Ramadan Reminders – Building Altruism and Compassion

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Jummah Prayer


AI: Summary © The importance of renewing intentions to achieve Islam's teachings is emphasized, along with the need to practice compassion and empathy towards fasting. The speakers stress the importance of learning from experiences and practicing compassion and empathy towards fasting. The use of language and reflecting on past experiences is also emphasized. The importance of avoiding distractions and learning from the experience of others is also emphasized. The use of language and language in one's daily lives is also discussed, along with the need for individuals to prove themselves and commit themselves to their values.
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hamdu Lillahi malham Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah in Medina who want to start in you know who want to study he want to still feel who want a stone settle

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when I will be learned him in Cerulean fusina When in the psyche, Dr. Merlino

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my dad in law who Furla Malala woman young lil Bella her the Ella,

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wash her to Allah Illa Illa Allah Who are the hula Sherry Nicola Isla Hanwha hidden down so madam, let me tell you the Sahiba 10 Walla Walla Walla, Mia Kula who won a HUD

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wash her Nana Jana Ali mana Mohamed and Abdullah he was sued. Well, Sophie you home and hold up your Habiba. Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ijeoma Adjumani nwaba

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Jaco Jalla Jalla who can Nikita Febi my Ultimate Team mean Allah healing della whom, when are we going to have one holy evil villain felt boom in Holic? For whom was still Fetullah whom Masha whom Phil Amara, but either as them to fatawa can Allah Allah He in Allah Hey, yo, hey boo mutawa Killeen.

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I find that my best tragedy my my best strategy is to offer malonic reminders.

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Instead of going through a series of Hulkbuster, I find it Ramadan is just best to remind people of what we are actually witnessing.

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What opportunity Allah subhanaw taala is offering us every moment for the next 27 days.

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to regroup, to refocus, to encourage each other, to motivate each other, to make sure that we take advantage of what Allah subhanaw taala has put in front of us.

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I'm an offer three reminders. And the number the first one, which is the reminder that I offer in every hotbar I've been giving Ramadan for the last maybe eight years.

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We'll always start with this. And if you've heard this before, then I'm glad.

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Didn't you renew your intention? I find that Fridays and Ramadan serve as checkpoints.

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Just opportunities to remind ourselves what it is that we set out to achieve at the beginning of this month or before this month began.

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intentions get old, we forget them.

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We get distracted, we drift away a little bit from what we wanted to do. At the beginning. We lose focus of what we were what we set out to achieve.

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Renew your intention. If you learn to do this in your life, as a Muslim, if you're capable

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of renewing our intention every step of the way, taking a step back and reminding yourself of why it is that you have set out to achieve these goals who it is that you are trying to please What do you want from this month? What are you hoping Allah subhanaw taala offers you and grants you? What are you going to do to achieve that? What did you do last year that didn't work that you should maybe change this year around? Renewing our intentions allows us to

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practice a little bit of self awareness, a little bit of self accountability, which is why he is so important in Islam is why everything in Islam that has any value always starts with your intention. Without an intention. It means nothing at all. Use Fridays if not more often, at least Fridays use them. Just take a step back and renew your intention again. What is it that I wanted to achieve?

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How has my performance been the last couple of days? Am I still focused or I'm a somehow

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all forgotten to what I'm trying to do.

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Part of that and so along what you should be doing a part of renewing your intention is revising the number of distractions that you have in your life. And I've talked about this before. Take a look at that, again.

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What is what distracts you throughout your day, from being the best person that you can be from being the Muslim that you know you would like to be the person who is going from invoca advocating Allah subhanho wa Taala to supplicating Allah subhanho wa taala, to reciting the Quran, to learning something new to increasing your knowledge to being with your family and performing instead of throw him or Bill validate or whatever it is that you can find yourself achieving or performing.

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Look at those distractions and remove them.

