Why Don’t the Muslims Practice what they Preach

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I'm Mrs. Bhavna, I'm sorry. So kindly please bear with me. And please excuse me humbly and peacefully. I have been born Energen society, living in the Hindu society, educated in a pure convent, and married a Muslim.

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I have married as per the Indian marriage act. And I'm staunchly eagerly waiting to accept Islam as my whole hearted religion. But please, my brothers and sisters, what do you preach what you said about Islam? I'm very thankful to you for enlightening me. I am really reborn today. But what you preach and what you say, and what is in Islam? Excuse me. I don't find people practicing that wholeheartedly. They are not attracting me. Can you please give me a solution? Because when you speak of fundamentalism in Islam, it is positive. When you speak of intolerance. It's positive. But in practice, I don't find so can you please guide me? Mister? That's a good question. First of all,

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I'd like to congratulate her and Nevada.

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And as the station is reborn, the right word in Islam is revert was according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, every child is born in general, fifth, is born as a Muslim, Muslim means a person who submits his will to Almighty God, every human being initially when he's born, he submits the will to Almighty God. Later on, the Prophet said, that is influenced by the parents, by the elders, by the teachers, then he may become a fire worshiper may go on the wrong track. So therefore, when a person comes back

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to the original faith, to deal with the right word is not convert, not reborn, it is revert. So, sister, I welcome you back to this faith of peace, and submitting your will to Almighty God. As our question is concerned

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that you have heard the lectures

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and you agree with the points. You have read about Islam. But one objection is that

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Muslims are most of the Muslims according to you. They are not following the teachings what is the solution? Sister, I do agree with you.

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I do agree with you that many don't follow. But according to statistics, the religion, which is the maximum followed, I'm not talking in numbers, if you count the heads, those who profess religion, number one would be Christianity, somewhere close to 2 billion.

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Islam 1.3 billion 1.4 billion, but

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the percentage, which practices and follows the Legion maximum is Islam number one maximum.

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But yet, I do agree with you

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that in terms of numbers, because 1.3 billion followers, even if it be a small percentage, the numbers will run in millions of Muslims. Don't follow the religion. Therefore, sister to understand Islam, don't look at Muslims, please. And always say to understand the religion, don't look at the followers of the religion. But look at the authentic sources.

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Please don't look at me. Don't look at the Muslims around you. And I gave you the example of the car and the driver. If you want to know how good the car is, and the person who does not know to drive sits behind the steering wheel and he has an accent he bangs up the car, who will you blame the car the driver will blame the driver. So please don't understand Islam by looking at the Muslims. That's the reason we are giving these lectures for both Muslim and non Muslims alike.

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Good Muslim Muslims who have shortcomings we are trying to get them closer to the truth because they may be namesake Muslims, we are trying to make them practicing Muslim. At the same time we are delivering the message of Islam to the non Muslims also so that you understand this religion. And though you were born, you were born in a Gen family and you had non Muslim around you. You're married to a Muslim but today, maybe after hearing the lecture and after learning about Islam

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You have come back to the faith. And as you said that previously may be only for the sake of name. You may have adopted the surname and sorry but today you have come back to this to faith and we congratulate and Please sister if you want to look at the Muslim to understand Islam. The best example is the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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this book, the Quran, and the thing that the Prophet have the solution for the problem of humanity. Don't look at the Muslims, some Muslim may be close to Islam, some may be far away from Islam. So look at the main source, understand it, follow it inshallah get peace in this world as well as the hereafter. Inshallah, thank you