Entering through the gates of paradise

Tawfique Chowdhury


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My brothers and sister Islam, every single one of us will want to go to the gates but the gates will be closed for us. At each one of the gates will have a huge signboard and on the signboard. carved in stone are the names the people that can enter from that gate. Do you know I remember when I finished my medical exams, actually, when I finished my Medina University in my last year in Medina University, when we got the results out all the students were there, you know, and all the huge boards had huge numbers, just numbers and your mark because they wouldn't print your name. They don't want people to know you know your results. They'll just know your enrollment mark and Roman

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number and then your result. And we would all be crawling on top of each other like, Where's your mark? Where's your number? So panela Can you imagine? all of humanity in front of you? All of muslimeen with you, all of them scrumming? Isn't that on that game? No no gate of jihad. No, no, I never did Jihad man. What did I do? So quick run 500 years trouble. You're running back to the other gate? Trying to see Oh, okay, so gate a fasting is that a yard? Is that my name they on that day? Oh, no, not they're quick run to the next one.

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Get off charity. Quick run to the next one. Get a bill and validate goodness to parents. So no doubt my brothers and sisters now.

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It will be a time of tremendous anticipation. Which gate will we enter gender from?

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It will kill you mohalla reports when authentic hadith rasulillah salam that on the gates of each gender a huge rivers, a huge springs, that that that that spring forth. Water and drinks from the rivers of gentlemen, on each of the gates of Jenna, as soon as you approach it, are these huge fans that blow down sent? Have you seen that you know when you have that column of air that try to preserve the cold inside with a column of air. So as soon as you're nearing the gates, you will see a huge column of air coming down with the most amazing sets that come down. And as you approach the gate that you're allowed to enter gender from

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as soon as you approach it, then and only then will the angel say what is your name? they'll fit to fit been Gollum hamdulillah you've been allowed to enter for this game.

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So suddenly, the doors of gender open for you? Huge immense doors opening and suddenly you end

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what happens then you look up

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and huge rolls of angels amazing rows of the rows of angels. two wings three wings for wings 10 weeks 50 wings 100 wings 600 wings debris rally super solid.

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there to greet you saying Salaam and Salama Welcome, welcome. Have you ever come up upon a procession?

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Or the day of your marriage You came upon the procession and he came into the audience and suddenly everyone got up? Yes, that is the day of you entering huge 1000s and millions of angels all on the on the sky saying Salam and Salama Welcome, welcome. Welcome my brothers and sister. So my brother and sister Islam, as soon as you enter gentlemen, you will see on the rivers, you will see on the ground amazing things. You will see the sand and the soil made of saffron. You will see pebbles but they're not pebbles, they're actually rubies and pearls. So you will try to grab them as many as possible because you can't hold yourself back and put them in your pockets. But guess what, it's

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just too many. What are you going to do just leave it it's all yours. It's all yours, you will stand on the gates of gender. And you will look in front of you. I wish everyone could actually come here and see the site that I'm seeing. It looks amazing from here. And but Allah the Prophet, some said unauthentic heavy in some intermediate, the very last person who will enter gentlemen will stand on the gates of gender and be able to see his dominion and his palaces and his kingdom for 2000 years travel.

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That's how much Allah has made for him. For the last person to entertain

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