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Whether they are apps on a phone

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or points on a calendar, schedule, whatever they are, remove that which you do not need to do, and replace the time that you would use. Doing those things with something that is much more productive. That's the point. That's what renewing your intentions helps you to do. Because it reminds you I think I'm spending a little bit more more too much time staring at my feed, or engaging in social on social media or answering to answering texts I don't necessarily need to or looking at my emails, maybe I don't need to do this right now. It's not important. Try and remove your distractions. Very important and Ramadan if you're if you're going to achieve what Allah subhanaw taala wants you to

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achieve in Ramadan, which is that purity, that clarity,

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that closeness to Allah subhana wa Italys remove distractions for you already, like he started the month out by doing it for you. He removed shape on here that's out this close the doors of jahannam. Let's open the doors of Jenna. Let's see that will help you along your way a bit. Now it's our turn to make sure that we take whatever substance sequential steps we have to take to allow that to it to actually work. So if he removed some distractions for us that we couldn't remove otherwise, like I have a button that I can press to ask a time for a break. It doesn't happen that way. Allah subhanaw taala history days are moving for you continue the process, remove whatever distractions that you

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can remove in your life and see if that will help you out inshallah. Number two second reminder, which is the bulk of this.

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It's important that you learn from Ramadan, the lesson is that Ramadan is here to teach this often goes.

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We often go through Ramadan and don't pay attention to these things. I'm not gonna talk about the really clear ones like like gratitude, for example, and an appreciation because those are pretty, pretty clear. I talked about them every year. But Ramadan is here to teach us a little bit of compassion and altruism.

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Ramadan comes along to allow us to understand these two concepts that are very, very fundamental within Islam. They almost come together, they are hallmarks of the prophets of Allah, Allah Azza wa sallam his character by far.

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It's a problem for us to go through Ramadan and walk out the end of it and not really understand what they mean to us. You see, the reason that we've one of the reasons that we fast, so that we can feel the feeling that we're feeling right now, the feeling that you have in your stomach right now is not a very pleasant is it? It's not, it's not pleasant at all. I am very thirsty is not it's not a pleasant feeling to have, when you're trying to speak, it's very, very difficult and very frustrating. So it's not pleasant if you're thirsty, or hungry. But you do that for 30 days straight. Why? Well, the best addict counselors in the world are previous addicts. Those who

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performed the best data, in my opinion, are those who were very last beforehand. Once you experienced something that was negative in any way, you're really good at helping those who are experienced walking down the same route, those who are in the midst of that same experience, it's just the nature of how we are, if you've experienced something difficult, when you run into someone who's going through that same experience, you have an upper hand in helping them in helping and serving them. Because you have developed a certain degree of compassion and empathy towards this struggle.

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Fasting is designed to help us do that. Because as you sit there tired, and hungry and thirsty, you start to appreciate a little bit more, maybe what other people feel, you start to think to yourself, I don't want other people to feel this way. I don't want other people to feel this way unless they are fasting for the sake of Allah as I am right now. But not because they have no other choice. Not because they don't have a way out. I don't want a child to feel this way. Because there's nothing in their house to eat. We don't want that and you develop the empathy and the compassion that allows you to that motivates you to do something because during fasting because you get to feel it you get

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to that's why when you're fasting a really important part of fasting is reflection is contemplation of fasting itself.

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Don't just

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focus on the

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on the end on McRib, don't fast for other animals. And if you're not fasting for that, then you're fasting for Allah subhanho wa Taala Mogilev is just a more

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meant that you don't, don't focus on that. At the end, think about what's happening right now to you. Think about this feeling. Think about others who may feel something similar.

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If you feel a bit tired today, you'll find that your ability to process information is a bit slower. My ability to speak in explaining things is not what it would it would be if I had my breakfast today or my teeth, that's for sure. Much more difficult. So I find myself slower. I respond a little bit later. I'm not as sharp as I usually am. I found myself yesterday standing in the middle of an intersection trying to take a left, I'm not on my phone, I'm totally focused, still didn't still didn't do it on time, doing the exact same thing, that someone, if they were doing it in front of me, I would have had a lot to say about their driving skills. If I was behind them, I would I like

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to see another one another one of these people who keeps on giving us the driver's license.

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I was doing the exact same thing was standing in the middle of the middle of the intersection. And I couldn't seem to take the left. Why? Because I was hungry. Because yesterday I had a horrible headache. At four o'clock.

