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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 21 – Al-Ankabut, Rum & Luqman

June 26, 2016

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Mohammed hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala and also the hill Kareem and Ernie he was actually he was the Olympus him and kathira hamdulillah I'm much better today thank you guys for asking.

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coming along quite well known hamdulillah hopefully inshallah Allah one more day and I'll be completely done with this, this interesting throat infection that struck me in Milan. So, first of all, I asked the last panel to accept your eba. Last night, your acts of worship last night and all of your acts of worship in these last 10 nights were in the last third of the month and when the last third of the plan as well as a result of that we've now made it to just 21 and just 21 you know, some handle on loss just we talked a lot about tests and trials and tribulations on a very personal level.

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The idea that Allah subhanho wa Taala will test you and you need to be prepared for that you need to expect those tests to come from a loss power those trials to come from a loss of Hannah Montana, and you know, you need to you need to embrace them, and do as you've been commanded to do as you face those various trials in life.

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Sort of Lanka boot sort of starts off with that tone and it reminds us that look people that were better than you were tested, people like Musashi his salon, people like the prophets lie somewhere tested, so you should expect to be tested by Allah subhanaw taala in some capacity, but at the end of the day, last panel, Allah wants to see you through that test and a Lost Planet Allah wants you to pass that test. And a loss of Hannah Montana mentions to us people that take refuge in things other than him. The the key point here that was emphasized in the previous juice that really connects to this next Joe's just 21 is that your refuge should be Allah subhanho wa Taala your

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refuge should be God when you are tested. Now manager will Amanda minca illa Allah the Prophet twice on Titus to say there is no shelter or refuge from you except to you. So when we're tested by a loss parents Allah we run back to a Lost Planet Allah. So you know, certain ankle boots started off with a hassy Vanessa and youth Rocco and yaku Amanda homelife they're known to people think that they just say we believe and they're not going to be tested, and a lot winds us of falling prey to the shape on into his tricks when we're in those moments of vulnerability. The second half of sutil ankle boots, which is the which is the beginning of just 21 the beginning of the messages. It

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mentions to us first of all, the reason why the suitor was named Lanka boot, which literally means the spider. Last penultimate says method we're letting a tough abdomen do Nila he Olia chemically Lanka boot. It tells her that beta we're in ohana. Elevate to Lanka booty Locarno. Yeah, the moon last panatela says that the example of those who take protectors and Gods beside Allah subhanho wa Taala. Or is like the spider, the spider, you know, it builds at home. And the last panel it's Allah says and the flimsiest of homes is the spider web is the home of the spider, if only we would reflect If only we had knowledge, and we pay attention to how and why this is such a powerful

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representation of the home of the spider. Why, because a spider web, you know, obviously you can blow on it, it comes apart, you know, with water with wind, it's a very flimsy home. But at the same time, those that are caught within a spider's web are caught very heavily. So the inside tensile strength of a spider web is stronger than steel, which is why if you see mosquitoes caught inside spider webs, they're not getting out. But the spider web itself is weak. Now so how long would Allah is telling us here is that people take protectors and allies beside a loss of habitat and they take you know, they take protection and refuge and things other than God. And those things are not going

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to offer them the protection that they want. They're not going to offer them the comfort that they want. They're not going to offer them the happiness that they want. Sometimes we we take refuge in our own strength. Sometimes we take refuge in our own competence in our own intelligence. Sometimes we take refuge in our alliances and our positions in society, in our wealth, sometimes we take refuge in our nationality, or you know, in whatever it may be. The point is, is that loss of Hannah horchata will break that and it's flimsy. Sometimes we take refuge in our house on relationships, and when you're in the arm relationship you can't see outside of it. Right you think that you need

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this relationship to succeed and to thrive in life. But then something happens and suddenly you realize that that relationship was flimsy. So the point being here that do not put your trust in anything besides the loss of Hannah Montana and do not seek refuge or anything but Allah subhana wa tada and those that are caught up in these fantasies of protection and strength and invincibility. It's only a matter of time.

