How to come OUT of your sins & get BACK into Allahs Mercy

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving you so much chances in this month of Ramadan in order in order to seek that forgiveness in order to qualify again

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for His mercy

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for His mercy

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the normal mastery

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one also of the predecessors,

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he committed a sin

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committed a sin

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seemed like a humongous sin, he didn't see what he committed and that's what you should do. We shouldn't disclose your sin between you and Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, you know, the sin causes a person to be uptight, you know, makes you

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so he walked.

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And he found the rock. He said when it

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he saw that scene again, a mother and her not baby, her child.

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Obviously, the child did something bad that the mother kicked him out of the house, get out of here and she liked to do. She liked it.

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She loved

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his out. He thought he can do it without the mother. So he kept messing around and playing. He's watching all of that. I can manage without the mother without the house.

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I can manage money fast assume that

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he got tired. You want to go to sleep? So he went back? Knock on the door. Knock on the door.

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Knock on

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his mom. No.

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No. Then he said Mom, please. Ma, ke please. I'm sorry. Of course he didn't say that. But this is like how our kids would do now. Please, Mom, he's begging her. He's begging her.

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Finally she opened the door and she given him a hug.

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He knew what he needs to do. He needs to go big.

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Forgive me, forgive me.

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I'm sorry.

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Forgive me.

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That's what you need to do.

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To be taken back again to that mercy to that love.

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Because Allah loves that.

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Allah loves them.

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Because one of the meanings is a form of Islam. Allah is the one that Allah Who would you know, it's Allah who likes to give Allah who likes to display his mercy Allah likes to reveal His mercy and you it's exactly you know, imagine you have a child

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and you give him an allowance and he goes on device drugs with this allows, let's say $1 a day.

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I don't know if $1 can buy drugs or not but hydrated you know this feeling in that that you know when you when you when the children want something from you now they want the food you know, normally the food now they do anything for the phone, but and he comes out how you doing? Masons? Can I meet you coffee? Baba, can I need you to hold the telephone? Yeah.

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All right. Likewise, you love that feeling?

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You love that feeling?

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But now he's going to use this money to buy drugs.

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So what are you going to do? Are you going to still continue giving him funds to destroy himself? No, you're going to deprive him.

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But you're going to be sad.

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Because that attribute of view is not revealed. That used to bring you joy to to give it's exactly the same thing but in a divine form, in a divine way. This is how the Mercy of Allah is in a divine way. Not in a human way. That's how you should see it. That is why when your son says Father, I'm done with drinking, I'm done with alcohol. I'm done with smoking philos Diala here is your lungs.

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Back to giving.

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The first thing was something very interesting. Yeah. Whoever Allah here for if you reflect upon the legislation in Islam, look at this.

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He makes you

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seek forgiveness, through

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through giving,

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in order to be a moccasin

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in order to be a Muslim, look at this. What is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say about sada battlefield three, sir

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I couldn't fit the soda he's supposed to give

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these days. Yeah, these nights from before I eat. It purifies you from your defects from the deficiencies that you had in your fasting. We all had some. We lost it one day we

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we did something we shouldn't have done we all do. Now, Father, you're gonna give it

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Moxon, you become awesome.

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You become Moxon. Warahmatullah he taught evil minion Rossini, Allah Allah His mercy is near those who are Muslim.

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In order what again to forgive you sins in order to take care of your defects Brothers and Sisters in Islam