The Most Repeated Name of Allah

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And we said before that the most repeated attribute of Allah in the Quran is Rama is kindness, compassion and mercy.

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And we also spoken Subhan Allah had turned around again to say that

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the most universal language spoken by human beings is most universal language.

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So, remember, this is not the most universal language, international language may be universal language is a language that transcends any cultural barrier linguistical barrier ethnical barrier, generational barrier when the human in you speaks to the human in me, that is when we say that we are speaking universally a language that is understood by everybody.

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And the language the most universal language that is understood by everybody is therefore

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it's not smile can be misunderstood. You know you smile sometimes people may misunderstand your smile, music may be missed, not only misunderstood but disliked. But when you speak mercy, let me give an example. If somebody if an elderly person walks into the bus, and somebody gets up and gives them their seat, it doesn't matter what ethnicity you belong to, what language you speak, what part of the world you came from, what language do you converse in, everybody understands what just happened. If you're helping an elderly person crossed the road, I don't need to know where you're from or where I am from. We understand what is going on what happened. We are speaking universally.

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When we speak universally, it means that the human in you has connected with the human in me and that is brilliant Subhan Allah and that is why the most repeated attribute of Allah in the Quran that Allah is merciful. And sometimes it comes in different names and attributes. And in this particular case, cutterbar Rob bakoma Allah Allah say Rama, Allah has prescribed the law of mercy upon himself. And then finally, in nine different places in the Quran, all MCQ consumers, Allah Subhana Allah presents Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam owner of sadaqa Illa rahmatan Lila, we have sent you only as a mercy to mankind, again presenting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in the most universal language. And Allah subhanaw taala put mercy in our heart and may Allah subhanaw taala increases in understanding our pal Alameen SallAllahu ala Sydenham.