Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #38 Al-Kareem

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the behavior of Allah, including his philosophy, behavior, and willingness to give. It emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and allocating one's behavior. The segment ends with a statement about Islam's willingness to forgive and love.
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Al Karim. Allah subhanho To Allah is Al Karim. Allah Karim means lots of things. One of them is that Allah is the most noble. And another is that Allah is the most generous. And it doesn't take very much time, if we sit and think about it, to realize how generous Allah is with us, all of the things that we have from our clothes, and our food, and our shelter, and our toys, and our families, all of our happy memories and things like that. But one thing that I think about that really makes me happy and amazed at El ketene

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is how he gives to us, even when we're not being our best selves, even when we're not on our best behavior. Let's imagine for example, you in your bedroom, sleeping at night, the middle of the night,

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what if somebody came in the middle of you sleeping, and knocked on your door, or knocked on your window

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and asked you for something, something small,

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maybe a pencil, or a piece of paper, something like that something that you could give easily.

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The first time it happened, you might be annoyed.

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If you are a generous person, you might be less annoyed, you might be like, Okay, no problem here, you can have it. But what if the same person kept coming back at day after day after day, night after night, waking you up in the middle of your sleep?

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I know if it were me, it wouldn't take very many days until I got upset with that person for asking me.

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I would maybe want to know why are you asking me this thing and again and again.

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Think about how many times we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us.

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think about how many times Allah subhanaw taala promised us that he will.

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He's never bothered. He is never going to get frustrated with us and cut us off and tell us nope, that's it. You've asked too many times.

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Now, neither is he going to ever run out. He's not ever going to say up, all out of forgiveness. Come back again later. Allah is out ketene he's the most generous. He is going to keep giving and giving and giving and forgiving and forgiving and forgiving. And he's never going to get tired of it. He's never going to get frustrated with us.

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In fact, he's happy to give and that's the real proof whether someone is generous or not, that he's actually happy. The more we come, the more we ask, and the more that he gives. That is allocating. And that's all for tonight. I said don't worry, too long.

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