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NAK Urdu Ramadan Series #13

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Nouman Ali Khan

Channel: Nouman Ali Khan


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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala cmbr even mousseline, Allah it or Sufi shrine sorry command

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loco loco sanaka na Saliba nickering

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cellos quadriga did you can I get a call? I think I'm sorry I just go home Tauruses Deacon, Mama.

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k matoba isotta Allah see Raka Dhaka Allah tala Anika ha ha don't say mommy Gmail ski da casa de piel hamari doin kabul kunihiko de

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him but I'm so on air or cubic about a week class maybe or crown class or maybe a Goku savall pushed I had to strum first gun in case of al Qaeda look step five say

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osco says basically step one piano Bertha

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or belly sorry step so much deeper tempo step five so much back to so all key under AIG is crisis was like a shock. Metallica they can discuss her job jersey massage.

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So barely bad you can Nikki hammer on sabko industrial era Nikki hair can push button Catherine Islami licking Jos Baraka nithi Jota now can you teach us your search method Liliana Giovanni hottie Samantha

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Samantha llamada hakima whatever I'm up there. This makes you go in karma? Yes, she was about to say I'm getting Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah me here can Abu Tikka

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they can escape Krishna identical thing is DeBakey or is bad cuckoo Volker Nikki came on. I made I've got to stay. Optima duper hockey.

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All shoes but I say mariappa hockey akumina fell Karnataka up cuckoos me daddy does it so he can marry me Daria okay comedy who write or how rich they are a student or teacher reached out I was my teacher Kikuchi with a yachtie or teacher Coco Coco. coach, Coach similar do to student key or coaches can Coco Devi Sharma Remi Daria on Oh Coco T. citizen or government is Amanda Miller yo Coco teen Daughter of semi Daria although, right tota ma Hamada ashtami ekzema dari or a hochkar talent SATA amisha curvy hakuba cabeza Daria Giada kitchen Aqua doodle Hotel lickin hotas

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se this this may be a quick hurry Nigerian to hurry. Never lucky could submit Aria or beige never equals me Daria. Oh no Cuckoo Cuckoo. Right. Tamia who calls me daddy Joe has reached me pijac Thea hum iscar concert.

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Allah Karna se knock me Nakamoto Jatin Allah tala ki Bharatiya at home so stay at Omaha calls me daddy ishizaka Tada. neatness answer.

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QA Allah tala Hama rubber to sorry haka skin

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or saris me Daria Maria a salvia hamara hai replica caning. They came it's Tara Samaj, Li K. Mira

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Mira Casa maskapai Ramallah ko na Scalzo target Paco? Yes Pooja long astroglia pasa Khun Scafell is primera Pura the hora is very it's Carlos Coco happening. You can maybe speak pulita malkia Atala calm puri Tara and it Lark Assad. Cusco Hama, Abner Malik or Hakeem remonte to cipollone Tj nickel take a hammer hockey but toward the snare joke which the eye for snare up near me we just said the name of curiosity the applause for oh snap na karanka legging is Lyonnais dr Kamara advanta

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Yeah, when is attacking hamara harmonica is Lilia

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ta ba ba Gary create realization Hey catalana even though snare hamari upper kidney cranky or kidney damage ag or kidney Hammerhead ID or sandwich the leaking belly bar sandwich Nikki heck Allah tala sammut albasini Casa Casa Cassie. Customer named your hair qui passive AJ Orosco product nearly

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to work AB Manitoba, Manitoba, Jumeirah. dorthea Kanika Mary conagra come to America North America many payment cul de Mary product either delay kiwi, Cusco Saigon school frustration ob qq ski skyguard Banta de homies Ania belleci just so much Nikki Boone Jada Smith Nikki yes and yet a lotta lucky Teleflora Nagata.

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husana jo dia abney abney fossa, Dr. Joe Diaz kin Emma a syllable hamdulillah Cathy. One other yonaka homina mas Petit is Liam oligarchy fostoria Yamuna dorky ously hamari say a time of payment. karasik is looking around your name at the valley Bhatia And Taro dunya mattala hiratsuka another lucky named at Hakka Tomoko guineas at the eighth name Okanagan sector, Bucky

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glucagon ob Kanika mcsa da just a massage their ob werknemers take a look in assassinate Mooji officially economic assists chemo seabirds which I have Kiska star sandwich of idea or get naked images okay so go for either the Oscar Maccabee booty Tara scope to kidney sector the magazine a guy named Kabira Tara Caputo Ashoka called $1 million home cannot

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be met so my second okay Magwitch karanga just came by Lamia Allah tala primera husband. Yes Ania Nicole the Nikita leakiness kebab of Judah Lutheran Hamza Yusuf kebab resub Jana Kiba Jude Chi, mucha mango menjawab DOMA with their own yesterday of local Mojo Pokhara metamora jawab

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lake in Java be somebody Nikita rota insaan job kisi seco cheese monta my obstacle cheese my mods that I put our code on the bill charter, right, my favourite

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Avenue which I will win early.

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Right to avoid disappointment Okay, madam Agha Krishna, which Yama

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manga castagna the acuscope optimasi her child up mature her fire your child up? You know village Allah subhana wa Yashoda primitiva teqsa Sunni Islam he has been a man he walked in needy right? Yeah in sunny Ridge Tommy hota right teacher karega students are gonna go home with carlina soon any here? Yeah, sure it is a test cause or a call after delay call the teacher Nickleby do any hear me motel vaiana Yeah, the hosta rbas and near join sanaka the man who Thea is an Yokohama lakita refugia Okay, they may not also work at kamaljit Twins shine.

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As a matter dog he committed the passage of magma motorcycle lilou yada yada key to

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a vertical ista a Sahaja Yogi Jae young Yamamoto. torquato Tikka salvo Jasmine e nippo. j. s transeo. j. s taco je, Ebola garmendia Ebola distagon Jaya silica mariebilly specific request to the or Zindagi kiya cam do I was Arica Thank you exactly. How much are yo t? Jasmine zakharova we've got our tarjolla lucky that

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they can get the fuck outta hemanta Gucci licking a salsa salsa equi Milani

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sneaky Bhatia k up nature manga pelita is maybe other anime which taleem the hammock Arnica hi Jana kibarim voila comfy how matters to him? While comfy hamata down Jannat better my Georgia hoga Malaga are just cheese Scott avocado Jessie's come with Albuquerque with Amelia DJ.

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We say paleo mechanical t GI Joe cheese my Mangu warmage mlj yahagi haqiqa

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Janaki haqiqa edenia Giga Giga Talia. The new mmm Jo Mangu mucha Malaga, yet Allah Allah communica to pass a mangaka Metro Pasadena Tom garima with McCarty jazzanova tamala maga Guatemala to see Manuel de Macedo acidogenic comunica kahakai a study of law come to Merida Java

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of hamari zanku Chara in Sonny's urbani hamari soj Kotori homesearch schemata Arabic saltbush Allah tala cassava lucky McKee Vanya Parata was here visa manyata Oscar jawab Osaka Yahuwah a salami take leave me Ensenada Hong Kong con compete karega jacobellis chunky vada say when the me Allah tala k was Naveen a apne Allah ke hair Kalia kipnis Allah wa kyogi at the y dot o hungexpo until Okay,

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I'm gonna do ob de la can come the case on to be solved by a party solver but

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also aka Giovanna mila parrocchia kyp so it needs How would you get good iron cowboy zagging so I'll find out I know those sick a que se Samaj ln K. Allah Darren and Yusuf Alayhi Salam Co Op. nymphai Yaki, ha ha una de

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Malaga a bit pig a gu me, pelvises, lm Logano, Taka just butcher club hula a snail squad. Stratford Katayama putao tieken muscavado lamesa oski

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zamyla rocker Toma aka jL may nine se taking one of these in the given torture he thought it was a crossover cable to Sema, Sema, Sema see but the link is in the

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link in another Korean kabukiza yo Coronavirus Smith D and you should hear although by Jackie Hart kitabi Potala Kiba he says Joe hypotonic IKEA's Keven Yakubu, kurta was given a governor key position with the finance ministry position with the misalignment

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or appname stabby. Okay hisab servo budget Castaic Assad Sol kth Yogi, was my baby Katie he bo kokanee karna saving scotney your saltspring

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badmus eat salsa California. Oscar her major savings Katie will say kakihara karna yoga Hatha Yoga pero schemata Lisa gorgeous my blog calm yahagi schemata normal Jagga TK your produce Hong Kong financial planner Jolla colonial co the abunda Zachary Garbo gentlemen

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don't geek avios Joan casac eSATA just just excuse me remember good you survived now yoti

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are just chunky but we do worry haha Whoa, you have Oh by Chaka jamdani ba ba ba ba ba Chico ha bio savage era hakea sagarmala toschi is a heavy use of naughty June gentlemen Villa de veau Jane Baba Jacqueline sibert Nakata, kv hobbiest, Sakuma lemma, para ARCA Baraka, dusky tommyknockers, they are going to be naka de Takahata sasolburg or LA Koba, Timothy

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aka Dhoni any eta kisaki a boxing match up sharqiyah right zoom k zone Kiss Kiss the gander

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Cassie kidney Allah della della hibachi orange Tamam a lot okay Veronica Antoine Janaki which Anika just Sahaba were Nassif Yusuf Camila Alice knowledge now, if you don't give up when I just saw

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your dry cleaner circa 1000, a Java to do like in Java the Agha dunia or a hotkey dono Camila koski hair kashiwagi or hosek taka homolytic leaf makers your Katana bobblehead doll Do you have any more no like a plan how many monkeys you can take a sell me a beat on my wall job economy good idea you can make this purchase Alberto may harghita wilcannia use k oskeim access to maybe de la jolla palace any Mirage? Allah tala Womack and Allahu Allah Allah. Allah Karim Irina here ghetto mevo happy hombre Matata a care plan. Hello Melissa Chiara.

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ecaa duar Johan Osaka Ozma pehla pehla pehla cheese casually Haskell like America like up and down or Mooji apne just gsat Mahabharata kemah manga

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para to me so much leuke Allah tala huzzah huzzah Mahabharata

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on many mileiq Jitney Mooji apne hood Kofi Cara Osaka dolla dolla cansada new sky

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infinite Liza da la comida que la to jump with data appname xabsi toestemming mahabharatha or Java EE data to smoothly beta hijama better or matter what we sassani Dara? Yes. And yet in Santa Ana Raja Pooja Rojas, she's a Montana you get Haas usamah. How many petrakis Mahalia Shara Mira those who are Calcutta Pele Polina aware Muslim,

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or sgei was Cobra Shaka cambogia Jana will medical school Jai

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which is aka Bo Jaga apply Cara perfect score and skyjacker apply conozco medical May the assignment

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also gorgeous key last choice to university case memo yeah wow ski coach those to say john patch Anhui windowsxp is Rio Serrano. Yeah.

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Well, Islami I just a

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reject ob a jockey about Morocco, snow you know, Shaggy family here. Virginia. You know Karen Kelly is called the Oprah to be here. Any whiskey family weight loss loss a Hindu toliara now associate HR and associate Buddhist la ora is a Catholic egusi workiva say oblasts nozomu salmaan in shallaki right, can you go chiappetta consumers can secure pneumatically Come on 200 you can think about awesome Margaret Margaret Margaret rocky kidney Badawi eco Skype Bella Bella is CSKA dussehra Kailua, Wuhan shala mackel Gianni or sonica now Sally, what about marketing look into Okay, well we do see back Michael Cohen Beckham a joker on May 22. When say a cheese a Husker Nick Dwyer cornica

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Carnegie's ndfp rT m chiamato catoca Tony je oski just showed us a masala card okay. Hum accellion Walker, thank you, Sunita. halbertal J.

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Right? hamari is good Cujo. Dunya whoa kisi

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ko your butter jack Kirby Kti Allah, Masha Masha Allah busca de la copa de ASCO. namazi when others co produced co worker they call Dr. Mario La Casa La Casa de gras Camilla was anko major of Malka the NNPC Copa de lancie koshish. Korean Yeah, kissy kissy in Santo buddleja versus Calloway? Yeah. Yeah, para kisi ko rasa tonic.

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Okay, Alanna j. k. Veronica Logan cockatiel here lucky musala Sonic the harmonica Yala.

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buspirone Kumar, the commish. Killer guelzo the submersible echo mojacar battiato

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koskela sociation amigo acredito butter masala, Biogen Marcus a Panasonic Africa

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was mikkeller owner to daubigny get yonder service monkey Rebecca La Jolla, Philadelphia to La comacchio Arcadia Kanata calabogie Kofi sama key analysis yo yo corbetta Azkaban Yaga Jojo Salah mommy with a lot of day

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to swallow by the attorney Kuni manga hochiki with a Nikki dog unity of Khurana do I say can you swab they can get consistently haqiqa Nikki bardney too bad Calgary, or Johor, yo Sam Atala Cassie Korean Kayla Kelsey calcium Kalamata Cassie about karate, or donkey Sal yo donkey bishoujo Sol Sol child psychology here was focused on anti karma you can't get him yet some Jagannatha mental autoplay schiava musical delivery I

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200 roku Amazon rodya

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you know, the Yeti is relative screwfix Connect is rooted in satellites say Mr. Otto says you look eco eco suta look rahega or is Sequoia sunny daigaku is Pico ferragni bodega key hamari job ni personal Hi, Sha Timo i&i Allah Sammy Cheeto Hakka agar licking hamari hora Sha Na Na say Hamada la sala de Luca you know ferragni oka yo Buddha's Goodman's and mini agar colony Mary bath, you know, CCP faculty inshallah Calvinist misspelled my Quran Kikuchi Blanca dizer lingual kinky Sim cassocks barakallahu li walakum. Somali Cora. Thanks, Mom.

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I know you were tired today.