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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © -- The video discusses the origin of the name " Sub hang hoe," which was created by the founder of Islam's (theying of the word). The "has been" concept is discussed, including its potential for controlling humans through humans and its potential for "horror machines" that could also control humans through humans. The "horror machine" and "horror machine" concepts are also discussed, including the "horror machine" that could also control humans through humans and the "horror machine" that could also control humans through water and food. The video also touches on the "has been" concept, including its potential for "horror machines" that could also control humans through water and food. The "has been" concept is discussed, including its potential for "horror machines" that could also control humans through water and food.], [The segment discusses the "has been" concept, including its potential for "horror machines" that could also control humans through
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Amon hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam wa barakaatuh and a beginner or Habib in a karate Unum, Medina Lada early he was so happy as you may know about

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the name that inshallah we'll talk about today is is Mala Hill Budhia is Mala Hilda but the the most innovative or the innovative

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and the meaning of the name or the definition of it will have the insha Allah halacha Allah viremia thurins

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In sha and Moby heron, Khan and Jamila wala novel your Allah

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He is the one who produced creation

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without having a previous example, in a way that is beautiful. That is impressive.

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And that is breathtaking. And there is no one else like him Subhana wa Tada.

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The name itself came in the Quran only only twice you have the name of the Quran only twice. Once he says Subhana wa Taala buddy are some words he will

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wear either Pablo Emraan in Nana yaku Lula who can fight Akun he is the innovator of the cosmos and the earth. And if he gives a command by saying be than what He commands to be, will

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we are going to do some work at will.

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And your kulula Who well I do while I'm tackler who Sahiba wahala Haku Leshy will who will be equally che in Aleem is the innovator of the cosmos in the earth. How is it

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that you say he has a son

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even though he was never married, he never had a spouse or never had a Sahiba I mean, he was never He never had a spouse. And He created everything Subhana wa Tada and he is aware and omniscient and following of all

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Subhanallah on everything that we create everything that we do, and human beings they innovate and we create is based on a previous example, meaning we do it after seeing something in front of us and then we try and we try to emulate to try to imitate when you look at the plane. It's really just an imitation of how birds how birds look, if you look at a helicopter, it looks like certain insects if you look at the submarine, it looks like certain Marine, marine animals. Everything that we do

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is based on a previous example. It's beautiful the human human beings have extremely creative minds and and we innovate beautiful things. But everything that we create and innovate, are based on previous examples. Allah subhanahu Rototom he innovated and created the world the way it is, that would a previous example everything you see is purely his creativity and his innovations behind it without it we look at God

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in so many different ways we look at him, he's the All Knowing he's the All Wise is the old capable subhanho wa Taala he,

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he is he is the highest of all, all the names that we constantly explain and use and think about God that sometimes we fail to look at ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala as the most creative as the extremely innovative Subhana wa Tada

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how much innovation does it take to create the universe with all that in other beauty that it contains within it and all the detail Subhanallah The name may not be in the Quran except twice. But the explanation of the name is all through the Quran. He you'll find, you know, chapters upon chapters and disorders talking about his innovation and I'll give a few examples. He says to Pio to either le FL mi ra Tilka tool keytab will levy on Zillow la cameo Rob Baker, what I can XL a nurse Illa Allah Moon indeed these are the verses of the book and what has been revealed to you from your Lord is the truth but many people will not believe ALLAH who led the Rafah Samoa TV lady I imagine

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in Telangana filmer Stella Isla louche was a hora Shem so welcome on Hulu we are Jerry agilely mucem you the B roll amor you fell See ya la la ba ba ba boom to noon Allah subhanaw taala hidden he lifted the skies and had them and have them functioning in the way that they do without putting poles within them. And he made sure that the sun and the moon all function properly as he's as he controls his throne subhanho wa Taala taking care of the deep

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heels keeping things in motion so that you may look at his signs and have certainty in him. Well who will lead the middle elbow or geography her our CEO and her or I mean Calista, Emirati geography has OJ in his name, yo she laid in her in the field earlier

