Yasir Qadhi – Tafseer Surat Al Ikhlas – Love for Jesus, Mary & Celebrating Christmas

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of the word "sallama" in the Bible is discussed, along with the significance of the "has" in the title of Islam, which is a combination of multiple sources. The speakers emphasize the importance of praying during the time of the Kappa and the profit system of the timing of classes. The speakers also discuss the use of signs in religion, including "has been blessed," and "has been punished." The importance of having a family for love and comfort is emphasized, along with the need for faith in the teachings of Islam.
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Verily all praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek his help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Indeed whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides, none can misguide him, and whomever he chooses to misguide, then no one can guide him back to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no god that is worthy of our love, our worship our veneration, other than the one true God and that is Allah subhanahu wa tada and bear witness and testify that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his most perfect worshipper and the final messenger Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, yeah you hola

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Dena, Armando taco la helper to potty wallet mo to Illa one to Muslim moon. Oh you who believe be conscious of Allah. Be conscious of Allah as he deserves that you are conscious of Him and do not die except in a state that you are submitting yourselves to him. And Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you know, sutopo Bukola the hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhadas Oda wahba Theremin humare jangka theorem one is, what topple la la de tous aluna v one or ham in the law, how can I de como octava all mankind, be conscious of Allah subhana wa tada Who has created you from a single soul and from that soul he created another Adam and halwa and from the two of them, he brought forth

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multitudes of men and women, and be conscious of a law, in whose name you demand each other your rights and also demand each other your rights because of your kinship. And Allah subhana wa tada reminds us of being conscious of him in many, many verses, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, today's

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today's hotspot is directed primarily to our young brothers and sisters, to those who are off from their schools and unhemmed another are coming to the masjid. And so I asked the elders here to allow me a little bit of laxity in addressing those who typically are not able to come to the masjid and of course, inshallah, even the elders will benefit even if they know much of this material. Because Allah tells us with a good fight in the cotton for our minion, remind one another because reminding benefits the believers, my dear young brothers and sisters in Islam. In today's first half of the chutzpah, I want to explain to you a surah that each and every one of you has memorized, it is

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perhaps your first sutra that you have memorized in the Quran, it is Surah to a philos surah to close, that short surah that is a surah that perhaps your mother or father taught it to the very first surah and you and I we both love this surah because it is so short and sweet. And our prophets Allah Allahu Allah, he was seldom do you know what he said? Even though it is one of the shortest surah in the Quran and by surah take a class I mean, well, who Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad emulate William you that one of your colleagues akula Hakuna had this is called surah to close. Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Do you know what he said about this? surah he said, I swear by

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Allah, this surah is equal to one third of the Quran in Surah Surah Al Quran. Now what does it mean it equals one third of the Quran. It doesn't mean that if you just recite this surah three times you don't need the rest of the Quran. No, it means in blessings in reward. It is equal to one third of the Quran. Obviously in meaning every Ayah has a beautiful meaning that no other idea has and no one idea can substitute for another but in blessings sudah teleclass this small sutra it will give you the blessings of one third of the Quran. And this is because our scholars say the Quran is divided into three primary areas or contents. One third of the Quran deals with Allah and His names and

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attributes who is Allah and that is summarized as little as last. One third of the Quran deals with the laws, the Hillel, the harem, eating and drinking prayers that God Ramadan, that's one third of the Quran. And then one third of the Quran deals with heaven and * and the stories of the prophets. And therefore, one third is Allah subhana wa Taala. One third is the laws. And one third is the costs of the past and the future, which is heaven and * and the stories of the previous prophets. So similar to his loss, it substitutes for one third of the meaning of the Koran. And this beautiful surah was revealed very early on in Makkah. When one of the leaders of the other tribes,

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he heard that our Prophet Mohammed Salim had a new religion. And so he went to him and he said, Oh, Mohammed Salim, which god are you calling to? What is this new religion? So our Prophet says that I'm said, Allah. So this Bedouin, he didn't know any better. He said, describe this. God to me.