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After a long day of work and longer to come, I was tired. So I thought to myself, this is a good example. This is an amazing opportunity for me to maybe change the way I am a little bit. Maybe the next time I'm standing behind someone, I don't know what's happening to them. I don't know what their life is like, I don't know what's going through their mind. I don't know what type of experiences they have. Maybe this is how they feel all the time. Maybe they feel like this all the time. Maybe Allah Subhan Allah has blessed me with an ability to be a bit more sharp, maybe the person in front of me doesn't have that. Maybe I shouldn't be judging them. Maybe I should calm

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Just calm down a bit, and show a little bit of compassion to the person in front of me to the human being that Allahu Allah and what they're going through. That's what normal Dawn is for. But you're but in order for that to work for you and Ramadan, you have to reflect a little bit. You have to stop thinking about yourself and how miskeen you are right now. Because you didn't have your morning coffee, and home is skinny or that you didn't eat your Yanni you're going to work without breakfast. Stop thinking about it that way.

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We're only Mr. Keane in the sense that we want Allah subhanaw taala is generosity. But otherwise, I don't really see how we would describe ourselves that way.

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Isn't it interesting that the first thing you do when you're allowed to eat? Once you once you're allowed to eat? You take your tumble you drink your water? What is the best D to do at that moment? Islamically what is the best deed by hands down? The best thing to do?

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The fleetest saw him

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be someone else. The best thing to do? Yes, you should make dua I'm not saying but the best thing to do hands down without any. There's no competition. There's no competition with this. The moment you break your fast, turn the focus be on you know, let the focus be on someone else. feed someone else go look for someone but walk find someone to feed. But you're up I've been

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Yeah, that's the problem. We're still focused on me.

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I am fasting. I am hungry. I want to eat minimi

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we're missing the point. We're missing the point. We're completely missing the point. You have food Habib You can eat anytime you want. You have way, way more food than you will ever need.

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Learn the lesson. But in the lesson that is that is embedded in this month. Think of others think of how they feel. And then once you break your fast before you think of yourself, see if you can feed someone else. What do we do right after Ramadan is over we pays a catheter. It's called a filter.

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It's called with filters. So they can eat the Sooners to give out food profit. That's what he used to do. He used to give up wheat and barley and dates it would be food. Okay, think about money. But this is what he did it he decided to pick it up to 30 days of experiencing hunger 30 days of being thirsty and hungry all day. Now we have a much better appreciation of what that must must mean to the first thing we do. That's how we celebrate we celebrate by feeding people by making sure that no one's hungry that day.

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By making sure that Muslims aren't that they are not hungry.

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That's the mentality. That's what we're supposed to be learning from all of this. The altruism Can we look at the Prophet Allah in the verses that we just talked about the Prophet alayhi salam is described by BML Rama Chi Minh Allah you can remove them. If it's if it confuses you linguistically, you can just understand it. Fabula Amity mean Allah meaning and it's through the mercy that Allah granted you Lynn teller whom this is what he said Lynn teller whom, Linda you became easy with them, you became tender towards them.

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It's through the mercy that Allah subhanaw taala put in your heart that you became easy and tender with them. And had you not been opened up vulva had you not become easy and tender? And had you not found that that empathy in your heart towards them then felt boom and how they could have left you long time ago? Who would have been left alone?

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The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa said imagine I know your thoughts. I'm his realization

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So what realizations he has out of your salatu salam he speaks with Gibreel he under he went on the journey of Mirage Allahu salatu wa sallam he saw that was no human being saw his realizations and understanding of the world is very specific. It was very clear, there was no room for any doubt or there was no room for controversy in his in the way he saw things. So when he saw someone who wasn't following Allah subhanaw taala his teachings to him, it must have been seen, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you you lost your mind? Someone who's actually pushing people away? He's looking at them, how could you if you're not gonna take care of yourself, you're gonna harm

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others. Had he approached things like that none of this would have worked.

00:15:39--> 00:16:02

Islam would be a small cult somewhere in the middle of Arabia, or a few tribes that are wandering the desert. 2 billion people today are looking around you. How many ethnicities surrounds you right now? age groups Jen everything around you. Why? Because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam through the mercy that Allah put in his heart was able to be sure to show them ease, to show them love to show them empathy, Allah salatu salam.

