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Ibraheem Menk
AI: Summary © The Islam world is a complex and dynamic, with the creation of clamps and the deaths of Mary Camilla Fed Jared and her family in 2012. The importance of life and death in the Islam world is discussed, as well as the impact of droplets on our lives and the potential for forgiveness. The speaker expresses concern about the loss of our real-life and how it will affect our actions and lives, as well as the potential for forgiveness and a better future.
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Yeah, and to cause his mercy and his Sakina to descend upon us and to raise us with the Gambia Alamo salat wa salam and those whom he has mentioned with them I mean

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Allah Allah is that he will Jalil has created us and to Him we shall return and this is the message that we find in the Quran, while accordion kala Conan

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Sula, Team mu queen, and we created human beings from a mixed clay, a mixed clay. So this clay is literally what Allah subhanho wa Taala created us from, and Allah Allah Bucha is that he will Jellal then goes on to say, whom Conan.

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Madonna will not affect the Torah in making, then we placed him as a droplet into a secure place. What is that secure place? Allahu Bucha is that you will Joanne is talking about the womb, the womb of the mother. So this child remained in that womb and what happened in the womb makalah Conan

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Conan mobu Yvonne FACA sang Hoon and my ivam and

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then we created him as a clot of blood. And from that clot of blood, he became a lump of flesh and from that lump of flesh, he became bones and then from Casa Guna, nyuam, Allah humma then we enclosed those bones with meat. So, the person became a human being from

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now, on, for then we made him into a different entity that was the human being complete, he lived on Earth, but Allah horrible is that you will Jellal from the explanation of these verses, we find that he goes immediately into the next part of our lives and this is what we do not consider we do not think of from being a droplet, Allah subhanahu Attallah discusses the stages and then he moves on to the next stage.

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the valley gala ye tune, then you will be dead after that. Allahu Akbar, from being a droplet in your mother's womb, this stage of the clot and then the flesh and then the bones and then being enclosed in flesh, Allah or Buddha is that you will gel moves from that to what to you being dead, what happened to your life in between what happened to your family and your business and everything that happens in between the fact that you breathe and you are eating and drinking and sleeping every day? And going from here to there and different different things that happen in your life? What happened to all of that? Allahu Bucha is that you want to Jalil does not even talk about it it is as

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though it is non existent. It is as though it never happened. Why? Because in the grand scheme of things, this short part of your life is so small that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned it in passing from and Shatner who Hulk and then we created him into another entity we made him into another entity. Why? Because immediately your life carries on. And this is what we find that the kuffaar the disbelievers will say on the Day of pm when they are asked how long did you live? They literally will say the birth year woman Obama whom we lived for a day, or less than a day, Allahu Akbar, what does this tell us about this life of ours? It is so short, so short, that in the grand

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scheme of things, it really matters what we do in this world. You see that short life that you are going to live will impact your forever tomorrow, you will live forever and ever and ever and whatever you did in this life from the droplet to your death will matter them

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because that is what will last this will end. Mary Camilla FedWatch

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Allah Heba what is with you will come to an end and that which is what Allah remains forever, that we do, which is with Allah remains

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since forever, you see as human beings we get caught up in the now of everything we get caught up in what is happening today. We don't have electricity it's a problem so we sitting and worrying about that we don't have you know, our business is not doing well. So we worry about that our family members are dying around us. So we worry about that we are getting sick we worry about that. And we forget about the entire picture what is happening is our life is passing by in number and a yam for either the Hebei Omen, the hub of our book, indeed you are only a certain number of days. So when a day goes some part of you has gone never to return, never to return. You see hola hola bool is that

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you will Jalil draws our attention to the fact that we are nothing in this world, our LM er en San Juan

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not offer that either.

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moonbeam does the human being not see that we created him from a droplet then there he is a clear adversary an adversary to who to Allah, Allah is that you will Jellal he claims that he doesn't believe he claims that Allah doesn't exist, but do you not see where you came from? Do you not see that the very droplet you were emitted from you image today. And hence, you will carry on you will end and your life your real life will carry on your real life will begin after you die Allahu Akbar. If we ponder upon this, and we think about this, it will bring us to the realization that our actions matter more than we think the minute we do something or we don't do it, it means that it

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will leave an imprint on the akhira it will leave an imprint on our life in the earth era, we will one day have to answer for those actions we will one day have to answer why we did not do certain things. So if we change our perspective in life, our entire lives will change as a result, and we will begin to realize what we are living for in this world. You know,

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I'd like to end off with one last thing in sha Allah.

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Allah, Allah Bucha is that he will Jalon created us and He brought us from nothing.

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And it becomes hard for a human being once he reaches his strength to imagine that this life will come to an end. But it surely will. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that that human being who is questioning and he is asking how will Allah bring me back from the bones? May or he'll may have on my way yield on me. Who is it that will bring back to life the bones yet they are rotten, decomposed, gone dust nothing. Allah horrible is that you will Jellal says, Will you hear the

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world where we can live in Mali say it is ye who brought them into life the first time were you there to witness that were you there to see that but you know it happened. So in the same manner Allah who will bring you back once again on the day of TM, this Ramadan is a Ramadan that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the ability to witness the time matters. The time that Allah gave us right now right here matters none of us know when we shall return to Him. So let us seek forgiveness now and let us ask of Allah subhanho wa Taala now we want to come out of this Ramadan completely purified of our sins and looking forward to a greater future. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us

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the ability to understand the reality of this life while Hebrew Dawa and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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