My Writings – The Purpose of Creation

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So I didn't come Rahmatullah here but a cat.

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My writings in the 90s, which were focused on, Dawa, calling people to Islam.

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Among them, is this book, the purpose of creation.

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It was published by the International Islamic publishing house, translated into many languages. And it has been a useful tool in Dawa, where we look at this point, because in the Dawa, calling people to Islam,

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I would frequently ask people, so what's the purpose of our creation?

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And they would hem and haw and Well, I think and maybe, and nobody had any clear answers. Or if they came up with a clear answer, I'd say, Okay, can you show me that in your scripture, please? Is there in your scripture that it says that oh, this is just something somebody said, and inevitably turned out to be something somebody said. So I realized that a book needed to be written on the purpose of creation. So I went about putting together this book, which deals with, you know, all of the various aspects with regards to Allah's creation, why created human beings, you know, from our perspective, from his perspective, from the perspective of the creation as a whole, etc, you know, and

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clarifying, of course, that, you know, our purpose is to worship Allah. And the worshipping of Allah, is the way by which we go to Paradise, which is what we were created for. Allah didn't create this for Hell, he created us for Paradise, but he gave us the option, whether we want to go or not. So if those choose to go to hell, then that's their choice. So it's clarifying all of these points, and making it clear for those non Muslims etc, who didn't understand also Muslims, Muslims were not really clear, they're mixed up in terms of even the purpose of equation amongst them, but we tend to as a whole Muslims, be clear on that, then the other religions.

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this book, as I said, was translated into many different languages. You can find it on Islam house.com or.org And

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they have the various languages in which it has been translated. We ask Allah to bless those who circulate it and benefit others with it, and benefit from it. Baccala frequent Serravalle calm rahmatullahi wa barakato