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call me a guru and he made sure that the earth was open was wide landscape ahead of you and he put within it mountains and and rivers and from every plant you have more than one species

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making allowing the day to overlap with the night's die in repetition indeed within that there are there are Signs for those who reflect well if he audibly bit our own Monteggia we a lot we're Jana two min NAB was over on what a heat on scene when well how y'all seen when you saw the man in WA hater when we felt blue about blah, blah blah and equal in FE that he can call me happy dude. And on earth you'll find pieces of land one beside the other. And orchards of grapes.

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And there's all types of plants and palm trees that have one in different palm trees that have separate roots. So this are the same route and all of it has been irrigated. All these different types of of plants and different flavors and different colors are being irrigated yet but with one with one water one water is bringing all this forward. Indeed within that there are signs for those those who engage in deep thought. He says Subhana wa Tada suited for Klein LM Tara, either beaker key for med Dovin what OSHA Allah Allahu Sakeena to Madonna Shem Sally he the leader, so Mikado nerve who Elaina Cabo ese Iran, well who will Lidija Allah como Laila Lee versa when Noma su Berta

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YJ Island held on Assura will who will lead the El celeea highbush on begging ad committee when Zelner Amina Sama, Ema ba hoorah they know ye OB he believed that a mate when you spear who mean holla upon an

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SR cathedra. Do you not see how your Lord allows a shadows to be stretched as far as you can, as you can see, if he wanted, he would make shadows constant instead of instead of variable. And then he made some high notes out of the light, the light, the reason why shadows exist and then when light goes away, he takes the shadows away and it's dark. And he is the one who made nighttime a time for you

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to sleep. And he made sleep a time for you to rest and he made the daytime a time for you to be resurrected and to get up again. And he was the one who sent the winds and with the winds he brought down rain and with rain He resurrects land that was once dead

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and using that rain he he irrigates that earth and He allows creatures to drink and to live

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well who will live email Raja honey had the goon Farrar to go ahead and judge whether Allah Bader Houma Belzec home where Hadron Jura where who will lead the hollyrock Amin al Bashar Vijay Allah who will NASA who will say again our Buka pudieron and he created subhanaw taala the oceans, some bodies of water are are drinkable and some are salty. And between them there is there's a hajus there's a there's a difference there's a barrier and he created from this water the human being and he allowed the human being to be related to one another and for there to be Musa for their for them to get married and to have relationship relationships. And Allah subhanaw taala indeed is capable of all

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well who will lead the islands Alameda Santa

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Fe in Alberta cliche and he is the one who brought down from the sky rain and without water he brought forward the life or the origin of everything. Now that's a cliche the origin life of all men who have the law in front the origin of all green came forward for arginine mineral hub bamboo Tara Kiba and after that that green turned into something that is edible that has fruits one on top of the other will mean a Nestle

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anywhere near what Jana Tim was the tuna well Romain and Debbie who are here I'm outta Shelby. And then from that you have the orchards of grapes and and pomegranates and, and palm trees.

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All of it and zaytoun and olives all of it is so some of it looks like and some of it is so different the variety of it own voto Isla February he either melt away and look at the fruits that come forward when when they are when they are when they come to full fruition on

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and are ready to be eaten. Look at it in Nephi the likoma call me immune indeed within that if you look at it, there are signs but those who believe. He says SubhanaHu wa halacha Sama, he will or Bob will help to Allah. Usually Kuhn, usually who he created the cause was on the earth through righteousness and He is beyond SubhanAllah. What's either the associations that people make with him Haleakala insane I mean, not all 13 for either who are horsey Mubin created the human being yet but from a drop of sperm and the human being grew up to argue and to be upset and disagree. Well, an AMA Holika and he created livestock Lakhan via diff women fer WomenHeart gewoon you use it to stay warm

