Foreign Fighters in Ukraine Vs When a Muslim went to Bosnia and Herzegovina (Double standards)

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Okay, then you're fighting for democracy.

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Democracy is process. Oh God say UK. I've been setting my mind to why I'm going and I always say it's just cause 16,000 Foreigners have joined in the fight on the ground in Ukraine and Monday, the country temporarily lifted visa requirements for foreigners making it easier for them to come in and get after it. They're here to fight I have to fight I will fight. Ukraine's president called on foreigners to join a newly formed international defense Legion to bolster the country's army. He hailed them all as heroes. And 1000s of people from around the world have been answering that call. Some are joining Ukraine's armed forces. Others are trying to get to the battle on their own.

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Okay, let's go. Ukraine's government has actively recruited foreigners to join the fight over 20,000 have reportedly expressed interest and many Americans are showing up daily giving up everything at home in order to take on the Russians

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I feel so unhappy

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I keep thinking I should never see him again.

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I'm above normal and my father is a very ordinary man. No criminal fee for member of any mafia.

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They have no proof I've not done anything.

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That's the way it is.

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Being a muscle

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in this journey myself Avada McMahon bananas are foreigner easy Jimmy did

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swimming shark don't matter when Islam or my hair tied in Islam has to do with vanilla in our deen ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Salah Spanish Allah will

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help us purchase this property to build the dissenter,

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donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you brothers and sisters

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for being the gamma so that they have this journey, my salah guys, how are you doing? We're continuing meeting some people here in Bosnia and we're going to continue on I just visiting someone who was a friend of the former president of the Bosnia, country Eliezer Vega, which is a good friend of his, someone who the Grand Mufti is of Bosnia would come and visit. And someone who has gone through some tribulations and tough times, and has learned from many of these things, someone who has grown with age, and wisdom has come. So we want to see

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some of his experiences sharing with you. Many of you may have seen him on Al Jazeera. He's been on many of the networks all over the globe. Here with Abu Hamza, so I'll make room do you come sit down? rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh? How are you doing? Hamdulillah? Good, good shake. Can you tell us now

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there was an interesting story you were sharing with us that you were working

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in some kind of met you were studying medicine. And you were in a situation where you you saw a young girl that had been raped, and it touched your heart so much, and this is around the beginning of the time of the war. And this kind of motivated you to to want to go and help the Muslim people who were being persecuted and a genocide was being done against them in the former Yugoslavia that correct? Yes. When the beginning of the war I was in Croatia, in Rica and refugees from Bosnia come to Rica and in one place they come one father and five daughter, I think the older one have about 41 Four years 1414 years and she saw his her mother when the Chetnik it's rabid. And she after that

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have sick problem don't talking don't go to WC about six months don't go to the WC after that. We try to help her out but we cannot because we are like individual we cannot help here. And when I stood that I'm decided to come to Bosnia to help the people in blessing Instagramming the Muslim in posting has to go in what what can you because the majority of the world they don't know or they forgotten. It's a forgotten history. But can you talk about

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out the for a brief moment bringing people up to speed on. Is it true that this was after World War Two that one of the greatest genocide that happened was in Bosnia?

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Look, the problem now, the media make this yes, they was that he was getting inside you can see in slavery in bread or in Doughboy in Sarajevo, they killed the innocent people in the beginning of the war. Yugoslavian army was the weapons, they have everything and the people the Muslim embossing as they don't have anything. When they come to city, they kill the innocent people, the civilian people, they don't kill any soldiers. Because there is no soldiers in the village not soldier in bread or in Cozart. in Srebrenica, there is no no Annie. So they killed that man, the old man, they killed the women, the child, and they say we make a history and we come back, Bosnia, to the

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Chetnik, or to big Serbia. Now nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on this term, radical Islam, they will always try to connect, you know, people saying that Islam is the cause of this, but during Is it true that during this this genocide that people like Milosevic, cut a judge, these were practicing Christians, but we don't blame Christianity, do we? I mean, and you never hear anything mentioned about anything about religion or whatnot. Look, we we must make a difference between Jewish and tourism, we must make a difference between, for example, Milosevic, and that Serb like,

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like people, people are like, religion, because Milosevic, he have a day a big Serbia, and he used the Christianity, he use the syrup for his MC and QC for the Christ, we make big Serbia and for example, and this is what we must make different. Milosevic is not a Christian. Caracas is not Christian, he have political, or he have one idea in his head, and he wants through the religion to succeed with the people and he uses the religion for that. You have a lot of experience, you know, coming up now, what are some of the things that you've gained in time with age with experience? You know, there's a lot of overzealous, you know, people who would maybe just take into the religion,

