Yahya Ibrahim – Road to Return #23 – Parents Just Don’t Understand

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not allowing parents to make negative comments about one another's actions, and how it can cause anger and disrespect. The speaker also talks about a woman who was killed by a neighbor, and how she was able to overcome her father's anger and leave him alone. The speaker emphasizes the need for parents to not allow negative comments and offers advice on how to handle their anger.
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My parents just don't understand Subhana Allah, it's something that I do agree with. Sometimes parents just don't understand. But that will never give you the right to transgress the boundaries of Allah, where you will raise your voice, where you will have a moment of lapse in your judgment, to say something, do something, act in a way or even a look or even a sound of discontent or disgust towards your parents.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, when Taku lahoma don't even exclaim, ha, God, you know, don't even make an exclamation that would be seen as a sign of disrespect to those whom Allah has made guardians for you in this world, those who you could not choose, but they are your fate, and whether good or bad, you will be the one who decides how you're going to adjust yourself to it. And I want you to know that there is no greater act of worship that you can do after your worship of Allah, the fulfillment of your sada on its right time than being good to your parents, and there's no greater sin. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, than to worship other than Allah, and second only

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to that while coupon validating that you are a person who is disrespectful to your parents, that doesn't mean that whatever they say must be followed anyone who ordered you to do that which is haraam, you are able to be of a passive resistance to it. And to say, I cannot do this Hold on. Your mom and dad cannot tell you not to pray. This is something that you would then pray secretly without them knowing but it would not be something you argue with them, angering them, bringing anger to them, whether they are Muslim or not Muslim, Allah Subhana Allah tells us this is the hora and we're in jaha Dhaka if your parents may jihad, if they struggled against you in every mean in every

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capacity in every way, Allah and to Sri cabbie Malay, Sarah can be here in that you worship other than me in a way that you have no knowledge fell out, Altair, Homer, don't obey them. Don't do what they say, well, slave Homer, but remain there Sahabi Could you imagine to be like a Sahabi you know how Abu Bakr was to the prophets, I said limb while saw Hebrew man for dunya meroofer accompany them in this worldly life with my roof in the best of ways that you can in the most a bit in the most way that you are able to be pleasing to them. I tell you this story of Musa alayhis salam he asked Allah subhana wa to Allah and this is recorded in the book of al Qaeda earby Lima they're heavy. He asked

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Allah Allah who will be my neighbor and Jenna and Allah says it'll be a butcher and Moses surprise he thought maybe it'd be another messenger or prophet. And Moosa says where is this butcher? Oh Allah. Allah says if you go to this place, you will find him and Moosa finds his butcher, he observes him from a distance. And after the man at the butcher had slaughtered some meat, he sold it, and he kept a good part of it, that he began to walk home. And Moosa said to him, I'm traveling from a new land, can you he doesn't know it's a messenger of Allah, can I stay with you? And this butcher says yes, and but I'm going to be busy looking after something, and then I'll free myself to

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give you the deserved attention that you need. So Moosa said don't worry about me. I'm just gonna sit and wait for you. So Moosa sat under a tree and he was watching this man, he went into the home and from the route from a high level in his house, he brought down this large basket that had in it a frail old woman, and he carried it down to the river, and he bathed this elderly elderly woman, he washed their clothes and washed her and he combed her hair and gave her fruit fresh clothes. He sat the basket with her in it near the fire, and he began to cook that meat and once it was cooked, he began to chew it because she had lost your teeth, and you would take it out of his mouth and feed

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her and Moosa saw that every time this man fed this old frail woman, she would whisper something but he couldn't hear it from a distance. And after he fed her and enjoyed company with her and spent this time with her, she wanted to sleep he put the basket back in its place. And then he told musette to come over it his Salaam and Moosa asked him Who's this woman? He said in the home me. This is my mother. How long have you been serving her like this? He said, 10 years now. And Musa alayhis salaam said when you were feeding her, What was she saying? He said to him, that my mother she always makes this to she said, Allahu, Allahu Allah and Naveen. Oh Allah raise my son to the

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rank of the

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Prophets and Musa alayhis salam understood that the DA of this mother was entered for his son. And that's why the neighbor of the Prophet of Allah mu Sally's Salaam is an ordinary butcher and whatever thing you do in your life, know that you can reach the highest levels. If you have the rebar, the blessing and the pleasure of your parents, the prophets I send them said, read Allah theorical validate Allah is pleased with you, when your parents are pleased with you. While Sahaja Allah He saw how to validate and Allah His anger is upon you. When you're angry. Your parents are angry with you. May Allah protect us from this transgression. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make

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our parents understanding of US and US loving and respectful and kind and dutiful to them, especially as they mature Allah from that, I mean

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