OFFA REX Islamic Gold Dinar Made in 8th Century Britain

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The speaker discusses the history of the Daled coin in Britain, which was made from gold and had a message of Islam. The coin was eventually replaced by a new currency, the dollar, and was eventually accepted in international markets. The coin was eventually replaced by a new currency, the dollar, and was eventually accepted in Britain. The history of power in Britain started in the eighth century, and the Daled coin was eventually replaced by a new currency, the dollar.

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Islam came to England before there was England. You may be thinking, what am I talking about? I'm going to share something very powerful with you today. You cannot imagine how Islam influenced British life. Even before Muslims came to Britain. There was a king called offer in the eighth century, living in Britain, currently England. There was no England at the time. They were Anglo Saxon principalities, Anglo Saxons were spread out throughout British territory in current day England. And there were some small principalities of the Anglo Saxons. Right. One of them was called Mercia. Mercia was in current day England. It wasn't called England at the time, this country

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collectively came to be known England later on quite late, right. So at this time, this was a territory called Mercia. And King was offer who was a Christian king, who ruled from 756 to 796. At his time, offer copy copied the Islamic dinar, and this dinar was minted by the a basket carry Feldman soul, who was ruling from Baghdad in the eighth century. The dinar offer copied was minted in the year 157 After Hijra 157 Hijiri In other words, okay, so what was the dinar made off? It was made of gold, it was four grams in weight, and it had Dawa messages on it. Muslim currency. early Muslim money or early Islamic money had direct direct messages inscribed on it. For example, the

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golden hour had formulas like La ilaha illallah, WA, the hula Cherie Kala, there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and he has no partners. On the other side of this Islamic dinar, mentored by Diomedes and Bassetts. Later on, we had Muhammad Rasul Allah inscribed on it, Muhammad the messenger of God, then we had verses or formulas taken from the Quran like Muhammad Rasulullah or Salah who will hold our Daniel Huck Leone hero Aladeen equally taken from Chapter Nine of the Quran verse 33. So brothers sisters, on the Islamic dinars, we have Dawa messages inscribed for the Muslims to see so that the Muslims are reminded that this is sacred currency, this is a trust from Allah, this

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money Muslims possess is not theirs, rather it belongs to Allah. So earn it carefully and spend it carefully spend it morally earn it morally, that was the message. So even the money at the time was giving Dawa to Muslims or non Muslims. So what happens in the eighth century, because the a basket dinar was the best currency in the world due to the purity of gold, it was readily accepted by international markets or in international markets at that time, you can call it the dollar of the day. So the Mediterranean trading markets in the Mediterranean region where European traders were coming to trade with the Muslims, there was cross pollination of ideas influences religions at that

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time between the Muslims and the Europeans. Europeans are taking the Islamic currency with them, because it was the best currency in the world due to the quality of the gold. European gold was not accepted at that time because the quality of gold was very substandard. So in order to meet the economic needs of the time, European King started to imitate copy Islamic dinars. In other words, they started to forge Islamic dinars for them to be accepted in these international markets. And these copies were made quite closely. The moneymakers of European kings did a good job. If you look at this coin, right now, this coin can be found in the British Museum. It has Mohammad Rasool Allah

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inscribed on it very very clearly. But if you turn it upside down in Latin it states offer Rex in other words can offer so this coin is a copy of an a basket dinar made in England made in Britain in the eighth century. At the orders of King offer by his moneymakers, why was offered doing it? He was doing it for economic reasons, because the basket currency their basket gold was best the best in the world. So this currency was readily acceptable or it was it was enthusiastically spent and accepted in international markets at the time. But off I had no idea that he was doing Dawa by minting

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The formula Muhammad Rasul Allah. On the coin even though all for himself as a Christian king, he had no idea what was being inscribed on the coin. But Allah subhanaw taala has his ways, the Dawa of Islam. The Tao of the Muslims had reached Britain before Muslims stepped on this island. Dawa came to England before there was England. This is the point I'm trying to raise. Look at this coin. It has La ilaha illallah wa the hula Cherie kala inscribed on it. It has Muhammad Rasulullah inscribed on it. It has the name of the English king or the Anglo Saxon King, who rolled rolled a territory called Mercia in the eighth century. So this coin was minted

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between 774 to 790 ce

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774 to 790 C, as early as the eighth century. So the Tao of Islam came almost 150 years after the Prophet of Islam died in Arabia, the prophet died in 630, to see and by 770. By 770, the Tao of Islam on coins or through coins or through economic activity had reached Britain, in particular England. I thought I must share the story with you. Tao is dynamic, never belittle it. And this shows you that the history of Dawa in Britain did not start with Muslims coming to Britain in the 20th century Radha, the history of power in Britain started in the eighth century. Soon after the providence of Salalah Aslan passed away