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Is he made out of gold? or silver? Or is he made out of copper or wood? which God is this because these people they worship, what did they worship idols and these idols they would carve them with their own hands. And they would make images describe this God to me is he like a falcon with the head of a lion and the body of this, what is this God that you're worshiping? So his mind this Bedouin, tribesmen, he cannot understand a God that you do not carve an idol that you do not make out of would make out of Iran make out of gold. So he said, What is he made of? Who is his father? Because they would have gods that have lineages? And if you study any mythical religion, the Romans,

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the the ancient Greeks, the the the Hindu religions, they have a whole family of Gods this God married that God they had this child, this is in their culture. So the man is saying, What is his nessa Where is his lineage? Where does this God come from? So, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed in response to this question, suited to a class he revealed suited to a class called who Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad limited one of unit 1am, your Kula who Khufu and I will talk about the sutra in the first half of the whole tub. Now one of the beautiful points before we move on, is that my dear brothers and sisters, it is the wisdom of Allah, that he has chosen really two suitors of the Quran

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and two suitors of the Quran, especially, that have become the most popular amongst all Muslims around the world. And these two suitors are the ones that even us young children, when we start memorizing the Quran, our parents teach these two suitors to us before any other sutra. And even as we grow up, most of us stick to the sewers, even as adults, and these are students or co authors who go to the class. And it is hardly possible that a day goes by except that Mashallah, it's about a cola, the bulk of our solder is consisting of philos and COVID, after Fatiha and if you look at the content of these tools, and it is not a coincidence that Allah has written for the students

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acceptance, yes, it is true, perhaps we love them for the wrong reason that it's so small, but even in this there's blessings that Allah knows that most of the Muslims are not going to recite bacara in their Salah. And so Allah chose the surah to suit us that complement one another and today's food was only about one of them inshallah, another hotel giveaway the other one and these two sources as we said, our culture and ethos, now consider the COVID in the identical culture for solid Arabic to English Anika who will upto. This surah is defending the honor of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his loss is defending the honor of Allah subhanho wa Taala. His loss and co

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author put together our religion, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah surah tell us last is all about the perfection of Allah suta till COVID is all about the perfection of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and these two suitors are the most beloved sutras too young and old to men and women to practicing and not practicing. Everybody knows everybody memorizes everybody loves these suitors. And even in this there's wisdom from up there that is lost and coauthor complement one another. Also my dear brothers and sisters, do you know that suta teleclass was the surah that our Prophet system read as soon as he woke up? And it is the last surah he read before going to

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sleep? How so? Because what is the first prayer that you pray as soon as a practicing good Muslim, he wakes up he's supposed to pray the budget prayer but before the fault of the ledger, there's too soon as of the future, right? And what did our Prophet system make it a habit to pray in the too soon as soon as a class inserted capital, as soon as he woke up for Salah till fudger. You have to look as you have to pray, he made it our son and to this day, this is the sooner that the Muslim wakes up he does will do and he prays to God son, little fudger What does he pray in those two hours, so tell Careful, don't certainly floss. And then the very last prayer of the night is the

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width of Salah. And our profit system would recite suited class in the winter Salah. So it is as if a class begins the day and the class ends the day. Not only this, our profit system would recite its loss whenever he would do the tawaf around the Kappa, the witches, the greatest act of worship, demonstrating the beauty, the perfection of Allah, and after he would do the tawaf, he would pray to God and in those tools of God once again in Clawson capital, so students that Islam is a surah that our Prophet says and recited many times, and he made it a Sunnah to recite to us day in and day out, literally day in and day out. And the meanings of the surah are very deep and profound, and will

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allow he we can give hours and hours of lectures about just a class but

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We only have 15 minutes. So that To summarize, what are some of the elements of the surah that to me I knew we can understand. Allah subhana wa tada begins the surah by saying, Paul, who Allahu Ahad and the call is a command to preach and speak. It is as if Allah subhana wa tada is telling us that it is our duty to tell others who is Allah, it is our job, we have to tell the people who is Allah, because the man came and he asked the process him, describe your Lord to me. And so Allah is saying, you all collectively Your job is to spread this message. Your job is to tell people who is alone, can you answer him back? Who will love who I had, and the who are here? A little bit of advanced, my

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dear brothers and sisters, little bit of grammar here for the advanced students of Arabic This is called lomita tion, which means it is a pronoun of respect. And to give you an English example, so that you understand, suppose suppose somebody asks you and you're looking at the president in a large gathering, there are many people and there's the president, somebody doesn't know he says which one is the President? So you say that man, that one over there is the president. Now you don't need to say that one over there. You just say that man is the president. But you want to emphasize that man, that one over there, that is the president. This concept is what the who are here

