A Life with Allah #8 – Al-Samee Al-Baseer (The All-Hearing All-Seeing)

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges of accessing subhanho data and the need for effective solutions. They share experiences of the lack of visibility and the use of mu'amins for fear. They also discuss the implementation of Islam's symbolical messages and the potential for loneliness to slow one's life, including the feeling of lost comfort and loneliness, the desire to feel like a partner in public, and the potential for loneliness to slow one's life.
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A few years ago, people needed to exert a big effort to access what Allah subhanho data as prohibited, and even then it's likely that it would have failed.

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Now, with the advent of technology, internet, instant communication, things have taken a huge turn.

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All can be accessed at the click of a button from within the comfort of your own home.

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If it's not yourself, whom you worry about, then it's certainly your children, your siblings, those you love and fear for but let's be honest, you can add all of the filters you want to set every hurdle today, but

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a person who was set upon a sin will find their way around.

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So a solution is needed a really effective one. And I share with you not only what I believe to be the best solution, but the only real solution to the challenge of the 21st century is access. That's a rediscovery of the majestic authority who cannot be outrun or hidden from a rediscovery of a semi or the All Hearing Elbasy or the old saying.

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He hears every sound that emanates from every creature in every language, every location at every decibel every moment in time. He hears their screams and whispers.

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He hears their complaints. They're thanks They're conspiring and plotting their speech, their thoughts, intentions, he hears what is more silent than silence itself. That is a Semia. He is also Elbasy are the one who sees the minut details of the deepest parts of the earth just as He sees the details of existence. Beyond the observable universe, universe and beyond the seventh heaven. At the cosmic level. He sees the orbits of each and every planet whilst at the atomic level, he sees the movement of each electron around every nucleus, he sees the water that flows through the branch of every tree the nutrients within every grain of soil, the blood that flows through every vein of

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every creature.

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Now, unlike us who can't hold multiple conversations, nor observe multiple events at the same time Subhanallah no two simultaneous events impair the vision or hearing of a semi annual buzzer

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to him, no two simultaneous voices muffled each other sound, let alone the trillions which he hears and understands and responds to individually around the clock. To him, secrets are exposed. private matters are public, distant matters are near the invisible is perfectly clear.

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The New York City blackout is the name which was given to a power cut which hit New York in 1977. The city just plunged into darkness. And although the lights went out for no more than 24 hours, when they came back on the extent of the devastation was revealed.

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for that brief moment without electricity, violence had just erupted across the whole city stores were looted. windows were smashed, buildings were set ablaze. Police just stood helplessly.

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It was an urban crisis, a national emergency. And many companies never recovered from those few hours all because the city's I had fallen asleep for a few moments. I mentioned this because on a daily basis, we find ourselves experiencing a similar blackout.

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moments of solitude when no one apparently can see us. This is precisely where many people will use those blackout periods to do to their Eman what those New Yorkers did to their city.

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During those moments, beware of allowing your desires to convince you that Allah cannot see. Allah said we're not going to finish at New America to do Amin home in Quran

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there is no matter which you engage in on a or any portion of Quran which you recite. While I'm alone. I mean, Amylin in Laguna Alikum Shu Who then is to feed on a fee, nor any deed which you do, except that we are witness of you when you are doing it.

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When I Azubu I'll be coming with colleagues or rotting fill early one half is Emma and nothing is hidden from your Lord so much as the weight of an atom on the earth or any heaven. Well that means Aliko Allah Akbar elaphiti Tabin movie nor anything that is lesser than that or greater than that,

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except that it is in a clear record.

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during daylight hours, a camera may capture

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quite a decent shot to her face. But when the night draws its curtains, precise facial features are suddenly a lot more difficult to distinguish, which is probably one of the reasons why criminals will usually choose in the night.

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Also, picking up a loud conversation is much easier than I whispered one.

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So these factors for us as humans, they make a difference. As for Allah subhanho wa taala, he said about himself.

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So, mu kumin esaral Coloman Jarabe it is the same to Allah, whether any of you conceals his speech, or declares it openly. Women who are most stuffing believer Saturday boom been the hub or whether you are hit by night, or whether you go forth freely by day, it's the same.

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But you see, no matter how sophisticated the human means of surveillance become, man will only ever be able to see the external forms of people's and events.

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What monitor can detect intentions and thoughts. There is one authority who can do that.

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While I call the koala Cornellians in Santa Ana level two was supposed to be here enough. So we were the ones who created man and we know what his soul whispers to him.

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When I had to Accra booty lay him in heavily worried that we are closer to him than his jugular vein. So a Lord who has named himself as Semia, and Elvis a year,

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you're constantly live,

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you'll never really offline. From the day you became accountable, the record button was pressed, and it will stay press till the day you lie.

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An example of a person who lived life knowing that this button has been pressed, and that he is being recorded, was a God fearing woman who was abducted by a soldier a story mentioned by a tanuki in his book and further ado, by the shinda. Her neighbors fought and fought in her defense, but they were unable to fend off the abductors guards. So the criminal took her into his home and closed every door and he enticed her She refused his requests. And then he began to coerce her until he was on the verge of actualizing his intent, when she said to him, wait, hold on, there's one more door that you haven't closed, he said which one she said the door that is between you and Allah.