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Before that spider web is completely blown away by some wind or some rain or whatever it may be. So it's only a matter of time before last kind of data exposes the weakness of the thing that you've seen that you sought refuge in. In the last I have certain ankle boots. So this is actually going to tie very well to the next two solos. I want you to imagine again, the spider's web. The point is, take refuge in Allah subhanaw taala. Your source of strength is allow your source of protection is Allah. And the last verse of Suitland. Kabuto. Last chronotype says well, Athena jaha do phenol and the unknown sabudana were in Allaha lamattina last panel statuses and those who strive in our path,

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we will surely guide them to our paths, those who strive in our way, we will surely open the doors for them and we will guide them to our paths and a loss of Hannah Montana is with the doers of good Allah as always with the mice in need. This is a very powerful idea because in the beginning of swithland Kabuto last panel Tyler says

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that those who those who strive for in the major he did enough see that they strive for their own good. Why in the Lucha levani United alameen Allah subhanaw taala is independent of need. A lot doesn't need your righteousness, you're seeking a lot of pleasure and favor and you're seeking protection and love and seeking refuge in Allah is for your own good. A lot doesn't need any one of us to do that. And here Allah subhanaw taala says and those who strive in our way though, we will open the doors for them we will guide them to our paths. And indeed Allah is with the Dewar of good last panatela is with the moisten Allah is with a person who tries to excel and see colossal

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parotitis pleasure that's on a community basis and on an individual level, in the Lucha lemare Morrison Allah subhanaw taala is with the Marcin what that tells us, that is that when a person or when a community is collectively showing their son collectively showing excellence Allah Subhana hoods Adam will grant them goodness and Allah will see them through their difficulties Allah subhanaw taala will allow them to overcome

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any any type of hardship that they face as a community. on an individual level. When you're with Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will see you through your difficulty. So whether you are Marcin as a group of people, whether you are people who excel as a group, or whether you are someone who excels as an individual, a loss of Hannah Montana will be with you, when you're in a state of accident. Why is this so powerful? Because the next two suitors literally prove this last idea. The next two suitors focus on this last idea, the concept that's highlighted in this last idea, as well as you know, the idea that that a person who seeks refuge in anything but Allah subhanaw taala will soon

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have their home shattered in that sense, right? their place of refuge will prove to be flimsy. So the next surah is sort of the room, which literally means Rome, and sort of the room, the background of it, the context of it, is that you had at the time of you know the prophets of Allah when he was done the advent of Islam, the prophets lie Selim receiving revelation and the Muslims undergoing persecution Mecca, you had two superpowers in the region, and arguably in the world, really, the Romans and the Persians. The Muslims identified themselves with the Romans because the Romans were Christians, they were monotheists the pagans of Mecca identified with the pagans of Persia, right,

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the Persians were constantly oppressing the, you know, we're constantly defeating the Romans in battle. So, in this in this particular era, you know, the Romans were constantly being overcome by the Persians. And, you know, the the cross in fact, the True Cross, which is, you know, in Christianity is the cross that is, Jesus peace be upon him was crucified upon. That cross was confiscated from Jerusalem. It was taken to Persia, Jerusalem was in ruins. You know, the Romans were completely being defeated and demolished and annihilated by the Persians. The Muslims felt, again, an affinity towards the Christians. Part of that reason is, of course, Abyssinia.

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joshy in Abyssinia and what he did for the Muslims there when he took them in the Christian kingdom, Abyssinia what was happening in Mecca is that the Quran, were basically telling Muslims, that just like the Persians are constantly crushing the Romans, we are going to constantly crush you, that just like the Christians are being destroyed by the Jews, you will be destroyed as well. And so they're watching this conflict play out around them. And there's a great sense of arrogance in the people of Mecca, right in the pagans of Mecca, a sense of invincibility, just like the Persians had a sense of invincibility. So Allah subhanaw taala starts off sort of the Rome Alif Lam Meem volley

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back to Rome, fi adenylyl how old they were home. They're very bialetti

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himself and he born. Last parents Allah says that, verily the Romans have been defeated, the Byzantines have been defeated.

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fi edendale

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were hung and Baron de la la be him say early born in the lowest point on Earth. Now as an adult can mean the nearest land to you. So it can mean it can be referring to the land close to you, or it could be referring to add them out in the literal sense of the lowest point on Earth. Some of the scholars mentioned that this victory of the Persians over the Romans had just taken place in the era of in the area of the Dead Sea. And the area of the Dead Sea is indeed the lowest point on Earth. So some of the scholars mentioned this as a miracle of the plant. But the point is, is that the last time I mentioned that the Persians have just dealt the Romans a crippling defeat, but Allah says,

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We're home and better developing Him save it. So you have to be born. But after the Romans have been defeated, they will come back and and they will defeat the Persians. Right. Now, this was an audacious claim at the time. And you know, if the Prophet sly son was a fabricator, this was, you know, of course he was not but if you were to accuse the Prophet slice on being a fabricator, then this is a very dangerous claim to make, to choose literally the underdog and to say that they are going to win that they're actually going to be victorious over the Persians. Not only that, but to give a timeframe feebler a scene. Last time I mentioned that within three to nine years he specified

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below is three to nine years, between three and nine years, the Romans will defeat the Persians Latin American woman buried way oma in your flesh manana, Venezuela he also Romania Sherwood Aziz Rahim, lost parents Allah says Allah was in control the decision belongs to Allah before and after. So last kind of thought is in control this entire time. Whether the Romans are being defeated or the Persians are being defeated, and on that day, the believers will rejoice the Muslims will rejoice at the victory given by Allah subhana wa tada to the Romans against the Persians. Why? Because the believers would see that as a sign that they also would attain victory being us that are in love

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with the help of Allah, He helps him He wills of when it is over him and he is the Almighty and the Most Merciful. What are the law hilariously for law? Who are the ones that can act on us even if it is a promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa tada will not fail in his promise, but most people know not. Most people don't pay attention and listen to this power. This is so powerful. Yeah, and I'm gonna Vahid I'm gonna lay out in dunya. Manual at home if you don't, the only thing they see is the surface level of the life of this world. They pay attention to the outside appearance of the life of this world, and they are completely heedless of the life of the hereafter

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the eternal life afterwards, what Alice Pattaya is saying to us is that we always see things literally at surface level. And this is something that a lot alluded to in the previous just as well, how can we make judgment on the plan of a loss of Hannah Montana, if we're only seeing such a limited scope of the plan of a loss pennant out of play out in front of us, we see a very surface level of the world around us a loss of Hannah Montana is always in charge, and a loss of habitat guaranteed the believers of victory. Now Subhana Allah, this is interesting because Allah subhanho wa Taala gate, you know, some sort of three to nine years, right? The Romans were being defeated

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three years, four years, five years, six years, seven years, eight years. So the Persians kept on defeating the Romans and there was a sense of, you know, okay, what's gonna happen here, the Koran made a prediction here, it prophesized the victory of the Romans over the Persians. So Pamela, after eight and a half years, because the last three to nine years, after eight and a half years, the Romans overcame the Persians In the same year, in the same year 624. The Muslims defeated the people of Mecca in the Battle of bennish Subhana Allah so in both years, the underdogs won the Christians and the Muslims won. Right, the Romans defeated the Persians, and the Muslims defeated the

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mushrikeen in the year 624, in the Battle of better so this was this had a double meaning to it, that Allah subhanaw taala would give victory to the believers and that he lost pants, I would see them through this difficulty. Now, what does this relate to the previous Jews in the previous messaging, and similar to Lanka, both number one, that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned these people that that believed in their own strength and in their own capability, and that thought that they were invincible. So a lot of times I says, Oh, no, you have to factor ofI and forcing him Don't you think about the way that you were created contemplate within yourself not Haleakala and somehow it

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will go on are they number 11 happy with masama inokashira manana CBD karabi him McAfee Ron. I will unmute yourself without Wi Fi Oh good. Okay for can allow people to lithium and probably him can shut down in Hong Kong.

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Hello, I'm Ohio axon in Mr. Raja Raja tomura humblebee. Not from a Canon Law Julio Lima home when I can can 147 the only one. This is verse nine, the last penthouses and suta room, you know, don't they look to the creation of the heavens and the earth? Haven't they traveled through the earth and observed how was the end of those that came before them? people that were greater than than them in power, people that plow the earth, and that built up more than what they have built up. And their messengers came to them with evidences and proofs. And Allah subhana wa tada did not wrong them, but they wrong themselves. The point is, people that became too arrogant because of their strength

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because of their power. Power is intoxicating. We see it all the time. Absolute Power absolutely corrupts right we see it with dictators, the illusion of power, the illusion of invincibility. an oppressor, in whatever capacity they are in, is intoxicated by their own sense of power or their own fantasy of power, whether it's an oppressor in the house or an oppressor at a statewide, you know, a state level or an oppressor at a country level, whatever it may be. an oppressor is under the intoxication, and the illusion and fantasy of invincibility and power. And it's only a matter of time before Alice shatters that. So Alice Planetside talks about these people that take, you know,

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that are within the spider webs, right that are caught up in their own illusions, and at the end of Suitland. Kabuto. Last minute Allah mentions that Allah subhanaw taala is with the Moxie and he's with people of excellence. He's with the good doers. And Sora sort of the room shows us that because Allah subhanaw taala shows us how he saw you know, saw the believers through their difficult time and gave them victory and was with them because of their Exxon because of their excellence and because of their connection to a loss of Hannon want to add

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one more thing in the room, before we move into sort of look, man, last panel into either has a very beautiful,

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you know discourse about his power. So in verse 17, for Suba Han Allah Hina Tom so Noah Hina to speak Hoon, well, that would have to fit somehow it will auto do Arashi and where Hina told her on last panel analysis so glorify Allah, above all that they associate with him when you come to the evening, and when you enter into the morning, and To Him belongs all praises and thanks in the heavens and the earth and glorify Him in the afternoon and when you come up to the time when the day begins to decline. So basically in our vessel the Allahu says that these two ions actually give us the five daily prayers the times are the five daily prayers. And Allah says usually don't hate me

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and maybe it's a pleasure. May you tell me that hate, where you feel out of love and mot how why care that he gets one and verse 19, he brings out the living from the dead and he brings out the death from the living and he revives the earth after its death and thus you shall be resurrected. Now the next discourse, one Min iottie Allah mentions his science, what are the signs of a loss of greatness and the lost power? Because Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned to us yeah, Mona Vahid, Amina and hyah to dunya. All we pay attention to are all will, we're able to see is the surface level of this world. Right? the observable universe, the observable dunya, Allah has created us with

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that limitation. So loss of Hannah to add and now points to the signs. What are the signs that there's this all powerful creator, that there is this that there's this love this Lord, that is in charge, the Sustainer that's in charge of all of our affairs. So Allah says, what you can see women, t he from His signs and holla according to Robin from either antem by Sharon tanta, she wrote that Allah created you from dirts and then behold, here you are human beings scattered throughout the earth. So look at your existence as a proof of a loss of Hannah Montana, Wyoming, ar T and Haleakala common unfussy come as large and neater schooner ha ha. Jana Vina commodity in Nevada litella,

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iottie, nicomachea, tuffa Corona, and among his size, this is the verse of the Quran that's on the wedding invitations. And that's recited before people start partying at their weddings, right. So from His Signs is that he created for you spouses from amongst yourselves, that you may find comfort in them and he has put between you affection and mercy very early in that are Signs for people who reflect well I mean, I have to he hope was somehow it will be worth the laugh. Who else enough to come well why did he come in at the Vatican II mean, and from his science is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your language and your languages and your colors indeed,

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in that are Signs for those of knowledge for people of knowledge, the sophistications of how our of our creations that are lost hundreds are created us. He created us in different ways. He created for us mates, a last kind of attack.

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diversified our languages he diversified our skin colors and Subhanallah as I've said, in a separate posting, it's amazing that the verse about marriage which is verse 21,

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the verse of a love reading for your mates is sandwiched between two ideas that condemn racism so how to love that condemn a sense of nationalism and racism woman anti human animal can be lady when the hell whatever the law will come in hopefully he interview that he color it nicomachea smartphone, and among His Signs is your sleep by night and day and you're seeking of his bounty. Indeed are in that are Signs for people who listen. So in your weakness in your vulnerability, whether you like it or not, you need sleep. Right? And you seek the bounty of Allah subhanho wa Taala during the day, and indeed in that are Signs for people who listen who heed the reminder.

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Women iottie Yuriko mubaraka Whoa, from what Ana while University domina, sama EMA and for your Phoebe Hill Allah and mot her enough he that he can or I can you call me on the road. And among His Signs is that he shows you the lightning, by way of fear and hope when you see the lightning? It depends on your situation, if you're going to have fear or hope, how strong is the lightning? is a tornado going to come out of this? Is the wind going to be beneficial? Or is it going to be a destructive wind? Is the rain going to be beneficial? Or is it going to be a destructive rain? So Allah Subhana Allah sends rain as a reward, and Allah sends it as a punishment, or loss of contact

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sends it as a test, right? But the point is, is that you have no idea what to expect this is a proof of your your inability to plan and to understand the plight of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you don't know as the world's as the lightning starts or as the rain starts or as the wind starts, you don't know what's coming out of it. And indeed, and that are Signs for people who use reason, woman AR T and Tacoma summer will be m&e from either the outcome data or 10 minute all the either until until noon, and among His Signs is that the heaven and the earth will stand by his command, then afterwards, Allah will call you with a single call. And behold, you will come out from the earth

