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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The confusion surrounding names of Islam's titles is discussed, with each name being different and specific to individuals. The speaker describes the origins and meaning behind certain names, including M EMA Alayshi's words causing people to feel empty and fearful, and ultimately returning a son to their mother. The speaker also describes a woman named Elsa "time who found support from the Prophet Alayshi and eventually found a nonprofit called "median Africa" where she worked as a trainer. The speaker discusses the importance of the names Hopeful and its meaning for individuals, as well as the concept of "has been mistreated" and how it can affect individuals.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al Hamdulillah al Amin, Allahu wa Salatu was Salam, Alberta, Canada, you know, Habib in Medina, early he was so happy, you know, but

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I'm hoping in the sha Allah with the, with these names of Allah subhanaw taala, the glorious Names of Allah Subhanallah with the item that you appreciate the different ways that we actually approach these names, every name is different, they're not all looked at in the same way and they don't all have the same approach. We don't explain them in the same manner they don't all have the same

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way of being understood or explained or even look through, looked at through the Quran. And I hope the variety and diversity of how these names work and the different angles that they cover within our lives or you know, it's something that is helpful. The name that I'm talking about, we're going to talk about anything that I hate to Allah today is Islam Allah Hill Jabbar

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is Mullah Abdul Jabbar, the Compeller and the repairer and it's one of the few names that we have for Allah subhanaw taala that has actually two meanings. That's what makes it very unique. Islam Allah al Jabbar comes in the Quran, only once. It's within those very famous verses at the end of SoCal hotshot who Allahu La Vela Illa Illa, who al Maliki producer, Salah Mohammed Al Aziz will jump

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so his name Subhanallah Jabbar is in the Quran only only once.

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And this name is very, is very specific.

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This name is for everyone who is oppressed. For people who are persecuted for anyone who feels that they were broken on the inside for someone who's been mistreated. For someone who has gone through some difficulties in life and and others have not treated them well and left them with a scar or a wound somewhere deep inside that no one else can see.

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If that's the case for you, then it's Mullah al Jabbar is something that you should definitely know about. The word job, the name Jabbar if you go and you study and take the Linguistics of it, then you'll find that the word Jabra is a word that is used in Arabic for a caste. Whenever there's a broken bone, they put something on it called the Jebi comes from the same root a caste it fixes it. It fixes that caste ism Allahu Jabbar is used for that he is on sale and make a DUA and he will say yeah, just be like cool legacy you're the one who fixes everything that is broken or every broken thing within some within us. You know jurby I call legacy one who will fix something that is broken.

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And there's a difference between jabber and jabber jabber is one who would will fix something that is broken maybe once or twice but Jabbar means that this is someone who will fix something that is broken all the time, or time and time again repeatedly, supine or whatever, he's eligible because he's always fixing. He's always looking at something that is broken, something that is wounded and he will tend to it subhanaw taala graciously and tenderly. The law had been raised that the prophets of Allah Allah He was telling them once God on the number

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and he says yeah, who will jump bow? Yo Mel piano to some our TV who are the who will be there on the Day of Judgment?

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Allah subhanaw taala will take his cosmos and the earth within his hands Subhana wa Tada for a fool energy ineligible, ageing eligible rune

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an eligible 18 eligible rune an eligible * Muhtar Kent, the rune I'm the Compeller. And there are pero were the ones who were like that on Earth, where were the compilers that lived on Earth with a Caboodle and where were the arrogant on Earth. They've been our motto says that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said that on the member and repeated it to the point where the members start to shake so aggressively that our holy faith and a hate to Hashem and your sportball member will be Rasulillah I moved out of the way because I felt the member was going to fall on the Prophet I saw that the member was was was moved by the words of the Prophet it sought to send that it almost fell.

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said Allah Adios, lobue salam.

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And I'm gonna give you a few examples of where where his name image above is most seen. In the Quran, the story of own Musa alayhis salam o Mimosa

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she gave birth to Musa alayhis salam during a time when her own was was was literally murdering children. The children have been taking young boys young infant children and they were being brutally killed and almost arrested and she wanted to hold on to him but she was very scared for him as well. Oh, hey, now you know me Musa, an adult.