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and maybe they, you know, end up, you know, they're young, they're not experienced, what do you what advice do you give, with all the experience that you've gained over time to some of the overzealous, you know, you've sometimes who might have some extreme approach to religion, I think, if we succeed with the young people, to brought them and to be now good Muslim, we can change his appeal, and we can he let's be or he can, we can change his Bonton to be short, about the big problem that changed the man from inside. That's meaning. We work with the people we work with them, the young people, and the young people become a Muslim. Before Islam, he was in Juliet. And he only it changes outside

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he don't change his inside, this is the problem in he still this the same man in Joliet, for example, he drink alcohol, he is he is not good man, when he changed to be a Muslim, he let his bear he make his short his bottle ashore about he don't change his behavior, we have a problem that in the face, you must change your behavior to be good Muslim with Afla, with your Hekmat with your family, and after that you can make succeed in your outside tell us also, you've you've also have had some controversial things that have come up in your time, you know, and can you explain, you know, put things in context how you went from having an actual citizenship here and now what's

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what's going on now, with that the problem is come after elevant. When, in September, when they all the word is against Muslim and we hear in Bosnia, some of British of United States or European country in Bosnia Herzegovina that these people who come to help the Bosnian people must get out and they have only one we take our

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ship the citizenship from us and kick us from out of Bosnia. And they succeed. In some case of that Alhamdulillah I can use, I use the right to go to Strasbourg, Strasbourg is my interpretation to my countries to Syria. And I think now succeed. I was about seven and a half year in the immigration center about after that night I am now in with my family. And it's so difficult about everything they make it traded the natural and seagulls of Bosnia Herzegovina in the secret

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tiny Dorcas how to see proof booth is in the secret. I don't know why, why I am a danger. Our you are danger only for that reason. Now, one of the things that we over at the deen show, we try to dispel many of the myths, misconceptions and whatnot. And one thing that you know, nowadays, many people associate many of some of these fringe elements like Dinesh, some people say the Islamic State, we call it the insane state, right? And many of these groups that might do some things opposite to Islam. What do you say? Do people try to link you or do you have any affiliation with such you know, radical groups or whatnot? Have you ever been labeled with any of these extreme

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radical elements? My opinion, it's that Jihad before 20 or 30 years, is not the same Jihad now, because in the time of, for example, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam or another people before him, they was a real Mujahid that's meaning you must look for everything around Have you not you are, for example is and Yamaha Beloved, you know Khalifa, and you can do everything. We don't accept this way of Islam. This, I think, is it's make it somebody make it easy to take and to kill the Sunnah, in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya, etc, etc. They make excuse that the people come, make beloved, and after that they come to kill the Muslim, we we must open our mind we must open our heart to see the truth is it's

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not our way of Islam.

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So this has, this is something that

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you have no part with nothing to do with at all. I saw before now, and I said before that we don't accept and we in Bosnian we have some people like that he wants to behavior like that. We kick them out of a jihad, our jihad, because you must be the right way of sunnah Muhammad sallallaahu Salam, and as hobby answered that, you know, and we don't accept this way of jihad, like ease of our excetera, etc, etc. What are what are their advice? Do you give, you know, for the things that you've seen living here in Bosnia, you've been here how long now? It's about 30 years. I come here in 1982 ixigo Slavia and I think you can succeed with the people with your behavior, it's better for

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us to be dire without to talking, and the people to see the change in your behavior. And the Islam in your behavior is then to talking 1000s of dollars or with 1000s of shares to come to talking. If you behavior like a Muslim, a real is very difficult to behavior like a good Muslim in Europe. Now in Europe, for example, now in Bosnia, with your mind with your family, with your cousin with your neighbor to behave like a Muslim. It's better than to talk about Islam. So so so much, because the people want to see example how the Islam is leaving, not in the book. There's one thing that many people are confused about, is that now you're someone who is kind of without

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an identity almost, you know, what's your situation now? And is that going to change at all you went from someone who was who was given by the former president? I believe Alia is a big image. You were given you know, citizenship. You are welcome. What change Did you Did you do something did you did you piss somebody off? You know, did you upset somebody that now that all of that has been taken away? You sat in jail for seven years? Seven and a half? Yeah. Did you make a mistake? Are you sorry for it, Phyllis, and I think

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This is example for me on another brother. Did we come to Bosnia, in the name of Allah to help the Muslim of the people of course, if you come in the name of Allah you don't be sad because you lost your citizenship. You don't be sad because they put you in the jail you don't be sad to take you everything because you come here for La ilaha illallah and Allah be happy or LRP Zondervan.