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represent, it is an honor. And of course what is allowed to Allah belongs to the greatest honor, I'm not comparing a lot to anyone, but in our society, the most respected man will be a leader. So we will emphasize that so the Quran there's something called De Niro schatten, which means there's an emphasis Allah is above us. Allah is not like us this who are here, it makes a lot at a different level than us or he's not like us he does. You don't need the who are here, but by adding the who it's like saying that man, that one over there, you're making an extra emphasis for honor. So who Allahu Ahad, he is a law I had now this surah one of the beautiful things about it, it has two names

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that no other suitor in the Quran has, it is one of the smallest suitors in the Quran, and yet it has uniqueness that no other surah has. Two names are never repeated anywhere in the Quran. And I had no Samad, you're not going to find any other verse that has these two names. Any other verse, and the both of them are unique to certain class. Now, all of you who are learning basic Arabic, you began when you learn your numbers, you say why Hadith named fella? Why'd you don't say I had eaten? insalata? You say Why hide? And yes, one of the names of Allah is Allah hide. But here Allah is saying, I had, what is the difference between Why hadn't I had even though the both have the same

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route, you see why had means the first or the one who could be out of money. So you can say one of us is wide. But so for example, if some if there's a lot of people and one of them right won the race, you will say this wide over here he is white in the race. There are 10 people who participated, who is number one, he's wide. He's the one who won the race. But I had means there was nobody else in the race to begin with. There's no competition. I had means he's unique. Wa had his one. And it could be there are others. So we say why when we're talking about numbers, there's one book why one person Why? Because there's millions of books, you want to just say this one one this

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wide, but I had means there's nothing like him. There's nobody else in the same category. So Allah is a head because there's nothing like him. And this is why we all know for example, when that famous companion Bilaal was being persecuted and tortured by the people of Mecca, and he was being told to worship the false idols, What was he saying? I had a had a hydrant ahead. And in the Battle of what was the cry of the Muslims, I hadn't had, I hadn't had that we don't believe in these other gods because these gods are like us. They have heads of lions and bodies of tigers and, and enhance like men, they're similar to us. But Allah is not like us. Allah is a head on who Allahu Ahad say He

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is Allah unique, nothing like him. The man was saying what is he made of? The man was saying what is his lineage? No, Allahu Ahad. He is absolutely unique, dissimilar to anything else. Allahu Samad. And this is a complete separate sentence. And Allah azza wa jal could have used the pronoun for saying who was Samad. Allah could have said, who was Samad. But he mentioned his name again, to make a complete independent sentence. A law is also a summit. And what does a summit mean? A summit is one of the most comprehensive Names of Allah, over 20 opinions what it means, but it all goes back to two meanings. It all goes back

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to two meanings and both of these meanings are also complimentary. The first meaning, a solid means the one who is perfect in himself.

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The one who has reached the perfection the command in every single aspect. And the second meaning of a summit led us to enable Russia, the ones that are mclucas, the ones whom the creation turns to every creation turns to him that is a summit. And the two meanings are complimentary because only because Allah is perfect, the first meaning will the creation that is imperfect turned to him, and that is the second meeting. So the summit really what it means is the one whom everything must turn to for every need of theirs. This is what the summit means. If you're hungry, alarmists give you food or else you will never get it. If you're sick, a summit Mercurial or else you will never be

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cured. If you need anything you need air to breathe a summit, you have to turn to a summit. And if someone does not give it to you, then you're not going to get it. So the summit is the one whom you turn to every creation turns to a summit for every need. This is a summit. Now notice here, I had affirms the perfection of Allah in himself, or summit affirms the perfection of Allah in a relationship with the creation.

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Allah is perfect in himself, and the creation is in need of him. I had a summit are complimentary names similar to Allah Hi.

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I had a summer the two combinations are similar to one another, just like a high alpha human, also complimentary and similar and high, the ones who's ever living alpha, you're the one who provides others what they need. Similarly, I had the one who is unique and himself a summer the one who provides others what they need. porvoo Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad, Allah is a summit. He doesn't need anything, everything needs him. This is what a summit also can translate into English. He does not need anything and everything needs him for everything. This is a summit and it is one of the most unique names of Allah and it is the only time it is mentioned in the Quran. Allah has summit Lem yet

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it What am youlet this man said to the Prophet system, what is the lineage of your new God? What is the lineage of this god that you're calling to? Because they would say this God is the daughter of Allah this God is this discord is that and Allah is saying Lem yet it What am ulit because Allah is ahead, because Allah is Samad both of the meanings necessitate that Allah azza wa jal subhanahu wa taala neither has a child Lem yet it while I'm youlet nor did somebody else istockphoto lobby his father. Allah is unique in this regard. And this is a refutation of every single belief system that ascribes sons or daughters to Allah. And there are many belief systems in the world that do this,