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The E V that hefty fee for LP phillium Without a half you will die as any. So we revealed to her or he gave her this inspiration that if that take care of your son, but what the moment you get scared for him, put them into the river, and don't fear and don't be sad.

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Whatever has any injera, do Hui Leakey, which I do whom Elmo city we will return him to you, and He will be a prophet Wendy. So most of them actually that moment came and she was so scared for a son Musa that she had to put them the river, broke her heart, and she had no the daughter walk and see what was going to happen and if their own and his wife Sen Allahu Allah has sat down, she took Musa to the palace. And she became, as you can imagine, the heart of a mother in the Quran gives us the description Elsa Musa Feriha her heart was the earth is consciousness, it's not even the heart does even something bigger is she was empty on the inside, she was broken on the there was nothing inside

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of her she was in such pain. The pain was was overwhelming that she felt so empty on the inside, incurred that little bit deeper he she almost was going to go and expose what had happened and you want to say that this is my son giving back but she didn't know that about Allah Kolby ALLAH SubhanA grant granted with the strength. And then at the end of the page, middle fellow that didn't know who either me he Keita Cara, Allah doesn't and then we returned him to her to his mother, so that her she can find the coolness I've arrived by seeing him when she won't. She wouldn't be sad when he thought Lemma and I don't love her. For her to know that the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala is

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definitely the truth.

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Allah subhanaw taala Jabbar, he fixed that broken part of moose alleys and returned her son to her. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam on the way back from both when he went to a but if it was to ram his goal was to see if he could get support for his Dawa, or his freedom to do Dawa. He wasn't interested people didn't have to necessarily believe in Him just as long as he had the freedom to say what he needed to say adios about those I'm just respect of his freedom of speech. And he went to a five looking for that because Mecca had denied him his basic rights and they

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treated him even worse than how the people of MK at that time were treating him. And they sent someone back to court, he let them know that he had come asking for support or you saw to somebody which was going to make things even more difficult for him to actually go back and they had people throws stones and rocks at him rocks at him. I just thought it was him until he walked out of a bleeding from his feet and his legs. He end zeta with Hadith. And he walks out Alia salatu salam at that point broken, mistreated, humiliated, you know, feeling that you had no one left in the world to turn to he has with him Zaytoven Hadith who's his adopted son is a son to him. He can't even take

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care of his son at that point. From a wealth perspective he doesn't have much from a social perspective doesn't have those to stand by him politically. He can't make any any gains and religiously he can't seem to even get the right to speak and now he's been expelled by a different city and he came and go back to his own city out so that was when he was asked in his life What was you know, what's the most difficult day you had after you said this wasn't a difficult day first of all for me to tell you what the most difficult day after it was the most difficult day for me

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one I don't know if you're currently with him or when he when he came back from a but if it was in a valley called common authority where I was walking aimlessly where I had no I had no idea where to go. So I just wanted to sit I'm still sits there and he makes it right Allahumma ileka school though I felt cool what he was getting a letter hey, let's see what her Ernie Allen nurse to you. You're up by I complain. I don't complain to anyone but you have how weak I am. And how little I little, a few resources I actually have and how humiliated I am in front of people. And then beautiful. They'll be all that we all know. He says says those words and he comes to Allah subhanaw taala in a state and

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the status of being totally broken, just Muncaster as as as humiliated as possible, making dua to Allah subhanaw taala before he finishes the DUA. There's a nearby orchard. A man sees what happens to him and feels bad he was so he sends one of the servants in the house to go see if he needs anything takes with him.

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Some grapes and water. So this young boy comes to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and sits in front of him. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam asks him What is your name? So he tells him my name is I does the color mean at the end day? I guess where do you come from my desk because he seemed that he was an Arab Nakata, Anna Yan, even Nino I come from a place in Iraq called the Nina or Mosul today. And so the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says and

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Melody you received, you come from where URIs are esalaam comes from. So this poor kid who is you know, you don't know how he ended up in your round or if he must have been captured at some point, he tells him he asked the Prophet is and authority for you. And I said to him at that, you know, you just no one knows you and it's here. I've been living here, they're all pagans, they don't know any of these things. How do you how do you know? And are you interested in the nonprofit of those lands? Fuck Allah. He is one of my brothers. And I'd be unit Well, wouldn't it be he was a prophet and I'm a prophet as well. If I come back does Akademia assuming that he will come back to her, so I just

