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Your individual health as a Muslim, your Imani spiritual state and mine is very much connected to the health of the ummah. And when Allah subhanaw taala sees that the health of the Ummah has reached a particular nisab a particular threshold, only then will Allah Almighty cause the earth to shake and only then will you support us there is a certain certain threshold that we have to reach. And that is collectively not just the people of us. That's all of us. Because the OLMA is made up of nations nations are made up of cities, cities are made up of towns, towns are made up of streets, streets are made up of households households are made up of individuals. So my health and your

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health as a Muslim, and my habits and your habits as a Muslim, and the way I trade and you trade as Muslims is connected to the overall health of the Ummah, so it's time to sacrifice something. It's time to drop something haram in your life. It's time to realize that if you're spending your God given useful hours and Tiktok on Snapchat and responding to every DM that comes your way, spending your time following the latest gos on KSI and Logan Paul and Nicki Minaj. And who is twerking where and what rave is happening, where and the latest song and the latest trend and the latest palette of makeup. If you're spending your hours learning look searching for the next alcohol based or nicotine

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based or shisha based or read the interest based business then realize that you are prolonging the suffering of the human. That's how you need to see your prolonging it. So when you ask about where is the victory of Allah? The answer to that question is not something that was out of your control, like a meteor that passes over your head? What time is to meet your what time is the comet going to pass over our heads? We have no control over it, it's going to come at this time. That's not how the victory of Allah works. You ask where is the victory of Allah, you see, where is your Tober Where is my repentance, there is something that needs to change in our lives. There are priorities that need

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to change. There is a friendship circle that needs to be reshuffled, there are investments that you need to withdraw from, there are certain habits that you need to cut off. There are certain websites and images that you need to abstain from. There are certain people that you need to cut off from your life. And there are certain family members that you need to apologize to and restore their relationship with them. There was a message that needs to be built, there was a walk that needs to be donated to there is Salah that needs to be paid on time, there is a hijab, my sister that needs to be honored and glorified and purified once and for all. Because it's not just now about your

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welfare in the grave. It's now about the overall health of the ummah. And when I Ania muda delay my tilde i delay my a selfie of Allah I am prolonging the suffering of the ummah. It's selfish, it's fundamentally selfish and self centered. Make a change for yourself and make a change for your Lord. Most importantly, think about the change you will be making and how it will affect your own. Now, up until we do that, then we're going to need a few more earthquakes, or we're going to need a few more disasters are we're going to need a few more walls up on the horizon and elsewhere until we managed to wipe away the sleep from our eyes and to realize Toba is what the people of Brazil require from

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us much more than our money and much more than our retweeting and resharing of their content. What they really need is a world wide apology to Allah gender general. And that's something within my hands or something within yours. Beware of being that Man, That Woman Who reshares good content online, then you tap your chest and you sleep well that night thinking I've supported the cause of Philistine No, you haven't. And if I only I delay my Toba for one extra day, then I put myself on the list of betrayals who have betrayed this OMA, don't be that man. Don't be the woman my brothers and sisters, few messages 60 seconds and I'll leave you with this takeaway message is number one,

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progress. More often than not nonlinear. Progress is rarely a straight line. So I don't want you to confuse any outcome of this war in Gaza with failure because progress is nonlinear. Progress is rarely a straight line. Remember that message number two, when you are seeing those battered and bruised martyrs being pulled out of the rubble, beware of despairing and remember that they are not suffering anymore, despite what they look like. And they are in a place of comfort and happiness and forgiveness. And had they been given the choice now, they would not choose your company over the company of Allah. Those wives would not want to be back with their husbands. Those husbands don't

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want to be back with their wives. Those children don't want to be reunited with their families in dunya because they are with who? In Motoki nephew Jan to one fee Mark obviously they think their money came mokdad Allah said that evil of piety will be m its gardens and springs in a seating of honor next to a sovereign and capable King will be exchanged that with me and us. They are happy where they are despite those battered and bruised martyrs that you see coming out of the rubble. That's message

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Number two, message number three, this universe belongs to Allah. The land is his, the sky is his. The decree is his the creation it is the command this is the first and last is so beware of objecting at the decree of Allah. He manages us His creation as He wills beware of objecting at the decisions of Allah. And the fourth and final message I leave you with. Remember that your individual Imani health as a Muslim young man and woman has a very strong integral role and connection to the overall health of the OMA. Don't be that person who prolongs the suffering of dishonor, and make your ultimate contribution. A Toba that we offer to Allah Subhana Allah We ask Allah Almighty to

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forgive us. We ask Allah Almighty to liberate and as you relax, and fall asleep and all of the nouns on the Muslims will humbly their head