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hamdulillah his Namo hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Hina Medina who want to stay you know

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what a study he wants to still feel who want to stone Cyril.

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When are we who below him in short audio and fusina women say he Dr. Lena Mejia had in LA who Fela movie La mejor de Lille fell into je de la who Walia Murshida wash her do Allah, Allah illallah wa, Cherie Cara

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Isla Hanwha hidden a hidden summer let me hit the hit the button what what Amir Kula who for one I had was you had one gonna be Janna la vie Mina Mohan Medan Abdullah he was to also if he you room in follow up Habib Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he also be a gem in your own who Jalla Jalla who Fimo penitent zeal is you hear of Buka il mera e karate and Nima icon for Therby to levena Manu, so it will be fee will be Lavina Cafaro who fell booty boo oh

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well booty boo min room banane Valley can be unknown sha Allah Allah rasool Allah, wa my Shah

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Sula, who for in Allah Shaadi dot Bob,

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the series that I started a couple of weeks ago and we'll be continuing for another few weeks as well, talking about the laws of victory or success that are found in sorted and file which summarizes these laws and talks about them through the lens of the Bible of betrayal, and the incidents that occurred before it and right after it and I've shared with you a number of laws so far we've talked about a couple of them today.

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The law that is repeated in Surah, Al and filed time and time again all throughout the surah from the beginning till the end to the law of adherence or obedience or followship.

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Without that peace, nothing that we hope for will occur without us understanding

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that if we do not follow or adhere to the teachings of Allah subhanho wa Taala exactly the way he taught us and guided us, then we are not good

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capable of hoping for change in our lives. This is the this is the piece about hope that I share every time we give a hope about hope that hope can only exist if there's an if you're doing something, and that something that you're doing has to be in keeping with what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching it has to be

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this verse that I quoted right at the beginning of sorting and fighting when Allah tells the story of the Bible of bundle, where he says, if you hit up but when your Lord revealed to them, that I am with you, on this day, I am on your side, so strengthen, strengthen the believers, I will put in the hearts of those who defy them fear.

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So hid with all of your mites, above their shoulders, and at their fingertips, symbolically speaking, that the mistakes that were made by these people were general Burleigh.

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We're in the big picture. So he's pointing out to their heads, and the word granular in their day to day choices, so he points to their fingertips. And then he and then he actually offers the reasoning is rare in the Quran doesn't happen a lot. It doesn't happen a lot where Allah subhana tells us why things are happening. But here he does valleca And this is occurring, the unknown sha Allah Allah Sula, because they have openly defied their Lord defied Allah and defied his Prophet and those who defy Allah and His Prophet, may they know that the punishment of Allah is Severe.

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So when we talk about adherence, we are talking about a two way lane.

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We need to follow the teachings of Allah subhanaw taala the way he taught them. And we have to understand that when we don't, there is a collective punishment that exists for all of us whether we see it right up front, whether it's direct, whether it's tangible, or whether sometimes it is not. That's why when you recite Surah Tillandsia you find few verses later, yeah, you will have Lavina Manu, Allahu Allah Sula, who well at our low and who wasn't on Tessmer own one at a Kulu calorie Natales me Anna ANA or homeless my own in the short run, be and Allah is so mobile Kamala D in Elia pollun Wherever I live Allah who feed him Hi of Allah smile, when our smile whom not our logo, whom

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are you doing? Oh, those who believe, obey Allah and His Prophet and don't walk away like you didn't hear? And don't be like the people who say no, we heard but they didn't really hear. And it just in simplified has got a lot for him to do what I can Allah tell him? Well, now that I'm at that I'm etodolac, in Allah Halima. And then he says, What are the Cuca Latina Caruso me and our homeless man. Because there's a difference between hearing something and actually listening to it. There's a difference. It's not the same thing. We hear a lot of things. And we claim that the stuff that we hear we agree with, but there's a difference between that and actually allowing the stuff that we've

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heard, we actually listen to them and allow them to become a part of our subconsciousness and derive and drive our behaviors different. You have we have to adhere to his teaching subhanaw taala then he says again, yeah, you will Edina mn ist ajibola Allah he will love us. So this is all within the first couple of pages of circle and font. This this, this concept is taught in depth in the Surah is repeated is reinforced. Because without it, this is not going to work.

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Without it's not going to work. Without us holding ourselves without me holding myself accountable

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to how much I am adhering and following Allah subhanaw taala as guidance and teachings and feeling the responsibility of the OMA on my shoulders when I do and when I don't, then this story will not change the plot won't shift will continue to walk down the same path. So he says again, yeah, you're Latina ajibola He will universally either the Arkham Lima your heat from these two verses that come after each other and sort of sequenced and Sortland filing extremely beautiful, says all those who believe is to G will respond, respond. Now whenever you use that word in the Quran, or whenever he uses it to describe what he does, or when he used it, to describe what you should be doing.

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The reason that I use it is because there's a personal aspect of the actual

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response itself is not generic, meaning it's not everyone's going to respond the same way. Actually everyone will respond differently based on their capacity based on their experience, what skill sets they have, where they are in their lives, what how much reach they have and what struggles they are facing. So it but they have to respond

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to the best of their ability they have to respond. So instead he will respond to Allah and his prophet, and the answer will you will surely as a lamb there, because the response to Allah is different than the response to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam is not the same response when he called

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Do Subhana wa Tada you need to have a response when Mohamed Salah hottie cinema speaks to you, you have to have one that's slightly different because they're not equal, no difference. So instead he won't, he will rush to respond to Allah and then respond to His prophet to the best to what you based on what you got either a.com Lima, your EUCOM now either can be set if to be understood as if, if he calls you the value of you come to that which will grant you life. But in Arabic either isn't always shelter. Yeah, sometimes it's Fujii mean sometimes it's not if it's when

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because there is no there's no circumstance when he'll call you subhanaw taala that is something that will cause you demise or cause you loss or cause you weakness, no everything He calls you to Subhan Allah to Allah is going to bring you life either the outcome This is the wording i i couldn't make this up if I wanted to either the outcome when he calls you the man, you come to that which will grant you life.

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Well, no, and hola hola hola banal model you are Colombia know that Allah subhana wa Tada

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is watching is present between the human being and his heart or her heart. Meaning the processing of what and how you will respond to Allah, how you understand what He commanded you to do. He is watching that piece in depth to see how you are understanding it how you comprehend it. What level of sincerity, intensity, genuineness adherence exists when you accept it. He is there Subhana wa Tala bein and Merle IOKA will be between you and your heart, your subconsciousness he's watching how you're making the transition.

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The verse right after that, he says what dako fitna done, and beware of a punisher fitna. It's an interesting word in the Quran, it can mean it can mean a test, it can mean a trial. It can also mean a punishment can mean a calamity, a general one, something that causes people to have their faith shook that shakes your faith or shakes your disability of who you are as what the word fitness used for that's why fitness, I should do it in the Quran fitness worse than then murder. Because when someone dies one person fitting that can cause a lot of people to die. So in this area what will fit in and be aware and protect yourself from a fitna?

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Learn to see bene Levina vollum income Horsa that will not come and affect only those who brought it upon themselves do their to their oppression due to their oppression. Be wary of a fitna that when it comes it will not affect thoroughly the people are exclusively the people who brought it upon themselves due to their oppression, oppressive behavior, no, it will affect everyone.

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It will affect everybody. He's pointing out Subhana wa Tada that sometimes

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a punishment can come affect everyone, not sparing the people who didn't who worked against it.

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This is something that is a nobleman meaning or the Allahu Anhu asked the Prophet alayhi salatu salam specifically because he was telling a story regarding that hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and she would say yellow Surah because the story within it was a calamity that would come in and literally take everybody including the people who are good

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for Pilate, I know who were phenol Solly Hoon. Do we? Do we ever see our demise as an imagination and amongst us are people who are pious and good Takada here salatu salam now I'm either cuttable Allah birth. Yes. If the amount of people who don't understand what that means, those who don't follow those who are walking against what Allah subhanaw taala if the number becomes high enough, yeah, it can come. And then no one is excused or exempted. No one makes it everyone. This concept in Islam of either sight sailing together or sinking together is extremely Central and how we see our roles and how we see our nation. The idea of other day of judgment. Do you go to Jana alone?

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Was he a Latina? Cafaro either? Johanna Zuma was here, Paula, Deena, Toccoa, Jannetty, Zuma, Zuma in groups? You go, you go in groups, you're part of a group. There's no one person walking towards Johnny omocha. Where's your group? Oh, are those going to go?

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join your group?

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Very rarely does a person come alone. You're welcome. Very rarely, that person has to be. We have a few prophets in history, who came to their nation and spent a couple of of decades teaching and trying to get them to see things and they refused and they killed them. That person may come alone. But honestly, speaking, for a Muslim within a Muslim home, it's almost impossible for that to be the case. For you to be calling for reform, calling for goodness for change, pushing, pushing the needle, trying to bring something that has height in it for people and no one's tried helping you and no one's standing but you're you're alone. Your voice is completely isolated. That's almost

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impossible. It's almost impossible. I accept the the

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A very rare pasta I can understand, but not really. No, not really. No, not now. I don't think that's the case.

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There's something in Islamic law called shook mill Marcia

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SHABOOM. About Odin of Marcia of,

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of sin

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of non adherence to his teaching Subhanallah without it's a part to understanding within his dam that his son is very, very well.

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Very well established that Marcia has a comes with it. When you when you go against what Allah Subhanallah taught when you sin when you break his laws.

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That is one of the reasons of why the OMA that you're a part of struggles.

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We all have to feel that this is the responsibility that you have to carry. We all do, that when we go against his teachings when we disobey Allah subhanaw taala we are bringing upon our own more suffering. It's a part it's a part of how this works. It's a heavy thing to carry, but it is the reality of the matter.

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Your good deeds will be channeled into the prevalence and success of this OMA and your bad deeds will be channeled in the opposite direction as well. It's not free. It would be nicer if it were honestly much easier. If my bad deeds were just me. It's not gonna affect my Oma. I pay for them. You'll milk EMSI repent for them on my own. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Unfortunately, it's not the case. It will affect you and affect people around you. It will affect your your your children, your community, your family and the destiny of your nation. It affects everyone

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saying that you mom and

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Sahabi Ennis even Malik he would say that this this narration for NSS in the collection of gumbo curry, but in the kendama Luna on Merlin, he ended come Adecco Muna shout guna now I do have a Yama Nabi yes of Allah, Allah who sent me a movie, I thought that you do things today, he's known as a sitting amongst the type, you name it, this is what he's saying that and I don't know. I'm scared to even think what you're doing things today, that you seem to feel is not that important. These actions don't matter. They're not they're not severe, not significant in terms of, of sins or mistakes. We used to see them at the time of the Prophet, either you start to assume to be actions

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or deeds that will bring demise on ourselves and on our group. That's how I used to see them. And he was, he was frustrated with Allah who I know I'm seeing this shift of culture and change of, of holding people of self accountability when it came to, to adherence to Allah subhanaw taala his teachings,

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a beautiful story, it's not a story. It's just a quote, where he met a chef and when he came to, you know, Malik Ibn Anas, you know, um, who, when he came to America, learn from him as a as a young kid, Imam Malik saw in this in this young person,

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he saw the potential of what he could become, which is what we should be seeing for all of our children. But that's you know, medics, you just started this

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jumbo jumbo who will come out and hopefully he will follow through heavily he he saw that this person has the potential of being a great human for God because we told him Yeah, we're gonna you always son in the otter Allah, but lb Kununurra I see that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed a certain light upon your heart you put something in you

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to fit who will hold Mateen Marcia, don't turn it out with the with the darkness of Milesi with the darkness of sin and the darkness of of disobedience. Be Be careful.

00:18:35--> 00:18:48

And he would sing about this, you might miss Shafi all his life, Mr. Singing in his poetry and talk about that teaching that he got from from his teacher early on. I'll call you Cody. Hi that was tough. Allah How do you welcome First off you know who you are fit Allah Camilla 1000 was still very you know, stuff.

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Alhamdulillah wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah may Allah be about the Hawala early he was so happy he wanted to buy Nyjah who will have one year warranty? How can we really get to have this one holy ohm Obama bow to your stash everyone who cannula Dar Al Hadith Yan who is on my roof when mushroom bananas and the holy della Muto Muslim, Muslim Moon Allah Allah subhanahu wa Tada if you hire to him for a certain matter and Milan Peter houstonia Horologium will

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pay him what uh What are you talking about him? Well that's a hello for him in Mojave middle well honey well Barfi was Villa what I can do a shout out to you know Anna hula tefilin Sam and nobody you know party. I want you to call source we're gonna watch about Elena Aoba and a non boron. Ila. It will join me. I want you to

00:19:55--> 00:19:59

pour out what you want. Well Marcia toward you when we encounter Allah subhanho wa Taala could

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I'm out. I know if you saw that it unfairly aligned me Ocasio I'm in the Northeast party. Well, it's the job it will teach me the I'm very wealthy Allah. Allah wants to know what I've done. But I've shown you what are your Hueco must be true in Allah Hamas Siberian PBA had you sort of a willy Harlem Mata Hadassah and Uber at he or ecobee he really mushy and I don't know. I let her Subhana who were to add a separate article for Karla Danica shockula are sued

00:20:30--> 00:20:41

by an owner on big label nostre Island OMA fell Marcia takanohana Azima Tala welcome Lumosity now see her to be able

00:20:43--> 00:20:57

to work but no matter what do matter and move to Ha ha ha. Doctor calm I'll see it I'll see how I don't mean Elena Jimmy to her mother her the hidden miss and Mr. Sheila her them Booker.

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Lake them book I should move on with our Aliko I know that you require Mitica kuliah but in sunny Tanaka, Marcia 10

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Energy Nina sic Allah Karateka below Allah can da Herman Mytek

00:21:13--> 00:21:29

Paco Sahaba oh and Jews on minima ma see him totally for the Omaha to come to go will OMA will in turn either further. Who with whom and my buddy, Mr. Buffy, Toby him and Al Islam

00:21:30--> 00:21:59

just like it's two phases to the coin. Just like when we talk about good deeds dedication commitment devotion will strengthen this OMA the opposite. It's vice versa the opposite applies sin and deviation disobedience will make them a weaker we have to carry that responsibility now. We have to understand that this how this works. Yes, the good stuff you do. They strengthen our OMA but the but the sins make it weaker. It would be easier if it wasn't okay. But that is the case.

00:22:01--> 00:22:35

So we all carry a certain degree of responsibility towards what we see today. When you leave them out when you leave a sin or you leave disobedience don't do it just because you want to fix your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and be a better person, do it for your own might as well. Do it for your nation. Do it for the future, do it for the do it till it's suffering that we are witnessing does not have to continue to occur. Let's call it this scholars will say there's a quote that is almost universal because you find it in almost every book of Sudoku, regardless of who was writing it and referred to

00:22:36--> 00:22:46

and cited by like 50 people and said this person said it that person said we don't know who said it because it's something that's just universally accepted madness, Anna, but our own Ill be Marcia, Hawala, raffia Illa.

00:22:49--> 00:23:11

calamities only occur because of the continuity of sin, and they are removed because of BA there are there's a mystic level to that and there is a pragmatic and practical level to that to then both had to be taken in consideration. So yes, when we sinned alone on our own, are you seen in ways that seem that it's not affecting the group it is, even if you can't see it? It still is.

00:23:12--> 00:23:37

And that's why throughout the story, he continues this and he says it Oh, fitna Be careful of a fitna that will come and you'll say to yourself, why isn't why is this happening? Why am I suffering with this? I didn't do anything to deserve this. Yeah, that's what fitness do. They come in the everyone suffers, even though maybe you didn't? Maybe you didn't actually cause it, but you also didn't prevent it. You also didn't do anything to prevent them tell you the story that Imam even Kodama

00:23:38--> 00:23:56

humbly tells in his book, The well being and he also tells it infinite money, you find a part of it and he doesn't have a chain of narration, he tells the story, and I want to share it with you the story that happened, the time of Musa alayhis salam, or during their tea during those years where they got lost in the desert because of the lack of adherence.

00:23:57--> 00:24:03

There was a time where they there was like a rain too. And they were getting thirsty. They weren't getting they weren't able

00:24:04--> 00:24:21

to take care of their crops and they were thirsty. So they called Moose out. He said up to performance to spot for them. So he did, nothing happened. It didn't look good for Musa Ali, he said because he's Moses, Kadeem, Allah, it didn't work out. So he turns to Allah subhanaw taala. Almost asking

00:24:23--> 00:24:37

what happened like this? This is I'm getting questions. I don't know how to answer them. I did a spot there's nothing. So he told him Subhana wa Tada amongst you as someone who has been disobedient for 40 years and until he leaves I will not give you rain. You get no rain until he's out. You have to leave.

00:24:39--> 00:24:54

He has to leave. So you can do as much as you want until this person is out for two years. I've been waiting for him. He hasn't. He hasn't No, no rain. So most out, he said I'm standing in front of his people and says All right, here's the deal. We're not getting rain until this person whom I don't know who it is.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

Who's been disobedient for 40 years leaves. Yeah, I've got to leave that to get out.

00:25:00--> 00:25:41

So the person knew who he was. And that group knew exactly that it was him. So he's telling himself what do I do now Europe, if I leave, they get water they get they get to drink, but then I am forever shunned. People know my secret. They know my 40 years of disobedience and that's just as hard if I stay here and, and I do sit down for myself which is concealed. You don't go around talking about your sin, if I conceal my sin that everyone goes thirsty. So I don't know what to do. All I can say is that I will, I will stop, I will be better, I promise, even for him to smoke tobacco, in his own words in his own mind. So Moses standing there, and people are whispering and

00:25:41--> 00:25:45

talking amongst each other and it starts to rain. So now mostly looks bad again.

00:25:46--> 00:25:57

So he turns back to Allah says, what happened? I told him that no one came out, but no one left and he started raining. I know I'm losing credibility, but Allah tells him what happened is what happened.

00:25:58--> 00:26:16

He repented so I so I granted you the rain. So Musa says, y'all I'm telling me who he is. So I may be happy with him as you are. So I may celebrate him as you did. So Allah Subhana Allah tells him, I concealed his sin for 40 years, the day he comes back to me, you want me to expose him Musa Subhanallah

00:26:18--> 00:26:32

you want me to expose him the day he comes back to me 40 years now but conceal the sin, I wouldn't do that. Secretary Musa Musa, you said, I'm accepted the symbolic story symbolic, it doesn't matter, the authenticity doesn't matter, the symbolism in it.

00:26:34--> 00:26:42

What we do affects, you know, the butterfly effect and the ripple effect. And all these all these theories that are not, they're not used anymore, they're pretty well established as

00:26:43--> 00:26:55

That's why if you if you're a time traveler, the number one rule is you don't change anything, right. And if you come back later on, you'll find dinosaurs and there'll be a whole different, don't touch anything, because any small change that occurs in this world has an effect later on.

00:26:56--> 00:27:33

That is scientific. That's even just how we philosophically cited that we accept that Islamically, we've been taught that from the beginning, everything you do has value has weight has effect, if you don't let aside from advocacy, which we've been talking about for a long time, aside from long term planning, and changing the culture and changing the way that we actually deal with problems and how we deal with our vulnerable parts of society, we also have to remember that our basic choices on a daily basis as human beings, good and bad, have an effect to the how in effect to an either you're strengthening the stance of this OMA with your daily choices, or you are not. And we all have to own

00:27:33--> 00:28:09

up to that piece of the equation, either your choices, your adherence to his teachings, he said, to obey me, I'm going to explain to you how to live obey. This is not a request, it's not a recommendation, it's not a suggestion. It's a command coming from the Almighty subhanaw taala. himself, you need to obey. And if you don't, then I'm not going to grant you that which I have promised you. And we have to accept that piece. But we have to hold ourselves to it in order for there to be changed in the future. Hope that was a benefit to you. I'm not sure. It seems like our projector was having a seizure throughout the whole book. But I'm not going to go through all the

00:28:09--> 00:28:42

slides, we're going to share them for you. I'm just go to the last one, where has the QR code. So just so it's clear of what we're doing. hamdulillah we've been running this place for almost not two years yet. But coming very close to two years, the philosophy and running this place was that we would offer services who would serve you would look at where the needs are. And just go ahead and continue to serve and build teams and try to fill in the gap and meet the needs of our people asking nothing in return, we continue to want to ask nothing in return. And we asked nothing in return, we're not asking for anything. What we're looking at is that in order for this place to actually

00:28:42--> 00:29:19

continue for it to survive and prevailed. And for us to be able to continue to offer services, we need the community to help us with funding the programming, the majority, if not everyone in this place is not paid and myself included and all the other brothers and sisters who are here on daily basis keeping the place running, it's all volunteer based. And we have no interest in having people pay for services or actually expanding in terms of space, we just need to keep the programming itself funded so that we can continue to offer the service and hopefully expand based on the need that we get that can only happen if we get monthly commitments from others so consider it a another

00:29:19--> 00:29:49

membership that you have considered another when you have all these memberships and from shape maybe if you're a physician or a lawyer, you probably have memberships that a couple of $100 every look for a consider this a membership. The goal of it is to fund the programming so that we can figure out whether we can keep this place running the way it is. I don't think the Ask should occur. I don't think my salary should be asking on a weekly monthly basis. I mean one time, here's what we're doing here the programs and we'll share this the slides with you so you can go and look at exactly what we're doing and the different the different disciplines, the different fields and different

00:29:49--> 00:30:00

services that are being offered. And if you see there that there is benefits in that there you support it so it can continue to run anything access that we get. We're going to put in the endowment fund that we talked about a couple

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

weeks ago, anything over our need, I'm hoping we get more than our need, I really hope to God that we get more than our needs. Honestly, if we, if we don't get our need, then that's to me, a signal that what we've been doing here is not that important. And we just start thinking of maybe closing it down and doing something else. I don't believe in running spaces just for the sake of running spaces or having institutions just for the sake of having an institution, either institutions are serving a purpose, they are filling a gap and meeting a need, or they are not if they are, then people will support it. And if they're not, then people won't support it. And that's the signal that

00:30:30--> 00:31:08

this is not working. So that's how I kind of look at things. It's based on whether this is fulfilling people's needs or not. But anything access to that which I hope in Charlotte is the case we put in the endowment fund this endowment fund is not for this center. This endowment fund is for the city, the city to in sha Allah, over a few years of building it, we are able to use it to fund all of our Muslim institutions. The one the underrated one specifically, like MRC and hikma and CCM and misc and all the all the institutions that are trying to advocate on our behalf and trying to help us achieve our objectives as communities within this country, instead of them going and doing

00:31:08--> 00:31:42

multiple fundraisers a year or trying to meet a specific that shouldn't be the case, the community without because there's really, you're not really supporting someone else. Just remember that you're not supporting someone else, you're supporting yourself. You're supporting yourself, when you give, you're giving yourself you're not giving I handed it out Allah subhanaw taala Annie, I'm able to meet, ends meet, I don't want the money, and no one here wants to money, this money is to continue to offer services to your children and to our community, we have to start seeing things like that if we don't, then you have to start raising flags and saying why it is you don't see things like that,

00:31:42--> 00:32:12

I have to know I have to understand why it is that people don't feel that way anymore. Because when they come and put money into a masjid, that money is going to come right back at me that's going to serve us is going to be offered that will take care of my children and take care of me and take care of the people that I love and help my community to be stronger. So it's money that I am paying forward to myself. But if I'm not feeling that, then I have to say why. And I have to bring that concern to people so we can talk about it. So we can dissect it, or we can figure out how to fix it. Because we don't like numbers, and we don't lock wells. And we don't like expertise. We don't like

00:32:12--> 00:32:48

us, we like nothing. We just like a certain degree of trust, I believe and leadership, which bones, we also have the tools to fix, we have the tools to fix them, we just have to do that. So every extra penny that comes in that does that is beyond what we need for our monthly funding to fund our programming. Now we will put in that fund and that fund we hope to grow. And then in sha Allah, that fund will not only help the Muslim institutions, but also Muslim massages and schools wherever it is that people need, even when it comes to helping our youth to get married and to buy houses. And to start small businesses. This should be something that's on our agenda, it should be something that

00:32:48--> 00:33:21

we plan out and talk about all the time. Because people come to me on a daily basis, it's a daily thing of whether it's okay to take a loan to start this or take a loan to start that. And I'm running out of answers. And I'm running out of resources to send people to look at and as I am starting to get depressed with my answering these questions, like I was trying to get upset to telling people well, I can't I don't have I don't have scholarly backup to this issue. And I myself not comfortable yet to say go ahead and do it. It's getting tiring. But we don't have to have that because we actually have resources within our community that could replace that and hopefully grow

00:33:21--> 00:33:49

it. So that's the ask that we're making. The brothers and sisters over the next week we'll keep writing people have monthly commitments, these monthly commitments are more important the one time things don't help us at all. Because I kept playing with him one time thing I need a monthly to figured out what the input is whether we can cover our basic needs are not so monthly what we're looking for, based on your ability, no one's asking each other for more than what you can offer. You're not offering inshallah to Allah topia is not going to people's pockets. This is just going to programming that inshallah we'll come back and serve you and your children. And if you have

00:33:49--> 00:34:10

questions about transparency, or where he's going, you're welcome to ask we're very we will, there will be presentations with detailed breakdowns of all the programs and where they're going. So you can look at that and see it for yourself. So we're hoping in sha Allah for everyone to get involved and to put put play this forward. Because if that fun grows, and we're able to do something with it, maybe a few years from now we look back and say how did we thought of doing it? And

00:34:11--> 00:34:51

I don't know if you notice, but when the issues in the visor started in October, there was a big feel of of helplessness within amongst us. There was this wave of helplessness that occurred after we protested and stood on the street in the cold and held up our posters and sent our emails we felt wise and anything changing. Why isn't is the button broken? Even Even all pressing it? Why isn't it happening? Because there's a piece that's missing is a piece in terms of of our involvement or advocacy that's missing, that piece is going to that missing piece is going to be filled in, we have to start thinking bigger, you have to start planning longer, and we have to make sure that wealth is

00:34:51--> 00:35:00

available so that it can be put in the right place to train people and to pay them to do the jobs that we can't all do individually. I felt it and I know many people

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Hear, felt and still feel it and feel about helplessness. It's very ugly feeling. And I just is one of the most ugly feelings, one of the worst feelings in the world to feel helpless and know that people need your help people you love and you can't help them. When I came here in 2013, I, this almost ruined me for two years, this almost broke me. The thing that almost broke me was that sense of helplessness. As I watched, the people that I loved, the place that I grew up in, be destroyed, and I had nothing to offer. I had no voice. I had no voice, no one listened to me. I couldn't affect anything and change anything. I didn't have enough money now enough status and not anything to offer

00:35:36--> 00:36:09

them aside from sit there and watch and make dua and just internalize all of the trauma and the pain. And if you don't want to do that you want your kids to do that in the future, then we have to start thinking bigger. We have to start thinking of how it is we can affect that moving forward and I believe that you start by making sure that there's available funds because when you have money you have more flexibility to get things done. I hope that benefit you forgive me for taking too long. While I'm on Aloha. I'm not on Airbnb and Aleem and for calling in hola hola Mila you gotta go so Luna Elena de yeah you hola Deena Manuel Salah Ali he was suddenly notice Lima Allahumma Salli ala

00:36:09--> 00:36:14

Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed masala Ibrahima Libra haemodynamic

00:36:15--> 00:36:16

early Mohammed

00:36:17--> 00:36:23

Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim for the Allah Nina and Nico Homido Majeed what are the Allahu Akbar?

00:36:24--> 00:36:59

That will be back on well Amara, man what are the Allah Who man is where g OMA hurtin what meaning one early HIPAA AED in a bar hearing one Sahabah to Hill hotel in Miami Juanita Tabea homebirths Ilario Medina one medica Yahama rocky mean Allahu Muslim you know when a Muslim well meaning me not Allah here Amen from what I'm what Allah homophone Muhammad Amin whenever he schooled and microbeam one find one manual Muslim woman what via holy man in blue mean working Dima and our Dima and Muslim mean Allahu Mappin Dima

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Muslim in a given set of you know stain obvious to Danny Ophelia era Bella mean hola como se one another Morabito you know MSgt local saw what the Holy Lena phonology look on eBay a lot but I mean energy man you know eco eco de Nicola done Jamila tabanan I'm in Germany even Rubina Otto button not so but here in Bihar calm and we're just had an

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early garlic Allah who maybe it is whether

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Allah in Allah Yamamoto but I didn't want yes anyway eat easy CORBA when fascia evil Moon carry well bells we can look into that karoun I think the sauna

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Allahu Akbar Allah