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that they say God has children or God has a son or God has a daughter. The ancient Arabs will say that are dead God has many daughters. Christianity says God has a son, Hindus and ancient Greeks. They would also say that that gods have many doctors and many sons and Allah is saying Lem, get it, and he negates children yet it could mean boy or girl, he doesn't have any children while I'm youlet nor did any being give birth to him. And while I'm here, cola who Khufu and ahead, there is nothing that is similar to him. Now once again, a little bit of advanced Arabic for those who understand Arabic that if this were other than the Quran, the more common way of saying this would be what am

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yakun Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. wollombi Akana. Hayden Khufu, one Lucha de muqtada Hubbard would come in that order. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says laahu before to emphasize his great shot and his great status, that by emphasizing Allah subhana wa tada is negating Any similarity. kofu means equal, Khufu means similar. And Allah is saying, and there is nothing absolutely that even remotely resembles Allah subhanho wa Taala. Whatever you can imagine, my dear brothers and sisters, Allah is above that. You cannot imagine Allah because there's nothing similar to Allah. What am your Kula who, Khufu and ahead, my dear brothers and sisters this small surah despite its size, it summarizes

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for us our relationship with the law. It summarizes for us what we believe about Allah. It summarizes what makes Islam different from every other religion in this world. What is our unique selling point by the brothers and sisters? What makes us different? It's our concept of our God. If you look at any other religion, they have a different concept of God. And we don't agree with that concept. We say Allah is unique, nothing like him. We say Allah azza wa jal is us.

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But he doesn't need anything everybody needs him. And we say he doesn't have children, nor is he begotten, and there is nothing like unto him. This beautiful summary of our Lord is why suited class is so beautiful. And we conclude the first quote by mentioning one of the most sweetest a hadith about suta helaas. And it is a hadith in which a companion of our prophets of Allah sent him he would lead the prayer. And every time he would lead to prayer, he would recite suited class, he would recite Fatiha, and then a class and then he would move on to another surah until somebody in the audience got irritated. This was another Masjid in the lifetime of the process of follow images

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outside of Medina. So another companion got irritated. He said, Why do you always recite his loss in every single regard? The man felt, didn't want to answer. He said, I'm not going to answer you. But this is my habit. I'm going to recite a floss, somebody else complained. And he said, Look, if you want another Imam, that's fine, but I will always recite a floss in every regard. That's my methodology my style. Eventually, a third man complained to the Prophet Mohammed so seldom, he wants to him in Medina, he said Yasuda, Allah our Imam that has been appointed in every single record after Fatiha, he recites his last, then he moves on to a longer suit. It's not that if you're only

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resetting the clock, he moves on to a longer suit. So now the profitsystem said, Tell him I am asking him Why is he doing that? He can't say no to the process of Go tell him I am asking him Why is he doing that? So they went and they said the Prophet Mohammed Salim is asking you, why do you recite to the to the class now he cannot get out of it. So he says, because it class suited a class describes my Lord. And I love to read his descriptions. Because suited class describes my Lord, and I love to read his descriptions. When they went back and they told the process in his response. He said, go back and tell the man that his love for pseudo teleclass has caused him to enter gender.

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Now with your brothers and sisters, we also love sort of the loss but let us make our love for through the F loss not just because it is a small surah but because it is a surah that describes a lot and it is a surah that compliments to the telcos and it is a surah that tells us the uniqueness and the perfect nature of our Lord. It is soon to love suited as last but we should love it because it describes our Lord Baraka love your team. Whenever any way y'all can be my family. It was declared Hakeem akoto mata Simone was tough for a lot of the money by the communist America the Memphis Alfredo in the who who Allah for Rahim can ask the brothers to please move forward we have a

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lot of people in the masjid.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhana wa tada who is one and unique. All praise is due to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who is a Samad, the one whom all the creation turns to All praise is due to Allah subhana wa tada the first and the last. My dear brothers and sisters, the reason that all of our young you brothers and sisters are here today is because of a national festival that takes place. And that is the Festival of Christmas. And it is a good opportunity for us after certain class to tell our young brothers and sisters about the reality of the Prophet Jesus Christ, about the reality of who Jesus Christ is, and why we as Muslims love Jesus Christ, and why Jesus

