Ramadan 2023 Quranic Reflections #03 – Surat Al Baqarah (265) – Surat Aal-Imraan (121)

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The importance of sitting during a prayer and not sitting in a locker during a night prayer is discussed, as well as the need to protect oneself from potential tornado damage and avoid arrogance. The speakers stress the importance of not letting fear and anxiety affect others, not giving too many opportunities, and not giving too many people too many opportunities. The importance of writing in Islam and serving for the people is also emphasized. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a video about Islam.

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Recently, Mubarak Allah, you know, have you been on the hunt, but he was like via your manual. But Just one housekeeping idea or thoughts before I go through the verses in Charlottetown, or as many of them as I can,

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is that the culture of sitting during Tarawa has important spread amongst people who are a little bit older. I find that a lot because we don't do it very often, people are a little bit older, feel self conscious to do it. So I'm gonna I'm tempted to ask a few people to do it, even though they don't need it, just to normalize it because it's very, very normal. Within a Sunday prayer for someone who feels that their feet are hurting and their knees aren't what they once were, and nor are their hips. And they would like to continue to pray, but they find it difficult to stand up, they are well within their Islamic Gunny recommendations actually, to sit for a little bit during

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the prayer, you can you can basically stand and then sit in the next of the same locker and then stand again and sit in the same block. And there's really nothing wrong with that I get it. If you're finding yourself that you're a little bit in a little bit of pain, or you're not focused anymore. So I would ask the older brothers and Yanni here, if you feel that, do it, and you'll get to Agile for it, you'll get you'll get the pleasure of taking it also, because agile and doing that and number two is you get the job of maybe encouraging an older person who wants to do it, but is embarrassed to do it as not doing it. And then they end up not praying at all, because they don't

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want to sit in the Salah. Again, if you see and you see if you see someone young, sitting, feel free to slap them on the head as hard as you want. And that's fine by me. But older people they should be able to sit down it shouldn't be a problem. And we should encourage that a little bit amongst amongst our brothers sister because it's been a couple of years I've been talking about this and no one listens to me No no and since and they just leave it sitting is actually allows you to pray more and allows you to enjoy more of the Quran and the dog as well. So feel free to do that. It's it's definitely within your rights. Okay. So today we'll go will continue with this, I hope I'm not sure

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I haven't taken feedback on it. But I hope that this has been a little bit helpful or, or somewhat helpful so far. If it isn't, we can always I can always shift my focus. But I'll be asking a little bit around to see how this is working for you so far. So read through Bacara. I've explained what the theme for that is. And this these first seven stories, they tell the story of religion in general, and they talk about all the elements that are needed for faith to exist appropriately within any society on the planet. And so tobacco tells you your role, and then gives you the methodology you live by. And then sort of early Emraan talks about how to sustain it, how to protect

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it from

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external problems, or external challenges or external threats and from internal threats. So the sooner is literally 200 verses and it is divided exactly in the middle at 100. The first 100 verses talking about external problems, external threats and external challenges that Islam will find historically and still finds today and the next 100 verses talking about internal challenges and it does that by going through the the bad level hood that's how it does it does it by going to the bad look ahead because the battle was lost not because the other army was was powerful wasn't because the there was an external threat that was that overwhelmed the Muslims? No, it was lost because

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internally Muslims did not behave appropriately in many different ways. So so I'm gonna the second half just comes and talks about that and addresses all of the shortcomings all of the mistakes and all of the the problems that actually occurred. So today that's what we're going to be going through today, shall we? So we'll start with maybe ID number 2266. So to backtrack as results we'll go ahead.

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Do a high dukhan takuna hujan

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de Haan Runa goofy la houfy

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Cooney Center ot what else? Saba who Kuba wala who's your reaction to

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the Al Sabah

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yeah also

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you there you know

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Tata thick rune. This verse is who to Dakota, Iowa. And the Gunilla, who Jana to Mina, he didn't wanna put whatever you want or hope or wish for a garden that has made a palm trees and vineyards and I'm under it, the water of rivers runs freely within it, he owns all different types of fruit Loafie humming coolest emirate

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and then the problem

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what I saw about wikibot

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And then he became arrogant well who read yet on the alpha and he has children and people who are dependent on Him who are weak and require care, but also about her sorrow and fee now hold on

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fatter, awkward, and then a tornado that had fire in the midst of it occurred upon his garden and burnt it to the ground. He says Karateka Yuba EULA hula hula Tina Alicante difficult this is how Allah says it shows you and teaches you His signs so that you may reflect and contemplate them and think about them

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the problem of arrogance

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it's like a poisonous ingredient that if you bring into anything any good thing you put arrogance in it and it ruins it any any prosperous thing I mean that's working, whatever it may be a relationship and the knowledge seeking a profession msgid

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family anything at all, you just put arrogance in it. And exactly as diverse explained, or tornado full of fire will hit that and burn it to the ground. This is literally what he's saying. I know what's on it would you like to have all of this would you like to have a beautiful vineyard with all the palm trees and vineyards and, and water under it and all the fruits and then and then unfortunately, you're arrogant. You're arrogant and you have people depending on you. Which is even worse. Because when you become arrogant, and you allow problems to actually occur to what you're doing, you end up harming those who are or who are dependent upon you wonder who the real tomboy

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alpha is a very specific word in the Quran. And they have dependents or descendants who are weak require this person's assistance. But arrogant happened. So tornado for the fire

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would hit and burn everything to the ground.

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I want you to think of every single scenario that you can come up with, and add arrogance to it and watch how everything would come crumbling down to the ground. Arrogance, ruins everything is why you don't enter agenda. You're welcome. If there's any remnants of it left any remnants, any remnants of it left in you stand outside, because arrogance ruins everything, the moment the person thinks that because of what they have, they are somehow superior to someone else, more important, more accomplished, more intelligent, in any form or manner, they just feel that they're better than people because of something that ALLAH SubhanA granted them or something that they accomplished.

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That is how things begin to get ruined. It's just a matter of time before this figurative tornado filled a fire will come and burn everything down to the ground for that person. And what will happen, the return to alpha, but you have people who are dependent on you now you've looked them down, you've let them down by not realizing how weak we all are, and how

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fortunate we all are when Allah Subhanallah grants us anything of value. When Allah Allah gives you anything, any form of comfort or ease any form of accomplishment. But Allah Allah gives you that this is an extremely, we're extremely fortunate to have that for you to allow that to go to your head and feel somehow now that you you deserve this, or you You worked hard for this or others didn't. And you allow arrogance to brew is just a matter of time before this arrogance turns into that tornado, and it'll burn everything to the ground. And I find this verse to be very meaningful in that sense, because because it's scary, it's gonna have to you've seen, we've seen it happen too

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many times, we've seen it happen too many times.

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We can't afford to ignore this, we got to afford to ignore people who walked this earth with any form of arrogance and how it all ended for them. And if it didn't end for them, it'll end for the return to alpha for the week detect descendants that are gonna come after them. Because maybe this person somehow makes it through. And they die on a high note of arrogance, but it's going to it's going to haunt their descendants. It'll haunt whatever it is that they built in, it'll harm those who come after them. And that's and the lesson here to me is just worthy of contemplation. Can someone do about we just do to talk to anyone so because we're running out of time to at one please

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pass it on to someone that maybe behind you give it Dijon

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or Kansas? Yogurt? Yes. What Guman to Jehovah does he eat more food? Metal West Circle known as shim Kassar, but to a hula, you'll learn

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soon, who knows the significance of this beautiful and very touching area in the Quran. blurts out the significance Yeah. This is the final verse to be revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this was revealed to him. He passed away on a Monday Alia salatu salam was revealed to him the Saturday before it was revealed to him after he came back from boyhood he had gone to give the final Yanni farewell to the people of the martyrs of Arnica salaam Wa alaykum.

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Dora told me meaning unto Messiah before and they said in the in sha Allah Who eCola had time soon to follow you, and when he came back that Allah subhanaw taala says, You've been with this final verse what wa Omen, and be very careful and protect yourself from a de total Gerona fee he'll Allah where you will be returned on that day to Allah, to me to have colorref Sin my cursor button, every soul on that day will be given with no volume, no oppression, with not with nothing missing. You're going to be given fully everything that you've been owed on that every enough

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You will receive all that it is owed, well whom law you've lemon and no one will be treated Miss fairly, will be will be mistreated. On that day, no one will be treated unfairly on that day. What wo mental Gerona fee Illa, be very aware, protect yourself from the day where you're going to be returned. It's not, you're going back, you will be returned, whether you like it or not to Allah, and then he will deliver to you fairly, all that which is what you deserve. And that's the last verse that Allah subhanaw taala would send to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam

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is towards the end of sutra, Bukhara. This is a reminder for all of us, just just be aware of that day. Beware of the day wear because that's what all of this just, you want to fizzle. This is gonna reduce this down, you want to remove all the clutter, it all comes back to this one verse, Allah in the Quran, all you need is this one last verse, beware of the day where you go back to Allah, and on that day you will be served all that which you are owed, there will be no oppression that day, there'll be no injustice that day.

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So what is it that you're owed? And what is it that you did? And what do you deserve on that day? That's a question that only one person can answer and it's you. But that's what you should be living right now. Not avoiding, it doesn't mean avoid it means protect yourself. Make sure on that day you have all your ducks in a row. Make sure that everything is set up for yourself so that you're ready. And if today as you walk out of this masjid, you think to yourself and you're like I am not actually ready. If this was to happen to me now and I was to be taken back to Allah and to be given what I'm owed. I am not ready then prepare yourself because there's really no guarantee on tomorrow. All you

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have is right now so make sure you work hard to meet to meet them. Alright. The final verses of Surah Baqarah not going to read them because there'll be read in Charlotte today. We all know them well, where he says Subhana wa Tada. I'm Anna Rasul will be mountain Xena email Robbie will minuman a colon and a biller he was eager to hear good to be here also the learning fairly Kobe in academia Rosalie wakad, who sent me an hour Aparna who have run a carabiner or helical Mercier in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala say, the prophet Amina rasuluh he believes in everything that Allah Subhan descended upon Him

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and the believers due to

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everything believes golden um, and I believe he believes in Allah subhana wa Tada and his angels and his books and his messengers. They don't differentiate between the messengers, we don't say that wood is better than then than ASR. He says better than moves. We don't talk about this stuff. They are all prophets of God, and they're all equal in the in our eyes as Muslims are all our idols, we follow them with our role models, we learn from them, and their messengers that came from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We don't go around ranking people and pointing out mistakes and saying this is not because we've done our business. What do we say? We say, Sammy, I know our partner. We have IRD and

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we obey. Because you remember the first I talked about yesterday? I talked to Laura Anna Columbo now. ESMO don't say give us no don't negotiate terms. Don't try to lessen the the Dean just say give me time to understand at the end of sutra Baqarah. Hopefully you understood. Hopefully after reading sutra Baraka Karana, you came to some understanding of what the deen is about. So what do you end this with? You say send me I know Alpina I've heard and I obey or FRA Nicaraguan and forgive me for my shortcomings, there will be many of them on the way what you need Kalamazoo law you can live Allahu nevsun Illa. Allah subhanaw taala will not hold anyone to more than their capacity. This is

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the best news that you can be given, you're not going to be held your multi ama to more than what you're capable of doing. What was your capacity? What was your 100%? That is what he's going to hold you to your multi AMA, not nothing more, not even nothing, nothing at all, exactly what you were able to do. That's when you're going to be held to your multicam.

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So the question becomes, are you doing your best, and if this is your best than Barack Allah, and if it's not your best, then you go out and figure out what your best is. And you keep on pushing yourself until you bring forward your wisdom, your wisdom, your best, what's the best that you got? And he did not supine on what Donna commanded to do anything that we don't have the ability to do. So there's two ways to understand this. You're only required to do your best, but he didn't command you to do something that's beyond your best. He didn't ask us to do something that we cannot do. He didn't tell us to pray or does or to fashion from hygiene and these things somehow are beyond our

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western I know they're within our was our capable of doing them. And then within that capacity, what more can you do? What's the best that you got to bring that forward? Lucha bitwala Makita Summit, you will be given what you're owed, and you'll you'll pay your dues on the Day of Judgment. So what is the sort of end with the ends with the DUA and beautiful dua Robina law to ask if now, in nesina of partner or Lord do not hold us accountable when we forget to make a mistake. Rob Bennett, mill Allah in Islam, karma Hamilton who Allah Allah, Xena min Polina or, Lord don't give us a covenant or hold it or give us a burden that we cannot carry like the people before us had to go through a lot

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better what had to happen. Milner Marilla Cattelan or Lord overburdened us with something that we cannot carry. Well I for unknown pardon.

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as well in Finland and forgive us for Hamner show us compassion and tema, Willa, You are our Lord Fung sadhana and a poem will carefully grant us victory and strength over those who defy us.

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This is what sutra Bukhara ends with beautiful dua Have you been taught everything you need to know about your deen your role, your role models, mistakes to avoid and the methodology you're going to live by you ended by saying or Lord. We're going to try our best somehow no Athena, but don't hold us. Don't hold us accountable. We make mistakes. Forgive us when there are shortcomings. And we've already forget, and don't overburden us with that we cannot carry.

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No, give us something that we cannot deliver for you on the Day of Judgment. And then pardon us and forgive us. That's why this draw is so beautiful. We enjoy listening to it, because it's meaningful. This is how you start your journey. It is how the crime begins. The Quran begins with this with an explanation of everything and then a dua at the end that you need to make in order for you to make the next steps. You start out by saying that helped me Don't hold me accountable. I fall short because I will and don't overburden me so that I don't know I'm not able to actually deliver and forgive me on the way along with me.

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Yes, let's do it. Like Tina Bodie and blindness I'm gonna have it yeah good.

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deed the more he is

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marked at FL Levine auto kita the iLab in the Edina

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by inner home, when I will be

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in law has said he is

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talking about the challenges external internal and how to sustain this Dena to protect it from all those

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obstacles that may try and take it away from you.

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That's why at the beginning of it in Dena and Allah al Islam indeed, the religion that Allah subhanaw taala accepts is Islam, while Mark della Vela Dina Otto kita. And the people were given the book people of the book were given revelation before us the only difference after they were being the after they were granted knowledge in lemon body Maija. Whom will Elmo Bella Liam Bina whom both the unbeknown that's why they differed when they had knowledge, both in and out of hustad. And out of control, meaning they both the is when someone tries to overpower someone else and gain control, or someone feels that someone else is a threat. So they try to neutralize them and try to remove

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them. So the people of the book only actually differed and started to fight and quarrel over. The clarity of what Islam was, is after they were given knowledge and they decided that it was more of a of a power show. It became a power struggle.

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And they started pulling every group of trying to pull the idea to itself so there's a bit of manipulation happening to them. The ideas, were manipulating a little bit of the text, we're changing things around, we're trying to be unique and ostracize the people who are and then you end up with with this mess.

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But the Dean has always been Islam. There's a difference between Dean and Dianna they're a little bit different. The dean means the belief system. The belief system has never been different at MIT he said I believe the La Ilaha illa Allah that's what he was taught. Idris I know he stood up in Allah know how they set up you know Hey Lola,

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count them one by one they all came read the Quran all they all said the exact same thing or Abdullah mela comin Isla hero in Nila komatsuna Nene Bakula. Haha, your old one is no Kumada human Urgell the arcane said the exact same thing. He thought he said, and we'll tell him that. You told people to worship Worship Me and my mother said no, of course not. Maya Cooley and Akula Marissa Lee. I would never say something that didn't have the right to say, if I said it, you know it, but I didn't

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know ilaha illAllah. You understand? This verse was explaining in Medina and Allah in Islam, everyone has come with La ilaha illAllah. Right now we're the only remaining Group on Earth that see still seeing Allah in the law, which is why this is so valuable for you to say this, for you to embrace this idea for the concept of la ilaha illa Allah to be what defines you as a human being for you to take La Ilaha illa Allah and to walk this earth explaining the importance of believing Allah Allah Allah Allah because no one else does. It's fallen to pieces like it fell long time ago. It Deanna is different. Deanna is a Shala. Every prophet had a different idea. Every Prophet brought

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forward a different way of life, different regulations, different rulings, different prohibitions. They weren't all the same. Some things were the same. Some things were never changed. Xena has always been hot on that's never been a never change. But other things have changed over time. Things are a bit less

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strict and then sometimes it comes strict again and every prophet is bringing a Shetty that may abrogate the Shediac before or may not. That's fine, that's fair. That's fair filter we can argue I can differ with you can have different ways of doing the same thing. No, not a big problem because Phil can change it's changed I'm x profits will change Muslims. But what doesn't is law in the law, that value doesn't change in Medina and

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Allah him Islam. This is what it is. It's always been, it's never changed. Nothing has ever changed that in every prophet and every prophecy and every religion on earth that came from a prophet no matter how manipulated it is today, it started with La Isla in the love from the person who taught it. But there's no money learn this. But there's no money in McCarthyism.

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McCarthyism will bankrupt those who are corrupt. There's nothing in it. La ilaha illa, Allah means you have to be selfless. And you have to serve, and you have to work for the best of the people. And you have to try and help others. There is no room for those who would like to take everything for themselves and control. There's no room for it. It doesn't work. La ilaha illa. Allah is the antidote to all of that, all that corruption, political, financial, social, whatever it is, they don't let law in the law, and they don't like those who stand by law in the law, because those who understand this idea who actually believe in law, in the law bring forward of a world order that is

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different than equalize amongst people that looks out for those for the weaker within society looks out for their for their best interest, and makes sure that they're supported and refuses for there to be some hierarchy that is made up by human being mountains that Allah Who behind me so fun, there's nothing there's nothing to support it.

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And that's the why this struggle is ongoing. It will forever keep on going out I have had no problem with not you know, hated Allah. But there were 365 idols on that Kaaba. They were the reason the financial system of Arabia still existed. Are you gonna knock them all down? Everything we know is based on this. How are we going to communicate with tribes based on what are we going to have alliances? Are you talking about okay La Ilaha illa Allah but leave the leave the idols, we need them. How are you going to negotiate when should we hold on we're going to be hard I'm going to negotiate with sellers, whenever I see was very wealthy makes a mistake, who's going to pardon them?

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That's why when they when, when they came to the Prophet alayhi salatu was I'm sorry, taking too much time on this one. And they said it we also have Allah, Allah and stole and it was proven, but if Allah is from a very known maybe we will forgive him for the Prophet Allah Islam got accepted by Allah nflt might have been to Mohammed Salah Calacatta it was my daughter, who is beloved is Allah Allah has said if she if she did it, then I would cut her hand off. What ruin the people before you start off to feed him. We should EVO Telugu guy start off coffee mug.com or Ali Hillhead. There's pardons for the upper 1% and everyone else follows the law. The law doesn't seem to cover all of us

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law Ilala does not allow for that was not as fun. So there's this resistance in Edina in the law in Islam. This is what Islam is Islam is La Ilaha illa Allah Oh, all the prophets were Muslim in that sense. Yes, they had different regulations, different rulings, different teachings, but the concept was the same.

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Okay, can we move to as to 28 and 30 Someone has 2033 2330 read both of them

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definitely didn't want me and one other guy fit in are only

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doing it meaning well many follow that he can follow along he finished it in

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boom in him to all what you had to do. Como la NAFSA what Elon law hidden mostly 30 Yo, when I told you do a quick enough sim on me let me hearing Bora wama. I mean, let me zoom in to what do

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I need? Well, you had the Roman law who NAFSA one last hurrah. Ooh.

00:23:54--> 00:23:57

What's the common What's the common phrase in the two verses?

00:23:58--> 00:24:41

While your high zero qumola Who enough said twice in two verses and Stuart Ali and Brian Right. When very close together extreme proximity. Only one difference between them while your high visual qumola Who NFC and Alexa warns you. He warns you of himself has zero common NAFSA is warning you of himself. Why? Because he is a Rahmani r Rahim. subhanho wa Taala is the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate and the most loving. But he's warning us of himself. And if we continue to cross those lines, if you continue to hear what he has to tell us, I know what Tada we don't listen. It doesn't matter to us. He explains later he didn't want me to caffeine earlier and then don't many men should

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not seek alliances outside of his of his Muslim brothers and sisters. And you go and do that. And you cause mostly by within the Muslim world and within the nation of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, you will have zero qumola Who is warning you of himself he's wearing warning you that if you've crossed the line too many times you'll be punished. You don't want that. You don't want to be in a position where

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Allah subhanho wa Taala as punishing you for something that he explained to you multiple times and you still didn't want to listen, and or you refuse to listen and not and the consequences of that mistake didn't just affect you, it affected everyone around you, but you didn't care to listen. Here's our problem, that we don't understand that what we do, the consequences of what we have our actions don't necessarily just stop with us, they the ripple effect will affect almost everyone in the world around us. So when Allah subhanaw taala you will have zero Kamala who neffs and I'm warning you of myself Gentle, gentle Allah.