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and there are other benefits you take from it and you eat from it as well. Whether you whether you eat you drink its milk Are you are you slaughtering eat, while our comfy Gemma Hina Tory who now we're here in a Tesla home and there's beauty within it for you. Whether you are sitting looking at it and watching it or whether you take it out to orchards and allow it to eat and graze and watch it. While comfy her Jamal Hina Tory who in our Hina test Allahu wa qualicum era Bella dilemma Tacuba lily in Bishop Taylor, who's in our back home Laura Woofle Rahim and it takes you and it carries all the all the things that you need to places that without them you would have never been able to reach

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indeed your Lord is yet the most kind and the Most Merciful well healer will be hard while hemiola eternal Kabu was seen and the horses and mules and donkeys is for you to ride was in and they're beautiful and there's something that you can look at and enjoy seeing. Well look uma Allah Tala moon and he has created and continues to create that which you do not know yet of who will lead the ends elemina sama Eema lako Minho, Shahab women who shared your own fee to see Moon indeed he brings down rain from the sky and from it you drink and from it comes trees which under you can walk and enjoy. You'll be to Lacombe his Java was the to know when he'll

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warming coulis the mirage in Aveda Lika

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comi karoun He brings with it this water all types of plants olives and palm trees and in grapes and from every different type of plant that you can imagine indeed within that are science for those who who reflect

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was a harlequin will Leila know her or was Shem so we'll cover will pan out and for you he has made at your service day and night and the sun and the moon when new dual Mimosa Hora Jun be Emery even the stars are they're created by him for your service in Nephi that he can call me yeah they will indeed within those are Signs for those who will engage in deep thoughts while I'm

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Phil early multileaf and everything that he put on this earth that has different types and different species and different kinds in Nephi the Nicola Omiya karoun indeed within that are Signs for those who reflect and remember we're who will lead is a horrible battle and he is the one who created the sea for you it Kulu min hula Periya what a story gentlemen who * yet and tell by sunnah so you may eat fresh meat and for you to get pearls that you can wear what are all full aka

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Manuel V Hema well whatever double Moon probably here while I like them to school and using the sea and in the sea ships can sail and move forward so you may go look for better for more provision from him subhanho wa Taala Well, we'll see antebi temi that become one How was subrule Allah Allah data do they put on earth mountains and rivers and pathways so that you may walk on it and find your way and find your destination? Well, I imagine he and he put places for you to be able to identify where you are while being near Jimmy whom Yeah, dune and with the stars you use you use the stars to allow you to navigate FMP your local camel

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is the one who creates similar to the one who cannot create a fella to the moon do not do not reflect on any of this.

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And to lie are countless I can I can go on like this for another hour Subhan Allah, his innovation subhanaw taala is filled with beauty. It's just so beautiful. I am I'm I'm I'm the type of person who looks for certain types of videos. I want you to try to doing this today. There are videos online where where people who have who are colorblind. Today there are there's an easy fix

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Not an easy fix, obviously, there's a lot of science and technology that went into it Zoho Mullah who, who put in the effort to actually making these things, but you can buy a glasses, and you can put these glasses on. And people who are colorblind can see color for the first time, I want you to watch one of these videos. It is it is breathtaking. And it is so heartwarming, when you see someone who all his life has never been able to actually see color. Men in their 60s and people and they put these glasses on and they cannot hide their emotions. And they start crying immediately. Because because of the beauty, they just stare at the sky for like an hour, it's blue, it's just so for

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them. It's just so beautiful. They just never saw it like that, because they don't have the ability. And yet we take these things for granted on a daily basis. Their videos were children who who've never heard before get to hear for the first time when they put hearing aids in. And the first time they hear sound, they hear the sound of the voice of a parent or a voice of a loved one. They can't hide their emotion and they laugh and cry all at the same time because of the beauty of what they're being subjected to. Everything around us is so beautiful, on such a deep level that we become numb to it. So we don't appreciate the you know, the beauty that exists in every single thing surrounding

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us from what he created Subhanallah with the honor from the smallest thing that we can identify to the largest of all, but

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I guess I guess modern life has taken away from us. So the ability of doing that. And I remember when I was younger living in the village, sometimes the electricity would go out go off it would be still be a bit early for us to see we would go in the roof of the house and just lie there just stare at the sky. And doing that I figured out the human being prior to technology that's that was their that was their Netflix. That was their movie theater. They stared at this. And it is beautiful. And what in what you're subjected to what you're actually exposed to is just so magnificent. We just don't see it. His his innovation subhanaw taala is filled with beauty, his

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innovation subhanaw taala is endless. The more we look, the more beauty we find. And it's not the beauty exists in bulk it exists in detail the deeper you go into studying everything he made subhanaw taala, you find the intrinsics of every every cell is like a kin kingdom, working in harmony with with itself on the inside. And with everything around it's and all this beauty and all these details is just, he's just it's breathtaking. It is automatic. It's automatic, because all he did sopranos as a couldn't fire code. And that was that first atom exploding Hall from from that all of this came to existence. He didn't come in, sit out and have to intervene mystically, every single

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time aspect of beauty was presented. It just happened. All this beauty was presented within the programming of that first cell, or that first atom that he allowed to exist subhanho wa Taala you never get bored of his innovation, you get bored of the innovation of the human to be but not from what Allah subhanahu created. Every year you'll go and visit the same place and stand there and enjoy the beauty of what he made you an agenda and who he innovates with the smallest things, the small is looking at a speck of

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sand or soil looking at a flake of snow and the beauty and how it all comes together.

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jelajah Allah, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in a hadith was sitting beside a Sahabi and there was another man standing in prayer and this man would like this Allah whom in the Iluka or ally asked you will be analogical Hamed

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admitting that All praise is due to EULA Illa Illa and there is no creator but you will Hana annual manaan the very kind of the one who gives him an expect something in return buddy or somehow it will also the innovator of the cosmos in the earth. Yeah, that agenda Do you want a Crom oh the one with reverence and generosity Yeah, hey you ya Are you the one who is alive and self sustaining. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam looked at the Sahaba beside him recall that Allah has been Esmil Bismillah Hill album he just asked Allah subhanaw taala using his greatest name, and let the either so Ellerbee of our either do a Joby a job the one that if you ask him with he gives you and if you

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supplicate him he offers you what you want. And the scholars took from that of course the some scholars took from that that the Smola Hill album One of the or the greatest name of all names of Allah subhanaw taala is from Allah He has been di from this hadith of course, there are other opinions that I will show the cover throughout the rest of the month. But there's actually an opinion that is Mullah hidden Budhia. But he or she will order this Mullah Hill album. How do you live with this Mullah al Budhia

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be an innovator yourself, be creative yourself. Just don't do it. Within religion in the sense of bringing forward something that doesn't exist in the religion or inventing something or inventing a new act of worship or inventing some new don't invent things in village

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If you're going to be an innovator within religion, that it has to be based on the guidelines that the Prophet Allah says I'm Titus and the guidelines of the Quran, but in everything else in life Be as creative and innovative as possible. I hate to tell people don't be innovative and religion because that's really be creative in the way that you look at the Quran in the way that you understand the Quran. Just follow the guidelines, make sure that you're not inventing something that he that is new

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to me and I'm at least I'm in HuFa who aren't. If you invent something in Islam, that that isn't that doesn't belong to a stand that doesn't fall under the guidelines of Islam, then that is unacceptable. But if you come up with with an idea that I follow, that falls under these guidelines that serves people then that is what we're looking for. And that is what that is what we need and we hope to see

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learn to appreciate the little things the the beauty in what he created subhanho wa Taala around us on a daily basis because we take so much of it for granted. I hope that was helpful Subhanak Lahoma behind decrescendo Allah Allah and still if you look over to Bucha equals to Allah Allah Mohammed meanwhile, early he also IBH manga como la here, Baraka Luffy consider

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