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fell to the floor in tears because he had met someone who finally he could

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relate to when he kissed the feet of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Allah subhanaw taala the same feat that just a moment ago were being stoned and are full of blood, Allah subhanaw taala that Jabbar wanted to fix the broken part of the Prophet so I said that was heart and I does kiss those feet and he also subhanaw taala when you don't notice sometimes jump out hot that this this young boy whose heart is probably broken because he's been captured, and he gets to meet someone who finally identifies with him and doesn't be the first Muslim the first person to believe in the Prophet Alia so it was him was outside of Arabia, and you would get that honor for the rest of for

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till the end of time.

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But you need to be very aware

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that if you oppress someone

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and you harm someone and you break someone, then it's Mala Hua will apply to you as well. Because these are the two meanings that his name has a power outage about. Who are eligible to collaborate if and when Castle wire Jubilee rule volley myopia and Isla Anna you read one and he fixes Subhanallah what's out of the broken parts of of everyone who was broken and in pain and wounded on the inside, and he will also fix and force because they were Jabbar also Mr. Force, you will force the oppressor and the persecutor, your middle piano to be punished and and to come to and to succumb is to come to his wills his will subhanho wa Taala the Compeller and the repair subhanaw taala which

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is why this name is important for us to I need to know one of the one of the scholars would say I GIMP to

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Newman yada yada Rob Ajibade to Imani Fukaya, Rob, film Johar filming Eva dico intelligible I am in awe of someone who knows you oh lord and then is afraid of your of your servants and you are eligible the Compeller Well, I give it to the man Yeah. Yeah. How intelligible the repair. Well, I give it to him and yeah, it Fukaya Rob, fill me up for EBA DECA until Jabbar and I have someone who knows who you are and then goes and scares and mistreats your your your servants and you're the Compeller because regardless of how you understand Allah subhanaw taala neither should apply to you.

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Yo piano, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has his call on on on us for for judgment. So when they come and call on you, they'll call on your name for that for that or for that

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regardless, but I never know if we're gonna Halima Lilly out of the island Jabbar come forward so that you may be exposed and you may be held accountable by elgible and that's the name they use on that day. Why? Because when you come to him Subhana wa Tala your mill piano, you are coming to him in one of two statuses either coming to him as someone who was broken when customer humiliated on the inside, someone who's in need of of mercy and of help and have someone to understand them and and to fix everything that is broken on the inside. So you're coming to a job board who will do that for you or you'll come to him you're welcome and you've hurt and mistreated and oppressed and

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persecuted then you're also going to come into al Jabbar will force you to His will and make you succumb to his punishment supine or whatever and so either way because of this name that has two meanings that seem opposite but they're not they use Hello mile Abdullah Jabbar is there as a punishment Allah to fix the broke

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and to force those who have caused that these broken these broken

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limbs and wounded hearts

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to straighten out and and to move within his villa subhanho wa Taala and either way ism Allahu Akbar is going to apply to them.

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How do you live with this millennial Jabbar very simple algebra how to look for someone who's broken. Look for someone who's in pain look for someone who's wounded, but for someone who has been mistreated in their lives and carry with them the burden of of something like that happening to them, and algebra and algebra hotter home and be someone who

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fixes that, that break that that's on the inside. He says, you know, doctors will fix broken bones, but who's going to fix a broken heart?

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Who is going to fix a broken heart besides Allah subhanaw taala if you don't turn to Allah subhanaw taala to fix this broken heart then who will do it for you. And then life philosophy that gives you and grants you the ability to fix a broken heart,

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then then then do it. Because if you do that, for them, that Allah subhanaw taala will definitely do that for you as well. And you're better off being on that side of his name supine with either a pair that being on the other side of his name, the Compeller Subhana wa Tada. I hope today's name

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is food for thought, because I can block out a particular hamburger cylinder either just off the record, or some Allah who was telling them about like I want to be, you know, early, he was so heavy in Baraka, Luffy calm sit down with a white

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