Lauren Booth – Gaza I A veil has been lifted

Lauren Booth
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As Salam Alikum sisters, brothers, there is something going on in Gaza beyond what you're seeing. And I want to speak about that today. Because a friend said to me something yesterday, which was so interesting, and I thought, yeah, that is what we are missing from this whole narrative. She said, what we don't realize is that the unseen realm is activated, the unseen realm is activated. And then she said, No, the unseen realm, in this horror show of what's happening here, and what we know as dunya, the unseen realm is active. Now, let's have a look at what that means for the people of OSA.

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A lot of non Muslims right now you're asking, how are they so resilient? How is it that the mothers after the screaming moment of horror, how is it that the father carrying multiple bodies having lost his wife and all his children will say, I must stay strong? These are in Jannah. And I will one day meet them again? What is this belief? The Palestinian people in Gaza specifically, don't have belief?

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What do I mean by that? Yeah, keen to have to walk home. So belief is I read the holy book, and I go, yeah, there is a God. Most people around the world. In fact, most of the world does say that. But how does that actually impact us when a big catastrophe falls and there is nothing like this right now. And I want to speak about the veils being torn from what this world is really all about. Through the sacrifice of the Gaza people, Allahu Akbar, you they live one foot in the unseen realm, because they don't just have belief. They don't just read and say, Yeah, okay, that's, that seems true to me. Shrug, get on with your life. They say, this means that we must, and they go and act on

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their lives. And if you don't understand that, if you think that seems crazy and bizarre and amazing, I really get where you're coming from, because I went to Gaza in 2008. With that mindset, I was a mainstream journalist, did all the things of mainstream life not particularly religious, but Christian with a small c, and I found myself during the holy month of Ramadan, in Gaza. And at the time, they'd been under siege, just a couple of years. And we thought, surely it can't get any worse than this. Surely human cruelty cannot allow the world to encompass one and a half million people as it was back then, in a concentration camp, a concentration of people by race, culture, creed, or

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politics, and then treatment of harshness, by their, by their gods, by the ones who won't let them leave his concentration camp. I make no bones about that. Look it up. You know, it's not an open air prison for many reasons. But I've done that I've spoken about that. What I found that really frustrated me during those visits, those early visits to Gaza

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was, why aren't they more angry? Because at the time, believe it or not Subhanallah the Palestinian people that I met, and also in the West Bank, calmed me down. Because I was horrified. I set the from the moment I set foot in Palestine, in the occupied West Bank, and in Gaza, the besieged Gaza Strip, one word came to my mind, this is apartheid, the people who are painting themselves as Oh, poor me, the victims, why doesn't everybody loved me and just do what I say? Well, you know, everybody hates us poor us were afflicted, an absolute apartheid on the people that they were saying, we're, we're making them feel victimized nonsense. I was angry when I saw the poverty in

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Gaza just then. Not now. I can't even imagine it now unimaginable horrors of a medieval kind.

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But back then, I remember sitting in refugee camps

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and in refugee camps that are now gone. Gone. Jabalia. Rafa, Han Yunus has centers of concentrated people who had already been read made refugees, and were living a poor life or getting by life because of an occupation on their original land. Allahu Akbar. I was angry. I said, we were how come you guys aren't fighting every day? How come you're all you're not all in the resistance? How come the resistance is relatively small? And you know what they said?

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Don't be angry

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or fake

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It teaches us that we have the right to resist, but it doesn't teach anger. And I thought that the Palestinian people had a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, right Stockholm Syndrome is where you get taken captive. And you kind of fall in love with your captive so far from wanting to harm them, you actually want to see them do well. And I thought that I thought that they were all they all had a kind of, you know, a mass unconscious, you know, illness, because they weren't as angry as I was. You see, I'm European. I'm Muslim now. Alhamdulillah. My identity now is Muslim. And that's my practice. And that's my daily life. And that's my spirituality, and that's my heart. But you know

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what, I grew up in the paradigm and the framing of Europeanism. And we're violent. There's a violence in us that, you know, you smite us, and we're gonna smite you three times as hard that when I hear Israel saying, there's no proportionality, right, what we're seeing on the ground now in Gaza, are the resistance fighters legal under international law, I'm not making this up. Legal. Under un charters, you're allowed to resist the occupation, people coming into your homes and your villages and killing you and your children, you're legally allowed to resist that, like a, like a householder has a certain level of resistance to someone coming with him with a gun and trying to,

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you know, hurt their family, the Palestinians have these rights. Right now, there were fights going on between the most one of the most heavily armed nations on us with their tanks and their guns and their helicopters and their Apaches and, and the carpet bombing, and groups of locals trying to protect where bodies and their few arms, their homes and their families.

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And then you have army commanders from the other side saying, because there's resistance here, and I'm going to post this, you can have a look at these actual quotes coming out in the media. Because you have the resistance and we've lost some soldiers who are armed, you can be made to pay what is the payment, they're talking about? war crimes, because you're resisting in this part of Gaza work in a totally annihilate

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several buildings, a whole neighborhood with hundreds of people Subhanallah I was angry, but they were very controlled and not angry and spiritual.

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And what I'm seeing there now Subhanallah I think what the world is seeing

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is a ripping away of the veils of what this life actually is. The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. In many narrations talked about this world as something is filthy, it smells Do you want to go? If there was a dead carcass of a camel or a goat over there? And it had been decomposing for many days? Would you want to go and hug it? Would you want to carry it you wouldn't go near it, you'd go look, that is awful. And you'd walk away. That's this world.

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And within that Allah to Allah has made beauty in it and the possibility of kindness. But the reality of it is at any moment, it can break down into some violent, horrible thing that we we should want to escape and so we shouldn't be too attached. So girls, and people are not attached to this world. And they're teaching us detachment.

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Somehow Subhan Allah, they know that they know all too well, because for 75 years, they haven't been allowed an attachment. And all of this is Allah's decision. And he is perfection

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that they've seen the reality like the next life is better than this. And don't get confused. This doesn't mean that we're a desktop by the way, I have never met people who love their children more than the Palestinians. Or I can say with as much joy. I've never met so many children as in Gaza. I remember you know, going and go where are all these kids coming from? Because in the in the European countries, we don't have that many children and we tend to hide them away. You know, in Turkey, it's a bit different. You see the kids outside but maybe on the street five or six in a street like this and then

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It's a 150 children

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whether you would have

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this life cipher is not it. And they know that Subhanallah and the Palestinians as a famous poet once said, Teach life. They teach beauty and calmness and detachment and they have to work well and with every shred of their being. After the shock has come and even during the show

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Och, some of them will say in LA LA when Elena Jun these amazing videos of of a of a brother and he was going to a family member Hey, are you a man over the corpses of of their family you man? Come on. This is it Allah shows us their Shaheed we're happy. In other words, their horror in this world is over, and they're in a better place, and they don't just believe it, which is a low level, they know it. And then they live it and they implement it lo Akbar. There are angels

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present with the people there.

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None of this makes sense in a worldly sense. How can it be that a tiny little patch of land no bigger than Glasgow in Scotland?

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is the focus of so much bombardment now.

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I've seen brothers laughing going, yeah, oh, here's another missa there it goes, Oh, there's another one. I don't care because Allah is with me. This does not take away from the war crimes that have been done. It doesn't mean we're ignoring them. It means we have to activate ourselves, to be strong in this to have absolute belief in Allah to Allah to be have absolute knowledge, that the next life is the best life and that the unseen realm is active. There are angels involved in this a smell of muscles throughout Gaza stay strong brothers and sisters, activate yourselves. Number one Baraka know that if we don't see Allah, He sees us in this moment. And the Palestinians won't be asked to

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pay for this. But you and I will be asked what did you do for your brothers and sisters?

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Did you not feel anything? Did you carry on partying and eating and and go to the cinemas? Or did you actually make a difference and stand with them? And if you're interested, if you're interested in knowing the reality of this life,

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you can get a Koran from the link below in Sharla for free, find out why you're here and find out why these people are extraordinary because this life This life is a stinking Caucus

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and the victors of the believers, and right now, as our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said when there is fitna when there are problems when there is terrible trials and tribulations in the Ummah in the Muslim world. You know you're going to find belief

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in Sham

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in Sham and fantasy in the Holy Land like that.

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