Muhammad West – Dream Crafting #2

Muhammad West
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We live in a sheet on the regime's filler man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sure if you want to send in CD now Mohammed in my early he was a big Marine. My beloved brothers and sisters said Mr alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen WA is we will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship because Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love our greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is pious and his poor family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala blesses to be amongst them. Meanwhile hamdulillah

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from the last year but in doing fasting is

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the energy levels are always low. And I always say Juma, I can see in Ramadan, Ramadan giving the Juma is very difficult

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for you to listen it's difficult and for me to give the Juma is difficult to the hamdulillah Allah except that throughout the day we going you can drink a sip of water nobody would know. Nothing stops you from eating and drinking and putting yourself through this. It is only the Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala it's only your relationship and your consciousness with Allah subhanaw taala and that is why when we talk today about dua it's to say to Allah and so that we do a transaction with Allah but it's sia Allah I've submitted myself you have commanded me fast from Anjali Domingo Musharraf, Allah assume that when the month comes first, I have responded to you Allah please assist me help me

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whatever it is that you want, make the DUA and use your hunger, your thirst YOUR FATIGUE to get something so much more beautiful out of inshallah. So we continue with our series dream crafting and really what dua is a dua dua is a means by which Allah subhanaw taala can answer everything that you want your dreams come true through da I'm sure most of us when we were kids, we watched Aladdin. And we thought the only way to Genie in my three wishes wasn't my three wishes. We now learn method Allah, Allah does not limit you to three. You can ask whatever you want, whatever it is, you know, even the genie says I have limitations. I can only grant you three and I can't make someone fall in

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love with you. Allah subhanaw taala can also make somebody fall in love with you Subhan Allah, right, so there's no limitations. And that is really what you have what we have. When we speak to Allah, it's an access to the Lord of the Allah means Han Allah. But if you ask he will respond. So today we're going to talk about how do I make dua I know Allah responds, but how many of us have never actually made a DUA and I want us to make it in our language, speak from our heart. Speak to Allah from your heart, and some of us we've never we've only made the dewasa we've learned the Robina attina for dunya hustler sometimes we don't even know what it means but that's what we just

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repeated over and over. So this is we're gonna do what how do you design your perfect dua Inshallah, before we talk about the structure of a DUA, the mindset and last week we spoke in depth about what must be in your heart and in your mind before you raise your hands to Allah, you must be sincere in your heart. But yeah, Allah, I am your servant, that I'm your slave. And I've submitted I've come to you, you're Allah, La Ilaha. Illallah means there's none that should be worship besides Allah. You've told me I can't ask anybody else. You've told me I can't worship anybody else and I've submitted to you and you alone, so I'm sincere to you, you're Allah alone. And I believe that you're

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Allah, you are here, you respond, you listen, you're able to do all things that none and I can't turn to anyone other than you. Yeah, Allah. And you must imagine Subhan Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, we can only use analogy. We're not supposed to use analogies for Allah. But for our understanding, let's say, you had Allah protect you or your kid had a terminal of disease that's Panama cannot be cured. And there is some person who has this tablet, this special pool, your child must just take this poll and his disease will be gone. And he has hundreds of these polls easy. How would you big that person? How would you say you just you have the ability. It's easy for you. This

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is my life and death please. Yeah, Allah is none other than you. And that's how we should make dua and you should make dua without any doubt or hesitation. Sometimes we want to think beyond what is required of us. Allah can I ask this is too much to ask. No. Remember, your DUA is not for you. It's for Allah. Don't limit Allah subhanaw taala your limitations? As they say Make dua like a child. The child says Daddy, I want the pony. They don't think we Am I gonna put the pony what's you know this I want the pony and you can do it you can make it happen. So if you release again if you really want that Ferrari don't think well I don't have a garage I'm going to pocket don't worry about that just

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yet Allah I want this thing I want this thing. Don't limit yourself because what are the limits you do? Ah, because it's a limitation for Allah, everything and anything is possible. We think about Subhan Allah think about things

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Big things like Palestine. If Allah were to decree right now coolfire Hoon, that our brothers in Palestine will be successful they will be successful right this moment. We should believe that in our heart, Allah has the power to change anything, any situation, cure any disease, give you any promotion, open any door of risk, just with one Khun. But if Allah so wishes, and that is why we make dua. So what should you ask? How do you make dua to Allah? What should you ask? We should ask Allah for everything and anything big or small. We've mentioned the Hadith last week. Then I recently said if your shoelace breaks so your shoe breaks, make dua for to Allah for a new pair of

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shoes Subhanallah there is nothing that is too trivial to go to Allah. If anything is on your mind anything is disturbing you make dua speak your five times a day there's a reason why we make we make Salah five times a day, every single day there's some new issue in your life because small you speak to Allah about it and you make dua and of course there's nothing too big as well for Allah sama big or small make dua so long as he doesn't involve sin or harming somebody else right so long as it doesn't involve sin. And us for the goodness of this world and the neck so in your doors make dua for the akhira but also for the dunya and also don't only make dua for the dunya yeah Allah want the

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promotion yeah Allah when the house I want all of this I want the holiday all of you forget about the Astra. In fact, Allah says Fermina Nassima Yeah, cool Ramona attina for dunya there are those people who only sees Oh Allah give me in the dunya wa Mala who are filthy middle holla and there's nothing for them in the era. They have nothing in the Astra Don't be like that. Rather Allah says, But there are those who say or have been attina for dunya Hassan Oh, Hola, gracias me the base of the dunya waffleh Tierra de hacer una and the base of the market I want both Yeah, Allah. I don't want to be I don't want to choose between dunya and akhira I want both what Kenya Adana and save us

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yeah Allah from the fire off of John disable from the fire.

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When you make dua

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the general you need to make dua and then a B Salam. If you look at many of his doors, they were holistic they encompass many things like Robina RTBF dunya hacer la it's everything yeah Allah I want all the goodness you then a visa makes two ah, yeah Allah. We made this very famous two hours we make we asked me Lady masala can I be Eukarya Allah we make dua for all the good than to be some in Austria. We don't give a list we say whatever, then I'll be so Santa may do awful. We make dua for that as well and to protect us from any and all kinds of calamities. So it is good to make holistic doulas, Ya Allah, I want goodness in my life I want Baraka in my life. Leave it open Allah

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you decide what Baraka is best for me, but also where there's a specific issue in your life, then you need to be very specific. So if it's a specific a specific disease yeah Allah you make dua Allah Allah grant us good health that's the general dua but yeah, Allah my son or my daughter is sick give that person she father going in for that operation. Yeah Allah give my that operation be successful. Yeah, Allah grant us risk blessings that's general good. But yeah, Allah I want that specific promotion I applied for Allah granted that I have to be both specific. But also remember in every dua you asked for the general good all the goodness protect me from all the calamities and Ebola you

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don't have to say Allah protect me for the earthquake and protect me from the tsunami and protect so yeah, Allah protect me from all calamities and all but as and all fitness in the dunya the akhirah

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what to ask Allah specifically, so you always begin with yourself. And it's not being selfish, but this is how who I'm full circle Malik neurolysis Save yourself and then your family from the five Johanna. So you always begin by making the officer back in the plane. This is your first put the mask on for yourself and then the kids always make dua for yourself and your needs first. And the most important thing to make dua for is the thing that you already asked 17 times a day Surah Fatiha Idina Serrato Mr. Surah Fatiha is a DUA and we will Inshallah, at the end of this show you it's like the perfect structure of how we do I should be Allah gives you a Surah Fatiha and Allah makes you 17

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times a day every Salah every raka you recite this and you only asked for one thing yeah Allah guide me

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guidance basically means your Allah keep my connection with you. Strong will always be there because if we lose our health it's bad we lose our bodies our family is bad but if we lose Allah subhanaw taala that's it we've lost everything and so every day and this is the most important to add to make is your Islamic well being our Allah guide me yet Allah grant me to be steadfast on the deen Yeah, Allah grant my heart to be sincere yeah Allah grant me to maintain my Ibadah Yeah, Allah grant me to worship you as you want to be worshipped. Yeah, Allah helped me to worship you helped me to be grateful. I mean by that it's difficult. Let's not kid ourselves thoroughly. It's not easy. And when

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we stand the our minds on a day and to wake up and to do salah, Salah is for mum, for most of us, the very very special few people, Salah is for most of us, it's a chore. It's a burden we do well Hamdulillah we do it because we are commanded to do it.

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But when ya Allah grant us the enjoyment of the Buddha, grant us to, to love you as you deserve to be loved. So these kinds of Islamic dollars for you Islamic well being is the most important thing. And then of course for the forgiveness of our sins we will send all the time. And therefore part of the daily ritual of dua is to make dua to Allah forgive me for my sins. Inshallah, at the end of the series will give a list of maybe even before that, a list of prescribed was there is a dua that is called Sejal stuffer, the DUA that is the leader, the chief of all to have a stuffer and then a veces, whoever makes this dua in the in the morning, when all these sins are forgiven, and wait for

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the day, and whoever makes die in the night and he dies, all the sins are forgiven. So this is a dua that you make every single day in the in the morning, Fajr time and multiple shaitan. So it's different. And so forgiveness of sin is the one thing that we habitually make dua for and then we make the ayah Allah for protection against hardships and calamity. So think about all the hardships in your life that you're going through or you're afraid that might happen. Yeah, Allah protect us from sickness protect us from poverty, then me some say yeah, Allah protect me from laziness from debt. How many of us want to protect me from death to Allah? A death date? Make dua Allah save me

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from a bad death? And then of course the calamities of the akhirah Yeah, Allah protect us from the punishment of the public, protect us from having deeds that are in our left hand protect us from the fire of Jana and protect us from all these of you being displeased with me. So these two hours for you to protection for think of any calamity and you make dua to Allah protect us from it and for all the goodness in the dunya as well. All the things that you want. If you want to even Subhan Allah, this nose you can be extravagant with your DUA. Yeah, Allah I want to travel the world. Yeah, Allah I would like to see the Ferrari Yeah, Allah I would like all of these you can, there's nothing

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wrong, nothing wrong in making dua like that. And when I say that people smile, you know, nothing wrong spine, Allah. Make dua and then of course, if it's good for me, Allah what is best for me out Allah, sometimes we make dua, and Allah gives it to us, it might not be the best thing, but you make dua, but do not prioritize these things over the more important things about your deen and you're after. And if anyone is going through a difficult situation, some kind of depression, some kind of illness, ask Allah to change that situation. Ask Allah subhana wa taala, to remove whatever hardship is upon you with something which is easy. And as for others, your DUA should never ever only be

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about yourself. So you need to make dua for certain people. In fact, you should make dua for all of others, and then the responses no person makes to ask to Allah on behalf of his brother. So if you know your colleague, like Subhan, Allah colleague of mine is a non Muslim is waiting for his exam results. And when Allah granted success, I mean, before I said in the week, I asked him, Why are you fasting? Is it any any means now to get my results, you know, he's anonymously, but it's possible also, you know, immediately I can get help. So Allah grant him success in is exams, I mean, and for all those who are getting the results, I mean, so when you know someone is going through some

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difficulty, especially someone close to you make dua for that person. And then he says, Whatever makes up for his brother, then of course, the angels make dua for you. When you make dua for someone else to have ease and success in their life, then the angels will make dua you will not be left out. And that's the thing. That's the beauty thing about Allah, whether you give charity whether you're fast, you're never gonna outdo Allah in terms of what he's going to give you in return impossible. Whatever he gives you is going to be more than what you gave him what you gave in returns panela and then for others, obviously, you have to always make to offer your parents

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and Allah mentioned the Quran Robina Ramona Kumar Kamara, Brianna, Sahara. Yeah, Allah have mercy on them. As they had mercy on me, looked after me for so many years as a baby, so have mercy upon them. Every single effect the setup would make to offer the parents every single day in every Salah that would make dua for the parents and your children. Robina habla and administer wodgina We're here to record yellow growth, my wife and my children to be the coolness of my eyes. Subhanallah what joy is there in life, when you are miserable with regards to your wife miserable with regards to your children, no joy can can no blessing of the world can outstrip that. So Subhanallah you make dua for

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your family for your wife, your children, and your extended family your brothers your aunties, your uncle's, your friends, family and neighbors make dua for them and if you know of them in we should note in close people in our life, the specific challenges in everybody's this one is dealing with sickness, that one is dealing with poverty, that one has an exam coming up that man is doing for promotion, make dua for that person mentioned him by name and make dua for them. Make dua for the dates for Han Allah A time will come to you and I will not be able to make dua anymore will not be able to make you stiffer. And so make dua for the date and may Allah grant the mark Farah but Allah

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grant them genital feitos and then of course the OMA

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the all night large we can't change the situation in Palestine and when Kashmir but at least we can say to Allah, I made dua for the MA every single day. We know that

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believe that at the very least the lowest form of humanity at least to make dua to make dua for the Ummah and for mankind at large should also make dua for your leaders, your Allama yes to Allah, ma the leaders, the politicians, they are bad and whatever. But if they stay bad, then we're all going to be in trouble. At least if we make dua Allah, help them or replace them with someone better. Insha Allah, that's good as well. And hamdulillah so how do you structure your DUA? You don't start Bismillah Ferrari red Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. It's not how we make dua. You start by praising Allah first first is about Allah. And Surah Fatiha said is a

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first first perfect template. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. And if you look at the two hours in which each of the modules how the wording you mentioned, yeah, Allah, all praise and worship is unto you, You are the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Everything in creation submits to you I submit to you there is none other than you and unlike you do you belong the kingdom the heaven the the keys of the scene in the unseen you know what's inside of me and I do not know what's inside of you. Yeah, Allah to you belongs all praise and thanks, whatever I have is because of your mercy. You mentioned his grandeur and his greatness, you and you make you express that he is the Rob and that

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you are the servant and to use the Beautiful Names of Allah one of the the things that really help you do ah, is to apply the special names of Allah Allah has 99 names that we know of, and they are names that we don't know. And you look Yara Zack the one who gives risk so you make dua era and what do the one who brings about that? That is the most loving Yeah, Allah my marriage is not so good. Grant me a Yahweh dude yeah, why do we bring love into my marriage? You know, apply the right name in the the DUA that Allah says that Allah has smuggled out of them. Allah has the greatest name, the greatest of Allah's Name, whoever makes dua on that name Allah accepts the DUA which is at named The

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Greatest Name of Allah

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and how you look a human and hey Alka you there'll be some says,

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Oh Allah, I asked you by virtue of the fact that also look at this, this dua that a Sahabi made a man made, he says, Yeah, Allah, I'm making dua to you. Because all praise is due to you. And that is la la, hallo Nan worthy of worship, but you you have no partner, you have no associate, you are the giver. You are the creator, to have the heavens and the earth, you are the Possessor of Majesty and how you consume the EverLiving the eternal and so when he said that and he said, he has asked Allah by His greatest name, which if Allah is called upon by this name, he's he answers the doors and how you will pay you the Ever Living the eternal In another Hadith and Sunnah makes a DUA and such and

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when he was in a very anxiously, he says, Your Allah, look at this door, and make dua to you on every single name that you've taught me. And every single name you taught any of you creation, and every single name you kept hidden with yourself. I mean, I call upon you on every single name that you have, that you helped me and assist me you bring me out to this difficulty, when an episode was in his most difficult situation, you made this to ask hon Allah.

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So, back to the how you structure your DUA, you start by praising Allah, you mentioned the Beautiful Names of Allah, you express your servitude, and this is really one of the the this is the concept of Ibadah You are the Lord I am the slave. My job is to ask your job is to answer Allah, I need you and I have only you to ask you II can do what I can Stein in Surah Fatiha This is the central idea. This is the idea that links us will Allah we praise Allah that Allah when we say ear canal. As for us, we worship you and we put our dependency on you. You must put this this is where the Kalima comes in La ilaha illallah you have this nun worthy of worship but you so I'm worshiping you yet Allah so

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express your servitude to Allah. Then you explain your Nydia Allah you know how difficult it is harm suffering how sick I am my son you like you're going to write a request to someone to answer some you're writing a request to the bank waiver. Now you explain your Allah what you're going through explain your situation even though Allah knows it, and he knows he basically knew, but express it to him. And then you ask what you want. Yeah, Allah Now I need that Ferrari. Because you have well now you can ask and you express at the end of your DUA, you express your Allah. I'm grateful whatever you have given me already. I am not displeased. So how well Subhanallah via YouTube was going

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through so much difficulty when he makes he lost everything. And he's his kids his wealth his wife is healthy sitting there he's unable to move and he's making dua Allah change my situation, but I'm not ungrateful for what you have given me. Yes, yeah, Allah I want more but I am never ever ungrateful to the kindness you showed me his panel last year. They asked but they showed ya Allah I appreciate what you have given me. And then make dua for others and always always in your DUA with Salawat I'm gonna be Salam.

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There'll be some says every dua is kept back meaning it's not answered until you seek blessings upon the NABI SallAllahu wasallam at the very least at the end Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad and then you in the you do I like that. As I said Surah Fatiha is a perfect template. Look at it Alhamdulillah

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Oh, God, I mean, we praise you We glorify You are the Lord of the Alameen. Rahmani Raheem. We mentioned the names of Allah and His His qualities Murli. Kiyomi. Then we praising Allah glorifying him mentioning his name. And then he can our Buddha what year can Sonya Allah You know, when I worship and you I put all my hope and my dependency on. Now you say now you ask what you want, what do you want and then in fact, as we know in the Hadith, this is a conversation. Every time you use recite Surah Fatiha, Allah says, My slave, glorified me, my slave praised me. When you say II I can do it I can assign Allah says this is now between me and my slave. What is it that you want? When we

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say Edina Serato Mr. Tamia Allah guide me upon the straight path, the path of those who are successful. Let me be with the successful people and not like those who are lost or those who incur your anger. And this is a template of how I will do as should be malice pantalla except I will do as May Allah grant us the best of the dunya and akhira. May Allah protect us from all the calamities of the dunya and the archaea. I'm Allah Granta steadfastness on our deen and except from us, I mean, I mean what hamdulillah just one announcement, more of a appeal. Make dua to Allah but I appeal to my brothers. We have our orphan program tomorrow. We are short of funds, we would not like to tell any

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of the orphans they can't attend 401 often to attend we will give them a day out have a nice Iftar and then we'll also give them a goodie bag. Inshallah for the needs for the year stationery and those kinds of stuff. So insha, Allah insha Allah if anyone would like to contribute one there and make dua to Allah help I've made easy for someone brought some joy and laughter and happiness to an orphan. Allah winning join and often after happiness to me and my family. I mean, well hamdulillah wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali also happy so I'm studying and I'm glad I'm glad I mean, I said I want

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