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from your graves, for your reckoning, and for for four years for your accounts, how Allah so Allah subhanaw taala is calling us to his power and to, to observe in the signs around us and in the signs within ourselves, and our strengths and our weaknesses, and what's predictable of the earth around us and what's unpredictable. All of that is our signs that a loss of habitat is in charge, and that we are in need of a loss of habitat and completely dependent on him, and that we do not become arrogance. Right. Now, I said that certain anchor bolts basically establishes that you should put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala, you should seek refuge in Allah. And if you're with a loss of

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Hannah Montana last time, we'll see you through your difficulties. Don't Don't be intoxicated by your sense of power, by your sense of reason, by your sense of, of whatever it may be, seek refuge only in a loss of Hannah Montana, otherwise, you're living in a spider's web. So in sort of the Roma lost parents, it gives us an observable example, that he gave victory to the people of bedeutet. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah gave victory to the Romans over the persons, even though the persons thought they were invincible due to their strength and power. And the Meccans thought they were invincible due to their strength and power. Allah is condemning here arrogance on a community level.

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As we said in the law, hello Martin Martini Allah is with the good doers is on a community level and on an individual level. The next surah is Surah. Look, man, a surah Look man, look man, Hakeem Ali salam, the Wise, the Wise Sage that was known to the people of Mecca, a fried Abyssinian slave, that lived around the time of Buddha at his Salaam, who was known for his wisdom. And he was he was a he was known for his for his parables and for his wisdom and for his sayings and the people of Mecca had him as a legend of sorts, right? So Allah subhana wa tada points out about look man and Hakeem it his Salaam that he was a man of toe heat, that he was a man of monotheism and a lot gives us of

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course, and sort of look man, the advice of look man and Hakeem to his son. So a lot tells us to be humble. And that humility brings about victory on a community level and on an individual level. Be humble. Recognize that your power, your strength, your your capability comes from Allah subhana wa tada and do not be amongst those who transgress. So Allah mentions to us now the personal discussion, the personal conversation between the man and his son, where if Carla look man will leave me here. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah, been a lot to stick with law in America, the Volvo Navin. When look man said to his son while he was giving him advice. Oh, my dear son, do not

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associate partners with a loss of habitat. Indeed, associating a partner with him is a great injustice or something.

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inside of the windy day he had a 201 and one was the father who fear mania initially when he when he Vika Ian was here and I lost pentasa so this is verse 13. Now 14 of Swords McMahon law says and we've enjoined upon man to care for his parents, his mother carried him in weakness, and you know, and as the time went on, it only gave her more weakness meaning his mother had to bear him in pain. And his weaning is within two years so last contact says Be grateful to me and to your parents, to me is the final destination. So in the first two verses are the first two advices of look mountain son, you know, be good to that recognize that the right that your Lord has upon you and recognize

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the right that your parents have upon you. What in jaha Dhaka Anna and Touche de Cadena la silica be here in Fela, Tulare, Houma, La La Habra Hipple method dounia matter offer. Last kind of data says and if they strive to make you join and worship with me, others that of which you have no knowledge. So if your parents tell you to disobey a loss of Hannah Montana, then don't obey them, but behave with them with absolute kindness, show them excellence and kindness, even if they're telling you to commit sick, even if they're telling you to disobey Allah subhanaw taala still, show them your kindness and show them your love and follow the path of Him who turns to me and repentance and then

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obedience, then to me will be your return and I shall inform you of that which you used to do. yagoona Oh, my son, in intercal Miss Carla hubbardton min hordaland Fetzer confusa hauraton office seminar to fill out yet TV hola in a lot of different career, oh my son, even if indeed if a sin, if wrong should be in the weight of a mustard seed. And if it was hidden in Iraq, anywhere in the heavens and the earth, a loss of Hannah Montana will bring it forth. Indeed, Allah is Ever subtle, yet ever acquainted. This is a message to us. that a lot of times we feel like we can get away with our sense. A lot of times we feel like we can hide our sins. And even if we can hide our sins from

