Alaa Elsayed – Ashura – Lessons From the Story of Moses

Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam's historical significance of the 10th ofattem, which is the day when he saw the Jewish faith. He explains that Islam's success in saving people from evil and evil ways is due to his actions and behaviors, and that he is confident in his ability to achieve that success. He also mentions that god's actions and behaviors are highly recommended for those who have deeds on that day.
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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Miranda salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Africa to my demons, Islam. And this is Brother Allah welcoming you to one of the best days of the year, which is Ashura, the 10th of Muharram. Their religious significance is in Sahih Bukhari we're Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam came into Medina and he saw the people of the Jewish faith fast in that day and he asked him, Why are you fasting? He says, this is a day that Allah Subhana Allah if you're less saved our Prophet Musa Ali salam from Pharaoh, and he said that we are more deserving of Moses than you and he actually fasted that day and ordered people to fast it also. And

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he said If I'm to live for the next year, I will also not just fast the 10th of Muharram. But I will also fascinate the Muharram. And the reward indeed for that is that Allah subhanaw taala we expect the saints of a previous year there are so many lessons learned from the story is how Allah Allah subhanho wa Jalla wa Ala saved Musa May peace be upon him from pharaoh that tyrant, there was no other tyrant on the face of the earth that is known of disbelief. This story is beautiful one we can learn a lot of lessons from it, especially for those who have difficulties. Those who have lost a loved one a job a * of a wealth, a car, a house, a wife, a child, anyone that has a loved one, it

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difficulties is a part of life, but how to handle it is the most important of all, it is very easy for us to say that I'm patient, but it's actually your actions and your behaviors is the one that will indicate whether you're actually patient or not. So how Allah Allah subhana wa Jalla Feola saved Musa is through a something that we can think of, is a land that was seen the sun only once in this life, which is the bottom of the ocean. When Musa alayhis salam took the Jewish people and walked away, fleeing from the tyrant Pharaoh. Allah subhana wa Jalla Villa had a different scenario in mind, where he actually brought Pharaoh in the sight of Musa and when the people thought that do

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for sure will be captured and destroyed. Allah Subhana Allah Allah revealed and inspired unto Moses May peace be upon him, that use your staff and stick them that hit to the ground, and the ocean separated cathode, meaning there were two mountains in each site. And Jewish people in the lead of Musa May peace be upon him, went through the ocean through the ocean when the two parts were separated. And Allah subhana wa Jalla Villa could have simply saved Musa alayhis salam, and get the ocean back together. And but he had something else in mind, Pharaoh follow them. And as soon as Pharaoh and his whole army was inside in the middle of the ocean, Allah subhanaw taala commanded

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that water from being a mountain to be a savior. Anytime that you feel that your back is against the wall, and you feel that there is no way out. There's always a way out, but you have to believe and fulfill the commandments of Allah subhana wa Jalla villa is filling about and follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and because of the iomairt la hija Allah Who Maharaja was a common household artisan. Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala decreed in that scripture that those who have Taqwa piety consciousness of God Almighty love and fear in the proper manner and understanding Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah will find a way out from every difficulties and grant you

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provisions from a place that you never thought of. However, please understand also righteous deeds are very highly recommended on that day, including sadaqa charity, and since that is that charity that we're talking about, please don't forget us as an organization, in your righteous deeds and your and whatever you can do on that day to help us and support us would be greatly appreciated.

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