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her captors stood up. And he said, Leave leave. Allah has saved you.

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A more recent example of this, an example of a man fully aware of his loader semi Alba here

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was a Sudan a shepherd,

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who was filmed in the middle of the desert after being stopped by to pass her bys and who are driving a car. And this was 2014. They asked him for a sheep. But he said to them, I don't I don't own the sheep.

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So they said to him, why don't you tell the owner of the sheep that you'd lost one they were testing him. And his response was amazing. He said, What about the grave? Inside the grave? He said, There's no such thing as I lost it.

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The passerby said to him, I have 200 results for you gave me a sheep. And the shepherd said to him, I wouldn't give it to you even for 200,000 years. My reckoning he said will not be with you, but with him. At the end of the exchange, they actually gifted him with the 200,000 of the elders. Subhanallah Allahu Akbar.

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Your belief in these two names of Allah is a cloud of consciousness that hovers over your head, wherever you go.

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It's an inner voice that never quietens but raises itself. When you're about to cross one of Allah subhanaw taala his lines. It's a voice that says to you, oh, my soul if you have crossed Allah's limits, whilst thinking that he couldn't see or hear you,

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then how enormous was your disbelief in Allah?

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But oh my soul if you have crossed his limits, whilst knowing that he could see you and hear you then how little was your shyness of Allah?

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Oh my soul, how is it that you are an ally of Allah in public, but an enemy of Allah in private? Oh my soul beware of making Allah semi Alba see the most insignificant of all observers. So the the effects of damage control when it comes to sins is huge when these divine names are noticed in your life, but they offer more than just that. They also offer comfort to the anxious ones. Prophet Musa and her own told Allah that they were anxious in going to the Pharaoh and inviting him to Islam. This is a criminal This is a mass murderer.

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And they needed to provide a passage for many sort of eel out of his control. But how did Allah comfort

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Prophet Musa and hello and he said to them in an email Hakuna as an hour Ara, don't be afraid, I am with you both hearing and seeing. So the greatest comfort to an anxious heart is when it recognizes that above it is a Lord who hears and sees, particularly at a time when you feel that eyes and ears are blind and deaf to your pains. You have a Lord who is fully present and fully aware. This was the same comfort that Allah offered to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during his moments of stress, he was told was merely hooked me Rob, be careful in Nickleby Ioannina wait patiently for the decision of your Lord because you are in our eyes.

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Knowing that we are in his eyes, Foster's patience. So regardless of what it is that you're going through, let's call it the thirst of Ramadan, the fatigue of Hajj, the challenge of releasing your Zika the urge of pressing the snooze button for federal Salah with needing to restrain your gaze, the sweltering challenge of a flawless hijab on a summer's day, the injuries of adjust jihad or the loneliness of being a practicing Muslim.

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When you gaze into the heavens above you in acknowledgment of being entirely within Allah sight and hearing

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these pains are eclipsed.

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Grief is minimized. Endurance is bolstered because Allah sees Allah here's

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what happens when a heart.

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What happens when a heart becomes detached from a simian atmosphere.

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What happens is that a huge source of comfort is stripped away from your life as you're thrown into a dark pit of estrangement and loneliness. So the soul wanders off trying to compensate for that loss in other things, in social gatherings, vacations, cigarettes, drugs, sexual experimentations endless sleep, they're trying to find an escape. This feeling of of inner loneliness for many people continues to intensify until it pushes them to suicide. Why? Because in the lives of many,

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they find that there can be no compensation for the comfort of knowing that you are within the seeing and hearing of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Now on the flip side, take a moment to compare this with the experience of people who experienced the joy of knowing that Allah can see them and hear them. Malik Abdul Mola fella who used to sit in his home for long hours and they said to him Don't you get lonely and he said yesterday Shabbat Allahu Ahad Can anyone who is with Allah feel lonely and Muslim even know yourself or who said there is no joy in life that is sweeter than calling upon Allah in solitude.

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Imam Abdul Karim he said Phil Albee, SHA, Allah Lumo elderly acabado Allah Allah, in the heart of every human being, there is a sense of scattering, which can only be gathered by turning to Allah.

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Or if it can't be washed out to now you see to her in the villa. And in the heart, there is a sense of loneliness

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which can only be overcome by feeling the intimate nearness to Allah when you are alone.

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And he says, Well, he he has known now you the Hebrew who ilustrado Ruby Valley fatty he was Mohammed atta he and in the hearts there is a sadness,

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which can only be removed by the joy of knowing him and being true in worshiping Him. roughy his color. Canarios Aquino, who ill EGT Mahalaya he won't fill out all men who lie. And in the heart, there is a anxiety which can only be put at ease, by gathering yourself on him and escaping from him to him.

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So those moments of being alone with the hearing and the seeing Lord, are now easily transformed into moments of warmth, with Allah's nearness, and companionship, moments of hope and reflection and intimate dua no lonely confinement can ever break. You know, sense of estrangement can slow you down. Know periods of loneliness will be used for sin. How could it be when you are now connected to Allah send me I lost