of ignorance of pre Islamic era for saying this to this companion of mine, do you say to him and insult him by the color of his mother,

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a Buddha came back to his senses, went to to Bilal placed his cheek on the sand, and said to him, all son of the black woman, placed your foot on my other cheek while he was on the ground, as a sign of humility, that you're placing your foot on my face and a biller said my brother, stand up, may Allah forgive you.

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These are some of the incidents where the Prophet alayhi salam

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expressed and portrayed his anger, not for himself, rather for the religion of Allah, in the defense of Allah, governed and controlled by the Sharia of Allah, because I don't want people to come and say, Okay, I want to become angry like the Prophet I said, I'm for the sake of Allah and the cause of Allah. Let's burn a house. Let's break a property. Let's turn. Let's attack the authorities. No, this is not what the Prophet did racism. This is not what Islam promotes or endorses. Being angry, is controlled by Sharia, and not by the calls of hooligans. And thugs. Like we find in some Muslim countries, all of a sudden demonstrations and protests and burning of a property and destruction.

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This is not part of Islam, and this is definitely not part of the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam