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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The Quran is a tapestry of events occurring throughout the day, including the Day of Judgment, Day of Meat, and the arrival of Iranian army. The conflict is described as a peaceful quiet night, with the return of everything left on the ground and people lost their lives. The importance of remembering the right things in history is emphasized, and the title of "the final place" is promoted as a way to signal when a deadline is approaching. The use of language and architecture in writing is also discussed, as well as the importance of being aware of one's words to avoid confusion. The segment also promotes a video tour of the Quran and encourages viewers to review it.
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smilo salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was happy

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to be let him in the shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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when nazjatar horkan when necesito Dinesh Don was Serbia 37 for Serbia Katia subcon fel modality Andhra Pradesh The surgery was silly and the water locked at a melissani of Coco Lee. I mean, I mean, I'm not sure if I shared some things with you or No, I don't think I did know I give a secret club about it

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two weeks ago

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secret club cuz Yeah, yeah.

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Yeah, well, you know,

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but anyway, so I wanted to share with you actually some things about Nova Mindo Quran and Islam is the subject of how the the subject matter of the Quran is organized, and how it seems at first glance that the discussion is completely disconnected. Like all these parts, they have nothing to do with each other. But at a more careful look, you realize that everything is actually going together for one cohesive argument. So SoTL nazjatar is like that It begins with a series of oaths, Allah swears by the things that pull and dive in nazjatar the things that pull a lot of con as they dive in, when now she thought the nurse done and they are extremely busy and activity. Wasabi hottie

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somehow he swears by things that swim and sail smoothly. For sabia, karate subcontinent, they beat each other in the race, they're getting ahead of one another, you know, full mobility, Amazon, they're executing the command, the whatever command they've been given, they're planning and executing it. That's the old and we don't know what these things that pull our letters and say what they are, it just says they pull and they dive in. Right. So you have opinions of the Sahaba of what that might mean. So we'll come back to that. As soon as that's done. There are actually a number of IOD that are about the Day of Judgment, the day on which the major disturbance shakes you. Yo

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mythology for rajiva that about Ohara diva, you know that then another wave of disturbance comes after that Hulu Yama in YG. Father hearts are you know, they're trembling, and they're terrified of sorrow. how harsh are their eyes, the eyes of those hearts are full of all una llamada de una for half an hour. Then you get to the next scene where they're questioning Are we really gonna get taken, taken back to the ditch In other words, we're going to be taken out of our graves again, for in NEMA, he has a gelatin wahida

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or no tequila when we are bones are reduced. How can this return ever happened till Kaizen Corrado hasura final Maharaja tournois Hey, that's just gonna be alert and response is going to be one loud explosion, one scolding, and all of a sudden, you'll be there in the middle of the dark with Sahara. So I had means to spend all night standing somewhere, or stand somewhere, not being able to sleep in the middle of the entire night. Now, again, the first subject was some oaths where things are pulling and doing all kinds of activity, then there was Day of Judgment, then there's people who questioned the Day of Judgment. Then all of a sudden, there's Hala, Takahashi, who sided the news of

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Musa come to you. So and then more and more and more like there's other subjects that keep coming, right? So it seems over the course of a page and a half, there's like six different things happening. And they seem completely disconnected. But actually, all of this is one very beautifully woven argument. It's actually tapestry in the Quran. The first IOD are actually two scenes at the same time you'll find an Arabic When you have a nazjatar idea you know, your elsaffar etc. This is actually a reference to a different it's it compares wins it compares horses and most of the time these are scenes of people that are going to attack a village you know the Arabs had camps and

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villages and you have these Raiders that go in the middle of the night and right before the morning they come in attack displace when everything is calm. And when the writers are coming the pole on the horse those that pole and when they pull as they pull they dive deep into the camp you know when does the RT haka, and they're they're busy, busy busy because they have to loot this tent that tent this one that one when now she thought in LA and they make their attack super quick and they're smooth in it smooth in and smooth out wasabi hottie Sabha. And as they make their escape, they're not going slow. They're actually racing each other to get away because they have to get away from

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the enemy. They just attacked for sabia, kotti Sokka. And then when they're done, they finally Execute the command. In other words, they've collected all the spoils, and now they're distributing among each other. That's one way of looking at this entire first scene. Yet another way is like the self would describe it as like the angels that plucked the roof from the body. You may have heard that before. The angels dive in and they pluck the roof from the body right to pull the soul out.

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Buddy, but actually it's both of those scenes at the same time. Let me show you how

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Allah azza wa jal is going to describe the al Qaeda.

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And how it's going to come all of a sudden, you'll have no warning. And the Arab says, Well, what do you mean no warning. And Allah says, Let me give you a scene that you can imagine.

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And the scene is when they get attacked in the middle of the night,

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just like the angels will come in and start pulling away and they'll know exactly what to do. And they'll swim through and sail through the skies, just like the Raiders come in, they sail away, and they're going to execute the command just like you know, these Raiders come and execute.

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And it happens out of nowhere, you don't expect the Raiders to come. It's a peaceful quiet night. And so immediately he switches over just like that all of a sudden, the disturbance will come Yamato for Raja.

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The disturb the day on which the disturbance comes and then another wave comes after that, just like the attackers, they come in waves. You think the first wave is gone, the next wave shows up. That's about a lot of raw data. And when imagine that scene, where the village is being attacked, the Raiders are being are attacking in the middle of the night. What's happening to people who are like looking around kulu in Yama in wotja, Uppsala, hahaha, their hearts are trembling, their eyes are full of all and then the raid is all done. The Raid is all done when it's done. Not anything of value has been taken away.

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And what's left on the ground is basically footprints of these horses. Right? You know what the Arabic word is for footprints of the horse. haftarah

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Yoku una una llamada de una Phil hafler. But on the one hand means Are we really going to be taken back to our graves or pulled out of our graves and things like that. But the other meaning is once the once the village is destroyed, all that's left is these footprints. Why would anybody want to go back and if they did go back, they would see see nothing of benefit, they'll even come out on hasura it would be a return that is full of loss. In other words, them questioning judgment a Alize comparing them with the way they would think about how they would come back after a village has been destroyed. For innama he has a gelatin wahida that is gonna be a loud cry. The loud cry could be the

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suit on Judgment, a, you know no fear of his soul. But in this dunya the guy comes back to his village, everything is burnt. There's shoe prints at the horseshoes print everywhere. What does he do? He cries and he's falls on his knees for either home beside and they're spending the entire night crying because there's nothing left a lot compared to the scene of dunia with the scene of what Uh huh. So you're seeing two scenes at the same time. Now when you see when you realize this, all of this could have been avoided if somebody just told the villagers that Raiders are coming and attack is coming. They could have been prepared, isn't it? Hello Taka ha de su Moosa

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didn't a news of Musa come to you.

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When Allah brought him to himself, so he can send him to Freetown to warn him, Isabella Farah and Natasha.

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Go warn around because farallon should be warned that the attack is what is coming take warning.

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And when you give someone huge news like attack is coming you should give them some proof of arrival. I tell Cobra Casa Bahasa he showed him the biggest signs he's still turned away in light. You know, so lies now describing that the purpose of messengers is not to destroy nations, but to save them destructions already coming.

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Now the point I made in sort of the new focus

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so much about is then he makes his own returns away and he starts making other efforts. In other words, you make efforts against the one who warned you instead of making efforts against the attack

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for Hazara nada, and he got full of his pride and he started gathering This is really amazing. This entire scene, this entire warning is a warning about judgment, isn't it? and judgment days when a law will gather people, but ferroan decides he wants to have his own hash of Ferrara and judgment a Allah will call but he decides he's gonna make his own call and judgment day Allah will describe he is you know, eliminate mukaiyama law had alcohol, who owns Kingdom today it is a law and Pharaoh and gathers people and instead of calling on Allah, He says another book on Wynonna, I am your supreme Rob.

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Han Allah, the contrast between what's going to happen on Judgement Day with the actual rub. And what this idiot is doing thinking he is. He's making his own hash of his own nidaa and his own declaration of an Arab buku Malala. And what do you know, by the way up until now, isn't it al Qaeda and dounia Hara Antonia. Right. Isn't that what's happening? So look at the language for Ahava. Hola, hola, Carlo Ancelotti, when una sala made him an example of the al Qaeda and the earliest ones holla how things tied together in Quran he made even to the exam, an example for the after for the final and the earliest, just like dunya nakodar parallel Mountain yanaka

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I mentioned literally, but from here on which you read the center of the surah which is him saying that I am your supreme Supreme Master, what Allah does from here. He basically doesn't then decides to prove who is a Boko Malala

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so he says are unto Misha do halcon me sama? Are you a more powerful creation or the sky? Banana, he built it. Building is important because Darwin did a lot of building. The most impressive architecture in the world in his time was his. The highest architecture was his. He says Rafa, sanka he elevated its roof, its ceiling, because ferroan could never build something that could be as high a ceiling as Allah so when he says, Allah, what does he know? What does he know of a sama? arafa some cassava. Then he says, what are the Tushar Laila? Ha, ha ha, he made the night of a dark and it's morning bright By the way, when the first scene happened, When did it happen? At night, and by

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morning, it was all too late. It was all too late. He's the one who brings the night he pulls the morning ties it everything ties back then well Delica Haha, he made the earth smooth and smooth and spread out.

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When you say smooth and spread out, it kind of suggests that the earth is vast. But when a nation when or when the village is attacked.

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The news described the Quran will describe dark alley, he will be Morocco but the earth that used to be vast became tight on them. They had nowhere to run. Allah saying here that Allah intends the earth to be vast. But when people don't take his warning, what happens? It becomes tight.

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That's the purpose of the earth to be vast to be accessible. And then on top of and by the way, if Iran believes he has massive land, and he has huge rivers will have the hill and heritage even takhti. He says in Quran, these rivers flow under my feet under from under me, min daddy. And Allah says then, after he says well delicata has been harmed Maha Maha. He's the one who brought out its waters. You think you own the rivers. He's the one who brought us waters and its pasture. The pasture is the greenery of the earth. By the way, so lysing The earth is made comfortable and vast and smooth. And then he's saying the water is a means of comfort and in life. He brings the water

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out so you can have greenery and life. But in the case I fit on the earth became tight. And the water was not a source of life, the water became a source of death.

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In other words, the things that Allah created as NEMA in this world, if you don't approach them properly are the same things that will be your death. Those same things the same nirma will be your poison. Maharaja amin Hama hamara I love this ayah well g by Allah or Sahaja he and the mountains he planted them down inside is actually used when you plant a peg for a tent, you know, then big giant kneel for a tent. That's it. When you nail it in, he says he planted the mountains down. Now some people get obsessed with the science of these IOD and how mountains were formed. Look, that's not the subject of the you know what the subject of the eyes, if you look at the architecture of the

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pharaohs, they tried to mimic the mountains

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they tried to make it look like mountains because mountains are a symbol of power.

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Okay, but when they built these mountains, their own artificial mountains, these pyramids, they have to go from the bottom up. So to get higher you start at the bottom and you keep building up a laws architecture mountains which are much taller than any of these pyramids. He doesn't have to build bottom up he

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drops them down.

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Who is allowed?

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You see was dibala arsa It's so incorrect like the language is so powerful. how Allah is responding to the arrogance of this person then he says Mata Allah chameleon amico This is good for you, you know means of sustenance for you, things for you to enjoy and your cattle for either job at a metal rod and finally when the final when the greatest calamity strikes, by the way I'll Cobra second time for Rahul ayatul Cobra. automaton, Cobra, why, because he was shown the greatest signs. So he could warn himself take take warning of the greatest calamity. So when you get to the eye of the greatest calamity, it reminds you that you should have been ready for it because you were shown the greatest

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science for our own Ayatollah Cobra yo Matata Carolyn's Hallo masa, the day on which the human being will remember full well, all the efforts he used to make by the wayside the second time we've seen you know something about Ah, yes, sir. If it all makes efforts he makes running around, so

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Now lies reminding us that people who had a lot of power and ran around with freedom, then now they'll remember the wrong things they ran after. You know, and the parallel is made with fit on what would result in jahai mollema Yara Sahaja jehane is brought forward for whoever wants to see by the way we do we want to see him.

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No. The thing to see is what allows messengers show you are all who I tell Cobra, they came to show you so you could see they can make you see the biggest signs. That's what you want to see. So you don't have to see jehane because if you don't see these ions, then you have to see him.

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You're gonna see one way or the other. You know what Buddha ninja him who live in Europe. Then what you know, for a moment ah saraha dunya for energeia Hema, Hema, the one who the one who preferred worldly life, then jehane is his place to find refuge is amazing. The word refuge here. First of all, he says the one who preferred this life, you know, preferred this life. By the way, we're supposed to prefer both lives.

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We're not supposed to prefer aka over dunya we're supposed to actually get the best of dunya and the best of Athena for dunya Hashanah. Villa de hacer la you're supposed to balance both just like the images. Everything is dual dual dual dual. You know.

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And so now by the time you get to this I'll tell you why Matt was so awesome. The jakeem will be the place where he finds refuge in the beginning there was a raid and when there is a raid Where do you want to go?

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refuge refuge these people will have no refuge the refuge will be the refuge after judgment day for them is far worse than judgment itself is jakeem then what amomum hoffa camara de wanna had enough Sanyal, however, the one who was afraid of standing in front of Islam. Now you imagine why Allah uses this kind of language here. You could just say half Allah, the One who feared Allah, Who is it? He says the one who was afraid of standing in front of Islam

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is the word being used for the first time. No one said Anna trabuco manana. Now, if you think about your own you realize something. flounces La La, la, la La, he Moosa

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Why don't you build me a tower, I'll go up, climb into the sky, I want to go talk to the God of Musa

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he wants to stand face to face with Allah. And Allah says by the end of this, the one who was afraid of standing in front of his robe

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Manohar Nakamura be when I had enough Sinaloa he prevented himself from from temptation for in nogen netta helma den Jana is his final final place to find refuge by the way. Interestingly enough, no other nation that I know of in Quran

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Allah describes their nation as Jen not

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accepted on down.

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Come tarraco when Jonathan when you mentioned not no name, oh my god. Well, not unlike Tim Canova. fokin the kind of description you get in the Quran agenda.

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The only other group that I know of him Koran that level describe their assets, like he's describing gender itself is the Egyptians is the pharaohs

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when they were drowned in the water, unless had about them how many gardens they left behind?

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How many blessings? How many luxuries that they used to enjoy and smile over? Those those words that are used to describe what they left behind? Other than ferons assets other than the Egyptian assets? The only time you find those words is for Jenna.

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Here he says for in agenda he'll ma the true agenda. Not that worldly agenda that fit our own had the true agenda is this person's refuge the one who's able to prevent himself from desire. Yes, aluna Anissa. They asked you about the hour which our

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judgment a but how did they ask you about it a Yana musataha? When is it going to be planted down?

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Wait planting down? Is that the first time? What was that what else was planted down? Okay. Look, do people ask for their own questions?

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When Fred Allen says I will punish you does anybody go? When are you going to punish us?

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You would have to be really stupid to go to fit on the owner of that palace and go ask him what?

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What are you going to punish? Because if you say when are you going to punish he'll say I'll show you.

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I was gonna do it later. But for you. I'll give you special right now. You know, isn't that the case? So you're afraid of the guy who owns this mini little pyramid but you're not afraid of the one who dropped them.

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And you ask when is it coming? When is it being dropped? Just the word Murcia should remind you that the one who dropped the mountains is powerful enough that you shouldn't be asking stupid questions

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when a judgement day coming a yamasa and then you understand the next FEMA anthem in Nicaragua in what capacity Are you going to be making any mention of it?

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Who are you to me say anything about it?

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In our have become into haha to your master is the final place of it. The final dropping of it meaning when it will happen when will it take place and when will it end? That is up to Allah.

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Pharaoh and in this in this context had that fashola he gathered people. He tried to do his own get Day of Gathering. And Allah says I own mine. Nobody else gets to tell me when you know becoming Taha nama antimony Romania Shahar you are just there to warn anybody who is going to be somewhat afraid of it.

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Now my favorite, the last icon and the homeo morona ha, those people as though when they when they see it on that day, let me Alba through Ella she attend out to ha ha. They didn't they will think they didn't remain except a night. And its own morning, that night. And that morning, where did this entire sutra begin with a raid? When does the right raid happen? between the night and the morning and you know, if you were experiencing that raid and you were terrified, and you were like my life is over, even if you survived it, all you would ever remember about your life is that night, and judgment day will come and that rate of the angels will come

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and people will be pulled out of there. You know, like people are sleeping in a tent and they always know what's happening. What's happening. People are gonna be sleeping in their graves and what's happening, what's happening. looters come into the tent and pull you out. And angels are gonna come into the grave and yank people out. You know, this is this is what's gonna be happening. And when that happens, they're not going to remember anything else about their life. But what

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that night

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that's all they'll remember. God.

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Allah Shia tanoto ha, how all both of those images are just kind of fused back together by the time you get to the end of the slides. Amazing. It's just absolutely mind blowing. how Allah azza wa jal speaks. The problem is you can't capture the majority of what I just said if you just read what

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you just read translation.

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It just can't. And told you there's a tipping point in the sutra when he says another book on Allah you know, Professor Neil Robinson when he was doing his study of the analysis of the sutra who's now Professor Neil's now Muslim Mashallah great scholar of the Quran really just incredible scholar who's an orientalist who became Muslim.

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And he you know, what he discovered when he talked about him with an Arabic medalla being the central idea of the surah where everything shifts about Allah to the second half, same number of syllables, from beginning of the surah to an Arabic Allah and the same number of syllables from there to the end, not words, syllables,

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syllables, perfectly centered, another book Ahmed Allah

00:23:16 --> 00:23:21

Allah that's the that's the message that is actually being taught Don't be like fit on

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your the arrogance of crushes, like the arrogance of fit on don't just think you have to have those castles in that power to be that arrogant, you could have nothing and be like fit on.

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You can be like that. So Pamela milazzo just give us a correct understanding, and a better and better appreciation of is perfect word.

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Thanks for watching guys. I hope you benefited. I'd like to encourage you to actually embark on a comprehensive journey into the Quran. I've done a video translation and explanation of the entire Quran. It's called Quran cover the cover. I'd like you to check it out and being a TV just do a little bit of it every day and before you know it. You'll have gone through the entire quote in translation with me. Hope you can take part somebody's gone.

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