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He says yo Mataji do Kowloon FC ma millet min height and masala The day will come where you will find the good in front of you. Everything, everything that you did good right in front of you when I mean it's smooth interval doodle Anabaena hell Robina Who am I them by either and all the bad things that you did are also there but you're wishing you wish that they weren't there. You want to somehow they're removed and put somewhere far away so no one can see them. So you don't have to stand there embarrassed by your bad deeds, or be reminded that you will be held accountable for them. Or zero qumola who warns you of himself coming with all these bad deeds and nothing to show for a lifetime

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that you spent? Because then what's going to be left? Behind this Allah subhanaw taala Salam Can we do a number 67 or less what 81 to 81

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I got you to one

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what either harder, more homey top one. Maybe you are either harder, more homey top one, maybe. Take two coming keytab you work Matias magia komatsuna Mossad de

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como zulum. Most of the upper Lima are commonly taught me let me know NaVi what atoms on Paul up more on tomorrow. Tomorrow. Mystery all wound up on all official

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Muna Shahidi I mean, this is really important. Oh, yeah. So with it, I'm going on that I want you to understand what a hug Allah whom you happen to begin this the story, the story is the following. And Allah subhanaw taala took the covenant of all prophets and all messengers, all messengers from the mighty salaam to a Saudis to them all messengers, ALLAH SubhanA took their covenant. What was the covenant lemma to come in Kitabi were hikma once I give you prophecy. And I give you a revelation and give you wisdom. Don't Majah come Rasulullah Musa deepl, Lima, Malcolm and then within your life, a Rasul is sent and he brings with him the teachings of the end of time, and it's exactly what

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you have. So it's, it's basically proving what you have. And this is speaking of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to Majah Akuma rasool and Mossad, the full name and icon that took me no Nebby here what happens when you leave what you have, you believe in him and you stand by him?

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This is the covenant this is the condition for prophecy for any messenger. You're going to be a messenger Okay? Here's the condition. I give you all of this, but if Mohammed Salah Allah Muhammad, socialism is sent during your life,

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then you leave what you have and you go follow him. You stand by him. Allah Akbar Allah to Allah asked him according to a husband, Allah the legal ministry, you agreed to that you accept my covenant is three is little is covenant Ilsley. Allah is saying this is Israel law. This is the covenant of God himself. This is my covenant. Do you accept it? On a Corona? They said yes, we accept it, or official do them be my be witnesses? Well, I'm akumina Shahidi. I am going to be witness. This is a covenant that had that was between Allah and His Messenger messengers, witnessed by Allah, His prophets and his messengers. You imagine this covenant? This is an agreement between

00:28:40--> 00:28:46

Allah and His messengers, witnessed by Allah, His prophets and his messengers, and his and his angels.

00:28:47--> 00:29:28

momento la Liga hula ecoman first year those who refuse this covenant later on are the ones who lost their way and made the mistake of La La de La Jolla. But who is any other faith or religion besides the one besides the deen of Allah that you would want? Well who is La mmm this summer? Well, it will or the town worker home but you know he you're juggling everything has submitted to him. This is who your Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is you understand who he is Ali salatu salam, Muhammad Ali salatu salam was the promise that every prophet knew about every messenger was aware of his day that would come. Everyone was aware that he was on his way, Ali and Salatu was just a matter

00:29:28--> 00:30:00

of time. And they had to swear that if they were alive, and he was to be sent during their life, they would leave what they have, and they would follow him. So Allah Allah, so he was sent because he was going to bring the final revelation, that revelation that was higher in status than all of the other revelations that were sent to prophets. He was going to be given at the *ty way of life that was superior to all the other ways of life. And he himself was going to be the role model that was superior to all other role models. So they had no choice but to leave and go with him on he has talked with them. This is the covenant they had to give Allah subhanaw taala himself. That is just

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

So you understand the status of Muhammad Rasulullah Lysander, to know who your Prophet alayhi salatu salam is, this is a covenant that's that that is happening in the heavens. There's a covenant that is occurring between Allah subhanaw taala and his messengers, and you're not allowed to be a messenger until you accept that Muhammad Allah you saw to them if he if he is in your time, then you leave it and you follow him out of here. Salatu Salam, they were followers of Rasul Allah, Allah you saw them before they even knew who he was before they even saw him before he was sent and he was granted prophecy. Alejo, salatu salam. So feel the the the significance of being a person, a part of

00:30:34--> 00:30:38

his Amalia salatu salam, I guess we're out of time we'll listen up