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Christ is our Prophet, and how our beliefs are different than the beliefs of those around us. This is the right time to tell our young brothers and sisters of this great man and this great personality and what we believe about this man and what and how our beliefs are different from the other beliefs because many of our young children they ask us, why don't we celebrate Christmas? Why can't we have a Christmas tree? Why can't we do this? And we do that. And to this we respond that my dear brothers and sisters, Allah has made different people upon different religions, and each person should follow his own religion, especially when they believe this religion is right. Yes, my dear

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brothers and sisters, we tolerate other beliefs, and we allow others to believe as they want to believe Islam does not force anybody to believe anything, but we do believe in the truth that Allah is one. And we say that anybody who believes other than this is wrong and mistaken in this regard, and we do not preach intolerance. We do not preach hatred of others. But we do preach that Allah is one and anybody who believes other than this, they are mistaken in their belief, and it is up to them and Allah will decide their fate. But our job is to preach. And our job is to tell others our beliefs, and it's their job if they want to listen or if they don't want to listen, that's between

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them and the law. So we tell our young brothers and sisters

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stirs that every religion has its own has its own days of celebration, its own holy days. Buddhists don't celebrate festivals of Islam. So we don't celebrate Buddhist festivals. Christians don't celebrate the festivals of the other religions like Zoroastrianism and Hinduism. And similarly, we as Muslims, we do not celebrate the Holy Days of other religions. Because by celebrating those holy days, it's as if we are celebrating the concept behind the holy day. And for many Christians, the 25th of December is the celebration of the birth of a man they call the Son of God. And we don't believe God has a son. So if we were to celebrate that day, it's as if we two are saying, Oh, we

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believe that God has a son. And we don't believe that God has a son. So we say to them that we are not going to celebrate on this day, even though of course, our religion teaches us good manners. And we can say to them a generic statement such as, may God bless you, such as May God guide you, we should not say Merry Christmas because these phrases could be problematic. We don't want to bless Christmas, we don't believe in Christmas. We don't believe Jesus Christ was was the Son of God, and we're celebrating his birth in that manner. But we can say something generic such as May God bless you such as happy day to day something like this that doesn't use the word Christmas doesn't use any

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Christian slogan or Christian phrase, we can make a generic phrase. And we as Muslims, it's a good opportunity to tell the people around us that we also believe in Prophet Jesus, so much so that no Muslim can be a Muslim, unless and until he loves the Prophet Jesus, and he believes in Jesus Christ, and it is completely permissible to say, Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is the latinized version of Alma see who are Isa, Al Masih is Christ means the one whom Allah has anointed mercy means the one Allah has wiped muster had to wipe, anointed, he has been chosen, and Christos is the latinised of Christ of sorry, and mercy. Christos is the one who has been anointed. So they say

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Christ is mercy. This is the English or the Latin translation. And he saw which is the Aramaic of Lisa when they translated it to Latin it became Jesus. So there's nothing wrong with saying Jesus Christ he is Christ he is mercy and a law calls him in the Quran Al mercy hurry seven Imodium more than eight times in the Quran. Allah says Allah mercy arreaza Jesus Christ, so we can say Jesus Christ, and we should say that Jesus Christ is our Prophet, and we love him the true love and no Muslim is a Muslim until he believes in Jesus Christ. And you know, my dear brothers and sisters, that Jesus Christ has been blessed in ways that no other prophet has been blessed with Allah gave

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him so many blessings. He is one of the mightiest prophets. He is one of the best prophets ever to walk on the face of this earth. And we believe that Jesus Christ was given to the greatest woman he gets that the greatest lady ever to ever appear in the history of humanity. See, she is such a noble lady, that we have a surah in the Quran named after her, and the angel told her and her name is of course muddy. I'm the mother of Jesus, the angel told him that Allah has chosen you above all other women, Slovakia Adeney salamin. And Maria Maria has Salam was the most righteous of all ladies in the history of humanity. And then of course, there are other ladies similar to her a little bit

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lower than her but no doubt the number one lady is Maria Maria has Salam. So we should tell the Christians that Maria or Mary we respect her more than any other woman and our Prophet Mohammed Salim commanded us to respect her. And he said that for our the women that have perfected their Eman, and he began with the list with Millennium then he went down with us yeah, and Khadija and and Fatima. But the list began with Millennium Allah has set up and she is the only one that is mentioned by name in the Quran. Out of these four by names. She is the only lady that is mentioned out of these four. And we believe that one of the reasons why she was made so holy and so pure was

