Coronavirus Who Is Really In Control

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You and I all grew up hearing the story of Ruth.

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Ruth was the man who regarded him as as Lord, the man who's through Abraham and a slap slam into the fire, who expelled Ibrahim alayhi salatu. Salam, they will Islam says that Allah subhanho wa Taala sent an angel four times, four times to nabru to give him power. And every time like Pharaoh when he would say, please no Lord besides me, I am the Lord, I am the one. I am the one who controls everything here.

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And upon the fourth time, the angel said to him, okay, if you are the Lord, then gather your people.

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So he gets his own his people from his kingdom. And the durations mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala sent these flying insects from the heavens, that they covered the entire heavens.

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You couldn't see anything. The sun was blocked out. That's how many Allah sent.

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know these little insects, like Allah subhanaw taala sent those little birds to destroy the army of abraha abre major army

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with his elephants, and when Abdulmutallab came to him, and Abdulmutallab said to him, he was the grandfather or the professor la sallam, and he said to Abraham, he said, Give me my camels back. He said, What kind of man are you? You are the leader of grace, the leader of Makkah, I've come to destroy your Kaaba, your holiest place, and only thing you're worried about is your camels. It says, You know why? Because the camels belong to me as for the house of Allah subhanaw taala. It is Alice house, Allah will protect it. And Allah set the above

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one, one stone in their stomach, what is a stone in their beak to in their claws, that's it. And then ration mentioned. So small little birds with small little pebble or Mermaid, Allah, Allah Rama, but when, when Allah throws, nothing can stop it. So those small pebbles fall from the heavens, and they hit the people with such ferocity that Rachel mentioned that they would go from the head out to the other end.

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So Allah sent these to them, Ruth.

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And they come and they fill up the heavens, and these little insects come and destroy his entire kingdom, entire kingdom.

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Imagine then, ration mentioned that they ate away and the only thing left was the bones. But I wanted to show that there was only one big in control. So what did Allah do? Allah left the mood alive.

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And he made one of those small insects can you can imagine how small they were. Some say they were mosquitoes

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that it went through a pitch nose

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and they reached his head.

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And they would give him so much to give. It was give him so much discomfort that he would take a shoe and he would hit his head. He's got nobody left around him. Because Allah wanted to show him the who is in actually control. And this is how the man who regarded himself as the ultimate power as the Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala destroyed him through what a little insects because the hola wala quwata illa Allah because Allah is the one who is in control. There is no control.

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There is no Ooga besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and one lie if you are me, and you have grown up with this story of num, Ruth, the small insect and look at the time that we live in the Hola Hola, quwata illa Billah one virus, not an insect, a virus. A virus is 1000 times smaller than a bacteria. You can't normally you cannot see a virus through a microscope. This virus has locked down the world. The hola wala quwata, illa Billah Yama, Yama, Judah Rebecca Allah who only Allah knows his army Look, look at the world. You go to the you go to the stores, toilet paper, it's finished. All the flowers finished, all the rice is finished.

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People are storing up

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for what a thing something which is Avon.

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You can't even see it.

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who's in control?

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the ACS would say

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I don't believe in God

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that we say would you believe in a Coronavirus? Yeah, of course I believe in the Coronavirus. Have you seen the virus? No I haven't seen the virus but I've seen the impact of the virus.

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But you haven't seen Gordon you don't believe him. But the you see the impact of Allah all around you.

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You see the impact of Allah all around all these signs. If the sick man is a sign of the virus, then all his creation around you is a sign that Allah exists and ally the Creator, while a Hola Hola, La Villa.

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And brothers and sisters, there's no way it means that you may bring a correlation here that those who have died to the core through the virus or some roads have some fear owns, but what I want to take from this

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is a law is in control.

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Allah is the dua

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Allah is the

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Allies the Holic allies the Rasul Allah is the most of people overall. It is only Allah and only Allah. It starts with Allah and it finishes with Allah.

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And we must always keep Allah in the equation on anything that we do.

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This will lie he should make us believe that we are nothing. We have no clue who is the hero Mahmoud. Who is acid. Who is Zaid, who is Khalid nobody. Allah is the dua