00:16:04--> 00:16:07

And that's what Ramadan is designed to do for you and I

00:16:08--> 00:16:10

is designed so that we can

00:16:11--> 00:16:18

adopt that adopt that mentality of mercy and compassion is the most sensitive test for a Muslim

00:16:19--> 00:16:37

is exquisitely sensitive. Now specific, other faiths and other people can be compassionate and Mersive all the time. But it's extremely sensitive for you as a Muslim, you're a Muslim and you're not compassionate that you've been doing this whole thing wrong. And whoever taught you this whole thing, you need to go relearn it because it doesn't work that way.

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The closer you are to Allah subhana wa Tada the more compassionate the more the more altruistic. You're going to be in your life. Who holy how that was dealt with Allah Holly welcome, first of all, Pharaoh who else Camilla 1000 Mustafi.

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hamdu Lillahi wa wa sallahu wa salam O baba raka Allah, Allah bla and yada yada. He was so happy here Manitoba and Niger who have died when he was at Bihar the Schoharie Mubarak jehadi Ramadan Chehel Quran and sha Allah fie Hilah who Elena be alpha t woman Neha Karami Hi the show Hello Lydia. Kasasa hula hula AMI li Europa Jana. Deanna Are you cream Anna? Leah Ardila Eileen matter who am I to whom do I know when it's coming? Neela Annie you heard the show who will carry me 20 years do rubella Mussolini and yeah, it will be enough so who Allah when you already hola him enough. See here hi Ilan. When he after I let him in. Hi there Cherie Murad. Allahu Allahu Allah Muhammad, Allah

00:17:50--> 00:18:38

subhana who want to honor her sauce. Alana had the shahada Muslim in had the Rama to feel Kulu Bina health is dead and etha roofie and fusina how the show hello you're doing Luca where you are Luca and Zhu our Akasha I'm Ronnie Lisa B Madhu venia in the in Del Bashar fayda shahrul in sun will be Allah mill Juba, Rohan Rahim al Joe wa VEDA Sharon insert Ruben outwash Rahim Allah azza wa jal insulin Lupita Nobita we will dive Rahima Boffa haka and never use it Allah Allah you early he was sending them kinda Ohama nurse even nurse but Allah manner and another ah he Nina Your humble humo Rahman Hadith Musa Sally below Willie well Carla Mala Mala Euro hum hurdle manual Islami you will

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team and Islamia Aleem. allottee learner Allah Hi Matthias and Fisher Marina will let you call Lucia image Hello hola hola man a Rama for agunah lays off man by man Rahim subhanho wa Taala Yeah, and you

00:18:54--> 00:19:02

may see what he told me he will never do the Kirana rahmati he will come Rama Rama let us add color shade and let you

00:19:03--> 00:19:23

see he Subhanahu wa Taala from Allah and Hakuna Oh Luba Rahim, Mirage and yum Allah Who Bernardo Rama what Bill etha al Bucha Allah Allah na Ramadan Bacala Lana interni mashallah become Mohalla Lineker, freedom, Tana tomb wash out competent

00:19:24--> 00:19:26

Pradesh altoon, BT,

00:19:27--> 00:19:38

Roehampton, eco Lena yojo owner Allah and buttons to crme will kill you know malaria do you do when I mean Allah human further there are no malaria do you do in a che era Dalek

00:19:39--> 00:19:48

del Rahim Allah insert Marina Akbar whom will come after hula hoops upon know what to highlight the high yield and Nikita assumed Ghana

00:19:50--> 00:19:53

the CRM and to play Messiah EMA and to help the rasa Ema

00:19:54--> 00:20:00

ilunion center and then Amana modelo who will NFC him by masala Yanni.

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with the little boy Kulina see here and tell you I'm Jack Ma showed him to him to me ski to help to either one gorilla shake one like that couldn't walk back

00:20:16--> 00:20:18

to the to UCLA who was the you

00:20:19--> 00:20:37

know, Allah subhanaw taala palak some very cool some rotten tomatoes. Little saw Eema Leah Cohen Leah Hakuna Anita Hakuna yoka multifeed was defeated and Moto G Hutton Illa Allah mil muta lineen with a while Messiah keen

00:20:38--> 00:20:49

Allahu Yaqui for our naked eye doctors, enough sick enough sick Allah who use a kick, Melody mana Abeyta COVID for army was shut up. Mennella, the Artha Kama Allah to stop the rusty laka who feel

00:20:51--> 00:20:59

like in the Euro community, or the Lisa and the Houma InDeck but ya Ramadan Allah you alumina Donaldson, a human humor

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I narrate this hadith in the morning, I feel like it's very appropriate to narrate right now for you.

00:21:09--> 00:21:17

Privately aside to Islam, after a shot once a man came to him and told him you understood Hola, Bella menial, gehad I'm tired. Hola, hey, that's the wording in the funny thing.

00:21:19--> 00:21:20

He said he also I'm very tired.

00:21:21--> 00:21:23

He understood all of his salatu salam immediately.

00:21:24--> 00:21:26

He had nothing in his home.

00:21:27--> 00:22:03

And I hope you're you listen to these words, you reflect upon them until fourth time, because honestly, if you don't reflect on what's being said, then there's no point of saying it. He had nothing in his home. Meaning he if you took them home, there was nothing for him to feed him. He had nothing. So he stood up a Fila manual by evil had that module who will who can take this man on? He's not commanding because the people of Medina had been spread as thin as possible, to their ultimate limits absolute limits. Why? Because every house had another person living in it a family from animal hygiene. Everyone did their part. So we couldn't just throw out to us and say take this

00:22:03--> 00:22:08

person anymore. You couldn't do it. You've already done it so many times. There's no one so you have to ask. Well, someone take this man.

00:22:09--> 00:22:12

They put their hand up on gentlemen, I'll take him

00:22:13--> 00:22:34

take him home. He asked his wife what do we have of college and then I'll go to the ER who to Serbia. We have the food that we're going to feed the boys just enough for the boys not even enough for the two of us. Bacala No, we need him to let him distract them put them to sleep so much for yourselves and turn off the light all the time put the food

00:22:35--> 00:22:44

away and he can eat and we can act like we're eating we'll just take a spoon and clunk on the on the metal he'll think we're eating and then he can have his food because the Prophet Allah has also given to me I'm gonna feed him

00:22:46--> 00:22:55

that's what they did come to your obviously the man is gonna bring the brother to Fajr to pray with the Prophet alayhi salatu was some sort of authority or sorcerer article your turns to him. And he says you

00:22:56--> 00:23:10

in Allah but the Ijebu feudi word Nicobar Hagar no Sonny recomand Leila. Indeed Allah is in awe. He's impressed with the laughter of what you have done, obviously, in a way that suits his magnificence in His grace Subhana, which I didn't know where you see similar to his gender.

00:23:11--> 00:23:18

But he's impressive what you did last night. And then he recites Subhana wa sallahu wa sallam the idea that that was sent by Gibreel.

00:23:19--> 00:23:38

Will you feel Runa either and foresee him well? Oh, can I be him? Kasasa will mean you will crush your hand FC he for Hola, eco homophily Hoon. And they show altruism. They prefer others over themselves. They are selfless. Even though they are in a state of Kasasa. Kasasa means poverty.

00:23:39--> 00:23:51

That's what it means. It doesn't mean they don't have enough or they don't have as much as they want. It means they are in poverty, meaning they don't have tonight enough food to feed their children. If they feed their children, they have to go to sleep. They have to go to sleep hungry.

