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The competition outside I thought was very beautiful as I can block it for actually attending it and for those who organized and participated, I think the purpose of all this is the knowledge that is gained the teamwork that is built throughout it and then learning to win and lose graciously and gracefully throughout the process. So I'm proud of everyone who has participated. Apparently no one really listens to my foot buzz at all. They couldn't even answer it's called the Rule of five Ps it was on the thing I put it on a projector for you and you still couldn't put an answer the question. We will talk about that in detail later in sha Allah Allah

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Yahweh che Asante Mustafa de HeMan Hadith Are you bidding on Saudi you know the Allahu Anhu called I'll let you run that and maybe your Salah hottie he was selling them for call the Hadith and collection of both Bukhari and Muslim writers wherever you are, but on Saudi doesn't have a lot of a hadith Allah who I know that. So it's always awesome when we hear one of them that is narrated by him, because he's a beautiful human being and we just, you know, he doesn't you didn't really talk a lot about the loved ones or his life. So it's nice to get some of his Hadith. He tells us and this is obviously the the theme of treating your parents and relatives with excellence and we've kind of

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moved on a little bit towards relatives now after spending maybe three weeks talking about parents. And this hadith tells us that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said y'all rasool Allah made me be Amberlynn decreed O'Neill Jana told me about a D that will allow me to enter Jana, for Karla nurse who Mala Mala peoples are saying, What is this? What question is this? What what type of question you asked the Prophet this telling me something to enter agenda? He does all he does all day and night is tell us things tend to agenda and data go to now so people like objecting to is to hit the vaccination Bacala, Salah Salem, Oregon Mela, or even murder or even murder.

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So they differed on what how he answered it or you saw to Islam, but regardless of what the wording is, what it means is, is that he's he's asking a reasonable question What's wrong? What's wrong with this question? He cares he's asking you about something that he is interested about. And this is it was his his way out of your slot too. So I mean, you never you only after Allah subhanaw taala says Well, I must say after Allah said I must either turn her never again the Prophet It is sad to say every chastise someone requested that

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he was asked Allah your sadhana the rest of his life and that in that is just the the degree of detail the profit is awesome would follow Allah subhanaw taala is really never ever said a word. Like we'd ask him the most ridiculous question he's still to answer your audience AutoSum because Allah said Well Mr. Tenho so he said urban urban miner someone who cares about something is asking you about it Why are you all upset for a second telecom Bacala Salalah honey your site you send them

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to pee masala autoboot hola hola. Tisha, Kobe he che What do primo Salah are two these were just sido Rahim. He said you worship Allah. The one the only with menarche. ISM, you don't believe in any Associates is no *show heyde which is

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the theme of Salah, which is prayer, obviously we're gonna give it a go. So he called out three of the kinds of Islam basically. And it didn't point out some Ramadan and Hajj here, which is the case and most of these are Hadith, but he added to it out of your salatu salam. He said what else we know right? And that's why this hadith is important because he added to this. Usually if he says those things are a sauce on the ends most of the idea that we it ends with that it's more than enough because the Kama Sutra is a symbol of all acts of worship that are private between you and Allah subhanaw taala so some Ramadan and Hajj and fate are already included in that and these guys are a

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symbol of all acts of worship that help other people. So that's all that he needs to say Alia so to somebody added specifically will tell so your Rahim and you revive or you keep alive the relationships of kin within your family are called of Raju dada. So the man was called out for called Africa and the whole Kana Allah, Allah these are the Hadith so that he said Doha, someone said, leave it alone.

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The narrator's aren't sure who said this. Was it the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or was it the guy? Most scholars say it was the guy I know Canada hated me and the guy seemed like he was on a camel and someone was holding the camels reins as he was the answer was being the question was being answered. And once the prophet Isaiah slaughter was on and said those four things tabula, the theme will swell out. He's like, I totally don't know him. He told him leave it and he left. I got my answer to all I need to know. I I'm good. I don't need I don't want any more. Don't give me anything else. Don't click don't know confuse me with more. I'm happy with this. And he left and the other

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near each other scholars say that the prophet Ali is slow to Islam was on the raw healer. And the guy who was standing there holding the reins asking the question. So when the prophet Isaiah says I'm finished answering the question, he told him, let it go. And he left on his throne to say that you don't need to hear more than this. That if you just do that you're fine. Meaning if you just make sure you hold on to the acts of worship that are mandatory, so that I can see I'm and and you keep your family relationships alive and well you don't kill off him. You don't ruin these kinship relationships, then you'll be fine. You don't need to hear more from me. But you don't need to ask

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another question. That's all that is needed. What else legal regime for most scholars that will soon and this idea has

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high significance because the Prophet Allah you saw some rarely, if ever, would add anything. Whenever he told someone about other kinds of Islam in terms of being mandatory, that he wouldn't add anything else, we'll just call those out and that will be the end of it in this hadith that is whatever Kali, he will say, we'll toss it over him, he would add that in. And just it just shows the importance of that. That concept is much deeper than that. I'm going to talk about it in sha Allah Mori and he throughout the next couple of weeks or so, but to allow people to get out and start to finish their their contest I'm going to end with that you have to be a che honte Mustafa Ali human

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How do you feel? A human on sorry, it'll be Allah why no coin analogy. I tend to be your son Allah Allah you only use LM Africa Allah Ya rasool Allah Bernie the I'm early into the hidden agenda for Carl and now Sumatra. Bacala Salah holiday Santa Maria Boon Mela, Prosecco telecom for Corralejo salatu salam tabula that usually could be he show you what to pay him of Salah or to these workers so your Raheem by the Aloha guide I couldn't know who kinda I don't know He loves you. So Dr. Rasulullah. He said Allah Allah he says Michael and Allah Allah Allah and also Allah wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad you