Haifaa Younis – Tuesday Halaqa Series CoronaVirus Panic or Don’t Panic #02

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of tweets that have caused confusion and stress for Muslims, including a warning about coronavirus and a reference to a book called "come to the safety of the people" by a professor. They also discuss the impact of the map of the world on people's lives and the importance of not being afraid of fear and hunger. The segment emphasizes the need for testing and researching behavior, avoiding false accusations, and acknowledging the negative impact of the pandemic on people's lives. The segment also touches on the negative impact of the coronavirus on people's lives and the importance of avoiding injuries and not ruling one's life by the book of Allah. The segment ends with a promise to provide more information on the topic in the future.
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Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato from smilla when humbler wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was happy he woman who Allah long Muslim Nehemiah and found our Magnum tena in a case semiology would draw a lot of money I will become an MLA on file I'll be I have shown FC Latisha What do I use my Robin Allah to sue when a bird is had eaten or have an amulet on cut off my indicator will have a be shortly solder us silly only watch the lock the terminally sunny of Cabo Kohli hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Welcome everyone we are today here

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I am with you from my home as all of you are in your home at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah May our last part Allah make these days easy for everyone may have lost pantalla lift this test and this difficulty from his Earth and May Allah make it easy for everyone Muslims non Muslims, all his creations Europe I mean, it's extremely

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interesting. And it's

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it's I don't even have the right word to come to me. What do we see Subhanallah in one week, what happened and how things has changed any last week I was hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen. And our usual place where we do that Tuesday Hello, which is in the library in the masjid. I had the beautiful ladies around me. And we were talking about their tests that we are probably going to be going through. And I remember I had a comment when we put the title as panic or don't panic. Somebody says why to panic. This is how we were feeling there's something was coming. But we didn't think it is that something and Subhanallah within a week. Within a week, six days in from a Tuesday and today is

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a Tuesday how things has changed. And it did cities it changed globally. La ilaha illAllah everywhere. Almost by the minute, things are changed, has changed and are still changing. Subhan Allah from Thursday to Friday, we Thursday night we send you a reminder, please don't come to the masjid woman and all elderly people. Friday, one hour before the solder, the Salah was cancelled. And then by Saturday and then you start having the announcements things is changing very quickly, very quickly. And every one is becoming leased to say and

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we are not by choice. A lot moved us our comfort zone to the absolutely uncomfort zone. Even we are in our homes. Alhamdulillah and we live in comfort. But we are not feeling comfortable. We are feeling unease unstable. We don't know what is going to happen. And so Pamela I just checked the updates on the Coronavirus, just before we went online and globally more than once 170,000 confirmed cases more than that. And there is more almost 14,000

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I'm sorry, 14,000 new cases. And there is about almost 66,000 deaths all over the world in the United States. And I just checked before we went we are up to 100 deaths. Just few hours ago, they announced the first death in Illinois may last pantalla Have mercy on us. And there is more than 4000 new cases confirmed in the United States. So basically it is hitting everywhere and I looked at a map and just before we went on on the world, and there is almost everywhere is the map of the world, the countries what a task kroner is actually in yellow. If you look at the map of the world, almost everywhere except a very few countries in Africa. Everything else is yellow. May Allah

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pantalla protectors so it's, it's hitting Muslims, non Muslims, young and old and everybody for us specifically Muslims. It's getting very close home. hitting home. I'm not talking about our physical home. I'm talking about spiritual home and our religion. We were not allowed to go to Amara then we are not allowed to do even pull off close to the Kaaba, let alone touch the Kaaba. Now we are not allowed to go to the roval for Swati Sato salon. Now we are not allowed to go to Juma completely closed the mosques are closed and very recently mosques are closed almost everywhere from even Santa. So it is absolutely overwhelming. And even social interaction, our usual daily life, we

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cannot do this

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anymore. What should we do now, this is reality. And this is what I am going to cover with you today, whatever almost pantalla will allow from time, I'm going to take you through the whole run

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through the words of him the one and only. And let's see what he want us to learn. When we go through something like this calamity, at a global level, affecting every human being, what should we do? First thing we need to remember and I'm going to give you the verses from the court.

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And I'll give you a commentary on last how to add at the end of sort of, sort of the Bs, and one of the names of Sora to null is actually the chapter of

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analyst pantalla in it if you go and read it, in it a loss on hautala remind us repeatedly in different ways about his blessings, whether food whether address whether homes, and he said at the end, and the verse is number 112. And Allah said the following Well, a lot of Allahu methoden Aria, Allah give the parable of Korea Korea is a town, a city, a country cannot Amina Tomoko Medina.

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It was living in peace, my inner and serenity and safety can it was a parable of a country living in safe and security. And yet he heard his kohara them in Colima can provision and I want you all to feel this provision comes to it from everywhere. Think of any supermarket you go to, we think of any mall. Yeah, t ha Roscoe Harada choose to come to it from everywhere, in abundance, rather than in abundance.

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For cafaro to be annual Mila Sokka faraci anomala. That place being the people living there, they were not grateful to the mirror image of Allah. They were not grateful to the blessings of Allah for Allah, Allah, Allah made them taste liba send you a will hopefully be mccannon your smartphone, Allah made them taste, taste, the taste of fear and hunger as a result of what they did. This is Chapter 16 and the verses 112 forcing come to your mind and my mind this time, and I'm going to say this to myself. Number one, most of the people are confined to their homes, and they have plenty of time. This is the time where we need to start reflecting

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time reflect live, reflect on what do you want me to do your Allah? What do you want me to say to do to feel? What are you teaching me? This is how I will say it What are you teaching me your law?

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Number one, let us not be that Aria let us not be that all those people who Allah gave them everything and we specially we living in the West, Allah gave us everything. Let us be number one, grateful. And number two facts. So so I'm going to take you through facts. Number one, Allah said this in the Quran that people were living in comfort and abundance and everything they have is there from everywhere, they became ungrateful. And all the way ungrateful. How much we used to complain about everything and anything work. Now some of us love to go to work, we cannot go to work, children, family, whatever Allah gave us complain for kuffar not complaining, we are not grateful.

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Or we don't complain, but we use what Allah gave us in his disobedience. That's another form of ungratefulness so Allah, I have to say this as I am looking into me, Listen, let us not talk it other people. Let us each one of us look inside us individually. Um, I have that person that Allah gave me everything and I was not grateful. either. I complained, I didn't feel it's near me. I didn't give him a lot enough gratitude or I used it in his disobedience. Number two, and that's also a fact as we are sitting in our homes confined to our homes not by choice and thinking

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wow like facade you feel Barbie will Buhari be Marcus a bit ad NAS newseum. Bhagwan Lizzy Amadou la Homura God. Allah said this sort of room, Chapter room. The chapter 39 and the verse number 41 overhaul photography

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barrio Alba, the corruption, corruption has appeared became so obvious on the earth meaning on land and on the sea. Be Marchesa, but at NUS as a result of what they did lalla home your job so they may return. And if you're if you look at the commentary of this, verse surah total, the verse is number 41. And the chapter is 39, a lie saying Facade Facade the translated as corruption, but in reality and what scholars teaches you a facade is the following is the the appearance of fear, less provision, or diseases, epidemics, or pandemics, or it will, it will become or it's already coming, it will become obvious on the land and or the sea as a result of what some people did, what are

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doing and lalla who May or June so they may return to Allah, this is what he wants from me and you go back to me, this is a sign is calling you, me and you calling us to go back to him. So the first things we have to remember as we are reflecting first response now reality has hits. Now reality has hit. It could be another two Ramadan in the masjid Allah those of you will be those who will plan to go hedge those who plan to go for vacation plan to go to visit. All are on hold.

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First thing to remember.

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or second thing to remember. No one will remove it. No one will change it. No one will make it easier. except Him and I'll share the verse with you from the aura what em says kawaii will be boring, but our cash if Allahu Allahu wa em says can be hiring bajada cliche in audio Subhana if he and he is in capital letter, if he touches you will bore and bore is usually adversity. Something I don't like something painful. Disease, epidemic, pandemic poverty, anything. Em says hello, Julio Baldwin, if a lot touches you cause you to go through adversity difficulty for the Akashi for the hula who no one will remove it except who him what you read can be higher, and if he wants to give

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you higher, good, touches you good. But there's two of these is the one I'm sharing with you isn't that and for who are laquisha in audio, he is capable of doing anything and everything he wants. This is an sortal Anam the cattles a surah chapter six and verse 17. And same with a little bit change in newness, Jonah.

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I need to remind myself now reality has hit me, no one will remove it except Allah. Let's all remember this nobody, nobody, even if they found an insha Allah they will vaccine or treatment and insha Allah Bismillah they have contain it, they will contain this pandemic, no one will allow it facilitated makes it easy coworker except him. Let us all move from our dependence and reliance on as the scholars teaches us the means my thinking my planning, the medicine the advanced technology let's move on from this. These are means they will not work except and the only one Allah want them to work.

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And and I will remind you of this and this is also sort of a noun in the cattle and Allah said the following are a to tell them see in other law who some are como asako mahatama globacom If Allah Allah Allah Allah some icon, whatever Scirocco if Allah take away your hearing your sight and if he seal upon your hearts, who else who else other than Allah can bring them back?

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Nobody, nobody. It is extremely important in these days in these times, that we remember, remind ourselves of the power of Allah spawn Tada. And are we strong? No one else if Allah subhanaw taala will take away this finger from me. Nobody will bring it back except Him and if Allah wants to give me an

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Extra, extra thumb. No one will do it but him. This is again in an hour and the chapter six and verse 46. Next thing we need to remember what's next. Next, each individual Muslims or non Muslims part of the reality of life. Part of the facts that will never change soon Natoma the path of a law the decree of Allah we will be tested. We will be tested. say this to your children say this to yourself say this to your family. We will be tested and last panel hautala said it in Fullerton MBA. And and the chapter is a 21 and the worst is 35 when are below can be Shirley will highly pfitzner what you Lena Toriyama we will test you look at who's saying it a lot. When a blue come we will test

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you when Allah says something is it going to happen? Absolutely. Do I have a doubt? No. Never lucam we will test you be surely well. Heidi fitna what Elena Torah, john, we will test you with evil things you don't like things you don't want. And I'll hire good things we want and we love pfitzner as a test, and you will all return to us. I will just be a little bit comment on this idea. When Allah gives me everything I want two weeks ago, or three weeks ago, when my life and yours was the norm, and everything was good. And I was planning and maybe Allah gave me things I wanted. This was a test.

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Now when Allah subhanaw taala suddenly put all his Earth and creation on all the life is on hold. That's also a test. We need to change the way that we look at tests and trials and tribulations. It's a fact we all are tested. You just how is different when he gives us everything we want we are tested. Are we grateful at ASCO, Ron, are you grateful and when he tested me with adversity, pain, disease, pandemic, loss of loved ones loss of life, loss of money, am I am I patient so I need to say this this is the norm is just the form or the shape changed. Three weeks ago when I was taking my children to school when I was going comfortably the usual to my work when I was on during the

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weekend. I have this plan and that plan higher that was a test. And now when Allah subhanho wa Taala decided for a wisdom he knows no one is going to schools very few people are going to work no social interaction and social distance that's a test also. This one when everything goes the way I want and you want to be grateful and this one when things doesn't go the way I want a new one Be patient one a blue calm go back to this area, the verse in sorted ambia the chapter is 21 and the first is 35.

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And the same thing when I am tested now I am tested in you are testing with something I don't like when something makes me uncomfortable. I have no idea what will happen um has septum and titolare Jana, what am I article methylone Latina Holloman public, my sexual by itself. What barrage was zero Hector Kula Rasulullah Dena Manu Manu Mehta and also law law international law Euclidean but that's what Allah said and sorted out in the cow second chapter in the Quran and the is 214 am hospital enter total Jana all of us wants to go to john that's our dream. That's our hope that's what we are all longing for. Do you think this is how the vs start Do you think you were going to get to Jenna

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um has sipto enter total gentlemen and you will not be tested like the people before you must set who will sell well but what they were tested touched by But sir Amarah, but sad sat is actually diseases, they weren't they diseases they were Shani poverty and hardship poverty hardship diseases chill there believer a Rasulullah roswaal is AutoSum and the believer said when is the victory of Allah will come when it when is the is time is gonna come? And Allah answer Allah in a Muslim law here buddy but surely the victory of Allah is close. say this to you

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It takes two weeks, it takes three months. It takes a year, and are in an awful lot of victory have a wise close, I have to have this relief. And these days, this is the decree of Allah. This is something he put it part of his sooner that every human being will be tested. And it could have been much worse, much, much much worse. And it is limited time in Allah has decree and an Allah knowledge is not the time of you and I, we all will be tested.

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Next. It's a beautiful verse in the Quran. That was panna cotta Allah sometimes you bring these difficulties for you and me to bring this reality back. And Allah says in Surah Nisa, you read Allahu and you have FIFA uncom or holy Paladin Samuel bifa.

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You read the law and you have FIFA and Allah wants to lighten your difficulties. Holy cow insano by FIFA, and human being was what was created week. Week. Each one of us, each one of us, the people who thought they were very strong, the people who thought they are in control, the people who they had everything, power, wealth, knowledge, he every human being, we all know, feeling if we are not saying it, but we are feeling how weak we are. unseen virus. We don't even know how it looks. I mean, now we are seeing the pictures that is magnified and magnified. But in reality, and we all that's why we are so worried about touching anything, because it could be anywhere. And we thought

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we were strong. And we were we thought we had better than a lot of things. We thought we'd do it. We can I did it. I'm smart. I have holy Collinson wife, a lot, remind us that we are weak, we have no control. And sometimes he reminded us in a gentler way, when we get to the regular flu, when we become little bit sick, but we go back, and sometimes he send this massive pandemic, to remind humanity, you are but a human being very weak, created from dust, and you will go back to dust,

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created from dust, and go back to dust time for each one of us to move out of our arrogance of we can do it we are we are and we are we are not and weakness, Allah who remind us and when you read the commentary, weakness in what even in our physical body, we are weak, we in our knowledge, we are weak, whatever we know, we didn't know. And that's what he is reminding us in our ability to protect We are weak in our patients, how patient and how can we tolerate and adjust were weak. Look at us. Look at how we are responding to this test, and how weak we are. Each individual again, don't look at people look at individual adju Atomy how weak we are, how weak we are SubhanAllah.

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And we are weak in our

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tolerance in our tolerance. Right The fact that we may wake up one day and we don't have milk. It's making us so worried and paranoid. That's everybody's in the supermarket's buying week Subhan Allah and this is I look at it as positive because Allah is reminding me and you have our weaknesses. You know when when you think you can do with and then finally you find out that you know what I need to work harder. This is how I lost power Tyler is by his hikmah his wisdom, Allah Subhana Allah Almighty the one and only operates in the in a way very different than how human beings operates. absolutely different and I want to share with you a dua that I recommend everyone, everyone if you

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can't memorize it, there is one part of it memorize inshallah, I'll put it for you here and it's called do our pa if maybe some of you are familiar with it, but why did I put it here? Why should we all remember this? Because the state we are in today of helplessness. We are helpless. Literally we are just waiting to see but we don't feel either. Even even incorrectly. We are not feeling that we have a control when we are feeling very weak and there is nothing that can help us. And this is what it is our soirees on our tour center in the year that his wife Hadid

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robiola one Hamid Allah be pleased with her. And his uncle both died in the same year. After that, he went to have a thought it is a town north of Makkah is about one hour drive, and he went walking. He went there to call people to Islam. No one believed in him. Not only that, they made fun of him. They sent their children to go and make fun of him and throw rocks on his leg. alayhi salatu salam, and if you read the story of it is beautiful, and even his legs, start bleeding. And then he faced Makkah as he was coming back faced Mecca and a loss and the angel and he said, What do you want me to do with them? You want me to bring the two mountains on them and literally crack or bring the two

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mountains together and destroy them?

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And then he made this drought. He looked at maca and you have to feel this and he says Allah Almighty Rakesh por la quwata all your Allah to you. I complain, my weakness, but for what? My weakness and Pinilla Tahiti, lack of resources. Escuela de PUE Botha kawachi, my weakness and lack of resources. Well, Hawaii Elena's and my humilation before mankind.

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Y'all are hamara humming or you Be merciful, the Most Merciful of anyone that's Have mercy.

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And honorable Mr. boffin, you are the Lord of the week. You are the Lord of the week. One Toby and you're my Lord. illman terkini he's talking to Allah Pantone you have to feel this duar illman tickling me Who are you? Let me alone to who you are leaving me to. Who are you interesting to me to

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get to her Germany to are you leaving me to someone distant that will attack me? Am I doing my luck to who I marry or to an enemy that has a control over me? anime virus that has control over me if it comes into my body, I have no control.

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And this is what it is. This is what we all have to sell start saying eliminate can be called abouna the fella body. If you are not angry with me, if you are not angry with me, I do not care

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if what is happening to me now this is Ross Suarez autosen talking to Allah if what I am going through or feeling down of difficulty of helplessness of feeling unease uncertainity if all what is happening around us is not because you are not happy with me is not because you're angry with me. I don't care. That's what he said in lemmya Can we go above una de Bella Hello Valley lacking lacking our fear, Takahiro Sally, however, your production your production is much better and more ample to me outside all to be naughty word cheek I seek refuge in the light of your face, or the light of your face under the struck the whole room at that light that enlightened all darknesses

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or Salah Salahi Amara dunya and it's rectified all the matters of dunya when Angela because I mean and NZ Libya. Oh Babu ottobock I seek refuge in your light that it will enlighten all darknesses and it will rectify all the matters of this life that your wrath affecting oh You're hilarious or hubback or you will be displeased with me displeased with me. Local otter habitat horrible. I love this one local ottobre habitat Arbor I will appeal to you. I will appeal I will beg you till you are pleased with me.

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When a Hola Hola, hola, televic and no power and no change of status except by you. This is what we need. This is what we need these days. What we need turn back to Allah and look at this jar and we will share it with you online. This jar this supplication does two things. I acknowledge and this is a former roswaal a Software Center. He acknowledged his weakness and his lack of ability, lack of resources. And he acknowledged the Ola ability and he acknowledged that in case in case

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What is happening to him? What is happening to us? In case you are because you are not happy with us, please forgive us. That's what he's telling him. We need to keep saying this dwell in our daily life in our schedule within our prostration to unlock in our after Salah moments that Allah subhanaw taala specifically said he respond to the drought in the morning before so that we'll find the time the last moments of the night when Allah Subhana Allah by His Majesty come down and he says Suhana anyone has any any need I will give anyone is a sinner and he wants me to forgive us this drop in lemmya communica Hola. Buenas La La Vallee if what I am going through is not because you are

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unhappy, upset, angry with me, I don't mind.

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Another thing we have to remember this, everything happens to us is good.

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Everything happens to us is good, there is higher, there is good in what the earth and humanity is going through. I have to have the certainty I have to have the certainty should never change. And I'll share with you the story of cokely the story of how he also this is why we study the Sierra and the sun now for us why they sought to center because because we go through same things he wanted to what a Software Center and how he respond. And what he said teaches me and you in and who they be and in a very quickly, it's basically in the wonderful swatting salatu salam in Medina decided he's going to go to do ombre in Mecca, and he took with him about 1400

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companions and to cut the story short he reached a place we'll call the hood AB they were all in Iran ready to go and arrange prevented them. Period, you're not coming then they send a person to negotiate. And they made a treaty sole holiday B they call it the Treaty of how they be and if you read the details of it. Honestly if you look at it, everything in it is not good. You don't come you don't enter market you go back anyone that from you go want to go to Mecca and leave Islam we will take him and we will not send him back to you. Anyone from us come to you to become a Muslim you send them back on and on and on. To the point save now Omar looked at the Rasul Allah salatu salam

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and he said yasu Allah, why are we accepting this humilation? Aren't we on the right path? Aren't we? Aren't we on the right? Aren't we the servants of Allah.

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And then he asked them to take off their home they're there that what they were waiting for the camera and they declined and sad, Mashallah his wife said to roswaal, a salatu salam, one of the most beautiful advices that solved the problem. She said, you take off your home, everyone will take their home, and he did and they all went back to Medina. What happened? So externally, this is bad. This is a humiliation. They didn't go for Amara, he didn't go to his house to his he grew up in markets his town, let alone the house of Allah. Nope, you're not doing it. You're going back. Is this good? No. And then the treaty Is it good? No, what happened? Less than two years, less than two

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years. Immediately. Allah subhanaw taala revealed Salatu Fattah the victory

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and the less than two years he entered Makkah and he entered the market in which way not only as a Muslim, he entered as a leader victorious leader. And he conquered Makkah. Every hardship we go through. There is higher and it in nama last resort for India molosser you saw with every hardship comes ease with it. Not after not later with it. Have this certainty inside us all. With ever we are seeing stock market is down. Economy is down this and that business will go out of business restaurants are closed. We don't know what will happen arch our children will graduate students will graduate. All looks not good. But in you in you remind yourself and remind your family that intimate

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allostery was strong with every difficulty come and go and study and read more about our hotel BIA and share it with your family. Clear in its look at it there is higher in it.

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One thing we have to remember, it's also about our relationship with Allah. Again, this is a moment. This is a time where each in Muslim, young and old man and a woman need to revisit their relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. They need to rethink and re examine their relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah subhanho wa Taala Some people say this is a punishment from Allah. And I always respond, I have no idea. I know. I know. There is a saying that every Bella every adversity, of loss and damage to the earth as a result of a sin. And every adversity is removed by repentance. But is it a loss punishing his his people?

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I respond by his words. And he taught us in Swan Nisa, the woman, Maya federal law will be either be in Chicago, what are men? What kind of law who Shakira Halima and this is in chapter five. The AI is 147 what Allah will do with your punishment, Maya federal law will be either become, what will he get from punishing me and you? However, that's what he wants. And I'll translate the Maya federal law who gather become what will Allah do with your punishment if you were or if you are grateful, and believe

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grateful? unbeliever and this is one of the times in the Quran will Allah put the gratefulness before believe? What can Allahu Shakira Malema and he was pantalla was he is shachar. He is grateful and all knowing, all knowing this is what he wants from you and me now, he does not want to punish us. We all his servants, he put us on his Earth, a body, my servants but he wants two things from me. Let us be grateful even in these days, and even in this time of difficulty and adversity and everything is lack of serenity. Let us be believer and grateful believer and grateful.

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Quickly I will go to you again through the origin and maybe one or 200 or four roswaal a salt or Scylla Why does Allah send epidemics, pandemics?

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tornadoes, why these are all Bella test trial adversity? Why does a loss pantalla send that Why? And if you look at it, and again, I'm sharing it all from the Quran, and I'm gonna just put one or two Hadith number one, Allah said this is sort of shorter, and it's this chapter is 42 and the eye is 31. Right? And he said Walmart asaba Coleman masiva Bobby Marcus Herbert ad, way off one Kathy.

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No calamity. Look at this one. This is installer for sure. No calamity. Whatever strikes you offer disaster, whatever strikes you offer disaster, it is what it is, as a result of what your hands have done.

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masaba Mimosa me Marcus Herbert ad con, no calamity or a disaster will hit you but as a result of what you are doing, or did yrF one Cathy

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and He forgive a lot. He forgive a lot warmer and to be more Xena fill a room and you will not cause failure to this earth. When my local men do Nila him in Walla Walla, Nasir, and you have no one, but Allah to be your ally, and you to be the one who gives you a victory.

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So one number one, number one is as a result of what we are doing on this earth, as simple as all the mischief that that human beings are not talking about Muslims talking about humanity, human beings, what we are doing on this earth, the pollution, look at the what's happening in the bottom of the sea and the oceans, all the animals are dying because of the pollution. Look what we are doing from injustice, from killing, from stealing, all these Kassar but ad

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

and Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is number one, what we are doing and if you go through this, specifically, one of the reasons disasters, adversity, epidemics pandemics happens is

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

When a human being starts sinning,

00:40:04 --> 00:40:22

not sinning, sinning, normally. Plenty, abundance cathro to denote they say cathro to do not sinning one plenty norm, norm, one, plenty of sins, look around you. And I am again.

00:40:23 --> 00:41:21

I'll say this to myself before anyone look inside me how many sins I have committed today, with all what's happening around me and don't look at since are plenty, delaying my Salah looking down at someone lying, stealing, taking the rights of somebody on and on and on looking at how long saying how long something for hibben forbidden plenty offseason, specifically, now we're going to come to specific sins. And we really, really need to look at this. A specific sense is when immortality becomes normal and becomes public immortality for Asia and fascists, specifically the marital relationship, outside marriage when it becomes normal in morality, and this is normal, non Muslims,

00:41:21 --> 00:41:26

and even it's becoming coming. It's plaguing us Muslims in morality,

00:41:28 --> 00:42:17

relationships without marriage. That's one of the reasons that's one of the sins that's one of the reasons and I'll share that with you in a in a second in mortality, sins, major sins. Now, third, also from this injustice, when injustice becomes normal injustice is like we are living in a jungle. This is what we say that we say it natural. It's a jungle out there. injustice, injustice toward the earth, and justice toward human being in justice toward the animal injustice. Maybe we don't do the injustice we don't commit the injustice, but we see it and we don't even rejected from our hearts, let alone try to do something about it as much as we can.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:19


00:42:20 --> 00:43:11

and Allah subhanaw taala said this and solar to natural and saltwater and said well you are the law NASA we have only mean matakauri and if our last panel hautala in this is an albies If Allah subhanho wa Taala will take people accountable to all the injustice they are doing, he will not leave a walking thing, a walking thing on this earth. If I lost one hour Tyler will take people he said no aloneness, humanity, human human being he didn't say Muslims or non Muslims be Marchesa or bhimavaram have to be mavala more of all the in justices they are doing and remarkable is what they are doing matter aka la hora la Bahia he will not have left anyone,

00:43:12 --> 00:43:15

anyone anything, not one. Anything walking on this earth

00:43:16 --> 00:43:29

will act in Nigeria Mashallah. He leaves them to an appointed time. When I look around and I say why you're a law. I need to say this to myself. What did I do?

00:43:30 --> 00:43:52

self examination, taking responsibility. This is one of the characters of a Muslim. What did I do? What did I do one of the major sins when it becomes normal. Also, you see this is when the lack of respect and excellent treatment to parents goes away.

00:43:53 --> 00:44:19

And severing kinship, severing kinship, any scholars looked at these in detail and specifically which one and now I will share with you this hadith and bear with me a little bit longer one but it's it applies to panelists at that level. It applies on us and this is why Abdullah have no more than narrow data. And it is in Al hakam. And some says it's a weak Hadith but there is a stronger

00:44:20 --> 00:44:54

chain and people use it. And he says of the love normally as a companion the son of say normal. He said our Swati salatu salam came to us entered to us and he said yeah, Marshall and Maha jury or you people who migrated meaning that people who migrated from Mecca to Medina, come soon is after return behind five things I am What did that you will be tested with and I seek refuge from a law that you will not see it.

00:44:55 --> 00:44:59

Five things is a huge test and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

I seek a law that you will not see it.

00:45:03 --> 00:45:04

Number one

00:45:05 --> 00:45:44

lump of horrify Shafi call me up Hector yo de novia Illa Shafi him upon one. And please listen to this one. One. immortality appears among people to such an extent that they committed openly immorality and we talked about what immorality aphasia becomes so abundant that people do it openly but plagues and diseases that were never known among the predecessors will appear among them.

00:45:45 --> 00:45:49

Yeah, llama la dama.

00:45:50 --> 00:46:36

What is COVID-19? What is this Coronavirus? Nobody knows. never been before first time. What why your law? Why what did we do? Here you are and it's not and this is something we all have to know that it doesn't mean one person when he or she does it, they will be punished themselves. No. This is called collective resolved. One person does it collective resolved. Mahara to factor in morality appears among people to such an extent that they committed openly but plagues and diseases that were never seen among the predecessors will spread among them, too.

00:46:37 --> 00:47:31

He said five remember five things I seek refuge you will not see it. First one is immorality. immorality becomes norm becomes public diseases they've never seen before work will appear. Number two, one day will not one day, cheat in weight and measures. They will be striking with famine. When they will cheat in weight and measures they will be striking by famine and severe calamity. Three, if they will hold that there is a car that's for Muslims must when they hold, we don't pay the car, I pay taxes, when they will hold their Zakah of their wealth. When they do that, what will happen? They will not see rain, then you will not see rain, that rain will we withheld from the sky. And if

00:47:31 --> 00:47:35

it was not for the animals, they will never see it.

00:47:36 --> 00:47:40

If it was not for the animals, they will never see it. for

00:47:42 --> 00:47:51

it. They break the covenant with Allah and His messenger and Allah will enable their enemies to overpower them.

00:47:52 --> 00:48:21

When we not hold to the covenant of Allah and His Messenger, what is the covenant of Allah, we worship him only, and we OBEY Him and stay away from his disobedience. covenant with Allah, Swati Sato, Sarah follow soon. Where is it? Let's examine our life. What will happen? Allah Subhana, Allah will make their enemies overtake them, Look around you in the Muslim world. And the fifth one, and the fifth one.

00:48:22 --> 00:49:14

And when they start not ruling their lives or a meta one is when their leaders will not lead by the book of Allah. And they choose what they want from the book of Allah. But Allah will make them differ between them and they will fight between them. When they do not one they do not their leaders and the leaders is don't only think of the big leaders, when a leader in the house, the father and the mother, these are the leaders in the house, the leaders in the school, the leaders in the community, the leaders in the in the country and in the world. One they do not and this is about Muslims, one they do not one they do not rule rule by the book of Allah and and they choose what

00:49:14 --> 00:49:27

they want from the book of Allah, Allah will make them differ and try to between them. How much we are seeing of these five in morality, normal public, people don't pay there's a QA

00:49:29 --> 00:49:50

people do cheat, cheat. Don't keep the covenant of Allah and don't judge and don't rule and don't have a laws book and his era soul as the leader in the in the homes. Again locally in the homes, this is what will happen. And that's a heavy topic Rasul Allah hisako Center.

00:49:51 --> 00:49:55

I have like five minutes I'm going to just quickly give you a little bit

00:49:56 --> 00:49:59

points and we will continue next week, inshallah.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:36

Every calamity has benefits right away and I'll give you 1234 and I will next week inshallah go in detail with it and then what? how my life should change. So quickly the benefits remember every trial, every test, every difficulty, every uncomfortable moment I go through you go through we will be rewarded. And the Rasul Allah is AutoSum said this, even the thorn of a thorn of the roses or a thorn of a plant, I will be rewarded. Number two,

00:50:37 --> 00:51:30

any anytime we go through difficulty, it makes us remember the benefits, the blessings of Allah, this is one way of him, reminding us and number three, it is a wake up call for every one of us. It's a wake up call for each one of us that this life does not work that this life can change in a minute, and we have no control. Fourth, fourth, teach us about ourselves, who are we? how strong we are, how true believer we are, how really we rely on our last panel what and, and quickly, I'm going to give a few things for us to do and I'm gonna give you just a headlines and we will go in detail in Charlotte next week, things to do, things to do. A lot of stuff are Muslims, there is no one will

00:51:30 --> 00:52:19

remove it, but Allah and the reason it came down Allah knows but that what he taught us is as a result of what we are doing on this earth, we need to ask for his forgiveness. We need to ask for his forgiveness plenty, plenty, choose it and inshallah next week we will go in detail about this number one, number two, stay away from injustice, stay away from injustice, buying everything in the stores, This is injustice, because you are we are taking the rights of the others not following the what the government what the people knowledgeable people in health telling us to do. That's injustice to the other one, they tell me stay home, I should stay home. If I even if I am not sick

00:52:19 --> 00:52:51

when they told me don't go out unless it is necessary. I need to do that. Otherwise I'm doing injustice to the other hand and quarterly cokely do a lot of good deeds, do a lot of good deeds. Muslims do a lot of good deeds and specially saw the charity. Charity not only by money, money for sure don't stop any charity used to do and given more. Give it locally give it to the masjid give it to the needy give it to the people back home charity or saw the

00:52:53 --> 00:53:37

other BB charity extinguish the anger of Allah May Allah subhanaw taala lifted your befana whom you're on Allahu Allah Allah Allah elevate and remove this test from everyone your lawmakers go through it in the way that pleases you. You're loving the color militia in your Allah you're capable of doing everything in anything and only one led to letters from you confer your code and this virus is removed. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us all. May Allah Subhana Allah protect his Earth May Allah subhanho wa Taala showers us with continue showering us with his with his blessings. We are Lost Planet Allah makers of those who are grateful so panicle lahoma will be handing a shadow under

00:53:37 --> 00:53:44

test Esther Furukawa today sallallahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was habitus demon kathira jack ma hi Ian

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