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Happy with you? This is the question if you come for that, it's no problem tickets and citizenship, check it once we kick out, kick out about I will still a Muslim and I like our brother Muslim, and another time if they need to come to help the Bosnian people I will come to help them because Allah ordered me not Alia, not Bosnian people, etc, etc. Can you summarize the things that we went over? If you remember and it's unique to you not only speak English, but you also speak fluent Bosnian the points that we went over Can you kind of summarize them and also, you know, for the for the Bosnian viewers that are out there that are going to probably watch Can you say what you said the questions

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I had, can you summarize it and repeat it in the Bosnian Bosnian language? Okay.

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Salam alikoum Bracci sister Mala Mala prima donna. So booty now Brahmaputra sliema is in and the chasm, yet no more schools to avoid la Alacati modish celluma, the old Spanish schools soya poner Shania, you have told you the validity, the validity, the Islam, validity, the quote unquote your Hodor and Nicaragua estoy Naraku Historia all oddity Acoust MIMO Chris NAS jivas sir Baba mom Jana Concha sawston Emilio de poner Shama Cobra, the Muslim yes dish. Yes, Mr. problema Ali Hussain, you're close together because this money bravi Muslim money is the Redeemer toga there. Remi Lucero manatee Ali Aquagym, Accra, Ceylon. Krasniqi Moy, Michelin, your cruise Moy Dicalcium some otaku

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very community to speak equally with the Baku shaitan the V Buddha to honor Bremer the god dot Java strategy. Your video was Bremer Islam, Muslim mana, Bremer, Muhammad sallahu wa salam, it is soon that Muhammad Salah has an illiquid uncle Johanna couch to it. And as a new comes to be Muhammad Salas. You have any last

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suggestions, comments or anything? As we wrap up this interview that you'd like to say a message that you want to give out, and you can do it in English and make dua for our brother in Syria, in Sham in Iraq, in everywhere that Allah subhanaw taala give him, give them the power that to be patient and to change himself? If we don't change him ourselves. We cannot succeed. Another thing to our national branch of Boston has to go in the rigidity slammer. Diljit, the OG allows the channel year some time, Adrienne steam ojamajo speed. Thank you very much. You're right. Yeah. So can you elaborate on this? So he's never been officially charged with anything. Nor was so now what are the

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restrictions put on him? He's never been trying to try and do a crime. There's no, we already know from talking to him a few days ago that basically, he was imprisoned. Similar thing would happen in us the Patriot Act, there was some new laws passed, which approved the government to put people in prison without any firm proof. So that's what actually happened to him. And even after he got out of prison, the Prime Minister of Internal Security said that he was imprisoned under secret evidence and this evidence was refused to be shown even to his lawyers to anybody. So they and they were never any charges that were raised against him or any convictions nothing so that that's why he's

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out of prison today because it's out of any law in the world to keep somebody in prison for seven and a half years without any charges without any procedure. So that's possible here in Boston, because Birdman has not seen any in European Union, basically, which where you cannot keep somebody for 30 days maybe I think was 60 Without trust. Is it true that he was very good friends with the former president? Alia is a bag of itch and, and some of the the, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia they never really had a problem with him and they were close friends with him. Is that correct? Yeah, I suppose no one was gonna

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be like, Oh, you were younger than zams

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Some of the VOP rules for a

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Kotaku deal

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debris madness was a nice one

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did he pay all his parking tickets? Did he get any parking tickets? Did Did he? Was he ever a threat at all in the neighborhood any neighbor neighbors complain about him from the smallest absolute many coordinates so you really need konima near them people weren't working on a napkin so that I could ask the Creator subconscious and so on I violate for Java letters This video shows Africa appreciated Choshu this morning we do not realize the salon the system for the Java Liga it oh no someone was demanding some of us now I can't go up so with no sparkle. Now, especially towards the dash away as in touch with us for adaptive Day Mom, no de CLA gay Serbia smartscape For you to

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resume pratiche to free to pass heartless Chava just want to say that these are just operators mostly of thought

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that were that's also a part of the chain.