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people and not face the consequences of those sins in this world, a loss of Hannah Montana will bring it forth. Don't feel like you can fool Allah subhanaw taala don't feel like you can operate in this world without being seen and observed by your Lord. So recognize that Allah is watching you and recognize that Allah subhanaw taala will produce your record forward. Yeah, when a Alchemist Allah, what would have been a matter of actually spending on one hand with this or not and with this, but at the end of this ayah Allah is Ever subtle, yet he's ever acquainted. This is a beautiful piece of the previous to suit us and actually sort of puzzles as well, that though a lot may be subtle in the

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way that he carries out the affairs of this world. A lot is never unacquainted. A lost kind of town is with the believers he's with the Marcin and Allah is always acquainted and very well aware. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is always acquainted and well aware in this world and in the next. Oh my dear son up in the Salah. establish your prayer, what would have been married off and enjoying that which is good one have it in one cup and forbid that which is evil? Was there Allah or SABIC and be patient with that which is going to strike you in this world in Nevada come in admin mode, and that is of the most difficult things to observe. It's one of the most important commandments but it

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requires a lot of determination. Certain Anka booth focuses on the test and the trials that we face in this world. And Allah subhana wa tada tells us to be patient here, look, man is telling his son, continue to enjoy your prayers, don't leave your prayers, and don't stop doing good and forbidding evil, and be patient when hardship comes to you inevitably comes to you. And that is from the things that require the greatest determination. What to [email protected] Nancy will attempt to come out of the middle here and do not turn your face away from men with pride, nor work nor walk through the earth with arrogance. Verily Allah subhana wa tada does not love every walk down in the hall, every every

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self diluted and boastful person, meaning don't ever get full of yourself. Don't ever get a big head realize that you're still in the in the control of Allah Subhana Allah so don't show arrogance in the way that you turn your faces towards the people don't turn your nose upwards to the people because Allah Subhana Allah can humble you quickly and do not walk in the earth arrogantly because a loss of Hannah Montana could take you away in a moment and a lot does not like an arrogant, boastful person. Luxor de Mesquita was a woman solotica and be moderate in the way that you walk and speak with a low voice. Don't speak arrogantly, don't walk arrogantly and the last time and look man at

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least that I'm says to his son and uncovered a Swati la Sol told me that the harshest of all voices

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Is the brain of the donkey. You know, don't pray like a donkey when you raise your voice and speak with insolence and speak with a sense of pride, humble yourself, realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala is in charge. Realize that Allah subhana wa tada is your source of strength and your source of power, and your source of ability. Realize that a loss of Hannah Montana is well aware of that which you do realize that Allah subhanho wa Taala could change your fortune in a moment. Realize that a loss of Hannah which Allah is with the Morrison on a complete community level, and on an individual level a lot is with the good doers. So certainly ankle boots establishes that there are people that

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take false refuge and things that will not benefit them or protect them. Sort of Rome shows us a community that's destroyed because they felt invincible due to their strength, a community that's given victory because they were Marcin Sora. Look, man, gives us the advice of a father to a son to be humble in the way that you carry yourself in this life, to be patient, to be aware of a loss of Hannah Montana, and and know that Allah subhanaw taala will be with you, if you are a person of excellence if you are a person of excellence. So that brings us to the end of just 2021 what I'm going to do since it's the last two nights in Charlottetown, every single day, I'm going to mention

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a charity that's close to my heart hoping that you all will donate to that charity hoping that you all will support that charity. So it's the last 10 days and shot the last night so make sure that you give charity every single night in Charlottetown even if it's something very small. So tonight I want to actually mention or today I want to mention the charity which is Marsan we were talking about and Mycenaean people have good doers people who excel and if someone could do the the honor of posting the link inshallah tada to the to my son in the comments and I'll do it as soon as I finish this broadcast but Morrison is stands for Muslims understanding and helping with special education

00:31:58--> 00:32:38

needs. It's a very, very beautiful charity one that is a game changer in the Muslim community. It's it's a charity it's a charity that seeks to make our massage a bit more accommodating to people with disabilities and to families who have members and their families that are that have disabilities. It has a message certification program we had the largest group Mashallah that marched in the autism, the National autism March this year at Soldier Field in Chicago. And it's you know, we provide a wide range of services for people with disabilities and it's a charity that's very near and dear to my heart. So every day I'm gelato. I'm going to mention to a charity and I hope that all of you will

00:32:38--> 00:32:52

will rush to to give inshallah tada to that. So again, since we were talking about Marcin today, our first charity today is marxan inshallah zachman Long Island to you all, inshallah Tada. I will see you. Tomorrow was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah.