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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of finding the right person to handle a situation and finding the right person to deal with disagreements is emphasized. tolerability and disagreement are key drivers of avoiding conflict and achieving goals. The speakers stress the need for people to be aware of their own differences and read books and teach others to clarify their views. Different cultures have a history of disagreements and lack of knowledge, causing friction and confusion. The speakers encourage viewers to help them implement these etiquette.
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I don't agree with you a statement that sometimes breaks brotherhood, how to handle this situation. We will find shortly so stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide, and whomsoever allowed us to go astray, none can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Davey was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, I am your host matassa Mel Hamidi.

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Today we have a very important subject in hand as well, something that has to do with maintaining the relationship of brotherhood and enhancing it and proving it despite our differences. So today inshallah we will talk about how to handle difference of opinion. People don't agree. People have different opinions, it's hard to get all the people to agree on one thing. So this is why it is important to know how to deal with differences of opinion.

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Brothers we have today with us Brother Mohammed, and brother Abdul Rahman. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa salam.

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You understand the importance of the subject, because it is one of the main reasons why the Muslims are living in a state of weakness today, the differences Muslims are, they have split into different sects. And each one is declaring the other to be deviant. Or to be some of them, they expel others out of Islam. So we want to know how to deal with this subject with difference of opinion how to handle that. And within that we maintain our brotherhood, the relationship that Allah spirit Allah has blessed us with. Now, before we go into the reasons behind differences and how to handle that, I would like to just to have a glimpse on what is the effect and of our own experience? On the issue

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of difference? Definitely, you have come across people you, you are not in agreement with how did you deal with that? How did you see that it affected the relationship or the Brotherhood you had with them? Abdul Rahman de Have you had some experience he would like to share with us about this.

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Actually, I recall, one of these days, I was in the mosque in Canada, and I saw butter, he was praying completely in a completely different way than most of us. So it kind of surprised me, because I didn't go up to him and attack him. I just actually I just said Salim, and other brothers criticized, but I just left it like it is because I believe, like the same united we stand divided we fall. So when there is a lot of differences, we won't be united and we need we need that nowadays. Okay. So in your opinion, even if someone has different opinion, you should just leave him upon that difference. It's up to him. Do you agree with them?

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Actually, most of us notice.

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Lots of Muslims follow the four scholars FHFA and Medicaid, and

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they have differences. But actually the Muslims, we don't have the knowledge to, to be in a situation to clarify the difference. Because we were just like, regular practicing Muslims. Yeah. So we have to, like be an ease on each other.

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It's like, it's like brother abdomen said okay, you have a difference of opinion or something like that. So just let it be go on easily. If you have the knowledge, say it in a good way. Okay. Maybe if we take some example maybe from the past you see, we see how the Prophet swallows them.

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Because that's the time of the messenger saw Salaam there are no differences is the authority. Go back to him, everything is clarified. So do you recall any kind of disagreement or difference of opinion that happened among the companions of the tabernacle

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Anything maybe we can drag benefit from that? Well, maybe when the Muslims were going to Nicaragua and the prophets lie Selim told them to pray when he called

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some Muslims pray the US on the way, and some Muslims waited till they reach there and praise us. So it was a difference of opinion. But it reached out that nothing happened. No misjudgment or argument happened or it passed on easily. So

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yeah, that wasn't the time when the Battle of Alaska was over, you know, the, the trench that was around the Medina, that battle where there was no fighting actually, luck was the disbelievers to be destroyed by means of the wind and all that. So because of the Jews, because the Jews betrayed the Muslims, they were supposed to cover the Muslims from one side, they betrayed that trust. So the Messenger of Allah slim said to the companions, let no one of you pray, except when we reach many for either. So the Muslims, some of them, they thought, okay, the messages of Salah wanted us to hasten to go now straight away to some of them thought they said, No, we have to stick to what the

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prophet Allah Salim said. So when they reached when it

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was over, that was a matter of time. But he still they haven't prayed the gym pray until they reach the nikolova. So, they had two understandings of that thing of the prophets, the loudest animals and the messengers, lots of them did not object to any of them. So was okay. So, some difference of opinion is, is tolerable, you can take that, and we can live by that, because will people as a last minute and I said when I was alone among

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human beings, and they will not cease to be different, they will have to have differences of opinion, except for those whom Allah has mercy upon. Now, the scholars, they

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divide different difference of opinion into two categories. The first one, that which is tolerable, because the text in the Quran and the Sunnah it carries both meanings may be interpreted this way or that way. And we know this difference of opinion because, for example, some scholars say, after you, after you make record and stand up from record, some of the scholars, they say you have to get your hands back and put them back on your chest, some of them say no, you have to let them down. So, both opinions are based upon the same proof, but they are two different understandings, this kind of difference is acceptable, we can take it and tolerated, it doesn't cause the brothers to have

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differences out to hate one another and have enmity amongst themselves because of that, but there is some kind of difference that we cannot take, for example, some people they have, will false beliefs. Some people believe that for example, this man he has high rank, okay, and he deserves to be worshipped. Either below this is we can take that some people they have other differences of opinion, like for example, they deny some of the attributes and the names of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. We can't take that because they are some people say, Man, for example, or other some of the

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attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. They don't accept that. They say, well, these are figures of speech. They don't refer to something real.

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We don't agree with these people. So this kind of difference is not too late. We can't take that we can't be. We can't, I mean tolerate such a difference, because it negates or it opposes the Quran and the Sunnah and the way of the companions, the early generations. If it opposes that, then we can't take it. But if it if it can be taken, it comes from

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different understanding but it's still based upon the Quran and the Sunnah. And it's acceptable, according to the scholars of Islam and hamdulillah. We believe that there is mercy also,

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there is Rama because people are they have different kind of personalities will understand Yes, as long as long as it hasn't got to do with the sun and as long as it is, it is based clearly upon the Quran, the Sunnah. And that takes from the Quran, the Sunnah, will it implies that meaning? You take it but if it doesn't imply that we bring a verse, and we extract some kind of strange ruling from it. And it's not implied by the verse we can't accept that could tampering with the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, where does differences come from? Where does differences come from?

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lack of knowledge. Very, one of the reasons for difference is lack of knowledge. For example, you ask someone about, okay, how should I behave in that

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For example, and must have fulfilled wiping over the socks. Okay? Can I do that? Well, a person who has knowledge will tell you,

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a person who has knowledge.

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You can do that. What about someone who hasn't got knowledge? Say No, he would say no, if you remain silent, he would have saved us all the pains of that thing.

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So it is ignorance, people who don't have knowledge, they bring a lot of difference and disagreement. And as some one of the early

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or the righteous predecessors of this nation of islam, he said, if those who are ignorant if they remain silent, they would have saved us all the pains of differences.

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So, most of the differences come from people who speak without knowledge. They speak without knowledge. And

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a very statement that I remember from one of the scholars of Islam, he said, that Islam or the knowledge of the dean is three hands pans, one, two, threes, three levels, the one who enters the first level will he becomes he has this feeling of pomposity and arrogance, or I know I have some knowledge of some knowledge causes him kibble and arrogance. But when he reaches the second level, second hand span, he knows that he has too long way ahead, to learn more, he still needs more to learn. And when he reaches the third level, which is the highest level, he knows that he's still very ignorant knowledge of Allah is very fast. So he said, Don't be a pushover, the father of the

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first hands plan, don't be from those in the first level. And they came to know everything. These are the people so one of the main reasons is ignorance. Can you think of another reason why people have to be

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sometimes the the the still in touch with their own beliefs, race believes or tradition believes that has nothing to do with the Islamic Yeah, the leaves, so therefore creates like stuff that they have irritated from the grandparents. So it creates a combination between Islamic beliefs and the old beliefs that they had. So they some people maintain some of what they had before Islam. Yeah, someone who was, for example, let's say, a Sikh, or he was a Hindu, and it comes to Islam, you can still keep certain things, or traditions. And he introduces that. And that's another reason of difference. Anything about the knowledge also, some people like tend to read themselves, get books

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and start reading. Actually, this is like, creates also misunderstand, because you have to read the book.

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And a scholar has to explain it very good. You can understand certain matters in the basics of Islam, with your own thinking just by reading. Yeah, you need a teacher to clarify things for you. Yes, because there are many things that you will find difficult to read and learn from books, you need someone to teach you the same thing as we have. with contemporary sciences, it's hard to achieve something by yourself, especially at the beginning, you need someone to teach you, the same thing applies to contemporary sciences, you need teachers to give you the basics, then you can move on by yourself. So now inshallah, we will deal more with the issue of differences, differences of

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opinion how to handle that, and to protect our brotherhood from being destroyed by means of these differences, and how to recognize the differences that are acceptable, and differences that are rejectable in Islam, and shallow through that we will and learn how to increase the mutual love we have towards one another. And we'll try to implement that and benefit from it. And we will have to stop for a few moments. And I said to our viewers, we'll come back shortly. So stay with us.

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your brothers and sisters would come to a new edition of escooter. I have two questions. Please go ahead. You can read it and you can also understand the meaning in your own language, the different the fussier and interpretation of the meanings of

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almost every language that exists on earth by the grace of God the water Zamzam is for whatever invention you drink it with solid from Asia is further as the way that he asked about how can you help very,

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very bad or the act of worship is a part of the unity of worship has to be paid to Allah subhanaw taala and in accordance with the guidance of this prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. So we are dealing now with the issue of differences of opinion. And we said this is inevitable among human beings. And we stated the reasons behind differences. And this will help us understand why these things happen and how we can control them, so that we still keep our brotherhood, and we keep the love that we have towards our brothers. And we avoid losing that brotherhood for the sake of a difference of opinion. So, the first thing we said lack of knowledge, as Mohammed said, lack of knowledge causes differences of opinion. And when the people he acquires knowledge in the wrong way lens only from books, when it's inevitably he's

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gonna have some ignorance in him. So we refer it back to the same point. Now, a second point is sometimes arrogance.

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Person sometimes arrogant and is doesn't accept the truth, especially when it comes from someone who's inferior to him.

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Okay, so he doesn't really accept him. Well, this man is nothing Why should I take that from him? I'll hold on to my opinion. And he doesn't take the truth as the profit or loss item described as Kibler or arrogance. As

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a total wantonness.

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The arrogance. arrogance in Islam is rejecting the truth. And looking down upon people is what will cause more differences of opinion. I don't agree with you. Why because I'm superior is the mentality some people have. And sometimes, and it happened to some brothers some, they were in the masjid and he was reciting the Quran, he held the last half in his left hand.

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And he was reading so a child five years old came to me said, Uncle, why don't you hold you must have in the right hand.

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This should be better.

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So he looked and he said, for a moment, I had an inner conflict. This is a child is telling me what to do. And I'm a man I have knowledge. So he said, I thought for myself on shaytan was really pushing me to say, okay, go there's no problem with holding the muscle for the left hand side, but I thought to myself, I would accept the advice. Whoever it comes from was taking what he's saying is the truth. She's had just like a lot higher on my son, Barcalounger, and he held himself with his own hand with the right hand. So you can see if a person has no arrogance, inshallah, there will be no differences. And some, and sometimes, especially when it gets to arguments, say for example, I'm

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gonna argue with you over something you insist on your opinion and system my opinion at a moment, will you realize the truth that your opinion is not the right one? Okay.

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Maybe you find it hard to give up your opinion now, after people have been looking at us? And we saw we were arguing now Why should I recant my opinion and accept your opinion? Now? It's a bit hard. So you see, arrogance sometimes affects or brings differences. Another reason Can you think of other reasons that will bring disagreement or difference of opinion among the brothers

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What's the reason for example asked you that the Imams they had different opinions? Can you give me a reason?

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It's knowledge.

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knowledgeable Imam. And the rest not driven him out so he can be asked for a fatwa. Yeah, and gives a fatwa refers back to Oh, yeah, that's okay. What about some other opinions, sometimes emails, they have the same had the same verse, but they have two different opinions. And they are very well knowledgeable because they they got raised in a different way. People are different, and people are dif very good, different personalities, maybe different country, different society. That's it. So little differences bring no differences very good. So people will have different points of views. It's inevitable as human beings. So

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cavero Shogun Jana, Jana chobani.

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so that you will know each other and Allah created us different. Allah created us different and this is from the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala Hannah. Okay, so now we know the main the main reasons for differences, but another main reason if you some people, they don't have an overall understanding of Islam. They learn something and for example,

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They learn that

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okay, in a certain situation, they know that, for example, you have to the one who does something wrong, you have to give him advice.

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Okay, I'm with someone who has more knowledge than I do. And I know when you see some someone doing something wrong, you have to give him advice. So I see the one who has more knowledge than me, he sees something wrong, but he doesn't need advice. So I don't agree with that. I don't agree with you. Why is this you should give advice. But maybe he has more knowledge than me and he sees a wisdom and not speaking because maybe in speaking, he knows there will be greater fitna. Exactly. So in the perfect person has an overall understanding of Islam of the religion, then, and the person has less than that he has maybe he looks from one angle. This causes another difference of opinion.

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And also sometimes because someone is used to something for example, is used that he never put the water the water, and he drops of water on the sock when he's doing we do, for example. And and he's he's someone who's doing it, or in a different way, even though it's acceptable by another Mmm, by another Mmm. But because he's used, he will he'll tell you no, this is wrong, even though it's right. This is another problem. How do you think we can get out of losing our brotherhood for the sake of we see that differences are inevitable? How can we maintain our brotherhood, despite the differences that we said

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are tolerated in Islam? I

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think it's like more for the scholars, you have to like,

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clear out

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that there is differences in Islam, and it has to be accepted. You have to clear this. These are the ones that are acceptable according to the condition.

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For what about us, we are individuals, individuals, average people, Muslims, let's say, How can we still maintain our brotherhood despite the differences? How can we deal with this issue? Man, what do you think? I think

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we should like to just be

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any we take it, we accept the fact that there's differences.

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As simple as that. Yeah. Not the kind of differences. It's not big. Yeah, it's not like against Santa and Quran. We accept it. And if we are surprised, we could even ask, we don't attack, we ask rather, why are you doing this different than the way I do it? Then he gives me then I have a different approach. Very good. So somehow, this is the same thing that all Muslims I mean, can implement which is good Islamic character.

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Okay, there's a difference of opinion. There are scholars on each side, I accept that. You don't have to follow my own opinion. I mean, you follow the scholar that you trust, you trust him in terms of knowledge, in terms of honesty and sincerity. And you follow that it's up to you, as long as you can't, you haven't reached the level of knowledge where you can extract the rulings from the Quran and the Sunnah directly, as long as people like us, generally, general, people will still have a long way ahead of us in order to take more knowledge. Okay, I don't trust a scholar, who is known for his honesty for his knowledge. And as long as this is acceptable within the people as soon as

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possible, so not hamdulillah. I take that. So we tolerate that.

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What about people that I know some people that they have like a mixture, and they take from this color, for example, from a melki, from mmfa. From as not as long as the peep as the person has knowledge himself to take the knowledge from the Quran, the sooner that he can take that? If he's not, then he should see us color that he trusts. This caller has the knowledge. Yeah. And I mean, take from him and you should be learning more and more so that you will reach the stage where you can depend on yourself in terms of worshipping Allah subhanaw.

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taala. But meanwhile, take a scholar that you trust from the people who had a Sunnah well known for his honesty, for he's following this one and implementing it. And you follow his opinion as long as there is a proof. Sure, if you see that he he clearly, I mean, opposes the proof from the column The sooner you're not allowed to follow him, his wife, honey from Allah have mercy upon him. He said to his students, you aren't allowed to take our opinion unless you know where we took it from, you know, the proof for that. And all the four demands of the four schools of thought they said the same is why they follow us they should should do that they should implement that. Whenever my saying

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opposes the Quran, the Sunnah, then abandoned my opinion, that statement was imported from most of them. Yeah.

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Have you come through an incident where you disagreed with a brother and you kept that brotherhood? What are the differences? Yes, sure.

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But actually is like not practicing brothers. They are Muslims hamdulillah but not that practicing they pay to go to do salon in a mascot that has a grave in it. And and from what I know is that you can go and do solo there. You can do the four they're so hungry.

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Sometimes they agree with me that the go to a mascot that has the doesn't have a grave in it. And other times they slip by and go there. Yeah, but you should keep telling them the truth about this issue because this difference is the current tolerate that it's against the Quran against the Sunnah clearly, yeah, okay to pray in the masjid where there is a grave. And I believe, like we said, sure about the advice, but we should be. We say it in a nice way. Because I know some burners, they will attack, you know, you'll be like, like this, you're not a believer, like this, they just attack so they they feel. So we'll maintain that brotherhood so that you'll keep in touch with them. And one

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day they will

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keep in touch with them in the mail is really act that way towards our brothers. one incident will happen to the Shafi, one of the people at his time scholars, he said, may Allah have mercy upon us sheffy How, how good his character was. He said I disagreed with him on one issue, then he took my hand. And he said to me, okay, despite the difference that we have differences of opinion, can we still remain two brothers who love one another for the sake of Allah,

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for example, exam want to be like this, as long as the person he wants the truth, he's looking for the truth. And he follows a scholar from the people of Allison, someone who's known for his honesty, and it's following this and then we and this difference of opinion is tolerable within Islam within the people who understand that, then we accept him upon that, and we still maintain this brotherhood, and we increase the love that we have. And you see that the Muslims today

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Okay, you disagree with me, they straight away you are an innovator. You have a problem with your religion and some people have this specially I can say Muslims in the West, unfortunately, because they have no scholars to give them guidance. With any mistake you do. You are out. You are out of what do you think of that person? If you don't say he's deviant, then you are out of this religion you're out of you're not from the people of Ellis Island. This is not the attitude easy with the province Take it easy, as long as the difference is tolerable within Islam, as long as has nothing to do with after either the beliefs of the Muslim and things that are in the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Then take it easy will as we want to implement our religion and defend and protect it from any something that is any wrong opinion, or alien opinion.

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We are required in Islam to maintain this brotherhood. So it's part of the religion Why do we deal with it as if it's something separate? No. We want to maintain this brotherhood and deal with differences in the way that's best. So inshallah we will be able to augment this beautiful etiquette to maintain that brotherhood despite the differences of opinion that are tolerable in Islam within the people and the Sunnah. And I hope this episode has been beneficial for all of us and for our viewers. And I say to our guests first, just for your contributions, and I say to our viewers,

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listening, Allah bless us all, and help us implement this beautiful etiquette

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for listening was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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