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that when she made when she conceived a child when she became pregnant, and the other lady, her character would have been doubted. Her character would have been doubted. How could you become pregnant when you're not married? It is a sin in Islam to

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to do these acts that resulted in pregnancy. It is a sin to fornicate. And any lady when she becomes pregnant and she is not married, then clearly this is a problem she must have done a sin. So when Maria and she is so pure, becomes pregnant. She is the only lady that when she says I didn't do anything, she will actually be believed she will actually be believed. And to add to the miracle. Jesus Christ was one of the only children in the history of

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Humanity who spoke from the cradle, he spoke when he's a newborn infant. And it is narrated that one or two other people also spoke. But Jesus Christ was the only one who gave like a sermon. He gave a whole tuba. Others they spoke one word or two, it is mentioned one or two other children, Allah bless with the miracle of one word, maybe appointing or a sign, but Jesus Christ, it is as if he gave a whole sermon, and he told the people all around gathered that Allah has sent me I am a prophet, that you should worship Allah pray to Him. Allah has told me to be good to my mother, he's giving a whole tuba a sermon as a one day old baby, and no other child ever did this in the history

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of humanity. And this clearly showed the people that he is a messenger of God, and Jesus Christ, he performed miracles, the likes of which no other prophet ever performed. He, as we know from the Quran, he healed the leper, he cured, the one who was born blind, He resurrected the dead by the permission of Allah, He created life by the permission of Allah, He blew into a clay bird, and the bird became a living bird. No other Prophet did these types of miracles. All of this was done to show the status of Jesus Christ. And yet still, despite all of these signs, the people whom he was sent to rejected Him, they became arrogant. And they said, we're not going to believe you're a

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prophet, so much so that they plotted to try to kill him. And they went to the governorship, they went to the people that were in charge, and those were the Romans. And they issued false allegations, they lied about this man, so that the Romans would capture him, and the Romans would kill him. And the Romans indeed attempted to capture him. But we believe and this is where our narrative changes from the narrative of Judaism and Christianity. The other two religions believe that somebody died on the cross. We believe that Jesus Christ Teresa was never put on the cross. We believe that somebody else was transformed to look like Jesus Christ. And this person was the

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traitor who betrayed Jesus. And his name in the Christian tradition is Judas Iscariot. He was the traitor. He was the one who tried to backstab Jesus, and a lot punished him by making him look like Jesus when the Romans entered. So when the Romans entered the garden, then Judas became transformed into Jesus. And they thought he was Jesus. So they captured him, and they killed him a miserable death. They never killed Jesus Christ, what did Allah do? miraculously the angels came down and just and raised Jesus Christ, but Rafa, Allahu LA, and he is the only human who was raised up while alive. And we believe he is still alive to this day, not on Earth, a life that is up there a life in

00:32:41 --> 00:33:20

the heavens, how we don't know. But he's up there, and he is alive. And we believe something that will shock many Christians, we believe he will come back, like many other Christians believe that there's the second coming of Jesus, we believe he will come back as well. But the difference is that when they killed Jesus, that many Christians began to believe that, oh, he must have been something more than human, he must have been superhuman. And then some of them even said, He is the Son of God. And then eventually this group that said, He is the Son of God, they want over the other groups, and this became Christianity. But the true followers of Jesus Christ never believed he was

00:33:20 --> 00:33:59

the son of God, the true followers of Jesus Christ knew he was a prophet and a messenger, and our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to affirm the same message. And we believe that Jesus was a great man and a prophet, but not the Son of God, because God does not have a child. God does not have a son or daughter, Allah says in the Quran, how can he have a son, when he doesn't have a wife? There's nobody equal to Allah. How can when you have somebody who has a husband and wife, they have a child, Allah is saying and kulula who wanna do what I'm talkin level Sahaba? How can you have a child when there's nobody that is equal to a lot to have a wife to have a family

00:33:59 --> 00:34:40

with. And my dear brothers and sisters, having a family is a perfection for us because we die. When we die. We want somebody to live our name to keep the family name alive. In the case of Allah who never dies, he doesn't need children. In the case of Allah who never dies, it doesn't need children. And it is mentioned by one of our famous theologians of the fourth century. His name is Mr. Melba Kalani that he was invited by some Christians of a foreign land for a debate. So he went and it's a very long story, I'll just tell you one line in it, that as soon as he entered, he commented to the priests that he asked him a question, how is your wife and how is your children? And we all know