00:23:52--> 00:24:30

Is that even something we understand? Does that even make any sense to anyone sitting here? No, the answer is no. Because we've never been through that. So if Allah subhanaw taala has been so generous with us that we've never ever had to had to even experience that even remotely, never even had to think of that, then maybe using the Madonna's time to really think about it, to feel it so that you can generate the empathy that is needed for us to be proper Muslims, because I don't feel we have enough of it. There's a there's a lack of empathy and altruism in the hearts of Muslims and is coming from having too much. If we have less, we would feel people's pain a bit more. And then we

00:24:30--> 00:24:53

would be more we would want to give more. It's funny that the poorest of people on the earth are the people who give the most and the ones who have the most give, the less the least not in amounts. But in terms of percentages. I'm talking. I'm not talking about amounts. I'm talking about percentages when someone brings 100 And then you have a million if someone makes $1. But they have to it's not the same. It's not the same. The compassion and altruism required for that second one is much more difficult.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

Maybe you are sure Hennessy and the one

00:25:00--> 00:25:18

was protected from the selfishness. That's the what the word shock means. Sure is selfishness bowl is stinginess, it's a whole different thing Sure, is selfishness. Those who are protected from the selfishness of themselves, will it go home and hopefully, they're the ones are going to be the most successful.

00:25:19--> 00:25:20

My third and quick last reminder

00:25:21--> 00:25:56

that your is much more important than all of the tarawih that's ever been prayed since the beginning of time. And until you will Milka Yama. Not every measure, no, any random visual anywhere on the planet. Any visual that you pray at any time in your life is much more valuable than all the taraweeh that you'll ever pray. It's just not me standing on a member with you know, with no brain at all to say you tell people don't come for tomorrow, you know, don't you must come first of all, we that's how you gain Allah subhanaw taala is love it's through then our thing is to proving yourself committing yourself standing, reading the Quran, pushing yourself to your limits, but I'm

00:25:56--> 00:26:28

reminding you that federal is much more valuable. If you want the full measure, then Russia and federal have to be your targets when it comes to Ramadan. And then you get as much taloja as possible into them. But remind yourself that federal is much more valuable. I am obligated to remind you of that because if I'm not then you may hold me accountable Wendy because I spend a lot of time remind encouraging people of tarawih and hutzpah and reciting the Quran. But if I don't tell you that failure is more valuable than you may hold me accountable because it is by far it is. So just keep that in mind as we go throughout the month inshallah to Allah. We have a after all sort of

00:26:28--> 00:27:04

program every day where we just recite the Quran, there are brothers who sit around who are open to helping you recite, memorize if you want to learn to lead whatever it is you want to do. However you want to enhance your experience with the book of Allah to learn it, then you're welcome to come and you'll find someone here in sha Allah to help you I just want to kind of share that with you why Lemma and Allah ml on the empty now Lehmann Furqan in Hola Hola, Mila ukata who use Aluna? Allenby Yeah, you're living in LA he was selling the motors Lima Allahumma Salli ala Mohamed Anwar early Mohamed then also later Allah Ibrahim, our early Ibrahim what Baddeck I'm from Medina either early

00:27:04--> 00:27:53

Mohamed Kamal Dr. Isla Ibrahim Li Li Ibrahim Lemina in naka hamidou Majeed, what are the Allahu Akbar Atilla hula for us that eluna For a debacle where Amara was man our ally what Allah Who man as Raji he Maha meaning one early like it in a ball hitting one Sahaba de la hora in Miami in Juanita in elementary our home BSN in Isla yo Medina one my home bureau of magic or hammer raw I mean Allahu melphalan Muslim in our Muslim out well meaning me not Allah here Iman whom Allah mewatch Allahumma Farid who move and Muhammad Amin when I finish school, but in microbeam WaterFire manual mother morning, what available manual, looming when Dima and our Dima al Muslimeen Allahumma has been LLC

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now Isla Khalifa like Al hamdu, unblocked Anna shahada Ramadan, Allah homophobe Lana if he had Ushahidi ultrametric our Lutheran when it's Amina Neilan well by living at your mountain, you know Lady Gaga Yara Bella Alameen Allahu Montessori one another Morabito playing in FMS de de la cosa Allahumma Kula Humala techonology him Allahu Murad domestic Del Sol Ilaria has been Muslim in the energy Marina eco what you know de Nicola ginger NEERA Baba Allah in Amman Jimmy is going to be an auto button also taught here in Bihar calm and we're just certain warm, warmer the garlic Allahumma via Aziz when a hula hula water Hillary you know the EVA Allah in Allah Morrow Bill Adela Well, son

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what he does, even when her annual fascia even carry well belly

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to the karoun

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Allahu Allah