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So bear with us. Now lastly, you never had any conflict for neighbors, no parking tickets that he didn't pay nothing. So and he actually had really good support from all his friends and neighbor neighbors story people that vouch for him but he was a good character a good citizen Jayma just told us that she worked in AlJazeera, which is international cooperation media confession, where she had contact with people from Serbia Croatia, who followed his case through this period because she were there. And they all supported this and trying to put this pressure so like pressure of the environment to the government to let him out of prison sooner. So when he got out of prison it was

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he was really

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greeted well with people who are Muslims and who are not Muslim social, who would understand what's happening. And this is just like, some strange political story.

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Is there anything that the community at large can do to be a voice for for someone who seems like is pretty much being oppressed

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instead of another middle, so

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yeah, we'll be discussing this other source data for travel web tourism. Yeah, that looks like a pretty I think we'll see. We'll see Manas is the guardado coordinate guys without the capacity per se on the three major people so yes, it's gonna be more than one after this probably. This is to cinema Matthias will show that he was one aspect on your your go Ramos deserves the first follicle is the courtroom was decided as far as it all means metal rod was a list of multiple datasets AI

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is a personalized to Serbia Yan is I'm sure we will. It will Daniels call is hexokinase Badmus eficaz although provato de mi Raji Manasa vida, for me in Nigeria on the sideline, a toy toy as the most to me management opportunities for Taco or to give us when we are making every president would also pass the clinical news also it's a biography as such a bit costly a drug a son and daughter snuck into the clinical clinics motor female nurses now to go to bed. No more like shelter but our body still me called rose to sadhana RhoGAM Amina further down. Can you see anyone at Facebook and Twitter on Instagram with Sofia Shama after about each congrats and are confused through ganja to

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sort of live so be open at it we're all doing our savage you probably will be frustrated Senator Adams gonna go premier by contract.

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showing us how this tribulation that happened to them showed them also the faces of many people that are around them. Many of the of the very good friends of her father that never even came to visit him while he was in prison, which surprised them because they were probably afraid about political consequences of their positions. You mentioned earlier that he had some also government,

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government, people from the government who were his friends who supported him and they had committed with him during the war many times because he was PR of this group in the war. So after when he was imprisoned, these people will never, never, they're never there to support him, even visit him bring him chocolate or something, embrace Him. And then on the other side, he had some people who they would never expect that would come and find a way to visit him to give him some support. But

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you know, all in all, what she was saying was that them as the children as children were thinking how they could help them. Their father was always saying that the best thing you could do is to finish your colleges to go finish all the education do the best we can and prove to them that this is the best thing they could do.

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We'd like to do something directly to help them to bring some awareness to press the any system to protect to this injustice that was out of anybody's reach is his door open for people if they want to come talk with them hear hear his story via via from you know whoever in the world wants to come and just meet him to see what kind of person he is. Of course our doors are always open and everyone is welcome to come and

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sit with us coffee or something like that so before we end is it pretty much that if he basically has a home but he doesn't this is where it's like you said it's very confusing is it where if a country now let's say someone's watching this someone who runs a small country and they wanted to accept him can he go to that country? How does it work? Is he restricted here?

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Because next to the cow or the owner to treacherous and major theme, everyone has heard Premier, fragile from Daniel Quayle prefer to call it shows littered with critical parts of it bagina sobre Nolasco was the Panama hacia double decker Kobus is gonna have more of a personal googoo gaga for curry rock tacos on average than atheria Oh no go to the order bar shows we're going to eat that show the work the doctors say they won't really do that okay then enter me in after Monica

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awesome that's a tragedy My son has got in on June Fourth August is gonna affect drivers official teacher Congress and safeguard

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character so we have to make you head up obviously, learner free whatever Starfall calm as an apple Coronavirus, supersonic survive. He also remarked

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that the situation is very complicated because there are some people who were in similar situation and they chose, they were chosen to be exported to Switzerland. And then after five years during this period of prohibition to be involved in expired, that they again, deported them out of Switzerland to Bosnia. So basically, it's really confusing the situation playing with these people. So then, one of the guys the same guy was then being forced to descend back to Afghanistan, which is we now know very unstable and dangerous area. So in her father, she's giving us another more background on him. He actually came to Bosnia in 1983 was when he was 18 years old. So imagine if

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somebody lives in us from 1983 By now he would be long lasting and standing citizen of us and here in Bosnia, he needs to he doesn't have any papers or cannot prove that he is Bosnian that he has all the rights to be here when he's married has kids and delivery here for how many theories and more years now with an she's basically saying that he is now more Bosnian than than any other national, he has full right to to be here.

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Any closing comments or any thing you want to

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let us know? I'm here to invest and you can always come to meet us and our doors are open. Thank you very much. Can you translate that

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Alright, thank you guys so much. Thank you.

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