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

that priests don't get married. So the priests got insulted and they said, Don't you know that are in our religion, that men of God are too holy to have a wife and have a child? Don't you know, you're insulting us but asking me how my child is I don't have a child. So at about 11 He said, If you think you're too holy to have a wife and child, why do you ascribe it to Allah subhana wa Tada. He has a child as well.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Why do you ascribe it to Allah when you think you're too holy to, to cohabit and be with a woman and have a child, you think you're better than this, even though in our religion, a man should have a family, right? Because we are men, we are humans. And Allah doesn't have a family because he doesn't need a family. We need families because we want love, we want warm, we want comfort, we want children to take over after us. Allah is unique. Allah is one he doesn't need a cousin or daughter, uncle or son. And that's the point of our religion. Jesus Christ was a great prophet. He never claimed to be the Son of God, much less one of a trinity. So my dear brothers and sisters, we as

00:35:38 --> 00:36:19

Muslims believe in Jesus Christ, and we believe we are the true followers of Jesus Christ. This is another point my young brothers and sisters that we need to understand, do not think that Christians follow Jesus and we follow Mohammed, this is wrong. We follow Jesus and Mohammed wasallam. We follow Moses and Abraham, we are the ones following all of the prophets of Allah and others who say that Jesus is the Son of God have mistaken they have misunderstood, they are not following the actual teachings of Jesus Christ. My young brothers and sisters in Islam, know that Jesus Christ is our Prophet, and we are the true followers of Jesus Christ. And our Prophet Mohammed Salim said that

00:36:19 --> 00:37:03

when Jesus returns back to this earth, He will judge by the Sharia by the laws of Islam and his own followers will recognize that they made a mistake and they will then embrace the true faith and that is monotheism that is Allah subhana wa tada is one My dear brothers and sisters in Islam suited Islam teaches us that our Lord is one Lord, our God is one God. It is such a simple belief. And yet so many other religions don't believe in this. Our job is to hold to preach to others that we have one perfect God, he is unique. All other beings must turn to him. He doesn't have a child nor is he begotten, and there is nothing similar to Him. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who preach

00:37:03 --> 00:37:45

this message who believe this message who teach this message Allah in the dying for a mineral along with that, I don't know if you had the zombies in Manila Fatah wa hammann illa for Raja Wada, Jain illa kobita wala Maria, Juan Elysia feta what I see it on inla your serger Alomar fildena one Annalisa Baku NaVi man wala Tisha a few peruvianus Hilda lilina Amma Amano robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Oklahoma is an Islamic Muslim in Oklahoma is an Islamic Muslim in Alabama and Aradhana are the Islamic Muslim in a suit and French little hoop enough say Watch out as Mira who feet has been here for years he is about the law in the law that Americans are in better

00:37:45 --> 00:38:20

behavior NFC within November locodoco to see what LSAT Can you help me when I'm in Genie he will insert for called azim calling idema in the law home Anika to you saloon Allah nebby yeah you heard in amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik wa and of course we hammered in early was a big marine about the law in the law had to deal with so anyway, title corba Vienna and in fact, it will moon karaoke. Yeah, it'll come lander consider karoon Kuru la Kuru come watch guru who Yes. What are they called? Allahu Allah Akbar. We're optimists later

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the Tafsir of Surah Al Ikhlas which deals with the perfection of Allah and defends the Honour of Allah. The Prophet ﷺ would begin and end his day with Surah Al Ikhlas and hence, it is the most perfect Sunnah to abide by.

Key aspects of this magnificent Surah:

  • Allah is unique and no one is like Him. Allah is As Samad – He is the One who is Perfect in Himself and also it means the One to whom every creation must turn to.
  • Allah is unique in the way that He has no children nor did anyone give birth to Him.
  • Allah has nothing equal or similar to Him.

A brief lecture is given on Prophet Isa AS and what is his stature in Islam and how we are different in our beliefs as opposed to other religions.

  • He is the only one who spoke as if he is giving a sermon from the cradle itself.
  • He performed miracles the likes of which no one ever performed.
  • His birth was miraculous as he had no father and even then, his mother Maryam AS was not humiliated or asked about this birth.
  • He was raised by Allah after a failed assassination attemptat the hands of the Jews.  He was not killed or crucified contrary to Christian belief. 


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